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  1. Dec 19, 2012
    A disaster... if you are a fan of the previous games, this is completely different.. like a completely different title; this is NOT the Hitman we knew. The Single Player is very short, something obvious as the team spent time creating a multiplayer option - a HUGE fail - neglecting the SP mode actually. I finished the game in about 8 hours and 1/4 of them was loading previous saves to get a better score. You are not even allowed to hit someone unconscious without losing points - the only thing you are allowed to do is sneak, anything else ruins your score... you are an ASSASSIN FFS! Yes, you must be able to kill, hide bodies, and use disguises without this ruining your score completely... YOU ARE an A-S-S-A-S-S-I-N! Guns are useless (I swear I didn't even fire 1 single bullet in the whole game - oh and you can't even customize your guns!) I used the fiberwire (my most used and favorite in previous Hitmans) like 3 times maximum in the whole story, as if you kill someone, you lose... great job (The Fiber Wire is Agent47's trademark tool FFS!) Additionally, the game fails on options such as sneaking - it is really frustrating to be able for someone to see you through walls (major bugs.) Not what i expected, I do NOT recommend it - DONT LET its fancy graphics fool you! Expand
  2. Jan 8, 2013
    Hitman Absolution is the weakest entry in the Hitman series. Many people have performance issues (like crashing to desktop, bugs, deleted save files, and the game crashing during cinematics) with no patches able to really fix these problems yet. The disguise system is better in some aspects and far worse in others compared to the old system. A way in which it's better is the sheer number of disguises available but it's worse in that if you try DISGUISE yourself and don't have any instinct, people will damn near instantly detect/become suspicious of you (and it's worse on higher difficulties), rather than the old system where it was more or less based on doing strange/out of character actions. The point shooting aspect is kind of cool if you feel like playing this more like an action game, though useless otherwise. The contracts mode is a fun addition which adds more replay value to the game.
    There are still many ways to approach missions, though certain missions have WAY more freedom than others. As the game currently stands it's fun but unstable for many people including myself, and wouldn't recommend it.
  3. Mar 25, 2013
    A disappointment. The mission layout is changed just to meet the plot. A sandbox system which allows player to observe the environment and NPC interaction for planning, is completely removed. Each mission is just a linear and rather small environment, and in most cases you are forced to make use of stealth and cover, as most NPCs are now armed enemies, which will fire at you upon contact, and your main mission goal is infiltration to some secured place to kill someone. The fun way of using costume and accidents, like those in Blood Money, is completely gone. The costume system is changed to be "realistic", but end up just wasting the costume system, as it is just an annoyance and in fact unrealistic. When you wear the same clothes as some NPCs, they will all suspect you when close by, WTH? All NPCs have a skeptical mind? When they have different clothes with you, they will never suspect you, unless you enter a restricted area. In order to avoid being suspected, you have to use instinct. However, instinct do not recover over time, you need to find some items, or kill someone to recharge it. As a professional assassin like agent 47, why player is forced to kill someone other than target? what a shame? The system is just made forcing player in a dilemma. The game is just made such that the replay value is lower due to limited choices and linear move, and boring scenario. Expand
  4. Nov 28, 2012
    This is a "hitman game" where disguises are entirely optional and doesn't really work anyway, where you spend 90% of time NOT killing anybody, and if you touch anyone other than the target you get a big red penalty right on the spot. This is also a "hitman game" where plenty of your supposed contract "targets" either can't be killed or are not killed by you, and agent 47 can somehow conceal a 4 feet sniper rifle while wearing a t-shirt and pull it out of his ass . My favorite part is when you get rewarded "silent assassin" if you put on a silly wrestler costume and beat someone to death in front of hundreds of audience, yes that's right, a "silent assassin" that slowly beats someone to death in front of a crowd while half naked. You're also rewarded to "collect evidences", yes apparently agent 47 the emotionless contract killing machine is afraid of karma and needs to justify his action by playing PI and find discriminating materials of his targets. Expand
  5. Dec 23, 2012
    The detection system sucks, you re enemies have ultimate mutant megavision. I strangled a guy in the toilet, no one around, but everyone in the vicinity instantly knew exactly where I was the second he died. It's as if you don't complete things the way the game intends it brands you with a YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG and makes it impossibly hard to finish.

    The previous Hitman games kinda
    gave you a sense of "You are the hitman, take him out as you please" Expand
  6. Dec 1, 2012
    6 years of waiting... is it worth it? When they announced the game, I was so excited, but when I played it... I have to say it:
    another game created for the masses.
    Hitman was a great game, now they converted it into some kind of good garbage.
    Very bad performance, quite good graphics, good gameplay (but not as funny and good as its predecessors) and it finally has a story. The problem
    is that they have ruined a lot of great sagas, now the Hitman's one. It was better if they stopped it with Blood Money, which already changed too much.
    Also, the scoring system is VERY disappointing.
    Overall, it's a good game...
    ... for the new generation gamers.
  7. Dec 1, 2012
    this is not hitman its mgs, or splinter cell or whatever. mostly thanks for a retarded disguise system u cant play smart anymore ur FORCED to play hide and seek w enormous mob of guards.
    and most disappointing is story, mr47 now drama queen (
  8. Dec 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well Where to begin ?
    the good : Great mechanics the new engine feels a lot smoother then previous ones
    Nice idea adding the ability to estimate your enemy's location with the "Hitman Sense"
    The Bad: There is a lot to say here ,First of all and this is the most important part the inability to choose your equipment prior to your mission and plan in advance what kind of game you want to be playing turns this game from hitman to just another pretty shooter , shows me the developers are not listening to their audience
    the fact that you give us a cool new way of interaction doesnt make this part the main part of the game and infact the single player feels as though its the "no so important" part of the game the AI is either too smart or too dumb (depending on what level you play)
    the weapons don't feel like the cool assassin's weapons they where in hitman
    and since you cant choose them they simply feel forced on you shooting someone directly in the head before he even notices you (like i could do in blood money) like a true weapons expert is really difficult
    as a true hitman lover i have to say i HATE this game
    the only similarity between it and the hitman series is the Main character and even there it starts to feel like they are trying to make him less of an expert assassin and more like a mortal man learning his way around the world - its been done before and its pointless
    maybe they are trying to introduce a new character to the series (i hope not) but this is a really bad way of doing it
    all in all im giving it a 5 simply because i do not want to kill the review completely im going to stop ranting now (i have a lot of bad things to say)
    the only thing i want to say is : THIS IS NOT A HITMAN GAME
  9. Dec 29, 2012
    Very very very disappointing. Hitman is now the next game stealth game franchise to be over influenced by the modern gaming audience. I hope the developers understand that to make the game good, they don't have to make it appeal to every single gamer that exists, because that seems what the minds behind Hitman Absolution have attempted, with disastrous results. Regarding the story, this game seems to force you into an at best, satisfactory story, that no one asked for, because that's not what made the Hitman franchise previously great, it was its gameplay, that the dovelopers thought required a major overhaul for some unknown reason. This has caused ALL the gameplay aspects that was loved by the Hitman community to be removed, and morphed into a Splinter Cell Conviction atmosphere. You are at war with yourself while playing this game because of the combination of Splinter Cell gameplay, with Hitman objectives. It's as if this game is promoting you to kill everyone in your way, because there are no consequences for it. It has no effect on the aftermath of the mission nor the game's storyline itself. And if you have the will to attempt the stealthy approach, be prepared for a very frustrating chore, due to the broken disguise system. It's understandable that a handful of mechanics in a small town know each other well to recognise someone new. This would also be fair for difficulty, as they would detect you more rapidly as the difficulty level increases, but as there are a few of them, circumventing them may be a challenge, but not an impossible task. However it's completely unrealistic that every policeman in a major metropolitan city by the thousands, would be able to recognise every single fellow cop from memory, and be able to spot an imposter from 30 metres away. Speaking of realism, the inventory system has been made even more poor and unjustified than that of Blood Money. In Absolution, when you have all filled slots you are carrying: 4 pistols, Fibre Wire, A melee object of varied size, An assault rifle, A bunch of c4, and a sniper rifle. Ironically, the dovelopers have called this change to the inventory system another "realistic addition to the game" along with the disguise system. Another thing that's most about this game is that most of the missions have no targets. This drastically changes the source of the motivation to continue playing this game. In Blood Money, the motivation was to kill the target, which every level had at least one, in innovative and unique ways, all while trying to achieve the challenging, but greatly sattisfying Silent Assassin rating. Whereas in Absolution, the motivation has shifted to pursuing the story, and when the story is not even that satisfying itself, it makes completing the game rather challenging. Fortunately though, the true strive for Silent Assassin still is retained in the new Contracts multiplayer mode. Allowing players to choose targets out of the segments of Absolution's levels grants that strive for the perfect kill that has been lost in the story, and is perhaps Absolution's only redeeming factor. Overall, Hitman Absolution is a mess hidden behind shiny graphics. Since graphicsalone don't make a good game, we can see the mess itself. This game that should not have undergone the complete overhaul it had gone through. Everything that had the potential to make this game great was right in front of the dovelopers, the previous games of the franchise, yet they somehow decided that they should morph Hitman into a Splinter Cell shooter game. Also, if IO Interactive decide to further pursue this series, please don't dig the grave of the Hitman franchise deeper by covering it up with more Splinter Cell like games. However if you plan to reanimate the true core principles of Hitman in an upcoming game, go for it. Just remember the gameplay of Blood Money, and hopefully you'll get it right. This game gets a 4/10 because the story is satisfactory, not completely satisfying, earning it a 1/2. The gameplay, Hitman's most important component has unfortunately undergone a major change for the worse. Everything from the inventory system to the disguise mechanic is completely broken, giving it 0/2. This game excels in the Contracts multiplayer, as it maintains the core principles of a Hitman game, earning it 2/2. Absolution fails to motivate you to continue in the story to the point where it is just a faint question, resulting you to look up spoilers on the Internet, and you will not be surprised, because there is no major plot twist, but it does make you strive to be the best in the multiplayer, earning 1/2. Finally, Hitman Absolution spits on everything that has made the franchise great, and most likely ruins any chance of it being pursued in the future, giving it 0/2. This ultimately results in Hitman Absolution getting a total of 4/10, unfortunately, the honest truth. Expand
  10. Nov 23, 2012
    As most reviews say, this is not the Hitman you know, this is very different. The levels are not as big as some of the previous games, but if you ask me, they are way more detailed and more options than the previous Hitman games. You don't get to much of an open world anymore, but more a, get from point A to Point B style. i was skeptical about this at first, but grew to love it, even though it's a From point A to B, you still get alot of diversion and ALOT of choices on how you wanna get there. The new disguise system is 50/50, i love how it adds to the realism. The cop will know you are not one of his colleagues, but how is the civillian to know that you are not a cop? It is a bit to sensitive though, even though you are standing with your back to a guy who is 6-7 meters away he will still notice that you are not one of them, and that is a bit to much. You don't get to choose what weapons and equipment you wanna use anymore at the start of the game though, but i think this adds to the fun, and it works well with the story, this also means that you don't have a pocket filled with thousand coins anymore, instead you gotta find objects around the world, that you can use as distractions/weapons, this is also a welcome change.
    The story is also a big part of Absolution, in the previous games. You got your mission and then you executed it, however you felt like and that was that, and that was good, cause that's why you played it.
    I felt alot more motivated to keep going in this one, cause of the story and what happend in it, and even though i mostly try to do it stealth with none or a few extra casualties , there was just places where i went in guns blazing cause i didn't think the ones i was up against deserved to live. I also had some really heartpounding moments, cause i was so focused on killing my target for one reason or another and that rarely happens to me.
    On that note, it also alot funnier to do fire fights in Absolution: When you empty your 45 cal. UMP magazine into a guy and you see him spasm all over the place as he falls to the ground, feels really awesome.

