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  1. Sep 11, 2014
    I think the dislike of this game is a matter of perspective. Those who paid a full 60 dollars for this game didn't really get what they paid for, let's be honest. However, after picking it up new at a little shop out of town for only 6 dollars, I can tell you it was worth every penny.

    The single player campaign may be short, but it has a fun storyline and is one of the cooler concepts
    or a guerilla war where you're basically the badass who's the first step in igniting a full on assault against the Korean invaders. The Guerilla difficulty is incredibly difficult, and challenges me to this day. I've played the campaign around ten times because it's a ton of fun for me, especially feeling like the weapons are super powerful.

    The multi-player is fairly good, but it is limited to only two modes with very little information on how to use the various battle points you acquire, and it also lags a lot even with a good connection. But when it works, it's great fun, with some large maps to boot.
  2. Aug 9, 2014
    A great game, the story isn't that good but the PvP is awsome. It has a completely new reward-system for things like calling in tanks or helicopers. Not like in many other games with kills in a row, you get points for everything you do for the team, such as conquering a point or killing enemies. And also a very good price, but sadly this game is pretty much dead.
  3. Aug 8, 2014
    I didin't know what to expect when i first bought this game. Never played the demo (maybe because it didin"t even have one!!) And now i know that this is a complete waste of money! Everything about this game is BAD.
    The only reason that i rated this a 2 is because the multiplayer is pretty fun for a while.
  4. Jul 30, 2014
    Boring and unoriginal game. The story is dumb the characters are undeveloped and boring. The only good thing i can say about this game is the opening 30 minutes were good. Maybe homefront the revolution be better.
  5. May 13, 2014
    Homefront came as part of a bundle deal on Steam, so in a quest to finish my huge backlog of games, I thought I could cruise through this notoriously short shooter. I tend to take a lot of time with my games and proceed slowly, so I think altogether it took about 7 hours to finish. The graphics are pretty good for the time of release and I think the developers did a really wonderful job crafting the world. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Survivalist camp to the home base, there is clearly a great attention to detail that makes the world feel alive, despite being mostly non-interactive. The characters are pretty throwaway, with partial exception to the girl in the squad, who occasionally notes some overlooked truisms about war that give her a little depth that is never fully explored. The story is farfetched, but fun for what it is, feeling like the script of a b-action movie, but with blockbuster effects. It's fleshed out through the use of newspapers, which are essentially the collectibles for the game, which are little 1-3 paragraph snippets about the development of the conflict. These are never terribly deep or moving, but they get the job done if you are interested in understanding the convoluted world the game takes place in.

    Unfortunately the mechanics of the game don't match the atmospheric quality. The weapons are generic and few, and tend to lack a feeling of power behind them. The controls are a little convoluted; this probably reflects more on me, but it took me a few minutes to figure out how to pull out my targeting control for the drone vehicle. There is no lean feature, which is forgivable, but the hitboxes are off enough that bullets don't hit targets that are partially behind cover, which is particularly annoying when sniping. The game is almost a completely on-the-rails shooter, with a truly linear plan of attack. As has been noted, options are generally limited to which side of the street to take cover behind, although even that choice is sometimes taken away from you. Artificial and even some invisible barriers are all over the place, so the sooner you learn not to bother being creative, the sooner you will appreciate the simplicity of this shooting gallery. The only part of the game that provides a little autonomy is when you briefly pilot a helicopter, but the fun is limited due to horrible controls and physics of the helicopter, as well as a limit as to how far from your attack group you may venture. Still, setpieces like the helicopter segment really break up the action and provide highly memorable experiences in gaming, like the excellent helicopter segment in Far Cry 3. In fairness, some of the atmospheric storytelling did create powerful moments along the way, but ultimately Homefront excels in creating a beautiful and interesting world that is sort of boring to play in.

    *I began my playthrough long enough after release that there were no remaining populated servers in my server list, so this is purely a review of the single player*
  6. Jan 1, 2014
    This game suffers from unforgivable sins. Scenes where you are stopped not by a genuine obstacle but because the narrative doesn't want you to walk there yet. As opposed to the call of duty single player campaigns which are filled with characters and spikes in the story this was just grey porridge. Sure, the idea of a Korean invasion of America and a resistance army is a good one. But when it's implemented like this it doesn't matter how good the idea is. Expand
  7. Dec 29, 2013
    what a steaming pile of poo, so rubbish. half the game is waiting around for someone to walk to a door or open a door. it's like someone made a call of duty game and rubbed it in poo
  8. Nov 6, 2013
    A terrible game with no characters worth remembering that gunned down so many civilians in the cheapest and easily worst attempt to pull emotion from the player I have experienced in any game.

    The multiplayer, I don't even know. When I attempted to pay that I was sniped the moment I spawned several times in a row and proceeded to uninstall the game.

    I paid $5 for that garbage, I
    rather have bought a big bag of Skittles with that money. Expand
  9. Jul 15, 2013
    homefront is a really dissapointing game. its worst problem is its length. i finished it in 3:15 hours
    ( seriously i finished it really fast and this is the actual time it took me). its shortness also makes the characters forgetable, and i didnt care for them. the storys concept is cool, and the game started good but from there it slowed a bit, and changed focus.. the story overall was
    mediocore, which is really dissapointing because it has so much potential. the graphics are old and inconsistent. some of the graphics are good while some are old. your friendly npcs are annoying and they shout on you all the time and repeat everything. even when you do what they told you they still tell you to do it. the shooting mechanics in the game are overall good, though i seen better. also some guns barely have recoil. the gun sound is pretty good. the last mission is really good.
    overall a HUGE dissapointment. its really short and not worth your money.
  10. May 12, 2013
    The good thing about the game: Homefront has a really good story and you can feel and see that they have done a great job out of it. However, it is not as long, but rather a short and good campagin than a bad and long campagin. The graphics are comfortable in terms of the game is from 2011.

    The bad:
    Mulitplayer sucks! There is no on and they have almost done nothing at all
    out of it. I do not care for the game almost never mulitplayer. They could nevertheless need to put some more work into it. There are not enough different things to play. The courses are either long and complex or small and impossible to navigate in.

    If you buy a game for a good campaign, I recommend definitely Homefront! It's cheap and worth the money!
    If you buy a game for mulitplayer I would advise you to consider your purchase once or see it in some of your friends if they own it.

    chri529r out.
  11. Apr 30, 2013
    I purchased this game at release for £39.99 and completed it within two days. The multiplayer was very unstable at this point so I left it a month or so and went back after they sorted their servers. I have been going back on a constant basis ever since...

    I have read the reviews regarding the storyline and I don't see what the problem is? It's interesting and different even if it is
    over the top. The game tells a convincing story... The struggle of survivors; the pockets of resistance taking one step forward, 2 steps back; the harrowing scenes of murder that take place on streets for all to see! This is a game not scared to show the side of war that's depressing and because of this, you feel like you have to stand up and be counted. The pacing is sometimes an issue but the majority of the story was exceptional and spans over several different locations so the feeling of “being here, done that” never crosses your mind. It constantly moves forward and that was a plus point for me.

    Here is a quick summary of the gameplay, weapons and sounds They do their job very well. Gameplay is linear but that's the type of game Kaos has created and the story line that was being told needed constricting gameplay otherwise pacing would have been even more of an issue. Weapons were nice with lots of variety and attachments. The usual suspects are all here pistols, sub machine guns, rifles and snipers etc. Other weaponry at your disposal comes in the form of the Goliath which is a very nice touch and gives the resistance the upper hand in some key scenes. You fully control an attack helicopter through one main chapter which was an excellent diversion and the UAV at the end felt great but was considerably under used. Sound effects were convincing, music was delightful and voice acting was implemented at the right times to add weight and conviction to most scenes.

