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  1. Dec 1, 2012
    Overall good game. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, good storyline. However, the reason i decided to give it a 6/10 is because of the enormous potential wasted along with the decision to switch to Checkpoints instead of keeping the Save method. It is pathetic. Even the fact that the creators took this option into consideration is awful. The fun of experimenting is gone. Almost every cool move you succeed is useless because if you make a mistake afterwords it all goes to **** and you have to start over. If you want to do things stealthy you will find yourself doing the same thing over and over and over and over until the whole succession of moves is correct, which in my opinion(and apparently not just my opinion) is utter **** Expand
  2. Dec 2, 2012
    Hitman Absolution is a great game, the graphics are very good. But unfortunately they've made it more storyline based rather than like Blood Money. The disguises don't work unless you have a certain amount of instinct. But most of the time you always run out and start a huge firefight. Which completely ruins the stealth of this game. I understand that if there is no instincts bar then it'll be just like Blood Money where you can wear a disguise and go wherever you want without being caught. But they should at least make it last longer, especially in out door areas.

    The way stealth has been implemented in this game is that it's more cover based stealth. You cant be seen 99% of the time. But in a good way it makes the game a lot more harder especially in the hardest difficulty Purist. It's all about trial and error, waiting for that person to move, what you can do there and where to go etc. The weapons are ok, but there needs to be more silenced weapons, rather than un-silenced loud weapons which you pick up from the NPCs on the level. You cant choose which weapons you can have before you start a level, which is slightly annoying. You can only do that on contracts mode.

    The levels are also quite linear, but in a good way on some. There are many weapons in the environment that you can kill people with which is awesome.

    The voice acting of Bateson is also pretty good but in some cutscenes there could had been more opportunity for him to speak. You can listen to him speaking when you press F1.

    The game runs fine, but I hope in the future that Nixxies improves it because I only get around 45-60+ FPS but the game runs fine. (Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz. ATI Radeon 6950)

    Overall, the game is pretty good. It's just that it could had been better if the disguise system wasn't so annoyingly broken, and getting caught ALL the time.
  3. Nov 23, 2012
    As most reviews say, this is not the Hitman you know, this is very different. The levels are not as big as some of the previous games, but if you ask me, they are way more detailed and more options than the previous Hitman games. You don't get to much of an open world anymore, but more a, get from point A to Point B style. i was skeptical about this at first, but grew to love it, even though it's a From point A to B, you still get alot of diversion and ALOT of choices on how you wanna get there. The new disguise system is 50/50, i love how it adds to the realism. The cop will know you are not one of his colleagues, but how is the civillian to know that you are not a cop? It is a bit to sensitive though, even though you are standing with your back to a guy who is 6-7 meters away he will still notice that you are not one of them, and that is a bit to much. You don't get to choose what weapons and equipment you wanna use anymore at the start of the game though, but i think this adds to the fun, and it works well with the story, this also means that you don't have a pocket filled with thousand coins anymore, instead you gotta find objects around the world, that you can use as distractions/weapons, this is also a welcome change.
    The story is also a big part of Absolution, in the previous games. You got your mission and then you executed it, however you felt like and that was that, and that was good, cause that's why you played it.
    I felt alot more motivated to keep going in this one, cause of the story and what happend in it, and even though i mostly try to do it stealth with none or a few extra casualties , there was just places where i went in guns blazing cause i didn't think the ones i was up against deserved to live. I also had some really heartpounding moments, cause i was so focused on killing my target for one reason or another and that rarely happens to me.
    On that note, it also alot funnier to do fire fights in Absolution: When you empty your 45 cal. UMP magazine into a guy and you see him spasm all over the place as he falls to the ground, feels really awesome.

    All in all I will give this game a 9/10 it is a great game, but with a few things i would like tweeked, but these things are so minor that they can be looked through pretty easly. Don't expect the next version of Blood Money, but a deeper more involved game.
  4. Dec 20, 2012
    'Hitman: Absolution' is the 'Deus Ex: Invisible War' of the Hitman series. That seems the best way to put it.

    Basically, if you like sandbox gameplay, the many, many clever/quirky ways to mangle your targets, collecting guns from missions, upgrading them.. if you liked the earlier Hitman games, then this is not one of them.