    All in all I will give this game a 9/10 it is a great game, but with a few things i would like tweeked, but these things are so minor that they can be looked through pretty easly. Don't expect the next version of Blood Money, but a deeper more involved game.
  11. Nov 29, 2012
    I'm a die hard Hitman fan, having spent more hours than I want to remember getting silent assassin on the hardest difficulties on all previous installments. This game was a huge disappointment to me as part of the series but I can't say I didn't enjoy it once I got past the my nerd rage.

    I just accepted the new rules of the game which are obviously much different than before. You are
    free to kill almost anyone as long as you don't get caught, there are some extremely funny sequences and the entire game is just smoother and easier to play. If you looking for the hardcore Hitman experience, Absolution is inadequate. If you are looking for a fun, cinematic game where you can feel like a mastermind and a bad ass, you are going to love it.

    In any case, the game is nothing extraordinary. We've seen better stealth, better graphics, better story, better action, better cinematography and in better combinations. Surely my rating has been affected by my love of the originals but there have been some amazing games in the recent months so I can't really give Absolution anything higher than a 6.

    RAGE PART: Why are you MORONS still giving 10s and 0s. It's almost 2013, most of you are 26+ and you still don't grasp the concept of rating? A 0 would be the equivalent of a $50 pong, and a 10 would be something that propels the genre forward or gives you a incredibly polished experience. WE ALL KNOW ABSOLUTION IS NEITHER. By being desperate fanboys of marketing or the original series you are mainly hurting FELLOW CONSUMERS.
  12. Nov 25, 2012
    You can't save. Need I say more? If you do happen across a check point and decide to reload all the mobs respawn. Mind Blown yet at this poor example of decision making on the dev's? I mean, the most fundamental part of a game (saving) is broken. What more is there to say? Oh yea, disguises don't work. Remember those disguises that are one of the main features of Hitman? Well now they just keep you from being spotted in stealth as quickly. Yep, that's right. I mean if you can't save in sandbox style assassin game what's the point? Just like ME3 every game besides indies are getting this consolfication of our favorite pc titles. At least Deus Ex was still really good. Here's hoping Thief doesnt get butchered. Even Dishonored knew to have SAVING. Checkpoints...really? Expand
  13. Nov 28, 2012
    I am so disapointed in this game. If it werent for the Hitman title and all the expectation i had for this game it would probally have gotten an 8 or 9. BUT it is a Hitman game and therfore i can not give it more than 5. like many other sated is does have nice graphics, sound etc but core gameplay mechanics or so wrong and just not Hitman. Cant be arsed to state all the things couse they are many and have been stated before. All in all, a BIG disapoitment and the whe wrong direction to point the Hitman in imo. Expand
  14. Nov 26, 2012
    Just not that good. I wish it'd be better cause I love the franchise but it's just not what it could have been or what was promised. It shines when it comes to graphics (especially 47s 'glowing like a deathstar' dome), audio and depiction of huge crowds. They even managed to improve certain aspects like melee fighting. But the games core mechanics feel odd. It would make a fine 3rd person shooter but that's not what I'm looking for in a Hitman title. You'll find too many things that'll make you go: "Wait a minute, this is ridiculous and even I could have come up with a smarter, better solution to that problem than the one I'm presented with." Maybe (hopefully) future patches will adjust at least some of the big issues. Untill then it's nighty night for H:A. Expand
  15. Nov 21, 2012
    I find it pathetic that some folks still can't take off thier nostalgia goggles for seconds to review this game fairly instead of hating on it and giving it a low score because certain moment in the story that i won't spoil here annoyed them, it's sad to see games like this, Darksider 2 and Assassin's Creed III get bashed while generic military first person shooters get praised by the same people, this game isn't perfect but it's one of the best games to release this gen imo, great story, great graphics and gameplay, absolutely no bugs/glitches, just perfect. Expand
  16. Jan 22, 2013
    First of all this is my first Hitman game but it was on sale for 16$ so i can not resist that low price. In the beginning I enjoyed the whole stealth and assassination thing and it was fun, really cool experience. After 10 hours I uninstalled the game. Why? Because every single NPC has an eagle's eye and this is not realistic rather unfair. The checkpoint system in this game is totally irrelevant. The game itself looks good but the gameplay with this disguise system is really poor. (It's hard to avoid bad words...) If this game is on sale you can give it a try but wait at lest 75% off. With "free saving" the game would be less bad (8/10). Expand
  17. Nov 28, 2012
    You can beat the game in about 30 minutes if you just run around and shoot everyone. The combat system is annoying and stupid, running into people and performing fighting animations which are really easy to mess up on. The levels are small. The point system is also a mess. It's easy to mess up in this game and have to restart the whole level. The only good things are the sound, graphics, and story. Expand
  18. Nov 30, 2012
    Oh and forgot I ABSOLUTELY WANT TO DECIDE WHERE I ENTER FROM AND HOW. and not sprinkling some guards to enter the only way possible and them so dumb not noticing me turning the wheel in the real Hitman games they would have shot me immediately even on easy.
  19. Dec 29, 2012
    What game I played actually?????? I don't know because I don't think this is a game of Hitman series. It is completely different thing. If you never play the other game of this series may be you can like this game (I am not quit sure about that) but if you play the other game of this series then please don't even think to give it a try. Because I don't want another heart broken fan of this series. Now let me tell something about the game, in the game there is a shiny bald guy, who was once very famous for being not detected under disguise but it this game he is too familiar to everyone that even under mask people are able to detect him from a mile away, That ruined the whole thing. Game story is linear. Its previous sandbox type game play is completely lost. All you can do that is try to sneak in (which is not a practical solution for this game) but most of the time you have to bang you enemy just like typical third person shooter. So the bottom line is its a heart breaking disappointment for the fan of this series. Expand
  20. Dec 21, 2012
    Hitman Absolution is a far cry from past Hitman games. As a long time fan, I feel betrayed by the developers, IO Interactive. Graphics are good, sound is ok, gameplay is horrible, and the story is bland. Do not buy if you are a fan of past games, it will ruin the series. Waste of $50