    Multiplayer is the most shocking of the package! IT IS AMAZING! Map wise there is just enough to get by with sections of the map opening up when objectives have been taken or destroyed. The maps are big with no real choke points so spammers can't operate The load outs are also in-depth with 2 special purchase slots available for each load out (UAV, Hell fire missile, flak jacket etc.) which can be purchased with battle points (the in game currency that you earn whilst playing, killing and completing various objectives.). The main thing that sticks out to me is that nothing feels over powered. The guns all have various handling and shooting techniques that have to be learnt in order to get the best out of them. The vehicles aren't easy to use and therefore require ample playtime in order to familiarise yourself with the handling, shooting, counter measures and amour effectiveness. Therefore, this game isn't something you can really just pick up and play. The game requires you to come back for more punishment before you get use to its many features. I am still in the process of learning how to effectively use the attack heli and I have spent a lot of time in game... but that is mainly down to whether purchasing a heli in the matches I play was worth the points when I know I am a more accomplished tank operator and could make more of a difference to my team. It's these differing play styles between players that make Homefront so appealing! Where one player who isn’t so good at infantry racks up his/her points by supporting their comrades by helping capture objective points which accumulate to help purchase an attach heli, their infantry ability which was somewhat poor is all but forgotten has the player roams the sky and rains down missile fire on the enemy. This is why Homefront matters; this is why it’s appealing… The person sitting at the top of the scoreboard is probably the worse infantry soldier in the game, but their ability to fly a helicopter to destroy enemy armour and allow infantry to move up is the key to success…

    The main problem is the PC community for Homefront is dying and apart from two DLC map packs released a while ago, no support to the game exists. This is a shame because the community was once big but people over played the current selection of maps and wanted a different challenge. Hopefully there is another year left but it is looking doubtful! FINGERS CROSSED!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game since release and hope for Homefront 2 which I hear is being developed by Crytek. That should be interesting as I did enjoy the Crysis 2 multiplayer for a while. The game itself misses out on a full score because of a few minor issues and the lack of support the community has had to endure. The minor issues are mainly single player related short campaign, some under developed characters and I would have liked more vehicle sections etc. So I am giving it a 9/10 for that and as I am still playing and enjoying it now, it will get no less from me. This is one game I can safely say” I have got my monies worth from!”
  12. Jan 26, 2013
    Absolute piece of stinky stinky cr*p. Good thing I pirated it instead of buying it. I do hope that I am one of the reasons the publisher went bankrupt, but that's probably not true.
  13. Jan 5, 2013
    I logged in for the first time for a long time just to say this game sucks.

    Played and beat this game in 5 hours, generic gunplay, no character depth, story, whatever. Spent like 10 minutes in multiplayer before uninstalling. A generic fps war game. You just shoot Korean soldiers if I remember correctly. The mech parts in the game are pretty cool though.

    I only pre-ordered this game
    for the TF2 item and man, that's pretty much all I got. Expand
  14. Jan 4, 2013
    A mess of a game, with a bland, uninspired campaign, full of forgettable characters , with bad level design, poorly scripted events, bad AI on our allies, a convoluted story that portraits a poor country such as North Korea as a threat to the US. Avoid at all cost.
    The Multiplayer fares a lot better, but it's still an average experience, that is hardly worth it.
  15. Dec 29, 2012
    CAN'T GET THE GAME TO PLAY MESSAGE THAT SAID (Graphics error: Create Depth Stencil View Surface Resource and DSV Desc, Depth Stencil View Get Reference 0 failed at C:HF_PC_StableDevelopment SRCD3ll DRV SRCD3ll Render TargetCPP:189) can't get anyone to help me. Not even the developer. Would not recommend this game because you cannot get anyone to help you with problem in playing or installing the game! Expand
  16. Dec 21, 2012
    So here is the thing., the game is really fun for about 4 hours. Then, the single player suddenly ends and the story just stops. They designed this game to be a multiplayer heavy game such as COD or the older Halo's, but since there are not many people who play this game online it kind of defeats the purpose of the online play. It is such a knock off COD in many ways, so if your looking for a simple and somewhat easy multiplayer game, go for COD. They should have developed the single player WAY more because it was really fun. till it ended. may for lan parties it may be fun, but not really any other time. Expand
  17. Dec 10, 2012
    This game is playable, and in a vacuum would be fine, its is really just another modern shooter that tries to set itself apart with shock value. If you have played all of the other shooters and still want more it is fine and would still be enjoyable, but any medal of honor, battlefield or Call of duty would be better.
  18. Dec 2, 2012
    This game is really addictive and challenges. But it's surprisingly short game and leave me in cliffhanger at the end. Nothing else to say more about this game. Addictive game is good enough for me.
  19. Dec 1, 2012
    This buggy piece of junk is only pretending to be a game. And to be honest, i didn't see so many bugs in one game in my entire life. While single player is very dynamic and can be kinda addictive, multi player is masterpiece of lazyness and ignorance. Only 1 good thing is, i have paid for it 5 $
  20. Nov 22, 2012
    Homefront tries to be, basically a futuristic Call of Duty mixed with Battlefield and does an OK job but not great. The single player is extremely short and on normal difficulty I was able to complete it within 3 hours by just going straight through and ignoring bonuses such as achievements and collecting notes. Whilst the campaign was fun I found it was extremely similar to other modern military shooters such as a COD, MOH and BF. The campaign is very limited as you must follow one direction with no choices, it is extremely scripted and the invisible walls can be a pain. Multiplayer on the other hand is a complete change from the single player. The multiplayer is very fun and the Battle points system is great as it allows you to focus on helping team mates and completing objectives in order to gain enough points to spend them on your chosen rewards without the need to promote camping unlike killstreaks. Whilst the guns seemed balanced, the vehicles did sometimes get on my nerves. Overall the game is OK and the multiplayer had much potential however the PC version is close to dead with only around 4 full servers at a time. 6/10 Expand
  21. Sep 20, 2012
    This game is nothing but a steaming pile of hot garbage. The tepid attempts to try and add "tension" or "emotion" to the game is tossed out the window due to arenas with noticeable spawn points, characters you couldn't care less about, and a boring, piss poor story. The only character you actually have any caring for is a robot for god's sake! They try to balance out the "MURDER EVERYTHING" mindset with characters who are basically similar to being prompted by windows for installing something.
    "Shoot bad guys? yes/no?"
    "are you sure? they are still humans! yes/no?"
    /shoots bad guys
    "oh the humanity, why did you shoot those bad guys who had guns and shot at you? Are you a monster? yes/no?"
    "let us continue on with the story...shoot bad guy? yes/no?"

