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  1. Oct 13, 2013
    I recently bought Hitman: Blood Money due to the mass hype culture that seems to follow this game. Unfortunately, the fan-base of the game are far too immersed in this average-at-best series to realize what a crappy game this is. The controls, animation, voice acting and missions are all one sided, predictable, cheap and sometimes awful. After playing Absolution recently, I would strongly suggest anyone looking for an immersive stealth game should invest in the Splinter Cell, Manhunt or Thief series. This game does not live up to it's reputation in the slightest. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. There's so much to do and see in this game, so many possibilities. It suits the careful player, but caters for the psychopath in you as well. You simply won't find a better executed execution game. [June 2006, p.86]
  2. With Eidos' latest foray into professional assassination, players will have to dig deep, wading through mission after mission of trial-and-error gameplay to hunt down a series of targets. [June 2006, p.49]
  3. While there's a lot to love about this series, and this entry in particular, Agent 47's world still foesn't offer the subtlety necessary for this great premise to really be satisfying. [June 2006, p.110]