    I think that Absolution is the last game I will buy that's made by IO, I used to be a huge fan, but
    they've been going downhill since Kane and Lynch. Expand
  21. Dec 24, 2012
    Though Hitman: Absolution is a fun and interesting game, it betrays everything that previous titles like Blood Money and Silent Assassin stood for. Agent 47 isn't supposed to sneak behind walls and hide from people, he's supposed to take a disguise and hide in plain sight like a real hitman would. The new disguise system is completely useless. Though the idea of a group of people not recognizing you while your wearing their uniform is smart, I doubt every single Chicago police officer knows each other enough to look at you while your wearing a police disguise, notice they haven't seen you before and ask for your I.D. I thought this was the new amazing graphics and improved gameplay, classic Hitman game that I've been waiting for, I was definitely wrong. Expand
  22. Mar 9, 2013
    I'm sure everything I hate about this game has already been mentioned, and nobody will read this anyway, but let me reiterate it yet again. EVERYTHING that was good about Blood Money has been removed (i.e. customizable gear, sandbox style gameplay, funny kill animations... just to name a few). And apparently rolling from behind one couch to another and crawling through air ducts is more realistic than a disguise actually working? Or is it more fun? The answer to those questions is NO, at least for me. I stopped playing when at some point I was wearing some chipmunk suit that covered 47's face, and was still being recognized from across the map. I play without disguises and you end up listening one long, boring NPC conversation after another. I just needed to make sure I add another 0 score for this game, which is why I signed up for this site. It bothered me that people are rating this game positively. I pre-ordered the game because I was in denial that the developers could screw up the franchise too bad after Blood Money, and I wanted to support the developers. Oops! Won't make that mistake again. In fact, anybody involved in this atrocity deserves to be blacklisted from game design, and a job in general, and their kids should starve to death. If I can stop just one person from buying this piece of crap, then I've done something good with my life. Expand
  23. Dec 1, 2012
    Overall good game. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, good storyline. However, the reason i decided to give it a 6/10 is because of the enormous potential wasted along with the decision to switch to Checkpoints instead of keeping the Save method. It is pathetic. Even the fact that the creators took this option into consideration is awful. The fun of experimenting is gone. Almost every cool move you succeed is useless because if you make a mistake afterwords it all goes to **** and you have to start over. If you want to do things stealthy you will find yourself doing the same thing over and over and over and over until the whole succession of moves is correct, which in my opinion(and apparently not just my opinion) is utter **** Expand
  24. Dec 27, 2012
    This is no Hitman. This is some kind of dumb stealth shooter, in levels where everybody is your ennemy, where disguises doesn't work at all, where you kill everybody and get a "specialist" title because of your headshots. This is a game emphasing on the story for no reason, killing the gameplay because you're doomed to start half of the levels with **** and noisy guns. There no poison, no explosives, no well designed open levels, it's no Hitman. If you want to buy this game, get ready to play Splinter Cell Conviction with unappropriated mechanics, with a **** and vulgar story, and with penalties for killing people when the game suggests you to. At least there's the contracts mode. But the levels are still boring and everybody is still your ennemy. Maybe I enjoyed 2 or 3 levels in the entire game. Do not buy it and reinstall Blood Money instead. Expand
  25. Nov 21, 2012
    Hitman Absolution is a game plagued by two things, people who want games to be able to change without HUGE backlash from old and new fans alike, and people from /v/ who expect games to never change and always be about the same thing and never even begin to try and change how they are played or even what your goal is.

    I can do anything i could do in blood money but now i have even more
    options, game play wise this game stayed more of the same than it changed the instinct had some interesting results and i can see were it effected level design.

    The story is pretty simple but the characters make it more enjoyable. Contracts mode is also one of the most clever ways to give a single player game a Multiplayer mode without it feeling tacked on in a long time.
  26. Dec 18, 2012
    For those who want a quick and easy review: a B game, but a D hitman game.

    As for the real review, as many others have pointed out this game appears to have mechanics that were borrowed from several other games. This game really does feel more like Splinter Cell: Conviction than anything else, but they also appear to have borrowed from Assassin's Creed as well. Hitman was all about
    planning the perfect assassinations, or your own unique ones. Being in the right place at the right time, hiding your bodies well, and timing everything so you walk out the door just before everyone realized that something was amiss. In this game, however, it felt as though your goal was just to sneak through the level without being seen, and maybe ill a couple of people along the way. I realize they were going for a more story driven fell, but that doesn't mean that they can to condense the whole game into a bunch of micro levels and use mechanics that felt more like an action shooter than a stealth game. Although the game punishes you for killing people, the level design and the fact that the game rewards you for finding big guns make you feel as though you as supposed to go on a killing spree. The company tried to make another Darksiders, were 5 games were put in a blender and coated with an original story. What happened instead was a beloved series has been tarnished, and most likely ended. I don't foresee a return to what Hitman was following this blunder, and for that I am truly sorry. Expand
  27. Dec 27, 2012
    This game has destroyed all expectations of a possible worthy sequel to Blood Money. The gameplay has little similarities to the previous Hitman games and more similarities to Splinter cell: Conviction. One of the major let downs is how frustrating this games is as the disguise system is absolutely broken which makes using disguises obsolete as NPCs of the same clothing can spot you out from a mile away. This makes obtaining the Silent Assassin rating excruciatingly frustrating as one little mistake can/will destroy all of your hard work. This leads to the checkpoint system, a new addition in Hitman Absolution which replaces the the save system from the previous Hitman games. I don't like this system as it has more cons than pros (just like this game). It's quite pointless actually as it doesn't seem to do much except for saving current completed objectives and allowing you to spawn there when you restart to the checkpoint, BUT when you do restart to the checkpoint all of the enemies that have been taken out will respawn to where they were in the beginning of the mission, thus destroying most of the progress that was made. Although in some cases this can help where some enemies that were there before are no longer present as they were originally somewhere else, allowing you to proceed through the level with less difficulty. The graphics are probably is only pro about this game, also the user interface is more advanced and more pleasing to the eyes, but i didn't care much for this. I didn't really care for the story either as i didn't care for the girl. The only part that got to me was when 47 had to kill Diana where i thought she didn't really have to die. This game was one of the most frustrating games i have ever played and when at times I should have felt rewarded for finally completing a difficult mission I didn't due to knowing even more frustrating moments will come up and i just wanted things to be over and done with. I barely had any fun playing this game due to its broken mechanics which led to much frustration, screaming and swearing constantly after having to restart each mission over 15 times to get a decent end rating. Expand
  28. Feb 6, 2013
    A good game in it's own right, but too linear and simplified compared to it's predecessors. Loses points for elements of linearity, unappealing storyline, awful save-system, overuse of pre-rendered cinematics and un-enjoyable disguise mechanics. Gains some points back for great performance and graphics, solid gun-play mechanics and beautiful (albeit overly linear) level design. An underrated game, because it is not loyal to the original fan-base. Expand
  29. Jun 3, 2013
    As a long-time Hitman fan I was really looking forward to Hitman: Absolution. It has been one of the BIGGEST disappointments in my life as a gamer. Actually, right now, I cannot think of a bigger disappointment. The last Splinter Cell was bad as hell, but I knew that for a fact before and am not a big Splinter Cell fan, so it didn't touch me as bad.
    Everything that was achieved
    gameplay-wise with Blood Money has literally been kicked in the balls so hard it couldn't move and was then left to die in the desert.

    The biggest problems are the linear levels, the USELESS disguises, a checkpoint system with no manual save option and the absence of a map but instead the introduction of "Instinct", some lame supernatural power that 47 suddenly possesses that makes him see through walls and also into the future as he predicts enemies' paths. Gone are the times where you had to stand by, take your time and learn about your enemy. You simply hold down [CTRL] now.
    Linearity is the biggest level-design problem that literally kills the entire game. The first level after the tutorial was actually pretty OK for a first level, although a little small and still nothing compared to the awesomeness of the vineyard level in Blood Money but still, it was OK and I was having hopes that all the bad things I heard before about the game being "casualized" were a bit too much. But beginning with the second level, the game is a downhill roller-coaster.
    I have not finished the game. I couldn't bear it. The levels got too worse. I started with the 2nd highest difficulty because a few months back I read somewhere that the devs claimed to have added those features for "newcomers" to the Hitman franchise, and that hardcore Hitman players could deactivate those, similar to Deus Ex 3 (actually a f*in awesome game), where it actually worked. But with that choice, I killed all fun. You have to LEARN the specific mechanics of this game, that have nothing to do with any Hitman game before it. The problem on a higher "difficulty" is that interactive spots will not be highlighted with "instinct"-vision and still, there is no f*in map that could show those spots (I mean stuff like specific items or interactive objects in the world that would help you get to your objective, marked with an exclamation mark on the map before). At first I couldn't get through some sort of stupid library level, dumbed down the difficulty level so I could see the spots by activating "instinct" and after that, the level got beatable. Still, everything about this was against any logic in any Hitman game ever.
    Another level highlight includes being chased by a helicopter that shoots at you (remember 47 doing stuff like that?). In one specific scene, you have to crouch (pressing C or [CTRL] once), then lean against boxes (pressing another button once) and then LITERALLY just keep pressing A and E A to move to the left side of the screen and E to keep scampering from box to box. All the while, the helicopter keeps shooting through windows and destroys all the boxes. You can feel how this scene was supposed to be thrilling and intense, but the helicopter didn't even hit 47 once. The ONLY point of this scene, gameplay-wise, is to hold down A and keep tapping E.
    A few levels down, I was so filled with disappointment and also rage about my destroyed memories about the adventures I had with 47, that I HAD to uninstall it.

    This list of problems is in NO way complete, but I don't want to keep writing forever. Those are just the things I kept in mind.
    I actually registered on this page just to write this review, to somehow channel my anger and letdown. I give Hitman: Absolution a 2/10 for three reasons: the graphics were pretty goddamn good, it remembered me about all the fun I had with 47 in the past (by showing me the exact opposite) and it made sure I will play the GODLIKE Blood Money again soon.