    The multiplayer was a horrid example of what a multiplayer should be. From "random" spawn points (in the same spot) and camp sites (pretty much with outhouses and firepits already built in) you will spend most of your experience watching the respawn screen due to the amount of sniper fire that happens the second you show back up. We use this game as a joke amongst our gaming group as what not to do with a game, spending anything more than 5$ on this game is still a rip off, the hype behind it also created what we call "getting homefronted" now.
    "wow, i year a lot of good things about this game, lots of reviews before the game is launched...somebody spent a lot of money on advertising"
    "probably going to get homefronted"

    Bottom line, dont even waste your time, you could be doing better things with your time than playing this STD on my steam account. Synchronized vomiting, rash sculpting, and freestyle suicide comes to mind
  22. Sep 8, 2012
    GREAT game, had a lot of fun with it and the multiplayer rocks. The campaign is not very long, but the showdown and many events are of epic scale. Fighting on american soil against a korean invasion is simply a great setting.
  23. Aug 31, 2012
    Enjoyable and atmospheric; felt like slipping on a comfortable pair of slippers. Story is entertaining and has excellent set-pieces, very memorable and engaging throughout, reminds of both Crysis 2 and Half Life 2, campaign is ridiculously short though, I finished in 3 hours - I've played longer DLC than this. Not a bad buy if you can find it cheap.
  24. Aug 8, 2012
    Homefront tries to set it self apart from the other military shooters by its setting and darker tone. And despite its sometimes over nationalistic-moments is works quite alright. It does not work well enough however to truly set it apart from all the other military shooters and what you get is a pretty standard military shooter with a not particularly long campaign. The combat is decent and the graphic works well enough and if you are looking for a few our of short mindless shooting for a cheap buck you could do worse. Expand
  25. Jul 27, 2012
    I played the first 2 single player missions and to be honest the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the "usa invaded" was "SERVES YOU RIGHT !"
    Now to be honest, they are trying to get the player to feel something for the americans just because they threw in s few kids to make it mode dramatic. But in my opinion, that really backfired on them because the things they use to TRY to
    make me feel sorry for the americans in A GAME, are the things they are doing right now to other countries IN REAL.
    Ok, got that out of my system :D
    Now for the gameplay, most of the 2 missions i got to play were dragged on by cut scenes and waiting for an enemy to pass 2 meters in front of you without seeing you. And when you Finally get to play a little, the controls are buggy aiming is slow to respond, movement feels like you are superman on holiday casually floating in the air with a gun stuck on your face.
    In short, it has a bad story, fails to make you feel anything for anyone, because face it, if you let your continent get invaded by sea so easily, then you probably deserve it. Its a game that you forget about it 5 minutes after you stop playing it, all i can still remember about it at this point(1 day after playing) are some videos taken from real life but even in those i'm not sure what they were talking about.

    It's a bad first person shooter, where enemies take 2 bullets to get killed, and you take it one clip like Rambo then just hide behind a wall and eat dirt to regenerate health (Let's say in the plot maybe that's why USA got invaded ... for it's great health regenerating dirt, in which case the enemy did a bad job with all of them wearing helmets making it impossible for them to take advantage of that)
  26. Jul 17, 2012
    Why do studio's release games when there not finished. This game is a console port, copies cod in gameplay. And has an unoriginal story. The voice acting is superficial, and things that are ment to be important don't have the meaning to put up with all the talk. like OMG A Labor camp 400 feet from our home base, and we dug like 3 miles of tunnels with little kits and two annoying adults like really? WTF Expand
  27. Jul 5, 2012
    i would shoot me if i would have paid more than five juros for this **** **** bimbogame. **** graphic, **** sound, **** control and a **** AI with godlike moments
  28. Jun 26, 2012
    Terrible online, Combining 2 Great game elements-CoD and Battlefield-And completely Ruining it, Maps are too small for vehicles and vehicles are too easy to obtain. Guns are WAYY too inaccurate and feels very un-lifelike(3 M16 bullets to kill, 2 Clips of ACR to Kill) No Vaulting Move leaving you struggling to get over a small fence, getting you killed. Objectives make no sense and are biased. This game looks like it was Thrown together in a week, Doesn't even Come Close to the games it's trying to Compete with.

    Runs Terrible on Mid-High range PC-Struggle to get more than 50FPS on Medium Settings-I've played FPS Games on the PS2 which are better than this junk.,

    I Paid £3 for it on steam and even I felt ripped off, Don't ever try this game, their are enough reviews on here to prove my point.
  29. Jun 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Way too short in single-player, some potential ruined by hackneyed writing and rigidly linear design.

    When I first heard of this game I thought it sounded great. A "Red Dawn" scenario which has so much potential for branching gameplay (infliltration, sabotage, guerrilla actions,overwhelming odds, resource acquisition etc) but instead it turned into an almost "on rails" FPS....and sadly it didn't even do that well.

    The scripting was cliched beyond belief. The scenarios were cliched. The voice acting was ordinary. I can see that the developers wanted us to "feel" for the people we later see massacred...but I felt no attachment to anyone. The only character I truly felt for was the little kid who witnessed his parents execution...that moved me...more of that and I would have been "engaged". The missions had very little sense of urgency, which was broken up even more by the propensity of the game to direct you to the next area by having your companions stand in front of a door/gate calling out "over here". If I wanted to wander about the map I could...for hours...and they'd just keep calling out "over here". And the mission where we "sneak" through a survivalist camp was BS...there was no sense of sneaking or suspense - just follow your companions and do what they say...and the guys 10m away won't notice 4 people running through their encampment!?!?!?

    Only the last assault upon the Golden Gate bridge had any real continuity and flow...and just as I am beginning to enjoy the game, it ends. WTF? So I have helped to secure a bridge, while the rest of the nation is being massacred and I should feel some sense of completion? It's like they had a whole lot more planned but ran out of time/money and decided to end it there.

    On the plus side - the graphics were good. The suburbs were well done, the interiors too.
  30. May 2, 2012
    I was excited about this game when I saw the advertisements. So after an abysmal 4 hour campaign and a bug ridden and hacker invaded multiplayer experience it was clear to see the best part of Homefront was the advertisements. It is a shame, the game had a lot of potential. If not for the unchecked hacking it would have at least been a decent shooter to play.
  31. Apr 28, 2012
    While the game play was fun. The game doesn't last very long with only 5 hours of single player game play. Single player appears to be only a training session for the online game play. I paid release day price for this game. While shopping around on line for this game today, I see the price has come down to where it always belonged.
  32. Mar 15, 2012
    This game is hard one to judge. The was nothing wrong with gameplay and even the graphics were ok, but single player was awfully short! The premise was interesting but the game didn't quite make it, actually not even near.
  33. Mar 9, 2012
    Although it is COD Like game, And the story is shorter, Other part of the still unsatisfactory, For example, scene effects is commendable, But the multiplayer mode is really like a COD of mixed BF
  34. Mar 3, 2012
    One of the good game related with WAR with good tailored story. Do not go with critics over here, they are mostly Americans who don't want to see America losing in any war it's typical with them. Give this game a good try and you will really enjoy it. It's better than what Activision Call of duty offers now years.
  35. Feb 18, 2012
    i bought this game for ââ
  36. Feb 17, 2012
    The first half of the game will surely disappoint you with boring and simple missions, you will merely shoot few enemies and move forward. It is that bad, because shooting is worst part of this game, you move your rifle as slow as turret, even making a sensitivity higher won't help out. Apart of that drawback a game has it's rebellion atmosphere, you will actually feel as rebellion who fights enemy army, which occupies your country. So the story is proper, but that is not enough to be a good game, especially a shooter with bad shooting gameplay. Though there is a good variety of weapons, no knife, but rpg and sniper rifle, which you will use depending on mission's objective. Also the heavy fire will do your rebelion mate's constructed light tank Goliath and you will have a remote control to target enemy to eliminate them. It could be more fun, if you would get a full driving control of it, but anyway it's ok. Later on you will even fly a helicopter, easy to control it and of course fun to destroy enemy humvees and tanks. That's all presents only in a few last chapters, where you will get a plenty of fights, otherwise it would be a plain game. Graphics and sounds are the pros of this game, which highs up a rating of it a bit. I hope developers of Homefront will learn from they mistakes and bring a better game next time. I'll give it 6 of 10 only because of the last chapters. Expand
  37. Jan 26, 2012
    I had too high expectations when starting this game. I see no reason to ever buy this game, unless you are a bit short on money and in desperate need of a new shooter. But even then, you're better of buying an older game that is on discount. It will probably have better graphics, level design and overall gameplay. I also didn't like the story. They went for showing the harsh reality of war, but didn't pull it off. They put the bar too high for themselves, the result is not satisfying to play.

