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  1. Nov 10, 2014
    First of all, the main character is male which is terrble and unrelatable, who wants to be a stinky overemotional male? If that wasn't bad enough, at multiple points in the story the game forces you to kill sex workers for no reason. Do not recommend.
  2. Oct 29, 2014
    Hitman series has taken a low blow to the lower intestinal region, this is nothing like the brilliant Blood Money game and prior games.

    If you are a classic Hitman fan, you may want to avoid this game.

    The first fish market mission was great, you have the usual hitman style gameplay in a sandboxed area, then everything goes haywire. It turns into a linear storyline, classic hitman
    elements are thrown out the window, it turns into a linear Max Payne style game.

    Not good. This is not the Hitman we know.
    Stopped playing after 3-4 missions.

    Attempting to play the game while ignoring the fact that it is a hitman game failed.
    At a basic level it simply doesn't deliver, not sure what the devs were trying to accomplish but it just doesn't work.

    For the love of Hitman... bring back the classic Hitman style sandbox gameplay, don't try to be an emotional linear action FPS... it simply doesn't work with this franchise.

  3. Oct 10, 2014
    This is a Must Have as a Stealth Lover. Simple as that. It looks awesome, the surrounding is awesome, the music is awesome, all the different ways to approach every mission are awesome.

  4. Oct 4, 2014
    A much dynamic version of previous Hitmans. But actually it hurts the game a little. More levels can be more dynamic but, it's also making it repetitive. How many times have you said something like, "Oh **** do I have to run down those guys again?". I said a lot.

    Another thing is, the AI. Yes the AI is much more clever, but a gain they are blind. I don't know how would us play this game
    if they weren't, I simply don't care this a lot.

    The checkpoint system is **** By far the worst feature of the game. Why can't you save like older Hitman games man, it's just, full retard. I killed or strangled all those pricks and they respawn after the checkpoint? What is the point of the checkpoint then.

    The new score system is a lackluster. Not needed, thanks.

    There are some good features like cover changing, instincts (for n00bs), environmental weapons... You can actually kill a man using a ****ing bong! Awesome. But because of the score system, kills count negative, so...

    Do I have to say that it has a surprising ending? This is Hitman game ffs.

    Too bad that this requires much less effort to solve. Even my dog can, and I don't even have a dog.
  5. Sep 13, 2014
    Surprisingly excellent addition to the Hitman series. I loved original Hitman back in 2000, especially the tension from big stealth missions that you couldn't save and every single mistake was fatal. Extremely disappointed with Hitman 2 where you could suddenly save and all the tension was gone, so I abandoned the series and got back after 12 years. Happy to see that our 47 is back in top form. Checkpoint system is a nice compromise, so the tension is still there, but the frustration of repeating entire missions when things go wrong is not so painful. Visually it's beautiful, really good looking engine that runs smoothly, fantastic crowds, rich colors, details, really good controls. Melee fights are kinda lackluster with QT button mashing, but that's not what Hitman is here for anyway, this is about stealth, about being unseen, about moving like a cat in the midst of the enemy territory and silencing the unwanted targets. I loved it, played new Thief recently and even though that's supposed to be primarily even more focused on stealth, I was enjoying Absolution stealth mechanics more. Good old disguise system is here, but this time, they can recognize you if you have the same outfit as them, kinda logical, but also kinda annoying. Loving the environmental opportunities in this game. Absolution is not as exotic as previous games that were all around the world, this feels more like a retro USA road trip, but it's good, it feels compact and more focused to that and there is still pretty good amount of variation here, sometimes even reminiscent of the past - Chinatown, bar, hotel, etc. Story was a bit monotonous, in the vein of get the girl, almost got her, oops, someone else took her, so let's get her again somewhere else and so on, but it was still presented in a nice almost cinematic feel and I really liked the experience overall. 9/10 Expand
  6. Aug 16, 2014
    this game is simply awesome. since i started playing it i loved it. i played every hitman exept the third one, so i was expecting it to be equal to blood money but with other levels. i was very surprised to know it was different, and i was glad. I didnt want a game i already played with better graphics and new levels, i wanted something fresh and new. Some people say its too easy because you always know where to go, those people are playing it on easy and normal. Real hitman players would play it on hard or purist. If you never played a hitman before, I recommend hard, if you have played a hitman before, play on purist. Expand
  7. Aug 11, 2014
    Really boring and disappointing after two years of pubs and all these stuff and no matter how years of work. Very unpleasant and doesn't worth even to talk about. There's no fun in playing this, it can only gives headaches. When I watched gameplay videos I thought: Wow, really impressive. Hitman 2 is miles better than this crap. Even though this game worth a 7 on score, but I won't give it after all this long expectation. Expand
  8. Aug 6, 2014
    Once again Square Enix ruin a classic pc franchise in order to cater to 12 year old console gamers. I've been a fan of this series since it began and I used to love that they progressively improved it as it went along. Now its a different game. Tiny, linear levels and pointless achievements to try and increase re playability. There were no achievements in the early games and I must have played some of those levels a hundred times over (Traditions of the Trade anyone?), for no other reason than they were beautifully designed and thought out. After this, Thief, and to a lesser extent Deus Ex, Square Enix need to have a serious think about who they have in overall control of the direction their games are going. Genuinely saddened that such a classic series has ceased to be. Expand
  9. Jul 31, 2014
    Game is masterpiece in every aspect, from story to gameplay. Far better than previous "Blood Money". Bots are smarter. Also you can pretend to surrender & other interesting stuff, like creating your own contracts for your friends, or doing your friend's contracts. I enjoyed every mission, from beginning to the end. Graphics are also very good for 2012. In short, Very well made game.
  10. Jul 30, 2014
    People who didn't like "Blood Money" seem to like "Absolution". Need I say more? Extreme linear missions without any planning-phase! No more weapon-upgrades or loadout-selection (!), A braindead "disguise"-system that forces you to "sneak" and crawl like a kid who watched too much spy-movies. Quick-Time-Event-Fighting. (You've read right: numb quick-time-event-fights! The cancer of modern gaming dumbed down even further.)