    On a side note: it is sad. It is sad how games are being casualized for the sake of "opening up to a bigger audience". We've seen it with so many franchises in the past years, one of the more memorable being the new Splinter Cell. I hope that enough other gamers will wake up to this and boycott this, when necessary.
  30. Nov 23, 2012
    Departure from the Hitman we knew in Blood Money but nonetheless a good game. My only big issue is with the disguise system and some minor interaction issues. Allows you to be creative with the kills and presents a good enough challenge that I will go through again and try and achieve perfection on all of the missions.
  31. Nov 28, 2012
    Yes this Hitman is too much corridor. Also selection of weapons (no mods) and the embarrassing fact that large sniper rifle (and any other big guns), you just hide it under a coat . But if I have to evaluate the game as a whole its great, and I still have the urge to pass it again and again. I went through it twice already and now i have started playing on the purist difficulty with any support off .. AND THIS IS WHERE THE REAL HITMAN BEGINS. At this moment, you forget all the shortcomings of this game. It is definitely not a dumb Console shooter but you will get a decent amount of paranoia, anxiety, and you will need logical and tactical thinking. If i evaluate the AI in Blood Money and Absolution (the hardest difficulty)Absolution is the winner, relates to the reality of a response and adversaries alike. A graphic is just amazing. Great gameplay, AI, reality of environments and graphics. For me it's 9/10. Expand
  32. Mar 29, 2013
    This is NOT a Hitman game. They have butchered the disguise system so badly that I can't even stand to play the game. The classic Hitman strategy of disguising as a guard to enter the guard territory is ruined. This game has been severely dumbed down and ruined. The only great thing about it is the combat and the game engine over all. The fact that the game engine is so solid just makes me wish this game had lived up to any of its potential. Expand
  33. Mar 31, 2013
    For anyone looking for creative, free, imaginative game play... steer clear of this one. All the planning and decision making that made the previous titles so immersive and stimulating are removed. There is no weapon load out choice, disguises no longer have any purpose and the levels are completely linear where the developer has chosen the course of action you must take as if you were on the rails of a very slow moving roller coaster with no ups or downs. Very disappointed as this was a real step back. We really are living in a "dumbed down" period of gaming. Like Dishonored, you are encouraged not to kill people, even though you inevitably have to... you are an assassin after all. Both those titles push you in directions to get punished for being where they push you. Some people seem to like that paradoxical nonsense, but that goes beyond hitting your head against a brick wall when you're allergic to bricks yet are the only thing you can feed on Yeah... I don't get it either. The negative reviews really do represent the game... the positive reviews are for those who enjoy a really shallow, totally directed lacking in content experience. Expand
  34. Nov 28, 2012
    The Hitman series has always been a favorite of mine. Now they have done like all the other big gaming companies; make drastic changes, and massive U-turn of gameplay (D3, CNC4 S3). Big gaming companies must realize, that change the essential gaming mechanics, when the game is as big as it is, is a very severe move. The things we loved from the OLD Hitmans (Codename 47, Hitman 2); "Professional hits" (Not running away from cops), loadouts and disguises that meant something. In Blood Money, we did get all that, PLUS a noterity system, resulting in even more consequences in your actions you make. This made the game even more exciting, as you could get caught, or you could be a "silent assasin". In Absolution, we get a kind of "bourne" feeling, as he is running away from cops all the time, no loadouts, and not so many actual professional "hits". They have made a new disguise mechanism, which is pretty annoying sometimes and pretty much pretty hard, and frustrating when playing on a more hard difficulty. They made the missions linear, as there are not many ways to kill your target. They made more cutscenes, which makes it more COD-FPS-MOVIE like, as we have not seen in the earlier releases of Hitman. They have changed the game so drastically, that it doesn't deserve the Hitman title. And im not even refering to graphics, because i am only basing my score on the gameplay. Because what makes a good game, is the gameplay. I hope for a new title, which could be Blood Money 2, as we want a cold-killer hitman and his professional hits, NOT a Hitman with feelings and sympathy. If you know the Lore of hitman, you know that is not him. Expand
  35. Dec 11, 2012
    This game is kind of a love hate situation with me. Sometimes i really wanted to play and got hooked in, but then there were moments where i felt like it just dragged. I will say the graphics are nice, and it looks great in 3D. Story wise this game is completely forgettable. I dont know who wrote the story/ dialog for this game but who ever it is should find a new carrier. The story is there i just couldnt care less about it. Even the moments that were supposed to be "dramatic" barely felt dramatic at all. The ideas where there but it was presented like crap. Open world wise its kind of a mixed bag. Some levels have plenty of different ways to kill your target that are creative, while a few levels it feels like the developers ran out of ideas. Disguises also have there moments that feel broken. There could be 100 gaurds but if you kill one and steal there clothes every guard will recognize you. But at the same time if there is one chef serving food to everyone and you steal his clothes not one person will think twice. If you think about it most likely people are going to remember the one person who looks like noone else and forget about the person who is dressed like 30 other people around you. Overall i give it 7/10. The game is fun, but doesnt seem like it was setup properly to be a real hitman game. The balance being all over the place kills it. It feels like they catered to a different crowd this time around. Hitman games are supposed to be hard, anyone who played a previous hitman game knows this. But in hitman absolution you can pretty much stroll though the whole game with your hand over your face if you wanted too. I didnt feel like i had to plan out anything in this game or explore. Alot of the stuff was just blatantly pointed out to me on what i should do. Game is worth $25-$30 on sale. Took me 7.5 hours to beat according to steam and thats with a complete stealth play though. You could probably beat the game in 2.5 hours if you shot your way though. lol Expand
  36. Nov 23, 2012
    Best stealth for me in a long time. To make things clear - when I see a stealth game, I want clean and silent killing, being able to stay unseen though out my mission and game itself should be really challenging. Other things are not so important. Hitman: Absolution delivers it.
    Some things were dumped like sniper rifle case, ability to carry all weaponry at once, map, looking through
    keyhole and maybe something else i forgot to mention. But those are just minor tools. What really matters is gameplay itself - goal and how we can achieve that. Game is till about killing people in different ways, sometimes making it look like accidents. People complain about nerfed masquerade? Well deal with it. Now getting security/police uniform is no longer an "I WIN" button. Admit it - in iconic Blood Money, 90% of succes in a mission was finding a suit that was granting access to whole area, or atleast it's main parts. That was security guy in most cases. After that we only had to choose how to kill target and dump its body. Now people with same outfits will become suspicious about you, and after brief time will start calling for help or shoot you. To avoid that you still stay out of their sight or use "instict" which is a precious resource you should learn how to manage. I've been playing on expert through out main story line and to stay unnoticed in smaller location or get silent assasin on larger ones, i had to invest ALOT of time. Overall i've spent around 48 hours of game time to complete campaign on expert without being noticed a single time and get silent assasin mark on every kill mission. In my book that is really long singleplayer, especially nowdays. Sure thing if you play on medium and you are not so obsessed with clean work then i think it can go down to somewhere around 20 hours which is good, nevertheless. Contracts mode is nice, but has a lot of room for improvement. People tend to make easy contracts like killing 3 first NPC with pistol, then get out and get money. It takes like 30 sec to complete, and provides same amount of money as a pice-of-art assasination contract that requires skill, planning and flawless execution from players and contract creator. I think IO should implement not only likes/dislikes on contracts , but some sort of difficulty voting and search system, so people can look for what they really want. There are also contracts that are made by random pulling of NCP from crowded to isolated areas. It results in silent kill, but finding that exact same spot on the wall to throw brick into is just stupid. Apart from that, contracts provide additional play time to itself long story mode.
    Tech. part of the game is good. Surprisingly low amount of bugs, none of which are gamebreaking, good visuals, nice sound. This game is solid 9/10 with some room for improvement, but it gets 10 just to compensate for morons giving it 0's.
  37. Nov 23, 2012
    I know it is probably getting to sound redundant by now but I am a series Hitman fan. I've played every one and had tons of fun with every title. I played the Sniper Challenge to DEATH got all the challenges. Anyways I honestly say this game is amazing in almost every aspect. Yes they have taken some things out, adjusted some things and changed the way disguises work. Out of all they have changed the only thing that is really a stickler is way disguises work. Now I won't go into it too much because by now everyone knows how it works now, but to defend the change just a little bit it makes the game even MORE challenging especially on the harder difficulty settings. Personally I love a game that challenges me and this is one of those games. To complete the challenges on any said one level of single player your looking at INSANE re-playability. Heck I believe it took me around 7 hours to get every challenge on the Chinatown level. Contracts is very addictive and fresh in its own right, just the vast amount of options that can be created is astonishing. You can have up to three targets and each target can have their own specific way to eliminate, such as method of kill and the disguise you wear to kill them. You will find yourself playing these multiple times just to figure out each kill then trying to string them together in the fastest time possible. Overall Hitman has been dormant for a loong time now and the release of this is a COMPLETE breath of fresh air among the endless tide of FPS titles and FPS franchise sequels that are almost always too afraid to be bold and mix things up. Bottom line if you are or were a fan of any of these Hitman games I strongly recommend getting this one. Expand
  38. Dec 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was a huge fan of Hitman series and waiter a lot for this title. I am kind of embarrased by this game. Graphics are good but there are some problems with game itself. Like you cant equip weapons of your choice in Story mode one only Revolver and fiberwire. We can use weapons in Contracts but whats the point of playing online when we cant fight against each can kill the person by punching on head but it takes a lot of bullets to kill. Expand
  39. Jan 21, 2013
    This Hitman game missed the mark on what makes the Hitman series unique. This game starts off with various missions with multiple outcomes and planning, but this quickly changes. Later levels have minimal variations and it just becomes a sneaking game where you try to pick people off one at a time. I remember the iconic missions of the first Hitman where you dress as a chef and poison the food then watch the target choke to death. It's unbelievable that wearing a uniform does almost nothing and you are still recognized as an enemy. This fact alone depletes half the style of the game. This game does not feel like a Hitman game at all and is just a sneak around and pick people off style game which provides limited entertainment and minimal replayability. Expand
  40. Feb 16, 2013
    First of all. They shouldn't of even called this a Hitman game. It doesn't come close to the amazingness that WAS Hitman. Don't expect to be killing targets, hiding in plain sight (Disguises are broken), manually saving so you can experiment with how you're gonna go about you're mission, and especially playing a good game. This game pretty much just throws away everything that made Hitman good. The story of this game is utterly boring and you don't even work for an agency which is dumb. Hitman Absolution is just a ripoff of other "Stealth-Action" games. Try one of the other good Hitman games not this stumble in the road. Expand
  41. Mar 19, 2013
    Contracts and Blood Money blew my mind so many years ago. So naturally I was looking forward to this game for a long time. Hitman become one of my most loved franchises. I went back and played the first 2 games about a year ago and while the graphics were limited the classic Hitman gameplay was as great as ever.... Then came along Absolution. I played through the entire game searching for a Hitman game. I found the story interesting and could appreciate how they tried to bring a different story to the Hitman series and for the most part it worked. As a 1 hour long movie its worth watching on Youtube. But as a game? What I got was a brutal kick to the face. Disguises don't work, It's impossible to progress without the stupid instincts mode, most of the time you are hiding in cover (since when did Hitman hide in cover?), plus many more gameplay problems. I will sum it up to say that this is the BIGGEST disappointment in my 25 years as a gamer!..... If they are going to bring back Hitman again, firstly Jesper Kyd needs to score it and secondly the design team need to play all the previous Hitman games start to finish multiple times. I fear without those 2 points. Hitman will never recover! Expand
  42. Aug 10, 2013
    As a Hitman fan it was literally painful to play through this game. I followed the buildup of this game from the very start. As soon as IO Interactive muttered the words "Agent 47 is now on the run" something inside me said that Absolution was going to be bad. It turns out my inner feeling wasn't wrong. It's not that it's a 'bad' game, it's an 'ok-ish' Splintercell Conviction clone with some bugs and stupid broken A.I. But as a Hitman game it is very bad, the worst in the series in fact. They have taken everything that made Hitman so fun and special, threw it in the bin, then replaced it with a linear story driven action game. Playing through it was like watching a terrible B Movie, it was so bad i just had to keep watching/playing through. Expand
  43. Jan 27, 2013
    As a game of it's own it's ok. But Hitman Blood Money is still the best in the series.