    Compared to the earlier games, it just isn't any good,
    almost something else entirely. You can pass on this one until it is going a fraction of the price in a year or two.
    Or pass on it forever.
  5. Jan 17, 2013
    This being my first Hitman game, I don't know what I am talking about. That being said, I thought this game was alright. I finished it, what more do you want? I felt like the stealth mechanics were a little broken and I found myself over-relying on the instinct vision mechanic, and the scoring system was completely useless. However, overall it looks good, plays well and was fun for a few evenings, but it's not changing the industry. Expand
  6. Jan 27, 2013
    As a game of it's own it's ok. But Hitman Blood Money is still the best in the series.

    It's clearly been aimed towards console gamers and lacks much of the depth of the previous games. Including the weapon and equipment customizations we had in blood money.
  7. Nov 24, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution fails to be a great game because of some annoying game mechanics decisions. The absence of a quick save option has been filled with a cheap checkpoint system that only saves your position and mission status. Whenever you reload a checkpoint, the whole world around you is back to its initial state: all mobs are respawned. This would not have been such a big deal if the designers implemented some
    sort of fast forward option, but since that lacking too you'll find
    yourself spending alot of time rewatching dialog events. The game is
    (in the later levels) quite unforgiven and it takes quite some skills
    to finish them as a silent ninja. If you don't time your attack
    correctly you'll be spotted in a second and set back 15 minutes for
    the zillionth time because you've got to reload a checkpoint. I do not
    know annyone in my personal life who enjoyed the previous Hitman games
    more then me and this is probably the first one I'm not going to
    finish. The game is far from a bad deal, but it probably should be
    renamed to Hitman: Absolute Frustration.
  8. Dec 31, 2012
    This is by far the best game I played this year. The major pros are: 1) The graphics are the best I've ever seen; 2) The gameplay encourages thinking before acting; it's not a shoot-them-all kind of game, which is a good thing; 3) Excellent story and presentation: I usually don't watch cut scenes, but the story is so good and the cinematic presentation is so well-executed that I could not just skip the cut scenes (yes, it's that good); 4) Superb animation and voice acting, particularly Dexter's (the main villain); 5) Great replay value: I have already played 45+ hours (the first play through took me 18 hours) but I don't feel I'm done with this game yet. I just have a few complaints about this game. They are not deal breakers, but they become really annoying at times. The major cons are: 1) Lack of enough checkpoints (i.e., save points): It's already bad enough that the game does not allow you to save the progress at any time, but in Hitman this gets exacerbated by the fact that you don't have enough checkpoints in normal difficulty. This discourages exploration because if you get killed you have to restart the level, making the gameplay more linear than it should be (.i.e., it encourages you to just complete the objectives as quietly and quickly as possible and move on to the next level); 2) The score system is unbalanced: for a game that allows you to hit people in so many ways (with bottles, bricks, syringes, knives, metal pipes, tomahawks, etc) I would expected to be encouraged to hit people; unfortunately, the score system penalizes you really hard if you hit civilians (3000+ points) and non-target bad guys (300+ points) . Overall, it Expand
  9. Nov 27, 2012
    Beautiful game destroyed by its UI/HUD. Don't get me wrong. The menu interface is one of the best interfaces I've seen; but the game UI is terrible. It removes all immersion. And I'm too bad to play purist. Why didn't they just make customizable difficulty that would suit everyone instead of making 5 different difficulties that almost doesn't suit anyone?
  10. Jan 6, 2013
    I don't understand all of the hate here for this game, go back and play contracts, then boot this up and I dare you to say this game isn't better. It's a solid game with a **** ton of single player campaign to play through. It's not perfect but **** - 0 scores? Come on now, don't be so quick to trash it because a new dev tried something different, give it the credit it's due. This is a solid game that has a lot of variety, and it's a ton of fun. Name one other game besides grand theft auto maybe where you can run around an entire map and kill every single person you see with a bong. Expand
  11. Nov 29, 2012
    I'm a die hard Hitman fan, having spent more hours than I want to remember getting silent assassin on the hardest difficulties on all previous installments. This game was a huge disappointment to me as part of the series but I can't say I didn't enjoy it once I got past the my nerd rage.