    No more cool mission-score-system like in Blood money.
    Instead you have to bare with a "High-score-system" that pops up stupiditly in your face while you are midst a mission.

    All of it is wrapped up in a pathetic and illogical story.

    Don't buy this shiny garbage and don't belive any of the high ratings!
  11. Jul 29, 2014
    After 6 years without a new game in the series, Hitman fans were waiting for this and hoping it would be great. I was one of those as I got it day one and was disappointed at how much it changed in those years of development from good to bad. There is no link between the games in the story or any part of the game itself. It is hard to give this game a bad review because of its great predecessors but there is a major change from the series going backwards as this game had small maps, terrible AI, bad game mechanics (so that there is always a few ways to kill and complete the mission just they are all basically the same) and also the contracts mode which failed poorly because yes in the past players have challenged each other to become the better assassin. But this game was too bad that no one really tried to compete because it can all be done the same way. This was a bad turn in the series and I hope the new game will revive the great Hitman series. Expand
  12. Jul 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a fun, action packed stealth game. The graphics are amazing, the crowds are stunning and the people are so lifelike. I loved the story line to this game, and the bad-assery in this game was amazing. This game is built around this one person, Victoria who is basically a lab experiment who is a bad ass kid. The agency and a douche named "Dexter" both want her. Agent 47 must protect her. The game was great, the only problem I had was the amount of swearing, but I suppose it is a 18+ game. I would defiantly recommend, and you can kill your enemies in many crafty ways. Expand
  13. Jul 1, 2014
    It's not exactly like previous Hitman games, but it is still true enough to the series and fun in its own right to be a good game. Not great, but worth the sale price. SCORE: 80/100.

    Graphics are like most Squeenix games are now: amazing (Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs - they nail it HARD). Played on ULTRA at 1600p and it's a beast. It taxes the ASUS 290x even
    more than Tomb Raider, but I don't think it looks any better, so maybe not optimized as well. Regardless, stunning.

    It is a bit more closed-in and linear but not linear in the way a platformer is or anything. Still multiple ways to solve objectives.