    It's clearly been aimed towards console gamers and lacks much of the depth of the previous games. Including the weapon and equipment customizations we had in blood money.
  44. Dec 31, 2012
    This is by far the best game I played this year. The major pros are: 1) The graphics are the best I've ever seen; 2) The gameplay encourages thinking before acting; it's not a shoot-them-all kind of game, which is a good thing; 3) Excellent story and presentation: I usually don't watch cut scenes, but the story is so good and the cinematic presentation is so well-executed that I could not just skip the cut scenes (yes, it's that good); 4) Superb animation and voice acting, particularly Dexter's (the main villain); 5) Great replay value: I have already played 45+ hours (the first play through took me 18 hours) but I don't feel I'm done with this game yet. I just have a few complaints about this game. They are not deal breakers, but they become really annoying at times. The major cons are: 1) Lack of enough checkpoints (i.e., save points): It's already bad enough that the game does not allow you to save the progress at any time, but in Hitman this gets exacerbated by the fact that you don't have enough checkpoints in normal difficulty. This discourages exploration because if you get killed you have to restart the level, making the gameplay more linear than it should be (.i.e., it encourages you to just complete the objectives as quietly and quickly as possible and move on to the next level); 2) The score system is unbalanced: for a game that allows you to hit people in so many ways (with bottles, bricks, syringes, knives, metal pipes, tomahawks, etc) I would expected to be encouraged to hit people; unfortunately, the score system penalizes you really hard if you hit civilians (3000+ points) and non-target bad guys (300+ points) . Overall, it Expand
  45. Apr 3, 2013
    It would be good game, if it have:
    - open world
    - saves
    - weapon selection
    - saves
    - map
    - SAVES!

    What's wrong with developers, which want to ruin silent killing game and make some one-error-replay-full-mission-game with QTE which you could not break?! Sorry, this game is not worth the money at all (even with 60% discount which i find).
  46. Nov 25, 2012
    I'll start off by saying up front that this is my first Hitman game. I just finished it this evening. There are so many games that I don't enjoy and struggle through to the end (like Assasins Creed 1+2, or Mass effect 3), or just abandon all together because they just aren't fun (too many to list unfortunately). I found this game a lot of fun, and I kept coming back until I had beat the SP campaign, and will keep coming back to play the contracts mode and improve my hitman skills and scores. Most of the time, my attempted hits turned into massive bloodbaths, usually because I was impatient, or because I was wearing the wrong disguise and didn't stay out of sight.

    When things turned into a massacre, I thought to myself "That's ok, I can play this level again, but differently the next time". Next time...See, most single player games I play, then forget about and generally never play again. This game, I find myself wanting to come back and play it, find new ways to play it, master etc. There is a lot of challenge there, and it's compelling.

    Disguises work fine. You just have to find a disguise that won't get you sprung as easily. I found that each level usually has at least one unique disguise that allows you free reign of a level, or at least most areas of it.
    The story was deliberately ham-fisted and tongue-in-cheek and the sections people are complaining about are either very short and inconsequential, or they can be approaching in a completely different way (the quick-time event wrestling match could be done in multiple ways).

    I will make a point of playing Blood Money now, as I have it on Steam, but as a noob to the series, I had no problems with Absolution at all. It offered many different ways to complete objectives, and the firefights were very engaging and satisfying thanks to great animations, ragdoll physics and an amazing visual engine in general. I thought it was excellent, as well as being one of the best looking games I have ever played, and very well optimized too. It ran on average at 100fps on my HD5850 and i5 2500K, at 1080p on the highest settings, bar MSAA.
  47. Nov 25, 2012
    The toughest Hitman game you will ever play if you are the stealthy guy and like to go for silent assassin. This is because the overhaul of the disguise system. Lets say you're disguised as a cook: All other cooks will see through your disguise as they know all their colleagues. This gets silly when you are wearing disguises that fully cover your face, like a special forces combat suit. There is always like one uber-disguise in the level, that will work in 90% of the areas, but it's impossible to get on purist mode. IO said that they will fix the disguise system. That's the sole reason why I will give the game an 8 for now and hopefully return giving a 10. See it for yourself. As soon as you play on hard the game will screw you over. Expand
  48. Nov 7, 2013
    I have to say that I wasnt a real fan of Hitman but this part I enjoyed a lot, maybe that is the reason why I enjoyed it, cause as a game it is pretty nicely done. It is a great game and gave me a nice stealthy rush. Therefore 10 points cause quality is excellent in every aspect, too.
  49. Dec 8, 2012
    This game is plain hard (I'm on normal). The enemy density is way too high, margin of error is very small. I'm fine with that and I don't need a quick save function if you don't give me like one check point every level, and force me to overhear conversations (and have nowhere to go until the guys split) over and over again.

    This game gives you different choices to get to a goal, which
    is good. But when a certain route is already hard as hell, it's just causing the players to focus exclusively on that route, spending all their retries tackling the small open windows, making it the same as other linear experiences. You get two player behaviors out of that, 1) doing everything painstakingly slowly, like killing every person possible and hide their bodies away, and 2) sneak through with some luck, and get to the goal without experiencing anything about how the level looked, what was the scripted cool stuff, what was the special kills, etc. Both behaviors don't make a deep impression in players.

    With the painful check point/ reload system, exploring alternative routes is like restarting a level. I'd rather spend another retry polishing my last move than to risk any more retries to do any new stuff.

    I'm not kidding, but the most effective way to reach most goals in this game is to shoot everyone, and that's what I did when I just lost it. And of course the consequence is an extremely low score that you don't feel you've actually completed the level.

    It's been very long since the last time I finishes a game just for the sake of finishing it.
  50. Feb 13, 2014
    What a horrible waste of time and disk space.

    Horrible game mechanics, horribly linear, horrible story that is boring and makes no sense, every single boss kill is incredibly anticlimactic, this game is absolutely horrible, from beginning to end.

    Not to mention misleading the consumer by releasing trailers and demos that have almost nothing to do with the actual game.
  51. Dec 2, 2012
    Severely lacking imagination when compared to the sandbox classics before it, the atmospheric, fun and challenging gameplay of Hitman 2 is long gone. Hitman sits at the top of the pile of this year's poor selection of games, nothing more than a PC gamer alternative to Metal Gear Solid 4.
  52. Jul 22, 2013
    Just a horrible Hitman game and a horrible stealth action.
    This is what happens when out of the game about making killer "modern" console stealth action game.
  53. Jan 27, 2013
    As a Hitman game Absolution fails quite miserably. More linear maps, few actually assassination-missions, a checkpoint system that discourages the hitman-sandbox gamestyle, a checkpoint system that doesnt save the gameworld, the new disguise system that turns the gameplay into cover based stealth, and you cant customize your loadout anymore. However as a cover-based stealth game with some hitman elements the game is quite average. The stealth works alright, the checkpoint-system is still awful, the visuals are great, the crowds looks great, there are some cool-looking maps, there are still several ways to complete your goals, the story is not all that good but the game is quite atmospheric. Stay away from this game if you are looking for the good old sandbox-style perfect-murder hitman gameplay. If you are looking for a stealth game with a twist then pick the game up for a cheap price. Expand
  54. Nov 26, 2012
    This is an amazing game with great graphics and: Great gameplay(!). The story is not the best but the gameplay is such amazing...... Killing people in dozens of possibility. You have to play this awesome game on hard or harder, 'cause it makes more fun!!!
  55. Jan 27, 2013
    I really wanted to like this game, mostly because of how much I like Hitman: Blood Money, but I just didn't like it as much as I wanted to.