    The only reason why I didn't rate even lower is COD:MW3, nuff said...
  38. Dec 28, 2011
    Not bad but not good too. The Single Player campaign is short. It was an overpriced game although now the price dropped. This week you can get it on Steam for 5$.
  39. Dec 28, 2011
    Homefront easily earns a 9. It was simply put out into and advertised to the market wrong. It was advertised for its single-player aspect. But its true value is in multi-player. It combines the common aspects of the two more popular FPS franchises Battlefield and Call of Duty into one, all while adding its own twist. Its multi-player is very non-repetitive due to the points system. For every action a player takes to further there team in wining a match they are awarded points. Those points are spent on perks and vehicles for that match only. It also promotes playing as a team because assist-kills and objective captures have the highest rewards. But sadly it was introduced in the height of the Call of Duty craze where a games campaign over-shadows multi-player. All these factors combined makes Homefront a 9.0 worthy game, its time will come somewhere in the future. Expand
  40. Dec 16, 2011
    Wow...where to begin? Well it looks like a project that had a timeline that the developers couldn't meet.

    1) Spectacle: The world detail is really impressive, the color and lighting is well done. However, the model detail of the characters and enemies are really disappointing with oddly shaped characters. The blood spatters when the AI gets shot looks like an arcade game in your local
    mall that was designed 5+ years ago.

    2) Movement/Clipping: THIS IS HORRIBLE!!! You feel caged in by the world, the items in the world have large hit-boxes which halt your movement through the level. I am constantly getting held up in critical firefight moments by pieces of garbage lower than my knees, objects in the world have invisible force-fields that get in your way.

    3) Story: Good idea, very interesting, and I want to see how it turns out. The storyline is the only reason I made it 4 chapters into the game before I got entirely fed up and quit.

    4) Interaction/Triggers: This is another thing which I really REALLY hated! I am constantly being held back from moving into the next part of the level by closed doors and barricades which only the friendly AI can move, which wouldn't be bad if they weren't so clumsy at it! The AI moves along predetermined paths and takes forever to progress to the next thing. I literally counted 8 toggles between crouch and standing of one of the characters while we were in a burning building before he successfully moved into position to remove the barrier. I am ALWAYS the last person to pass through any transition, because the level will not let me progress until all the other AI have made their clumsy, awkward, and totally unnatural way through.

    5) Weapons/Ammo: Decent weapon selection with an interesting variety of mods. HOWEVER, you never can carry enough ammo. 90 rounds at the most for assault rifles and submachine guns, 200 rounds for light machine guns. NOT ENOUGH AMMO!!! I am constantly having to swap my weapons for a dead enemy's weapon just so I can keep enough ammo to fight on. An attempt at realism for limited carry-on capacity? Maybe, but the result for me as a gamer is complete frustration at having to drop a weapon I like in order to pick up one I don't care for just because it has ammo.

    6) Missions: Frustrating. Looks more like an attempt to make an interactive movie than a good game. If they made this story a movie (and it was handled by ANYONE other than the people who had a hand in this game), I would go see it. The outnumbered situations with impossible odds doesn't bother me. What DOES bother me is the limited movement within level with terrible and ineffective friendly AI.

    7) Developer Suggestions: Don't try to fix this is too broken. There is no amount of patching that can save this game. If you want the story and the idea to carry on, change the name of the game, modify the story enough to pass as something new, and start from ground zero. I would like to know what engine they used, if it was proprietary, it shows. If it was a mainline engine such as Quake Engine, it was a buffoonish handling of it. Take some queues from games like Call of Duty, World At War and newer if you want a linear Single Player Campaign. I like open-world games like Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto, and the like. I hate feeling caged in because it robs credibility from the realism. Sorry, but try again.

    Final Thoughts: I you read this far, you should already know that my suggestion is: Don't waste your money...go rummage in someone's garbage if you want to find this game, or wait for a yard sale 2 months down the road and pick it up for $0.50 if you want your blood pressure to rise and are masochistic.
  41. Dec 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Single player campaign of this game is fairly average. But I really enjoyed multiplayer. It completely consumed me for 3 days since i bought it and now I play it when I only can. The amount of people hating on the game is driven by being too closed in call of duty games by me. Expand
  42. Dec 14, 2011
    The reason I bought this game was because of the storyline, which takes about 4-5 hours to finish and gives you little freedom of choice in what you want to do. You're pretty much led through the entire campaign following one NPC or another that can't die and can't aim. What bugged me the most was why a random soldier can heal ridiculously fast after being shot numerous times. Then when a NPC gets shot, they get put out for an entire mission (which in-game time is about a night). There are also a few glitches in the game, but nothing a reload last save couldn't fix.

    This is also the only FPS I've played where enemy units continually re-spawn, so you can't actually clear out an entire level unless you move to certain areas or one of the people you're following does something. Kinda makes me wonder where all the Koreans came from. Graphics are a bit dated, not the worst I've seen though. Haven't tried multi-player, but after sifting through the forums it doesn't look like its worth playing.
  43. Dec 12, 2011
    i only payed 4,99 on steam for this piece of crap but this still was a terrible waste of money. i would also say it was a waste of time but i completed the singleplayer "campaign" in four hours so it is luckily not worth complaining about the time i wasted.
    outdated graphics, AI acts like chicken, leveldesing is terrible.
    and if you ask me, this game is pure propaganda. the first hour i
    nearly barfed a few times on my keyboard because this scenario with his "hail america" patriotism and "fight the evil asians" is so over the top but (or is it real) that it makes you sick. seem like america is preparing his people for another enemy after the russians and the arabs are gone. Expand
  44. Dec 9, 2011
    Aside from just being a bad game (see all the other user reviews), Homefront actually starts to feel like some kind of bizarre propaganda tool within the first 5 minutes of the campaign. If some creepy midwestern militia ever published a game, it would look startlingly like this. I'm almost afraid part of the 7 bucks I paid went to some radical fringe organization.
  45. Dec 6, 2011
    Alright, a lot of people are going to think I'm being too hard on this game, and that I'm a troll, but I'm not, I think this badly about nearly every game that comes out, and I speak out against them because I long for the days when games didn't suck so much, and I hate seeing the potential of what could have been great games go to waste because of stupid decisions

    Homefront Homefront...
    where to begin. When I saw the box and heard the premise behind it, I was hooked. This is one of the greatest ideas for a game I've heard of in a while, Korea taking over the US feels like something that could actually happen and it set my imagination on fire. I really really tried to give it a chance and like it, I really did, but there isn't one good thing I can say about the game and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, not even to try out for a couple minutes. And not even because it's "bad" persay, it's just that there's nothing there. You have to follow your dumbass teammates around the entire game, listening to this white boy try to cuss and this strong independent girl break down and cry every ten minutes. The point is, the voice acting and story are bad. I wouldn't really even call them bad, they're just barely noticeable. Your impulse is to shove these people out of the way and tread your own path because in anything resembling real life, these morons are getting shot QUICK... oh wait, they DO get shot... in EVERY firefight they get shot at least three or four times, but they must have nanotechnological healing abilities or something because they wipe those bullets off like sweat and keep right on shooting, and then the game expects you to buy it when one of your teammates actually gets hurt in a scripted sequence. Oh, and about treading your own path? Forget it. You have exactly one option in this game: Follow. Follow the leader, follow the objective, move toward the big white dot on your screen. Objectives pop up roughly every 20 seconds and usually for something stupid like, "New Objective: Crawl under fence." I'm not even joking, that's actually in the game. You can't even move ahead of your group because you have to wait for your leader to tip over a refrigerator for you or something, it's ludicrous. It's almost like it was designed with a five year old in mind, and that would be fine except the subject matter is definitely not meant for a five year old. It just doesn't make sense

    The basic design is one you've seen a million times before... you shoot things. I wish I could say more, but that's really all there is to the game. Sure the surroundings might change, the objectives might change, but not once does the game ever throw something clever at you, it's nothing more than a glorified shooting gallery, all with the same little shrinking reticule that hasn't changed since Counter Strike. To top that off, the melee animation I swear is ripped EXACTLY from CoD. That's just sad guys. There was so much here you could have done if just one single person in the whole company turned on his brain for a second.