    They have already said the next one will be true to form. Update this already beautiful engine, make it open world, and bam, perfect Hitman.
  14. Jun 27, 2014
    This game was an improvement from blood money
    The graphics was amazing and the A.I was pretty smart
    I love the choices that you could make for killing enemies
    Overall, good game
  15. Jun 21, 2014
    I've loved all of the Hitman games, and I just don't see why people are so critical about this. The *character* of 47, the feel of the game, and everything story was there in spades. The gameplay was awesome. Just because they made the game itself fairly different is nothing in comparison to how incredibly *cinematic* they made everything. This game is an absolute must play. Don't believe the doubters! Expand
  16. Jun 20, 2014
    The game so god damn linear. Compared to blood money this is so bad.All they had to do was improve on blood money! . I want to walk around and finding a way to kill a target not being told exactly where to go...Whats the point in that. Plus 47 is way too close up to the screen
  17. Jun 14, 2014
    Absolution did the cardinal sin of any 'stealth' game and made running in all guns blazing too easy. Even on the hardest difficulty this game is most of the time easier to complete if you roll from cover to cover and shoot everybody you see. This is made even easier with the help of the new instinct meter which makes me think if I'm actually playing Hitman. The costumes (which were once a vital part of this series) are completely broken and, once again, this pushes you towards the action side. The levels are linear too, which is an extremely stupid move made by the developers and they become uninteresting after a short time.

    On saying that, this game can actually work well as a cover shooter and nothing is quite as satisfying as watching Agent 47 clear a room in slow motion with the instinct meter. The game has some awesome graphics as well, even if the map design isn't so good.

    I wouldn't recommend this game but if you are a hardcore Hitman fan you may want to pick it up just in case the story carries over to the next game.
  18. May 27, 2014
    Mit is kéne mondani a 47-esről? Szerintem NEM kaptuk meg a régi hitman érzést azt hogy úgy oldod meg a pályákat ahogy akarod. Se a zenéket, Se a hangulatot.. Itt ott még saját magából is poént csinál a játék. A karakter viszont iszonyatosan el van találva, a játék menet úgy szintén (előző részekhez nem viszonyítva) DE ez nem Hitman játék szerintem.. Jó próbálkozás, de nem, ez nem az a játék már. Talán egyszer visszakapjuk... Expand
  19. May 12, 2014
    Game looks fantastic. But alas I played for 20 min and was disgusted with the game play. It could possibly be my own fault. I played this right after Dark Souls and Fall Out 3.
  20. Apr 19, 2014
    Absolution is a great hitman game but it is no blood money 2.the graphics are really amazing.The challeges give this game the replayability like blood money.overall a great game.
  21. Mar 29, 2014
    Hitman: Absolution is the absolute direct successor to Blood Money, with enhanced mechanics and much-improved graphics (Tons of lens flare).

    I really don't understand the mainstream hate on this game, i've completed the storyline (warning: isn't really that great) like any person around the world. Which means it is possible, but probably a little challenging at times, depending on the
    difficulty you are playing on.

    Really recommend getting the Hitman franchise if you want to feel like a complete badass, Blood Money and Absolution did not disappoint me, at all.

    Area(s) to improve on:

    - Perfect, or Better Story-telling
    - Pretty flawed A.I Behavior

    Improving on 2 of these issues (the might be more that i've mistakenly excluded from this list) could result in more people actually willing to finish the game and decrease the amount of retries, which can be god-awful during some levels.

    UPDATE (29/1): After hearing from the recent news disclosures of Hitman 6 from IO interactive, i was very pumped! Go IO Interactive!!
  22. Mar 18, 2014
    In short: awwww man, they broke it. Frustrating game because it has so much potential. The graphics feel smooth and the mechanics are better than ever but they removed all planning, thinking and stealth (actual stealth - welcome to cover-based running). You still have different approaches but you can't plan any of them and often have to choose one at random because the consequences are unclear. In one mission you can choose to disguise yourself as an electrician or try to sneak in around the back but you have no way of knowing what the difference is so you choose randomly. You can't bring your own weapons or gear either, so the game comes up with the most stupid excuses to place sniper rifles and other useful things on site for you to find. It doesn't make sense.