    I just accepted the new rules of the game which are obviously much different than before. You are
    free to kill almost anyone as long as you don't get caught, there are some extremely funny sequences and the entire game is just smoother and easier to play. If you looking for the hardcore Hitman experience, Absolution is inadequate. If you are looking for a fun, cinematic game where you can feel like a mastermind and a bad ass, you are going to love it.

    In any case, the game is nothing extraordinary. We've seen better stealth, better graphics, better story, better action, better cinematography and in better combinations. Surely my rating has been affected by my love of the originals but there have been some amazing games in the recent months so I can't really give Absolution anything higher than a 6.

    RAGE PART: Why are you MORONS still giving 10s and 0s. It's almost 2013, most of you are 26+ and you still don't grasp the concept of rating? A 0 would be the equivalent of a $50 pong, and a 10 would be something that propels the genre forward or gives you a incredibly polished experience. WE ALL KNOW ABSOLUTION IS NEITHER. By being desperate fanboys of marketing or the original series you are mainly hurting FELLOW CONSUMERS.
  12. CBZ
    Dec 3, 2012
    Many things have changed since Hitman: Blood Money. The graphics have improved immensely, each room is full of details that are unique to that room, not the classic standard decor that repeats in the whole game. The character moves more fluidly, and it includes features like the quicksooting (i think that's what is called). There are many more levels than in HM: BM, however, they are shorter and more linear. The door feature makes it impossible to finish the mission the way you want but rather the way they designed it to be finished. The contracts mode makes the game much more replayable by creating new objectives and the community seems very involved when it comes to create new contracts.
    As you can see, this new release is a mixed bag of new changes but I believe the pros clearly outweight the cons.
    Absolution is a title worth buying if you take it with an open mind and dont expect Blood money with better textures.
  13. Nov 20, 2012
    The early critical review of this game was right. it's "Doorman : absolution"
    This game is not the hitman. it absolutely sacrificed the free style of hitman franchise for storytelling.
    If you're fan of hitman series, you'll not like this one-way style at this time.
  14. Nov 28, 2012
    Poor design decisions makes the latest installment of the Hitman series a huge disappointment. Gameplay has been dumbed down like we have seen in countless other modern installments of popular franchises and we seldom see any improvement from the original games that made the series. The first thing I noticed is the game crashes on average about once every 5 minutes on my GTX670, which is certainly not a good introduction to a full price release. Controlling Agent 47 when locked behind cover is a chore, as you cannot move him when your camera is at a certain angle, feeling like you are snagged on something. For a stealth game such as Hitman, the checkpoint system is nothing short of disgusting. Reloading a checkpoint causes all of the enemies that you have previously dispatched, including the ones prior to the checkpoint to respawn, resulting in the need to sometimes start the level all over again. The AI is absolutely terrible, after reloading a checkpoint and everything respawning, I was caught in a gun fight with a few guys in front of me. The AI behind me, clearly hearing the gunshots, become totally confused and make no attempt to surround me whatsoever, instead just standing at their posts. Visuals are fairly nice, though commenting on graphics has no place in a review, the gameplay comes first. If you are new stealth junkie to the series, go and play dishonored, if you are a fan of the Hitman series like myself, avert your eyes and forget that this ever happened. Expand
  15. Sep 26, 2013
    Upon release, I hated this game, however after playing thorugh it again, I have reconsidered my stance from a 3 to a 6. The contracts mode is good, and as a game, it is not that bad. They made some mistakes with this game, there is no doubt about that. But on the whole, it's still a very impressive game with some improvements, like the graphics, fluid movements, realism etc. I'm mainly changing my stance on this review because it saddens me that the Hitman Dev team had cutbacks, most likely as a result of the poor reception this game recieved. I just wish IO would make another Hitman game, one that follows the formula of blood money, but has the visuals and smoothness of this game. Expand
  16. Nov 23, 2012
    Departure from the Hitman we knew in Blood Money but nonetheless a good game. My only big issue is with the disguise system and some minor interaction issues. Allows you to be creative with the kills and presents a good enough challenge that I will go through again and try and achieve perfection on all of the missions.
  17. Dec 3, 2012