    The game would have been a lot better if they had gotten rid of the teammates and let you roam around on your own as a more covert agent. It would have been nice to have an original idea in the gameplay so it doesn't feel like I'm playing Counter Strike or CoD. It would have been nice without the regenerating health, and if bad guys didn't shoot you instantly when you showed yourself, and were affected more when you shoot them. I like games that let me do my own thing, explore at my own pace and play the way I want to. If it can't do that, then what's the point? If I can't express myself in the game, then I might as well be watching a movie. Homefront tells you where to go, when to go there, what to do, where to point your gun and who to shoot. If you still can't figure it out, your teammates are there to talk to you like you're having trouble fitting the colored donuts together in preschool. Heaven forbid you figure out something for yourself and actually feel a sense of accomplishment. It's a snooze-fest from start to finish

    Spending years in development and millions of dollars does not automatically make your game good. I don't get how games like this come out, or why anybody would think this is fun. Not even slightly recommended
  46. Dec 5, 2011
    This game did not merit to receive such a low grade of 70. It's a fun game, and the graphics are oh so pretty if you have the rig to max out settings. This game has an interesting story, with a very disturbing "what if?" scenario. Its not a perfect game, but its not a waste of money. However, i'm also under the belief that no shooter is worth 60 dollars, even "mainstream" games such as Battlefield or Modern Warfare. But if you can get at this game at a good price, you will have as much with this game as any other shooter. Except it might be better as it deviates from the standard shooter game formula. Expand
  47. Dec 4, 2011
    In the start I would like to say, that this is a really average FPS, but it's not bad. The campaign is short but good, but the multiplayer is the most fun, especially when you have friends. The graphics are average too, but passable, not worth the full price, but I recommend you to buy it for a cheap price. I have heard about the Online Pass, which is on consoles, I played the game on OnLive and there isn't an Online Pass, buy it there. Expand
  48. Nov 25, 2011
    Its a good game i found it nice, the missions are good. Graphics looks a bit weird but okey, and the Maps are well designed. Well homefront feels a bit solid and a bit short but mixing, 2029 and Call of duty and Halo together, was a good example. The multiplayer is good because it got Vehicles, It got a nice spawn view. The game doesn't haves many bugs and on my computer it does not lagg, you just need a strong computer in order to run the game. I will move back to Multiplayer that is what makes this game a Top. The Unlocks,The Spawns,The Vehicles,The Game style,Spawn View, The Game modes are just great, i would recommend the game,
    Especially for Multiplayer gamers!
  49. Nov 24, 2011
    This game has so much potential, it was a COD Killer the hype building up was massive and i was deterred by the Graphics the campaign looked long like a movie, but then the game came out boom washed down the water you've got possibly one of the shortest campaigns in FPS it just ends abruptly and multiplayer is balanced it's great, big maps but the thing that lacked was variety that was the downside, Homefront 2 here we come. Expand
  50. Nov 9, 2011
    This seems to be a bad copy of Call Of Duty. All is predictable in the story and in the action. In fact there is no action. Sometimes we just stand waiting for enemies to come. The scenario itself is too simple and the game is too short. I was very deceived by this game that had a rally good teaser. You'd better leave this game for another...
  51. Nov 8, 2011
    LOL. This game's terrible. It doesn't even open in my computer...
  52. Nov 7, 2011
    Predictable - Nothing imaginative went into this game.
    Old - A 2011 game that uses game mechanics that feel years old... example no free roaming through the levels to get to the other end... there's 1 path & 1 path alone. You might as well be on rails.
    Story - The story is so bad it makes my me want to go play a casual game like peggle for the simple pleasure of having NO story. Using
    a very linear story with no surprises this also pushes how "great" americans are. Very tiresome.

    I bought this game based on magazine reviews that seemed quit glowing. It's sad to see how far "professional" critics have fallen on the standards of goods out now days. Not only was my pre-order of the game a large waste of money but I think Chaos Studios deserved to be liquidated for their failure on producing something this bad. If it was a lawn mower it would have had a sized engine in the 1st hour... AFTER throwing part of the blade at your dog.

    Skip it... go play Duke Nukem Forever instead. Yes it's about the same but at least you go in expecting it & there's humor, bad humor, some advanced mechanics (unlike Homefront) & nudity.
  53. Oct 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Singelplayer: The back story for this game was nothing less than fantastic, but the end result was quit bad. The by far worst misson is when you are sneaking around on the farm where the american resistans is holding fort. Four people sneaking around only meters behind the enemies while talking just gets lame. So clearly the single player was not where Kaos had their focus.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer for Homefront is quite good and it got a lot off potencial. Battlepoints is a great idea and give less experienced players a chance off getting the "heavy stuff". There is a few technical issus in the game, like the hit detection not always working. it might also be a little bit to easy to experienced FPS players. So all in all, a game with a lot off potencial that is worth checking out if you are tiered off Call of Duty.
  54. Oct 20, 2011
    I agree to some extent with the negative reviews; e.g., game too short, linear plot, etc. However, there seemed to be a lot of action (also alot of cut scenes). I found that the weapons and AI were much better than Bad Company 2, and the battles were entertaining. If you can get this game on sale, I would recommend it highly.
  55. Oct 12, 2011
    This game is actually a classic example of why console games should never make it to a PC. At launch it looked crap and dated. Bad textures and generally poor graphics. Characters that although made to look like grown ups had the dialogue and wit of a bullied 13 year old. Definately an xbox special. What an utter,utter waste of money. Seriously made me question buying games anymore and pat myself on the back for ignoring the xbox I bought since I got the first 2 games for it. However, also scared the crap out of me that this is the future of PC gaming too, locked into being limited by the lowest common denominator and games written only to last a single weekend. Fine for the xbox crowd (they can rent this trash) not so great for if you actually paid for it. particular if your used to state of the art pc gaming. Expand
  56. Oct 12, 2011
    Yet another desperate attempt to create a Call of Duty clone. And guess what, yet again it desperately failed. Unless you find this in a bargain bin somewhere for 3 bucks, dont buy it.
  57. Aug 23, 2011
    A huge disappointment. Homefront main selling point was supposedly the campaign being written by the great John Milius (Red dawn, Apocalypse now), but it seriously falls short both in content and overall feel. You're supposed to be a guerrilla fighter against insurmountable odds, but often you mow down loads of enemy forces with ease and we reach the common place CoD style objectives and run through of the campaign saturating the market. If you can appreciate what they try to do both story and game wise, you'll enjoy the campaign. Multiplayer is where the title shines boasting both common and new ways to dominate online. Think Battlefield feeling like Call of Duty and that's what you get with the multiplayer component. Expect a balanced and great multiplayer that draws a lot from modern shooters, while taking out the negative aspects. It's worth picking up based on the multiplayer alone if you're that kind of customer, but if you plan on picking it up for the singleplayer expect to be disappointed by its length and depth. Expand
  58. Aug 15, 2011
    The game had an interesting (if nonsensical) premise and had some pretty neat stuff around that; I liked their attempts at building the atmosphere of a threat from the greater Korean republic, even if the basic premises involved were silly.

    This was, unfortunately, the only really good thing about the game. Its single player is very short - even on the highest difficulty on you first
    playthrough, it will likely take you only six hours to beat, and that's if you look for the collectibles - and the gameplay is cookie cutter, taken from every other FPS ever. Health regeneration is ridiculously fast and really makes it difficult to feel threatened by anything other than rocket launchers and one really neat sequence where you only start out with a pistol to fight back with (which was easily the best part of the game). The plot itself does little to help you feel complete - it felt a bit trite, and I would have liked to have actually done more to liberate America in that world rather than it simply ending with a single battle.