    The world feels alive and each character has their own story, which is cool, but in the end your role is merely that of a spectator and not a protagonist. You're there to watch in awe how cool the world looks, not to play in it. Such a shame - great potential, awful execution.
  23. Mar 8, 2014
    I will admit I was not a fan at first. I enjoyed the first two levels, with the King Of Chinatown being brilliantly designed to introduce you to the variety of killing options in this game. However, it was missions 3-6 that really turned me off to the game. Luckily, after writing my previous mixed review, I pushed on, and I'm so glad I did. The gameplay really picks up after that, as does the story. Once you tame the beast that is the stealth engine, missions open up, remaining just as challenging but becoming LESS frustrating. The disguise system starts to work better with the opening up of levels, as do the other mechanics. Weapons are fun. Stealth is fun. Tools and mechanics are just so satisfyingly FUN! Great game. Not much I can complain about, besides the mission 3-6 stretch. Expand
  24. Mar 2, 2014
    Hitman is unique, this game has something that I never found in other game... Maybe absolution is far to be the best hitman, but is a hitman and it has the same spark that is so hard to find in others games... one advice? Play this game in purist difficulty and enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed it, lose yourself in the game, the environment in hitman let you do that.. that is hitman.. Of course now I'm already waiting for the next game of this amazing saga. Expand
  25. Feb 28, 2014
    나는 이게임을 정말재미있게했다.
    멋진 액션과 좋은 그래픽과 정말 최고의게임이라고 생각한다.
    타격감도 좋다.battlefield4보다 재미있게 했다.
    플레이타임도 길고 정말 재미있다.
  26. Feb 19, 2014
    Despite the same decent levels of gameplay you are used to with Hitman this one feels lacking in cohesion. The missions seem like cookie cutter stuff spliced with cut scenes to hurriedly push along the story. The end is also FAR from an "Absolution"
  27. Feb 13, 2014
    What a horrible waste of time and disk space.

    Horrible game mechanics, horribly linear, horrible story that is boring and makes no sense, every single boss kill is incredibly anticlimactic, this game is absolutely horrible, from beginning to end.

    Not to mention misleading the consumer by releasing trailers and demos that have almost nothing to do with the actual game.
  28. Feb 11, 2014
    "I wish this was more linear." "I wish they got rid of the targets or killed more of them in cut scenes." "I wish I had no control over the weapons I use each level." "I hate this."

    If you've ever found yourself wondering one of these things while playing any previous Hitman game then you have just found your game of the year. Congrats. So jelly.
  29. Jan 17, 2014
    -The game isn't made by the same devs -Bad Story / Cliche Characters -James Seth Lynch -Adam Jensen's DLC -Abusive use of swears. -Bad "Over-the-shoulder" view. -No Map -Stupid Instinct that Holds your hand -Absurdly Small and divided levels/On rails -Checkpoint save system/On rails -Broken Disguise System -Painfull Cover System -Stupid and useless scoring system -Can't close doors -No looking through keyholes -No Light switch -No weapon selection -No Sniper Case/Magic pockets -Quick time events -Can't kill most targets -Stupid Escaping levels -Stupid scripted cutscenes -Stupid "One of a Kind" mission -Stupid Gun Game to get your ballers back -Garbage Bins everywhere -Total disregard by the compagny for the real fans +Nice Graphics/Animations +Nice voice acting +Dragging corps with the fiber wire (-The game isn't made by the same devs) That says a lot. Nothing more to say about this. (-Bad Story/Cliche Characters) The story isn't that bad. The problem is that it was obviously made for a Movie, not a game. They made a good 3D movie and butchered it with bad gameplay. The Story broke the gameplay of the whole franchise so in the end, it's worst than better. Most protagonists and antagonists simply doesn't fit well in the Hitman lore and feels absurde. (Blake, Birdie, Sanchez, Sexy Nuns...) All that comes with the devs team changing and the AAA title mash-up in a lot of ways. Heck, I would say that they mashed-up AAA game Titles with AAA movie titles. (-James Seth Lynch) The proof that Absolutio Devs cares more about kayne & Lynch than Hitman. (-Adam Jensen's DLC) Another Proof with J.S. Lynch that the game is a big and bad AAA titles mash-up. (-Abusive use of swears.) It's not that big of a deal, but the first time we encounter Blake Dexter, he says the "F" word 12 times. (-Bad "Over-the-shoulder" view.) Every other Hitman games were TPS and weren't using this bad and stupid POV that block Half your screen. H2:SA was on console so it's not a matter of "consolisation" but a matter of dumbing down everything for the CoD/Mass Effect/Etc audience. Obviously. (-No map / Instinct / Small levels / Checkpoint system / ) There wouldn't be any Checkpoint save system if it was a real Hitman game. And as many said, when they reload back to a checkpoint, every enemies are back and put you in bad situations. The save system is broken. The whole game is broken. Everytime something is changed to the worst, it brings something else down with it. Instinct because No Map No Map Because the levels are small Checkpoints because the level are small again. In overall, the level design is crap. (-Stupid and useless scoring system) Makes you feel punished for trying to have fun. (-Can't close doors/No look through keyholes/Turn on switch) Why? Because of bad AI scripting and bad level design, again, probably! (-No weapon selection) Even if 47 isn't with the agency anymore, what exactly stops 47 from having his weapons from the last level. As 47, If I wasn't with the agency anymore, I would dig myself a hole and make my own stach of items. (-No Sniper Case/Magic pockets) Something that was there since the very first hitman game has been removed for no good reason. (-Quick time events) Casualisation. (-Can't kill most targets) What's the point of being a Hitman if you don,t kill your targets? There's none. (-Escaping levels) Again, am I supposed to feel like a hitman or something? Because it doesn't feel like it. (-Stupid cutscenes / "One of a Kind" mission) The "One of a kind" mission let you play something that should've been a cutscene while Target kills are done within cutscenes. This is plain and simply stupid. (-Stupid Gun Game to get your ballers back) Bad gameplay design, bad story line. (-Garbage Bins everywhere) Obviously, it's for the casual no-brainers with one cell in the brain. Unable to hide a body if there isn't 50 garbage bin around you. (-Total disregard by the compagny for the real fans) Trying to milk a franchise isn't a good way to please the fans. At all. The game is bad as a stealth game and is even worst as an Hitman game. It's a total disrespect to the fans. 47 is dead and trolls dance on his corps. A sad time for loyal Hitman fans. Expand
  30. Jan 16, 2014
    Hitman: Absolution took its time to be released.