    Absolution suffers from the same condition that many television series do - it suffers when it tries to be about the characters and not their work. Absolution tries to introduce a more personal aspect of the game, showing how Mr 47 is not just an
    emotionless killer-for-hire but is in fact a human - this is the girls first mistake, as it is jarring and unpleasant to have the totally professional Mr 47 be risking life to do something out of character.

    Secondly, opposed to the large, open level design of previous games, in which 47 had a huge sandbox to play in and plan out elaborate assassinations, now you have levels that are broken up into smaller, linear sub-levels, making it feel less like Hitman and more like a generic sneaking game.
    In previous games, assassination contracts felt interesting and engaging. The people 47 was hired to kill were mostly scum who deserved to die, and you would get into the mindset of "Killing scum, AND getting paid for it? Awesome!" Now, most of the people you have to kill are just people who are in your way.

    For anyone who has never played a Hitman game before, Absolution may score an 8/10, but for anyone who has, I'd say it's a 6 out of ten. It is still technically Hitman, but it's not the Hitman you remember, and it will probably not be the Hitman you were hoping for.
  56. Nov 23, 2012
    First off, let me just say that the graphics are absolutely stunning. Environments are well detailed and the crowds look so realistic. This is a very polished game and i would recommend it to anyone looking to have a fun time. There are several flaws though being that this isn't really going the same path as the other hitman games so some fans might be disappointed.
  57. Nov 24, 2012
    any one how givs this game less then 8.0 is not worth reading!!
    Hitman: Absolution is an exellent game and rghit on time becuse all other games that came out to this time are boring maby axcept medal of honor warfighter also great game
    you cant say any thing bad about this game, the graphichs awesome flowed game play and great sound.
    i never liked the hitman franchise but this one is
    different from all aspects.
    so if you are looking for a good game to play current time play this one you will enjoy it.
  58. Nov 23, 2012
    Pretty nice game. I have to agree with the rest of the players, the instinct bar is a huge game design blunder and should never have entered the Hitman universe. The engine however is great and it fits perfectly for the Hitman-genre. The levels could be bigger with more freedom, however, I think the levels are pretty cool because they really do award exploring before planning an assassination. Great game, not on par with game of the year contender Dishonored though. Expand
  59. Nov 23, 2012
    Sure, the game is little different, but does it means it's a bad game? No. It's a wonderful stealth game with great graphics, it is the best looking game on PC. Missions can be finished many many ways, stealth feels very satisfying. There is a lot of replay value. Difficulty options for the game are perfect, almost everyone can enjoy this game. The things I don't like are not being able to buy weapons at the beginning of the mission, also the fact that I can hide sniper rifle and other large weapons, why? I actually like new disguise system, it feels challenging. It feels like Hitman's 2 disguise system but done better, in my opinion that is. Sound and music are superb. Expand
  60. Nov 24, 2012
    It seems like once this game came out, everyone, including PC Gamer, just wanted to complain that it wasn't Blood Money 2. This is a fantastic game, great graphics, an engaging story, loads of ways to take out your targets (when you have them, a lot of the game is simply stealth action) or general enemies, disguises and improvised weapons, and multiple routes through each mission. The game rewards you for utilizing every possible option as well, so it screams replayability. Let me tell you something, if you enjoyed Conviction for what it was even though it didn't follow the same exact formula, then you will highly enjoy Hitman: Absolution. Expand
  61. Nov 24, 2012
    Very good game, from start to finish, this is the best we've played already the franchise, and not hear comments like this: hitman is like splinter cell! because it is not true. play it =]
  62. Nov 25, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution provides an experience that is rich in action and on the edge of your seat suspense. Of course, it's not without it's flaws. Everyone automatically thinking you're suspicious gets a little irritating at times, and it constantly feels linear. Though it has some rough spots, Hitman: Absolution is enjoyable experience, but may be a let down for hardcore fans of the series.
  63. Aug 9, 2013
    Much smaller levels, very few paths to your target, very linear level design, no black market, no syringes or other interesting assassin tools, not many interesting ways to kill your targets, little and more often than not zero history behind your targets or any motivation to kill them besides them wanting to kill you.

    Environments and targets have very little variation, most of the
    environments are in the US, the vast majority of which are in North Dakota and New York. Has an odd underlying crude sexual theme which simply doesn't fit very well with this game. The game's story focus essentially throws out the premise of being a hitman until its very end.

    You can still be spotted by people wearing the same outfit as you as though every gardener on the planet knows one another, and being spotted in any difficulty besides easy is almost always certain death.

    Contracts mode puts you in the same levels obviously designed with a linear story in mind. The only freedom it allows in the game's constrictive levels here is the contract's name/description, who you're killing, what single weapon you can choose to start with, and what you are wearing.

    All in all, a serious disappointment and downgrade from Blood Money.
  64. Nov 26, 2012
    I played all the Hitman games and I loved them all and I also love this one. Only problem I see is that IO seems to have forgotten about Blood Money and I was really hoping they'd continue the story. But if you ignore that fact and only look at Absolution on it's own, I think it's a pretty damn good Hitman. It's hard, it's cool and the story gives a nice new aspect to the whole thing, even thou it might not be the most innovative and logical one. Expand
  65. Nov 27, 2012
    These reviews are absurd. I've been an avid fan of the Hitman series since the first release and was afraid that the same would happen with Absolution, with what happened to Conviction- To conform and accommodate the generation of casual gamers who don't wish to do a lot of thinking and run through good looking levels without too much effort.

    Fortunately, to my pleasure, this is
    absolutely not the case. The game mechanics, presentation and playability is nothing less than excellent. Those who claim the game is too easy, dumbed down or not "Hitman" any more, is either not playing it on a hard enough difficulty or was expecting a remake of a previous Hitman with new levels and a new graphics engine. The difficulty in Absolution plays a huge role in the actual game-play. Accommodating for two very different players. For those, like me, who've been waiting for a new instalment in the Hitman series, I highly recommend you play the game on Expert or Purist mode. For those wanting to play casually through Absolution without too much retries and with lots of guidance, pick a lower difficulty setting. Referring to higher difficulty settings; The realism and AI is amazing, wearing the same outfits as enemies would make them get suspicious when you're getting to close- this is where instinct is mainly used (by turning 47's head to the side or by raising his elbow to evade a direct face to face detection). This really makes sense to me as "people" in a certain group/job category tend to know each other and would become curious/cautious to whom this "new guy" is. Things I liked : - Animations
    - Game-play mechanics - Story and level design - Realism
    - Fire fights are insane
    - Graphics goes without saying
    - 5.1 will blow you away. Dislikes - No suitcase ? This is very sadistic of IOInteractive
    - Not clear on how much points are needed to achieve the different ratings (Silent Assassin, expert, ...)
    - Accidental deaths count towards your "kills" *
    This game is meant to be played on a high difficulty and begs for you to achieve Silent Assassin rating. **
    Hope this help anyone in doubt :D
  66. Jan 25, 2013
    Overall the game is pretty good. Is it as good as Hitman Blood Money? No it isn't, but that doesn't mean this is a complete failure. They made some mistakes with level design, the levels are a lot more closed off and linear than past games. For example you walk through a door which takes you to the next section of the mission, but there is no going back - its like entering a new level, the "open world" feel of it is totally removed.

    Weapon load-outs before the mission starts are gone, no more planning ahead how you want to kill your target, if you want to carry your sniper rifle in the briefcase and LOOK for a vantage point to strike from. No, instead the one of the few levels that does give us a sniper rifle in it, it is available in the only room on the map, and the only one that has a clear vantage point to the target. That is not acceptable, the levels should not be designed with sniper rifles in them already.

    The disguise mechanic is flat out broken and is painful to use without getting spotted, the whole idea of Hitman is you should be able to sneak in and out unnoticed using disguises - instead what they have done is messed up the disguises so much that you always get spotted, the result is instead of walking around trying to blend in you have to sneak around like an idiot hiding from everyone.

    This all said some levels are gems, and are more like the old Hitman games we all loved, and the disguise mechanic works well, the thing is it almost feels like some levels they nailed it, and others were as if they were designed by people who hadn't a clue how to make a Hitman game.

    Overall the game is good, its modernised which is necessary, on the next game I would like to see the faults in the level design fixed, I would like to see the briefcase brought back with sniper rifle, and I would like weapon loadouts at the start if the mission to return as well as fixed disguises. Please Square Enix, get rid of the "Instinct" thing, its crap.. the batman vision is useless and not necessary, I didn't use it at all when I played, it just wasn't useful. Bring back the map and ability to look through doors, if you bring back the map then you can have bigger levels.