    There's some to like and much to not like about Hitman: Absolution. First, I feel the Instinct mode it's a better alternative than the overview map of the older games. They put in the option to increase difficulty to shut it off, which is good. One big let down for me, is there is no save system in the game, just a stupid check point system which really awful. In reality, only your position in the area is saved, though, not who you killed or anything else it seems. I found out that if you get guns in one area and then go to the next area, you lose everything you just got. There is not selection of guns when you start a new part either, and gone is the briefcase-- the sniper rifle just appears out of the thin air-- just terrible. That other NPCs you dress like are most suspicious of you sounds like a good idea, but it completely ruins the game because you have to constantly use instinct to try to avoid being detected or sneak passed them anyway. Because of this, you will probably just end up killing a bunch of people, and find yourself not really giving much care about using disguises...I found myself staying in my suit and just sneaking around, and using cover...which really got kind of boring. The game tells you that turning your back to someone will stop them from being suspicious usually, but that rarely worked for me. You can use certain places to 'hide' when someone is getting suspicious, but these places are too few. The AI didn't seem like it was very consistent either. Sometimes I would play through an area and everyone was suspicious of me all the time, and other times I'd play through the same way, and it was like I was just blending in without effort. The storyline is pretty good, the voice acting is good, and the graphics are good. The lighting seemed a little 'off'- perhaps it was the overuse of reflective surfaces that gives the world a sort of washed-out look sometimes. Some areas didn't seem like they offered many different ways to complete them, unlike other Hitman games where it seemed like there were many ways to complete an assassination (which kept you coming back and playing it over to try to figure out all the possible ways)-- here it seems like there might be 2 to 4 ways at most, and that is about it. It feels like a very linear game, instead of the classic sandbox style game Hitman has always been. The world you play in is not very interactive at all-- most of the objects are just for decoration and 47 can't mess with much or rig things up to have 'accidents' happen-- the choices seem limited, and very shallow. Many of the areas are not very large, and most buildings can't be accessed to explore. The Contracts feature was a bit of a let down. Instead of creating some unique locations for the Contracts, they just used the same areas and same people from the storyline-- hardly any real effort was put into it. Basically, Contracts is just a a boring 'social' element they added to the game, which feels more like an after-thought rather than something planned from the beginning. I am hoping that there will be DLC that will expand this game-- not just guns, suites and disguise packs either, and some patches to fix it up. In the end Hitman: Absolution is nothing but a mediocre game, that is good for a couple of play throughs at most. Well, if you can tolerate the check point system, the poor AI performance, the lack of options and linear game play, and the disappointment of approaching your target, only to watch 47 kill them in a cut scene. I can see myself playing through it again maybe one more time, and trying a few more things out. But ultimately it will end up being deleted from my local Steam library in the very near future. Maybe some DLC will resurrect it from the Steam Cloud and I can play it once more, or perhaps the game will get the Steam Workshop on PC, and provide hours of replay with mods and user created content, and improvements. I highly doubt that will happen though...still one can dream of better days. Expand
  18. Jan 4, 2013
    Wow, amazing game. I'll get the bad THING out of the way first and that is the DISGUISE system. You are too easily recognized by people wearing the same clothes, realistic, but ridiculous.
    Second of all red reviews should be ignored because they are mainly complaining due to the game "crashing" or "bad controls" or "bad graphics". Crashing? Your computer's fault. Bad controls? Play it
    with a controller. Bad Graphics? Get a better computer. Make sure you have an ideal computer before even trying to review a game. Not their fault.
    The game itself is amazing, Good story, clear view on who's the "bad guy" and the game's audio and visual are stunning. Unlike the past Hitman games you seem to be more interactive with the environment. 9/10
  19. Nov 22, 2012
    Hitman: Absolution is one of the biggest gaming disappointments this year. All I wanted was a sequel for Blood Money and instead got a failed experiment of mixing Hitman and Splinter Cell: Conviction. The open-world choices of Hitman games going back a decade are now replaced with a mediocre story and a game on rails. I wish I didn't get this on Steam so I could return it.
  20. Nov 26, 2012
    When I saw the first trailer, and it showed the cover system, and the helicopter chase I said "Oh, well this certainly looks likes **** and isn't what Hitman is about" Then I was assured it wasn't the case, but it was, and I knew it. Let me make this clear for future purchases you might be buying: When devs show off, or implement a certain game mechanic, they intend for it to be used, and therefore the game is based around it. Gameplay is the core of any game (not that anime novel), everything else is secondary, so when you see something and go "WELL GOSH YOU DONT HAVE TO USE TO IT OMG CALM DOWN"; dont kid yourself.