    The gameplay seemed dull and linear, especially with the lack of planning potential and almost no content from the previous games.

    The abilities that Agent 47 gains are nice (movement prediction of the hostiles + an enhanced aim then shoot mode), however i get mixed feelings about the disguises. In some environments, you can blend with
    the surroundings which is great, but in others, you have to require stealth in order to get undetected, disguise or not.

    An argument against the linearity of the game would be that each mission is divided in many sub-missions, which allows you to "plan" your moves.
    You should also take note of the challenges (Or achievements, sort of.) that makes the game even more challenging, and encourages you to re-play missions taking many different approaches. Grinders would love this.

    The selections of firearms is disappointing. Only the legendary Silverballers remain, and they don't possess any sort of important power, since most enemies should die in one shot. You can still play with guns blazing, but the lack of upgrades makes this particular game style real boring real fast. I recommend playing in stealth and using melee silent take downs, where you get a variety of eliminations.

    The storyline is good. I don't want to spoil the review, just take my word on it. You will most probably enjoy the story and the generous range of characters.

    Graphics are also good. Nothing to add there.

    Finally, the multiplayer mode is new to me: it's a sandbox mode where you get to pick targets to assassinate, then murder them. This will record the time it took you to kill your targets and which weapon you used (or if killed by triggering an "accident") You later post that murder recipe and other players on the net can try and assassinate the targets the same way as you do. It can be enjoyable if played in a competitive spirit with friends.

    You shouldn't go out of your way to get this title, but at the same time you will not regret buying it.
  31. Nov 5, 2013
    I'm a long-time Hitman player and in short, It lacks words to express my deep disappointment for this game.

    Think about everything that made the series so epic erstwhile They screwed every little bit of those things.

    No more world-wide contracts no more assassinations and briefing. Instead, we were "gifted" with an uninspiring and boring story filled with a low quality drama, and
    with a cartoonish cowboy as an antagonist.

    I'm holding myself not to rate this failure in shape of game a ZERO and i won't do so just because of the engine, the well-polished graphics, the killing and shooting system and last but not least, the game's length.

    All those factors make the game enjoyable for the newcomers to the series; all of whom, comprehensibly, doesn't give a if the devs KILLED the Hitman Series or not.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

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  1. 80
    Despite the deviations and minor shortcomings, it remains true to its roots. It just brushes them aside for a while, just long enough for it to tell its story- a story where the traditional contracts and other usual components just wouldn’t fit. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 8, 2013
    Hitman: Absolution does stand out from the ocean of gray and brown shooters that populate the market, but not in enough good ways to warrant a recommendation.
  3. Dec 26, 2012
    It's not a bad game by any means, and it does fix some problems with the controls that plagued previous games, but having the story that essentially makes Agent 47 less of a hitman and more of an espionage hero, makes Absolution a decent stealth game but not a fantastic Hitman game.