    There's a lot of negative points in this review, true, but ultimately it is not a bad game and is worth playing - simply because, it is still Hitman, and it is refreshing to have a new Hitman game after so many years. I just hope in the next one they listen to their fans and fix some of the problems for the next game.

    If you like Hitman, play this game... it may not be as good as the past Hitman games, but it is as close to a Hitman game as you're going to get right now, and it plays quite well when it works
  67. Feb 22, 2013
    Sneak your way to the next door, which will start a cutscene. Repeat.
    This is not a proper Hitman game, and pales in comparison to Blood Money earlier in the series.
  68. Apr 15, 2013
    A poor addition to the Hitman franchise. Hitman was a series that didn't need changing, it was as if IO Interactive have never heard of the old saying "If it's not broke don't fix it" Everything that made Hitman so great and unique has been removed and replaced with material copied from other gaming franchises. As a result Hitman Absolution is very similar to Splintercell Conviction rather than a Hitman game. The big open sandbox levels have been replaced with heavily scripted linear levels so it can tell a story. Previous Hitmans were all about gameplay, Absolution is more about a story. The story was like it was written by Steve Stiffler from the American Pie films, very childish sick gross out trying to be edgy but fails. In my opinion games should always be about gameplay, if i want a story i'll watch a DVD or go to the cinema. The less i say about the broken AI the better. Expand
  69. Apr 15, 2013
    I'm still playing Hitman Blood Money 7yrs on, every level is such a joy to replay through again and again. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Hitman Absolution. It's not like a Hitman game and the levels are very linear story driven trash that aren't even worth a second play through. AVOID this game, rent it or buy it second hand, don't waste your money. Hitman Blood Money is a masterpiece, Absolution is a total disaster that has killed a once great franchise. Expand
  70. Jan 17, 2013
    This being my first Hitman game, I don't know what I am talking about. That being said, I thought this game was alright. I finished it, what more do you want? I felt like the stealth mechanics were a little broken and I found myself over-relying on the instinct vision mechanic, and the scoring system was completely useless. However, overall it looks good, plays well and was fun for a few evenings, but it's not changing the industry. Expand
  71. Jan 4, 2013
    Wow, amazing game. I'll get the bad THING out of the way first and that is the DISGUISE system. You are too easily recognized by people wearing the same clothes, realistic, but ridiculous.
    Second of all red reviews should be ignored because they are mainly complaining due to the game "crashing" or "bad controls" or "bad graphics". Crashing? Your computer's fault. Bad controls? Play it
    with a controller. Bad Graphics? Get a better computer. Make sure you have an ideal computer before even trying to review a game. Not their fault.
    The game itself is amazing, Good story, clear view on who's the "bad guy" and the game's audio and visual are stunning. Unlike the past Hitman games you seem to be more interactive with the environment. 9/10
  72. Mar 18, 2014
    In short: awwww man, they broke it. Frustrating game because it has so much potential. The graphics feel smooth and the mechanics are better than ever but they removed all planning, thinking and stealth (actual stealth - welcome to cover-based running). You still have different approaches but you can't plan any of them and often have to choose one at random because the consequences are unclear. In one mission you can choose to disguise yourself as an electrician or try to sneak in around the back but you have no way of knowing what the difference is so you choose randomly. You can't bring your own weapons or gear either, so the game comes up with the most stupid excuses to place sniper rifles and other useful things on site for you to find. It doesn't make sense.

    The world feels alive and each character has their own story, which is cool, but in the end your role is merely that of a spectator and not a protagonist. You're there to watch in awe how cool the world looks, not to play in it. Such a shame - great potential, awful execution.
  73. Nov 27, 2012
    New game about Agent 47 causes only good feelings. Developers created new game engine for Hitman. Graphics in this game is nice. New elements organically was added in gameplay. Story was surprised for me. But I can't to choose best game in this year about killer/assassin? Hitman or Assassin's Creed? On my mind, today we have two perfect action games. When was the last time?
  74. Nov 29, 2012
    Awesome game, finally difficulty makes a difference in a game. Beat it on easy, beat it on normal, and then DIE! And then two more difficulties after that! On easy you can certainly blast your way through anyone, on normal you can shoot your way out of a situation or two, but hard will take you back to everything that has made the hitman series great. All these people complaining about the death of the series should stop playing on easy. Playing on hard is awesome, you can't just blast your way through levels, and the hours of strategy are enthralling. Could I take this guy out before the other guard walks by? Where could I hide him though? Would they see that? Could I get a clear shot up there? So many means to the same end, perfection. And you will pay dearly for perfection. Did they just see those legs slip around the corner? Did they hear that? Will they buy your disguise? Quite often those questions are followed by a fatal barrage of bullets, or a score shattering shooting spree. Anyone can kill, but killing quietly, and with discretion, is much more meticulous and entertaining than massacres (After the first playthrough at least ;D) And contracts makes the game exponentially larger than just the campaign, which is also awesome. After all, who could come up with more twisted and greuling challenges for the players, but the players themselves. Awesome game, awesome melee and combat system, great variety, and challenging and addictive gameplay. And for all those whining about the differences between this and blood money, there is one word: CONTRACTS! Expand
  75. Nov 22, 2012
    Get your sporks ready cause dinner is done. Spicy creole cooking to make you sweat. Sure, it's gritty and sticks to your teeth like a mix of sand and bugs and you'll be convinced that your tounge is going to melt but that's the kind of cooking we love. That down home, mom is trying to kill you style.
  76. Apr 15, 2013
    Simply the worst Hitman in the series, it's not even really a Hitman game. All the fun of Hitman, the big open sandbox levels that encourage exploration are gone, weapon select at the start of each level is gone, the cool music from Jesper Kyd is gone. Hitman games were always game play over story, Absolution is story over game play (it's not even a good story). Most of it encourages sneaking about without being seen trying to make it from one door to the next, it's just no fun and nothing like a Hitman game. Expand
  77. Jan 12, 2013
    You all have to be the biggest gang of babies on the face of the Earth. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, IT'S NOT BLOOD MONEY VERBATIUM, WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! THY PUT AN ACTUAL STORY LINE THAT DOESN'T BLOW WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Just stfu. Play the game for what it is. If you get over yourself, you see it's got some great mechanics, visuals, storyline, and endless options.
  78. Nov 28, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution is a beautiful game, stunning graphics and the awesome thing is you dont need a monster pc to play. That is the first thing to notice. If you are a fan of the old hitman's this game will feel a bit dumb downed compared to the old ones. But set aside on its own, its a well designed game with all the old hitman tools and tricks with a few new one for the casual gamer. The game starts off feeling a bit liner but as you progress so does the levels, witch is awesome for a new gamer. If you looking for a rework of the first hitman, this is not it. But if you looking for a game that will challenge you, thats replayable and give you jaw dropping graphics this is the game for you. I love Hitman, and i love this game. If you want your old hitman don't play on normal, play professional then you are a true hitman fan. Expand
  79. Nov 28, 2012
    This is by far the most ambitious Hitman game yet and wow! what a compelling story that keeps you on the edge, a none stop tour de force.
    At first i was expecting gun load outs and a map like before in other games but then i realized what they were going for, a man on the run left to his own devices procuring weapons along the way.
    For those who say harsh things about this game either
    miss what the makers were going for or they are just one of those fast pace teenaged COD players that have a lack of patients and witt.
    Contracts is a very fun online addition to the series that brings life into the world of hitman and give you the ability to create your own contracts on the targets you wish, and create and a storyline for other players to read and enjoy.
  80. Nov 29, 2012
    I have written this review because I completely disagreed with the harsh negative attitude towards this game. To give some perspective. I have finished the game. I have played all the hitman games since it was released. After spending 2 days downloading on some average ADSL connection I finally hit the ground running. I had waited for this game for a long time. I was excited.

    I found
    that initially I was ticked off that the game didn't allow me to save how I wanted. After an hour of play I didn't care. The check points were evenly spaced to allow for trial an error with out much punishment.

    The cover system was smooth, the combat system was ok. Allowed for great variation even with out using firearms. If a person cannot play this game on easy and dies continually it's not the games fault you're just bad at this game. I died maybe 7 times through out the whole game. It was easy. Blood money was the only well made hitman game. The others were clunky. I loved them but they were horribly clunky. I felt this change in direction could have been how i wanted hitman to be all along. I wanted that greater interaction. I wanted smoother transitions between hunting, hiding and execution of the target. I hated waiting 15 minutes around corridors for soldiers to move out of the way in uninteresting environments. (Hitman 2) This is not the same as Blood money. It has changed game play style and sometimes that can cause reactions and have a backlash from people who cannot handle experimentation in a franchise. However there is nothing deeply wrong with this game. Visually its pleasing. The game play moves more fluidly and it feels like an execution. The story line doesn't add or detract from this game in my opinion. Its there. It was really all about doing the task and finding a way to do it through experimentation.

    If you start on easy it's not hard at all. Compared to the other Hitmans where it was always hard even on easy. I am convinced that this was a good move for Hitman and that if you could bring the current game mechanics inline with more of the old games ability to plan hits, Hitman will continue to be a vibrant franchise. The hitmans story was average, the gameplay was involved allowing players to perform tasks how they wished. Problem is hitman never really did have a storyline that was delivered exceptionally well. It was ok. It certainly was very interesting conceptually. I felt this game did make me more interested in the storylines compared to the previous onces with the exception of the original.