    A lot of people who like this game didn't have the pleasure of playing the first ones, and I'll let that explain the ratings.
  21. Dec 27, 2012
    This is no Hitman. This is some kind of dumb stealth shooter, in levels where everybody is your ennemy, where disguises doesn't work at all, where you kill everybody and get a "specialist" title because of your headshots. This is a game emphasing on the story for no reason, killing the gameplay because you're doomed to start half of the levels with **** and noisy guns. There no poison, no explosives, no well designed open levels, it's no Hitman. If you want to buy this game, get ready to play Splinter Cell Conviction with unappropriated mechanics, with a **** and vulgar story, and with penalties for killing people when the game suggests you to. At least there's the contracts mode. But the levels are still boring and everybody is still your ennemy. Maybe I enjoyed 2 or 3 levels in the entire game. Do not buy it and reinstall Blood Money instead. Expand
  22. Nov 2, 2013
    The games gunplay was boring, and yes i like doing stealth runs and rampage runs, both were ordinary. hitman silent was the best game it combined them both so well.

    No loadout to select your weapons before a map this time either, goto use cheats just to have some fun on maps.
  23. Nov 28, 2012
    Yes this Hitman is too much corridor. Also selection of weapons (no mods) and the embarrassing fact that large sniper rifle (and any other big guns), you just hide it under a coat . But if I have to evaluate the game as a whole its great, and I still have the urge to pass it again and again. I went through it twice already and now i have started playing on the purist difficulty with any support off .. AND THIS IS WHERE THE REAL HITMAN BEGINS. At this moment, you forget all the shortcomings of this game. It is definitely not a dumb Console shooter but you will get a decent amount of paranoia, anxiety, and you will need logical and tactical thinking. If i evaluate the AI in Blood Money and Absolution (the hardest difficulty)Absolution is the winner, relates to the reality of a response and adversaries alike. A graphic is just amazing. Great gameplay, AI, reality of environments and graphics. For me it's 9/10. Expand
  24. Aug 17, 2013
    Great atmosphere, great story and great graphics, solid 8 by me, but it could be better. Game just needs more polishing. Too many bugs and lots of really irritating aspects. Since when building's security is permitted to use smg and assault rifles or even to run any investigation "We have suspect here" Those latex dominatrix nuns with guns a'la Elite Guard from RTCW are not even better. County jail in Hope bigger than Alcatraz isn't far behind... Seriously, where did you get all this sick crap IO Definitely old Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is still the best part. Expand
  25. Nov 16, 2013
    After playing Blood Money, and loving it, I was excited to hear about Absolution. Then I played it... No sniper rifle in the briefcase No custom weapons for each level Can't aim down the sight on the guns THAT HAVE OPTICS Lose points for anyone that isn't a main target, even if you just knock them out. The tutorial at the start teaches you how to sneak, use your fibre wire, point shooting, etc...but all are useless since it'll just count against you...

    I found it far too easy to just run and gun, since this game plays like a shooter, not a stalker. If I'm going to lose points, might as well go big and kill everyone...
  26. JLF
    Nov 22, 2012
    This is honestly the biggest disappointment in my entire 25 year experience of gaming. Hitman was never good because of flashy kills, big drama or fancy graphics. What made this game stand out was the sandbox-like environment where you have to use analytical thinking and make the circumstances work for you. What I had the unpleasure to experience with Absolution was quite different.
  27. Nov 25, 2012
    The series is pretty much dead at this point. The Agent 47 character has been ruined. The gameplay has been ruined. Its very daunting. They would have done perfectly only making Blood Money 2. It wasn't that hard. And they blew it.
  28. Dec 23, 2012
    A sometimes underrated game. Although changing from previous instalments, it is an enjoyable and complex game that allows you to go through levels in many different ways (if you are lucky enough to find them), often leading to me taking completely different routes after restoring checkpoints etc.

