Mixed or average reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. Despite a few minor flaws in mechanics and a lingering bug or two, Hidden & Dangerous is one of the best games ever created, and playing it an experience I shall always treasure.
  2. The sheer quality of every graphic, sound effect, the gripping playability and the level of detail to be found in the game goes to show what effort the team has made to produce a stunning title, congratulations to them!
  3. A hell of a game, although some of the missions, in addition to being hard, are frustrating due to various bugs that just end up infuriating the gamer.
  4. Challenging gameplay and exceptional environments help to ease but not eliminate the frustration one experiences with all the bugs.
  5. 80
    And the game always feels centered. It has a persuasive, persistent style and each of the missions has a distinct focus. I've played eight so far, and not one felt routine or incomplete. This adds up to fun, and Hidden & Dangerous is beautifully, sonically, tensely fun…for as long as it works.
  6. Provides the player with as much tension, graphical realism, and all-round superb gameplay as one could wish for. The minor bugs and the tricky control system can defintely annoy you at times, but they shouldn't totally put you off, as the game really is a classy bit of programming.
  7. 76
    A good game with a lot of flaws. Yeah, it's buggy, difficult, and infuriating, but damn if it doesn't keep me coming back for more.
  8. The game looks good and feels convincing, and although it's unstable and flawed and otherwise every bit as difficult as you would expect, Hidden & Dangerous is nonetheless an impressive and uniquely serious depiction of squad-level combat behind enemy lines.
  9. There's nothing remarkably groundbreaking, but it is a good game overall. One problem however is that this game is replete with glitches.
  10. Unfortunately, all of this is marred by a buggy game (even after the v1.1 update) and incredibly stupid computer AI (which controls your teammates).
  11. When the missions remain outdoors, Hidden & Dangerous stays fun. It's when you have to go into houses that it begins to fall apart.
  12. A potentially solid game design desperately in need of a good patch-up job. TalonSoft, are you listening? [Nov 1999, p.180]

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