    If it was cheaper, say, $20, it would be an okay buy (I picked it up as part of the THQ collector's pack; I didn't even buy it for the game, but I figured, why not play it?) but for $50 you're setting your money on fire. Even so, though, the price isn't all that relevant; the gameplay experience isn't all that enthralling, so basically the only reason to play the game is if you find the premise interesting - there isn't anything else to it which will interest you.

    Perhaps the most offensive thing about the single player campaign is how you are led by your nose throughout the game - you basically have someone yell at you what to do, and there is only one way to do it, and only one path forward for a great deal of the game. The most decision making you make is whether to take cover on the left side of the street or the right side of the street - and at many points in the game you do not even have THAT much choice.

    It did well on establishing atmosphere, but there is nothing else to recommend it and a great deal to say that you should pass this by and purchase a better title. If you want an interesting FPS, I'd recommend Crysis 2, which has some neat stuff in it and is a lot more fun to play.
  59. Aug 11, 2011
    Ever get the feeling like, thank god I didn't buy this game? well, thank God, I didn't buy this game. my " piratebay" edition just made me hate it, was expecting something good from it though Pros: 1.Nice Theme to begin with, 2. intro that portrays the situation pretty well Cons: Gameplay 1.Really linear gameplay * I mean u cant event jump on a box or reach a certain point without going through a specific door, in fact, if I remembered correctly u can only open one door, the rest are opened by NPCs. Most annoying would be the Unmanned vehicle, seems smart enough to shoot infantry, but u still have to designate targets urself ? Can't the vehicle do it itself since it's so smart?
    Have I mentioned u cant go through openings or exits without the NPCs going first ? even when there's millions of enemy troops shooting at you ?

    2. The characters are not lovable, in fact my favorite from this story was actually the guy who died in the intro, the rest of them are rather annoying, sometimes u wish they would shut up. NPCs fail to convey emotions or urgency in achieving an objective but rather makes u wanna shoot them

    3. If North Korea invaded any country, wont they use their arms to do so ? All the weapons in this game looks like a derivative of the M16 and they all feel the same with the exception of the sniper rifle which still looks like a M16 and the M249 which is....used by the North Koreas as well for strange reasons,
    Even the vehicles used by the North Koreans all seem strangely american, except for the Tank and that's all..............

    4. For the amount of juice it sucks, the game does look pretty awful, I honestly think the graphics in Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 is much better, I still cant believe Bad Company 2 looks better than this game, while they're both set to the same settings and my system hitting the same frame rate, BC2 feels smoother too.
    BTW, I run a Radeon 6950 with I5-2500K.

    5. Didnt bother to try since the single player was so terrible.

    1. North Korea invading America? How the hell they do that? would be more plausible if it was a pack of nations like China+ Russia .........then North Korea.....
    2. Like some posters have said, those 10 point reviews seem suspicious as they do not comment much on the game and are from 1 post only posters.

    Conclusion: Not really a bad PC port, just a bad game itself
  60. Jul 30, 2011
    i know people dont like it, but this is what it is: Call of Duty, the same boring gameplay mechanics that have made such a series fall dead except to the 8 year old console gamers. Except it did suprise me. With all the hype, i expected it to be another COD clone, but i was going to get it for it's single player. The surprise was how terrible a COD clone could possibly be. I thank the piratebay, for allowing me to sample the SP before i poured my money into it for the full game. Because i dont know what i could possibly do with the Disc and case that wouldve been worth the 60 dollars i wouldve paid. setting a disc and case on fire isnt something id pay 60 bucks for.

    But heres WHY. Its the same old shallow gameplay mechanics from COD, once they and most of the FPS genre adopted it, in the worst format ive seen, it has the shortest campaign ive ever seen on a FPS.....or ANY game for that matter, it has bugs bursting from the seams, and its a wonderful thing this game didnt sell well. THQ lost BIG bucks on this game, and rightfully so. With that ad campaign that showed it as another best seller, then delivering this worthless pile of super-discount-bin material, they deserve it. its not all bad though. At least it will show companies what churning out something as awful as this will end up earning them, especially after that phony ad campaign.
  61. Jul 28, 2011
    First off, this game has the worst campaign I think I've ever played. Long story short, it's a failing 3 hour story about saving a bridge, doesn't get anymore original than that folks. Second, the multiplayer is very underdone.. It has performance bugs, low gen graphics, crappy server support.. Oh, and guess what! It's $49.99! What a shocker! I was hoping for this game to be great.. clearly I expected too much. Expand
  62. Jul 26, 2011
    Great game with a great story line. The characters and story were very in-depth and I could also see this being a film. It gets the player very involved with the war and what is happening down to a personal level. Even though this is a console game it is ported very well onto the PC and its graphics are very appealing even when ran in a lower spec. Multiplayer isnt great but its playable if youre bored or want a laugh with some friends. A good buy but probably not worth £20 at the moment. If youre looking for an in depth story and great SP and its about £15? you cant go wrong Expand
  63. Jul 21, 2011
    To break this review down into more readable pieces I'll do a dashed line spaces to break it up. I'M A GENIUS!! Yes - Homefront. Well the idea was for Homefront to be different, and believe me - its anything BUT different. The crooks of the game is that America gets invaded - stop me if this sounds familiar, don't confuse it with MW2 where America gets invaded, or the end of BFBC2 where Russia gets invaded, or Command and Conquer where Russia is invaded, or Turning Point: Fall of Liberty where Nazis invade or even Fallout where China Invades Alaska which technically was America being invaded!! But feel free to get confused with Freedom Fighters because it's the SAME DAMN GAME!!!
    Don't get me wrong in the run up it looked the part, it looked like the writers ate babies for breakfast without any milk, the intro movie was cool too (I watched it twice). It genuinely looked like a good game with a great single-player and story. So I ordered it and sat down for an evening of Homefront....and stood up 3 hours later because I was done. Yes. 3 HOURS! 3 BORING, TERRIBLY SLOW, CRAP 3 HOURS WHICH I WON'T GET BACK EVER! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I'll keep the overview as brief as the game, it's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY REALLY BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD! Save your money for something else like food, shelter and breathing - not this load of rubbish
    The basic story is that the US goes into crisis due to some middle east wars and Korea decides to invade for very poorly justified reasons - using a cool space program which wasn't as cool as Star Trek but enough to overthrow a world super-power, and then you get taken by the resistance and then steal an oil tank drive from the Koreans (dunno why nothing I own that says "made in Korea" on it works, but hey) and take the oil tanker it to California to fuel the US and steal back some city I don't know I got bored with the story. It tries to be a HL2 knock off with the mute protagonist and the characters it has based itself on and the whole invasion suppression thing, but it fails to copy HL2 in the way of a long well written story or good game-play or being...GOOD!
    The characters are a big rip-off from HL2 and are all about as warmable as a day in the arctic - especially Conner (who is the biggest prick this side of the occupied border) and made me not care about them to the point that when Boon or Broon or the black guy got tortured (SPOILER ALERT) the game assumed I'd made a bond where the worst I felt was that's one less character to open doors for me for all the scripted events the game has, and then I realised the AI wouldn't push me out of cover again for their stupid scripted events - seriously, I got killed twice - TWICE! All because the AI had pushed me out of cover into the line of the enemy so that Conner T*at could yell at some civilians he was "trying" to liberate.
    Remember when I said that the game was like Freedom Fighters, well it looks like Freedom Fighters too, it's graphically dated - and when I say dated, it's so ugly the game would have to rape it's own hand. Now usually people say eye-candy doesn't matter in a game and usually I'd agree with them provided the game can stand up on something else like story or game-play. For example, Homefront looks like it was beaten with the ugly stick, whereas Half-Life 1 looks like it was gang-raped by the ugly forest - the distinction is Half Life 1 was good. Homefront looks ugly on modern consoles, which is really hard to pull off, but is just plain bad. Now don't get me wrong there were some good bits like the whole first chapter, the helicopter bit and hiding in a pile of corpses but those bits were few and far between and the game isn't special, really.
    Now everyone says the multiplayer makes up for it. It doesn't. I tried joining a game and after 10 minutes the game told me there was no mother playing it, so after another 10 minutes of waiting to find someone the game descended into tedium and boredom. Good multiplayer my arse!, and it doesn't excuse such a terribly short and bad campaign, no where near as good as TF2 or CoD4.
    Bottom line: AVOID THIS GAME, do not buy it!
  64. Jul 20, 2011
    wow this game sounds bad I bought somany junk games lately Iam not risking it thanks for the warning
    I allmost bought it . Ive got to watch my impulse shopping. The duke game was a ripoff Brinks kind of **** Why dont they look at Call of Duty and make them like that. I love Free for all is it in Homefront ?. But iam not risking it The games are to expensive to waste on a game that feels
    like a demo.Thanks once again for the heads up on Homefront.If it had a demo and I liked it I might of bought it . I still might when its 10 bucks. Expand
  65. Jul 17, 2011
    Given this Game a 10 because of all the Children who rated it 0, but its def worth a straight 8.5.
    This game runs fine on both my AMD athlon II quad core with 8800gtx and my sons AMD dual core with just a 9600 gt .. i built both rigs and they both have 4 gig of ram apiece, i think a lot of idiots think they can buy a cheep Dell and expect to run games like this straight out the box
    The single player is fun and very atmosperic the multiplayer is awsome and up there with the best someone else has said this is prob the best use yet of the unreal 3 engine and i agree.. this is to unreal 3 what tac ops was to unreal tournament back in the days ..
    I and my son will be playing it some time to come .. thanks for listening :).
  66. Jul 17, 2011
    Terrible game, it's poorly optimized for the PC, the controls are poor, and You'll get a poor frame rate unless you have a really good pc. My computer can play crysis 2 at an average of 60 fps on the gamer settings but this game rapes my rig. The story is boring and the multiplayer is unbalanced and glitchy, players who pay for the map packs get access to weapons that are completely over powered (a shotgun that can 1 shot kill across the map, while snipers take 2-3 shots to kill). There is no bullet penetration what so ever and bullets often hit invisible barriers when you try to shoot from behind cover. Expand
  67. Jul 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was really excited about this game when I first heard of it. The story is completely different than that of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor and it was believable (though improbable). I immediately got sucked into the story and connected with the characters and what they were trying to do. I ran through the suburb blasting badguys and trying to escape through the wall. The most awe inspiring part of the game was when we discovered the mass grave, and then had to hide in it. It was shocking. When we finally made it to San Francisco we helped our military take back the Golden Gate bridge and I watched my friend make the ultimate sacrifice so that we could succeed. And then... the game ended. The credits rolled and I was left with a look on my face that I've only had once before; at the ending of Borderlands. I don't play multiplayer fps games, so this game had to stand on singleplayer alone. This game was sprinting for a 10 but tripped and fell flat on its face at a 6. Expand
  68. Jul 6, 2011
    It may be a turd sandwich, but at least it's not a soggy one.