    The openness of previous games is taken from this Hitman, but it doesn't ruin the game,
    considering the story, and I'm not sure whether it's on purpose that levels get better and better on the way through, or whether it's you adjusting to each situation. Worth a thorough playthrough Expand
  29. Nov 20, 2012
    This is truly one of the most definitive Hitman experiences out there, there are so many more options compared to the previous games, what would you like to do? Subdue a target discetely then take his clothes and attempt to walk straight through? But what if they notice you, what then, shall you proceed to use instinct to blend in and move away or perhaps find an alternate route? If you're caught, what then will you do, melee quitely and hope you're note widely discovered, fake surrender and take him as a human shield and blast your way out, or perhaps you skip the fake surrender and go straight for guns blazing? That's not even half of what you could do either, there are just so many more options in this sequel than the others. Sure, it doesn't have as many "simulation" features such as the inability to hide heavy 2 handed weapons on you, or having animations manually put your guns away along with other small features, but it trades those in for smoother gun control, more gameplay options, with a more complex melee system that works out for the better. One thing I would say that detracts, which I believe was intentional, was that if you put two bodies into a locker/closet together, you can see just before the doors close that they are positioned purposely in a way so as to make it look like they are having standing "doggystyle" sex, something which I think is a small detractor because the comedy feels so out of place and random that it doesn't blend well. If it wasn't intentional, which I doubt, I would very much like it to be fixed, for atmosphere's sake in a game such as this which has such a serious tone.

    The AI has been given a major overhaul, truly reacting to each and every thing you do in the environment, reacting accordingly to it as well, although with a few minor hickups and glitches that aren't all too noticeable. It's hard to go in depth about the AI because of how diverse and complex it is, given the multitude of situations that they react differently in each and every time. One thing I do like though, is now other people in the environment may notice you or become suspicious if you're wearing a certain disguise.

    Finally, the story. The characters are all unique in their mannerisms, voices, and look, each with their own feel and flavor to them. Their voice acting is all great and manages to make them feel alive and animated.

    One flaw that was fatal in the game for me, detracting it an entire point, was the checkpoint system. This checkpoint system doesn't save your progress, it simply records your character up to that point and places you in that position, let me explain. Say you clear a room of guys, then you get a checkpoint. You die, naturally, and come back to it, and now all of the guys you just got through killing in the previous room before the checkpoint are back. This I felt detracted greatly from the sense of accomplishment if you pull off a very smooth gunfight sequence, only to find out all your efforts were in vain after dieing past the next checkpoint. A good amount of the levels are sectioned off though, so the checkpoint system seems to work in a way that doesn't hamper the player in those parts, but in the larger sandbox maps, it becomes very frustrating.

    Finally, there is contracts mode, which enables you to cutsomize and create your very own hits and share them with the community. This is something that I wouldn't of expected to come from a game such as this, and works so well in so many ways as to be entirely unique, and hopefully becomes a permanent addition to the series from now on.

    Overall this is a fantastic game with tons of content and as much polish as possible for the date they had set, very few bugs of any kind have been encountered and the everything seems to work as it should. Hats off to the developers for making such a fantastic game.
  30. Nov 20, 2012
    Q: How to get the Silent Assassin rating in this game? A: Evidently it's to jump into a wrestling ring in front of a hundred spectators, take off your mask revealing your face to everyone, and conspicuously breaking your target's neck.

    This is not a Hitman game anymore, it's rather Splitman Cell: Absoviction, full of linear sneaking levels instead of open world assasinations, quick time
    events replacing real gameplay and of course the great mechanic of killing multiple enemies with a single mouse click.

    This is not a bad game, if it weren't part of the Hitman series I would rate it much higher, but since it has to compare itself to the brilliant Hitman: Blood Money, this is only a 5/10.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. 80
    Despite the deviations and minor shortcomings, it remains true to its roots. It just brushes them aside for a while, just long enough for it to tell its story- a story where the traditional contracts and other usual components just wouldn’t fit. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 8, 2013
    Hitman: Absolution does stand out from the ocean of gray and brown shooters that populate the market, but not in enough good ways to warrant a recommendation.
  3. Dec 26, 2012
    It's not a bad game by any means, and it does fix some problems with the controls that plagued previous games, but having the story that essentially makes Agent 47 less of a hitman and more of an espionage hero, makes Absolution a decent stealth game but not a fantastic Hitman game.