    I would not have wanted this game in any other way. It was what I wanted in a Hitman game.
  81. Dec 2, 2012
    I have been playing all the games in the series and I was fairly disappointed in blood money. But this was a really way of moving on and a lot of working new game engine ideas. Of course a lot could use some tuning and some things away but to have all sort of ways to finish each map is really great. Stealth works both with and without using the new "instinct" function. One major mistake is the revival of enemies after a restart of checkpoint as well as some of the maps without alternatives, but I really enjoyed this and will play this over and over. Expand
  82. Jul 16, 2013
    WTF? Hitman finally got REALLY GOOD and now it's completely regressed to all the problems I had with earlier hitman games. Seriously, you can't even select a weapon without automatically pulling it out again!? And the stealth mechanics are f*cking annoying. The game looks pretty good but they fell WAY short of what I was expecting. I would be extremely mad if i hadn't waited for the price to go down to a small fraction of what they were originally asking. I can't remember if it was blood money or contracts that came out last and that I thought, "this is near perfection, i can't wait for more hitman!" but when i finally had a chance to play just made me sad. what the fu(K where they thinking? Expand
  83. Jan 5, 2013
    This is a step back in the series from Blood Money. It's a good game, but not up to par in terms of the Hitman series. I'm not a complete fan of the way the new disguise system works. It's a realistic feature to have members whatever disguise you're wearing recognize you when you're too close, but not for all disguises. For example, a police disguise. There are hundreds, if not thousands of police officers in a big city and there is no way that every officer would recognize every single one of his fellow officers to know that you're not who the outfit suggests the hitman is.
    How powerful they made hitman in this game is also disappointing. Seeing through walls and whatnot. Also, the point system is a little strange to see in a Hitman game.
    To rate this game a 0, like many are, is completely unfair. It's definitely not a complete fail by any means, but didn't live up to my expectations.
  84. Jan 9, 2013
    I don't understand the low ratings. I've played all hitman games on their respective era I won't talk about graphics its a must. But the game play I think is an improvement. Its much more realistic. You don't see all the people on the map via your machinery instead you sense nearby enemies and use your senses to guess their movement. When you put up a cop suit you just don't instantly turn into a cop but still a suspectible person (think that you are the chef of the kitchen and you don't recognize a different face among your crew, impossible) I think game deserves a better user rating and its been overly underrated. Expand
  85. Apr 6, 2013
    i think, against all opinions, the history is the worst of the hitman series. Isn´t wise let a killer who want´s kill you, alive. But, this happens in the game, again and again.
    About the customization, the game is fun.
  86. May 13, 2013
    As I have been playing hitman after hitman since the first one, I can say this for sure, this game its nothing more than a generic stealth game, that most of the time your only goal its find a door, and when you finaly has the chance to perform a kill, its always a simple and not clever kill, its was lost the game essence, turning into a average game with a good story, hiding a boring game with a stupid mechanic of saves, and a lot of pointless goals. It's with a great sadness that I submit this review, from my favorite franchise, the first of the all five games, that I couldn't end, because after each level it was getting more and more boring. Expand
  87. Jan 7, 2014
    This is a Splinter Cell with disguises, not a real Hitman game. Disguises have severely limited usefulness, because guards react to your changed clothes a LOT more. Therefore you have to sneak with a disguise most of the time anyway.
  88. Aug 17, 2013
    Ha-ha,very funny you can hide your sniper rifle or AR into your pocket.Yep,it's called "Realism" and "Hardcore", stupid and uninteresting storyline, all gameplay consists of a idiotic tricks,like Throw that bottle,knife or another %itemname% in dark corner.

  89. Dec 26, 2013
    Such a shame, a great franchise ruined for no other reason other than what? Laziness? Trying something new? I'm not sure bug the game stinks.

    The reason why I'm giving it such a low score and not an average one is because of the great games preceding it.
  90. Dec 2, 2012
    Hitman Absolution is a great game, the graphics are very good. But unfortunately they've made it more storyline based rather than like Blood Money. The disguises don't work unless you have a certain amount of instinct. But most of the time you always run out and start a huge firefight. Which completely ruins the stealth of this game. I understand that if there is no instincts bar then it'll be just like Blood Money where you can wear a disguise and go wherever you want without being caught. But they should at least make it last longer, especially in out door areas.

    The way stealth has been implemented in this game is that it's more cover based stealth. You cant be seen 99% of the time. But in a good way it makes the game a lot more harder especially in the hardest difficulty Purist. It's all about trial and error, waiting for that person to move, what you can do there and where to go etc. The weapons are ok, but there needs to be more silenced weapons, rather than un-silenced loud weapons which you pick up from the NPCs on the level. You cant choose which weapons you can have before you start a level, which is slightly annoying. You can only do that on contracts mode.

    The levels are also quite linear, but in a good way on some. There are many weapons in the environment that you can kill people with which is awesome.

    The voice acting of Bateson is also pretty good but in some cutscenes there could had been more opportunity for him to speak. You can listen to him speaking when you press F1.

    The game runs fine, but I hope in the future that Nixxies improves it because I only get around 45-60+ FPS but the game runs fine. (Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz. ATI Radeon 6950)

    Overall, the game is pretty good. It's just that it could had been better if the disguise system wasn't so annoyingly broken, and getting caught ALL the time.
  91. Jan 6, 2013
    I don't understand all of the hate here for this game, go back and play contracts, then boot this up and I dare you to say this game isn't better. It's a solid game with a **** ton of single player campaign to play through. It's not perfect but **** - 0 scores? Come on now, don't be so quick to trash it because a new dev tried something different, give it the credit it's due. This is a solid game that has a lot of variety, and it's a ton of fun. Name one other game besides grand theft auto maybe where you can run around an entire map and kill every single person you see with a bong. Expand
  92. CBZ
    Dec 3, 2012
    Many things have changed since Hitman: Blood Money. The graphics have improved immensely, each room is full of details that are unique to that room, not the classic standard decor that repeats in the whole game. The character moves more fluidly, and it includes features like the quicksooting (i think that's what is called). There are many more levels than in HM: BM, however, they are shorter and more linear. The door feature makes it impossible to finish the mission the way you want but rather the way they designed it to be finished. The contracts mode makes the game much more replayable by creating new objectives and the community seems very involved when it comes to create new contracts.
    As you can see, this new release is a mixed bag of new changes but I believe the pros clearly outweight the cons.
    Absolution is a title worth buying if you take it with an open mind and dont expect Blood money with better textures.
  93. Mar 17, 2013
    I've never played the other Hitman games, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I really didn't expect to, as I figured the entire franchise was slow and clunky, but this was fun and engaging.
  94. Dec 14, 2012
    Darkness, violence, freedom, diversity. More features. Great atmosphere. There is still a lot of room for improvements but would it be still enjoyable if it was more difficult and realistic ? For me it's a must have.
  95. Jan 20, 2013
    This game is simply stunning from the atmospheric graphics, to the all out action. Not to mention the the background sound that is pretty amazing too. The point shout killing feature and the slow motion effect is just amazing. Overall this is one of my favorite games, And the best one in the Hitman series I've ever played. Looking forward to the sequel of Hitman: Absolution.
  96. Jan 19, 2013
    An excellent game on PC if you take it on its own and quit moaning about how its not exactly like the ones from 10 years ago. Graphics are amazing on a beast machine this game is your showcase game. GORGEOUS. Story is good enough that you know why your doing what your doing and thats the key element. Your actually a sneaky assassin and its damn fun trying to figure out all the ways to kill your target! In short, this is one of the best games in 2012. Expand
  97. Jan 1, 2014
    It's not terrible, it's just not great. I can understand the disappointment of a lot of hitman fans here. Objective markers, clearly marked pathways. These things pretty much are anathema to the previous hitman titles. As others have said this feels more like a splinter cell title, which isn't a bad thing it's just not what it said on the tin.
  98. Jan 21, 2013
    all i can say is that the wait was worthed and worthed to full price. why? 30+ hours of single player and you can have 60,100 hours because theres a insane ammount of ways to do your objective you can play each level in hundred different ways and so you can replay and replay and have new experience. the downside is the disguise system isnt what i was used to be, but lets be honest here, on previous titles it almost made you like in god mode, now it works but you've limits, its meant now for last resort and sudden situations where you stumble into an enemy. you can't choose loadouts on SP but you can on contracts mode, wich is the same of SP but you've more freedom. lenghty, fun and sandbox....... you'll find yourself playing it for years!! Expand
  99. Dec 5, 2012
    im just writing this because i am enjoying the game so much , and it looks great on pc , if you have nvidia gpu just use fxaa and 2x msaa shadows on medium or high, looks like ultra but better performance ,and looks 10 times better than consoles! if you enjoyed splinter cell conviction. this is for you , great game!
  100. Dec 19, 2012
    I dont have no idia why people are arguing. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Beutiful gameplaygraphics and good storyline. Contracts is **** boss. Probably because they are cod fanboys.Dont listen to them....

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. 80
    Despite the deviations and minor shortcomings, it remains true to its roots. It just brushes them aside for a while, just long enough for it to tell its story- a story where the traditional contracts and other usual components just wouldn’t fit. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 8, 2013
    Hitman: Absolution does stand out from the ocean of gray and brown shooters that populate the market, but not in enough good ways to warrant a recommendation.
  3. Dec 26, 2012
    It's not a bad game by any means, and it does fix some problems with the controls that plagued previous games, but having the story that essentially makes Agent 47 less of a hitman and more of an espionage hero, makes Absolution a decent stealth game but not a fantastic Hitman game.