    Homefront has the exact same issues that ruin every good recently released fps game. So linear that it hurts, scripts are obvious and ridiculous, the characters are cliched. Hell, you can't even lean or interact with cover, which makes not dying something akin to making yourself a "shoot-an-insurgent" carnival game.

    I played
    the entire game through on guerilla difficulty and that's when the best and worst aspects of the game both really come out. The gameplay was fast and furious and more realistic than any other fps I've played to date, but the limitations hurt even more too. Creative solutions are a no-no here, since the literally endless supply of enemies and horribly cramped level boundaries mean you've gotta play it their way, plus with no real control over your weaponry, mods, or knowing anything about how good one is versus the other, you've got a looooot of trial and error ahead of you. Expand
  69. Jun 29, 2011
    Homefront is a decent game. I'm mostly a PC gamer when it comes to shooters, and I'm not all that hardcore. This review is only about the single player campaign because I really care little for modern FPS multiplayer games.
    Homefront feels like another COD clone, because nowadays everything is a "COD clone", as if COD was the first ever FPS. However the singleplayer campaign is much more
    exciting and appealing than any crappy iteration of the aforementioned franchise. There are some awkward lines of dialogue, especially when the line is spoken out of cue. For instance, at one point the leader tells the girl to kill a guy, and she heads over to the person to be killed and halfway there she yells that she "didn't sign up for this **** This is followed by the leader telling her to grow a pair and the almost immediate execution of the guy. Mind you, this was in the middle of a "stealth" segment. Because apparently deranged American killers with trigger happy fingers don't see or hear you (or your squad) in broad daylight as you prance around their base and scream at each other. Then there's the matter that the leader himself is a weird obstinate guy that is not very likeable. Your squad also has a Korean tech geek that no one really likes. And then there's the chick, who has amazing hips. There was also a previous leader, but he was black and was therefore shot and hanged early on in the game. Oh, and there's this super awesome cannon on wheels thing that you can use to blow **** up by pointing at your target with a monocle.
    The gameplay itself is lots of fun, though. Guns feel amazing, and some of the scopes are super epic. There's not that much variety of weaponry in the game, mostly the same 6 or so guns with different attachments. I didn't find a way to decide what attachments I wanted and I feel that this was absolutely lame. Sure, you're a freedom fighter and have to use what you can grab, but what would stop me from taking a scope from X gun and putting it on X other one? Regardless, it's not that hard to find a nice suitable setup. Now, something that is really awkward is equipment usage. To swap between your two guns, you press 1. To throw a grenade you press G. Then I can't remember how the **** to throw C4, nor how to use a grenade launcher attachment, because it just wasn't intuitive.
    Enough about combat, what about pacing and missions? Missions are paced well. There are times when a tank will appear after obliterating a house next to you and you run away screaming like a little girl (I know I did) and then there's times when you're "sneaking" around. There's also lots of chest high walls, but there's no way to stick to them, which I like. Then there's also a segment where you fly a chopper and have to get your team to highjack some trucks. This part is very easy, slightly very unrealistic, but very fun nonetheless. It is worthy to note that this segment, which is, by the way, over way too soon, is the reason why these freedom fighters wanted you: you're a pilot. And you're really only useful those 5-10 minutes.
    Actually, that's an understatement, because as in many other shooters, your squad is a bunch of brain-dead morons. Upon occasion I would get shot from behind, only to turn around and see "nice hips" chick standing there staring at the guy.
    There's also an issue with the AI always wanting to kill YOU. For instance, an RPG dude on a tower: you haven't messed with him and for all intents and purposes he is blissfully ignorant of your existence; until you pop your head out of a window (a window on his blind side) and aim at him, then he figures out your location, intent, name, date of birth, sexual inclinations, how hot your sister is, etc., and lands a rocket straight down your throat. I guess some Koreans just have a bit of a David Copperfield thing going on.
    As far as rewards go, there are very little. Remember, you're struggling to fight some crazy asian people, seeing another day is your reward. Also, forget about saving Americans, because you pretty much doomed every single civilian you met.
    There is one really big problem I have with this game, and it's the fact that the ending was rushed and uninspired. Almost as if the devs thought: "hmmmm, I don't feel like writing more story, let's just have the leader kill-errrmm sacrifice himself and end it there."
    In conclusion, Homefront is a solid gameplay experience that will keep you on your toes. And, even though I find it to be better than COD, it just isn't too high a praise, it's just an alright game. In fact, I don't think I'll ever touch it again. So, if you'd like something tastier than COD, and happen to see Homefront on a Steam sale, by all means go ahead and grab it.
  70. Jun 25, 2011
    i dont know why ppl give this game a bad score i finished it in 3 hours ok but the gameplay was very entertaining + the battles where on a much better scale then COD more action and harder gameplay COD is much easier this is a real teamplay based war game much more realism then other war games if u like rough gameplay buy this game it wil entertain u till the end.

