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  1. 90
    Elaborate levels and the multiple paths you can take to solve them go a long way in making you forget about the lack of narrative element.
  2. For many, HC will be a disappointment, but its inventive storyline and intricate level design will entertain lounge-room assassins.
  3. It’s best to think of Hitman: Contracts as a mini game to keep fans of the series satisfied until a true sequel is released.
  4. It wasn’t landmark on any level, but it can compete with the current PC action big boys.
  5. 84
    This is more of the exact same Hitman you played with Hitman 2. It's good, it's deep, but it's not really all that new.
  6. But between the overly tight scripting and the split-second timing required to pull it all off, I thought it was a little difficult to play the missions out the way they wanted you to, finding Hitman: Contracts instead played like an average first person shooter with excessive stealth elements.
  7. From the story angle alone Hitman: Contracts is a worthy addition to the series, and will particularly entertain fans of the franchise who’ve played both the predecessors. That said it’s certainly time for some innovation.
  8. I found it annoying that there was no mission briefing. There was no introduction information on your target or why you were there that came up prior to the mission starting.
  9. AceGamez
    Hits the target despite not moving the concept on much.
  10. In some ways the game feels like an expansion, or maybe a half-sequel. It doesn’t have as many levels as Hitman 2, but they’re longer, and usually more interesting.
  11. Gritty movie atmosphere and clever storyline fail to outshine the unforgiving gameplay. It's got some great ideas but could've been so much better.
  12. Rather too over-familiar, but still a very entertaining stealth experience.
  13. Given that "Hitman 2" was such a huge improvement on the original, it's inherently somewhat disappointing that the new Hitman: Contracts is really just a rehash. It's more of the same, replete with everything that was good and everything that wasn't so good about the 2002 game.
  14. 75
    If you're looking for some stealth gameplay in a sandbox environment, this is a great beginner's course into the world of Agent 47. If, however, you're expecting something as revolutionary as the multiplayer in "Pandora Tomorrow," or the high polish of "Snake Eater," this isn't for you.
  15. PC Gamer
    The intricate level construction and enhanced AI are appreciated, but I still felt like I was playing nothing more than a glorified expansion pack. [July 2004, p.66]
  16. 72
    The level of freedom offered may be a dream come true for some but will simply be far too much for others, thusly alienating this title from a majority of gamers.
  17. Missions are short, but the trial-and-error of finding out how to accomplish each one compensates for it.
  18. The new Hitman game does bring a lot of moodiness and great cinematic value, in addition to some of that customary gameplay that drew me to the franchise in the first place. Ultimately, however, because of some rather silly design mistakes, it fails to deliver the kind of experience I was hoping for.
  19. Though there’s not a ton of replay value to this one, if you play it on the medium (or highest, if you’re totally insane) difficulty setting, you’ll have enough of a challenge to get a big dose of the sick and twisted Hitman-style gaming all us psycho-killers have grown used to over the years.
  20. Edge Magazine
    The picaresque form allows the levels to function as discreet puzzles rather than as parts of a story arc: the objective remains pure and always the same. The obstacles and methods open to you are what change, and it's in these areas that Contracts has both expanded and improved. [June 2004, p.103]
  21. 70
    A handful of glaring errors and nagging problems hamstring the title, preventing it from garnering overly high acclaim.
  22. games(TM)
    The whole thing smacks of laziness - of the 12 missions, we count a total of four completely new ones...the annoying thing is that Contracts is an enjoyable game; that IQ had the cheek to crib from its previous work almost doesn't matter when the result is still worth playing. [June 2004, p.98]
  23. More of the same? Absolutely, but whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on your enjoyment of the previous games in the series.
  24. Play Magazine
    It's a shame he's such a one-dimensional character, wasting an exceptional opportunity for a compelling psychological backdrop to join the pervasively strong imagery. [June 2004, p.56]
  25. Computer Gaming World
    Despite the patient sneaking this game encourages, Contracts seems a little rushed. [Aug 2004, p.73]
  26. Computer Games Magazine
    By the end, even if you've blasted your way through the entire game in under ten hours, you get a strange sense of years having elapsed not far removed from an absinthe hangover. [Aug 2004, p.54]
  27. 60
    Typical sneak/shoot-'em-up action that relies too heavily on remade content and brittle gameplay. Although it was novel four years ago, games have come much farther than this.
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  1. Negative: 9 out of 183
  1. Nov 30, 2016
    Играл и полностью прошёл игру ещё в детстве, вот решил поиграть вновь. Был немного разочарован.
    Я не знаю, как можно пройти миссию идеально,
    Играл и полностью прошёл игру ещё в детстве, вот решил поиграть вновь. Был немного разочарован.
    Я не знаю, как можно пройти миссию идеально, не посмотрев прохождение или не пройдя эту миссию минимум 1 раз. Естественно я помнил сами миссии, но не помнил как их проходит. Вообщем меня хватило на 3 миссии и я как-то забил.
    Из плюсов:
    + Ностальгия
    + Музыка
    + Первые 4 миссии очень интересные, потом уже интерес постепенно спадает.
    + Неплохие кат-сцены, но очень короткие и в малом кол-ве.
    - Враги. У них не работает боковое зрение, они глуховаты, туповаты.
    - Угасающий интерес к игре. Пройдя 3 миссии, я пошёл смотреть прохождение, что доставляло мне больше удовольствия, чем моё прохождение. Возможно - это из-за того, что я проходил игру раньше, не знаю. Но повторюсь, что 4 миссия очень хороша, а далее миссии слабее.
    Вообщем начало очень бодрое, а далее интерес упал.
    Спорно получилось. Но начало пройти советую, дальше уже видно будет.
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  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Aside from the fact that a few of the missions are just remakes of Codename 47, there is still some variety in the level design. Nothing newAside from the fact that a few of the missions are just remakes of Codename 47, there is still some variety in the level design. Nothing new is added here- it's more like an expansion pack, whereas Hitman 2 is a full game. Definitely worth playing if you're a fan of the series or stealth games in general. In terms of evolution, it's hard to find the significance of Contracts within the series as a whole. The only thing that's new is the ability to sedate enemies. Graphics are (slightly) improved over Hitman 2, but what makes Contracts different to the other games in the series is independence. You start the level in your suit, and you literally go and do the objective. There's no complications. Here's the map, here's the guy you need to kill, here's your exit. No money, no expenses. It's all very straightforward. You don't interact with the level or other NPCs, you merely navigate through them. Soundtrack is a bit more dark and gloomy but suits the style of the game. There's no story (unless you classify someone sat in a room daydreaming as a story), and there's no overall aim. You get around 13 levels which, although mostly copied from Codename 47, are much more straightforward and refined. No long adventures or secrets. There are a lot of weapons to collect, including ones awarded only for Silent Assassin rating, but the overall difficulty of the game with respect to the levels themselves is spot on. On the whole, Contracts doesn't do anything original or improve upon its predecessors or evolve the series, but it does make for a good stand-alone game for those who haven't really paid much interest to the series. It's a "filler" game - only existing to bridge the time gap between Hitman 2 and Blood Money. With that in mind, it's still a good game which won't dissapoint anyone. Full Review »
  3. Nov 5, 2012
    As much as I loved the other games of the series, this one is too unoriginal for my tastes. A few of the levels are very well done, such asAs much as I loved the other games of the series, this one is too unoriginal for my tastes. A few of the levels are very well done, such as the "Meat King" one, but most of them are remodeled and retextured maps of levels from the first two games. Full Review »