    my conclusion : shorts
    gameplay but much fun / without tactics u wil not survive+ i got COD4 and the gameplay was much to easy - my opinion. HF - less missions but way more harder gameplay - so more realism
    4 the ones wo make wanna give it a try have fun and good luck :D
  71. Jun 23, 2011
    Homefront is an ok game, not really outstanding, just ok.
    The Singleplayer game starts out felling like its going to be an epic story, but starts falling flat after several cut scenes. The Graphics are rather clunky looking which I found surprising since all my other Unreal Engine games look awesome. The SP is very short.
    Multiplayer has nothing exceptional of note.
    To me, this game wasnâ
  72. Jun 14, 2011
    This game brought flashes of Red Dawn to my mind; the game even starts in Colorado (where I happen to live)!! But, then you get into it, and... Ok, I understand FPS games are on rails, there is no deviating from the script, just shoot what the game code throws at ya, I'm fine with that and understand it. This game had potential for an epic story though, and that's what upsets me the most. Instead of writing something great, they went for shock value. Instead of writing a great game, they went for a short story and threw their resources at PVP. The ending was a total let down. I don't play FPS games for cliffhangers, and if they expect to release more as a DLC to carry the story forward, I won't be buying it. That's about as damning as I can be towards the developers: I won't purchase what should have been part of the game in the first place. The game has amazing graphics, cool locations, semi-smart AI, and a cool feel, but, the NPC's are stupid, just downright stupid, reactionary.... it's like the story and personalities were written by a 13 year old boy that watched too many action movies. Cliche after cliche, and done poorly. The multiplayer is fun, using locations from the game... in fact, it seems the PVP maps were put together and a story was kind of put together to put the player in those locations for the stand alone FPS story mode. It's just another FPS with a solid weapon selection, and nothing really to make it stand out from any other FPS game out there. Stick with what you already own and save yourself the cash, other games do it better. Given the choice, I'd be in BF2 playing PVP over Homefront any day of the week. It's not 'terribad', mind you, it's just not that great. They thought PVP first, copied all the other popular games, then loosely strung a story together using a very cool premise, but failed to deliver on the story package. Again, the ending is a total letdown and very anticlimactic. My friends and I all couldn't believe that was the ending. Expand
  73. Jun 11, 2011
    I actually really love this game. I am not really into single player campaigns but I thoroughly enjoyed homefronts, although I would say it seems to just end. Multiplayer on other hand is awesome, like a less hardcore arma 2, fast paced, shoot someone they die fast, and vehicles for those that like that sort of thing, I just stick to my drones :)

    All in all I would say if you like
    military shooters but do not like how easy games like cod and bc2 are then get homefront, if you think cod is the best thing ever then you will probs not like how fast you can die in this game. Expand
  74. Jun 10, 2011
    Although the story behind the game has a lot of potential, the creators of this game did not work it out properly. I won't go in to any spoilers, but I do have to say the game ends rather abruptly and leaves you feeling like there could have been more. I wouldn't have been surprised if out of pressure this game was released before it actually was completed. The singleplayer will keep you occupied for a minimum of 4-6 hours depending on your skill and the difficulty you play it on. (I did it on normal and got stuck a few times due to bad AI and still finished in 5,5 hours)

    The only hope that was left for me was a good multiplayer, but here the game also fails. It is a mediocre mix between CoD and Battlefield, and either of these games would outdo homefront's multiplayer 10 times over.

    Conclusion: Do not buy this game if you value your money and want to play them over a long period of time. Not only does several bugs destroy the overall gameplay (invisible walls, bad AI etc) it's also over way to quickly. Now this wouldn't have been much of a problem if the multiplayer would have been good but that's also not the case.

    All in all I do give it a 5 out of 10, as the singleplayer was enjoyable even though it was very short, if the multiplayer would have been even slightly better it might have gotten a 7. My advice only buy this game if its on offer for less than 10 euros otherwise it's just not worth your money. If you do want to experience the singleplayer see if you can borrow it from someone who has been so unfortunate to buy the game.
  75. May 31, 2011
    Interesting game this, although flawed from a single player perspective due to the short campaign (7 levels) which took around 4 hours to complete at a push. The game is interesting because it does have a very healthy selection of weapons and ALL of them feel dangerous. Even playing this on normal is kind of like playing call of duty on hardcore, which I found quite refreshing. Multiplayer is fast and varied and overall enjoyable, although the playerbase has much to be desired sadly. Overall if you find this CHEAP, get it if your a fan of FPS. Feels like a weird mix of COD and terminator salvation (due to building textures, city layouts etc) Expand
  76. May 28, 2011
    The first time I played through this game, I enjoyed it. However, the second time I found myself getting somewhat bored. This is a game that seems like a connected series of awesome moments, so when I am not in the awesome moments I feel bored. It is an interesting premise for a story, and a lot of the gameplay mechanics are truly entertaining, but I feel like I'm going to forget about it pretty soon. Graphically, this game gave my computer a slight amount of trouble at times with lag. My video card has held up well over the years (8800 GTX) and I was able to play this game on the highest settings with little problem. I will play a sequel if it is made! Expand
  77. May 24, 2011
    I thought the single player campaign of the game was good. The storyline was 'Red Dawn' with North Koreans instead of Russians/Cubans. The background story explaining what happened was actually interesting and made sense. The graphics were fine, nothing fancy, and I didn't have the technical problems some people on here were talking about. I was upset with how the single player campaign suddenly ended, very short game, and left me with that sneaking suspicion that because it ended so suddenly with so much left that there will be DLC we will have to buy to continue the storyline to its conclusion. The Multiplayer was OK. The Battlepoints aren't anything new and it didn't have the teamwork feel like Battlefield:BC2 and just didn't seem as much fun either. I would recomend waiting until the game goes on sale as it is worth the playthrough. Expand
  78. May 23, 2011
    This game is TERRIBLE! I got 2/3 of the way through the single player campaign and decided to stick it out for the achievements. The storyline had promise, but failed to deliver. Gameplay is linear with enemies that charge towards you. The SP could have been extremely entertaining with some development of the NPC's and AI.

    Tried the multiplayer and sold it back after a couple of
    sessions. It seems as if the developers tried to copy COD, but failed at making anything unique to the game. The perks system was boring and graphics were mediocre (for both SP and MP). If you are still considering buying this title, PLEASE DON'T!! This game is no good. Expand
  79. May 20, 2011
    Homefront is better than Black Ops and Bad Company. It brings a whole new meaning to war games. The most important thing is that it's not kill over 100 people and escape, no, it's more like living with the things you've done.The storyline is short but the experience of both singleplayer and multiplayer is very good. The storyline I give an 8 but the experience all together deserves an awesome 10! In all, I'd give Homefront an awesome and solid 9! Expand
  80. May 14, 2011
    You can buy homefront cd key for only $24.00 from

    it is cheap and trustable place.After paying , You will get Homefront Cd Key (Scan or Photo of the Original Homefront Dvd Game )
  81. May 13, 2011
    There are no redeeming features to this game. DO NOT BUY IT.

    Homefront was the worst FPS I have ever played, you'd have to go back to golden eye before you saw gameplay mechanics so slipshod. Aiming a weapon in this game is like trying to pick up a nickle with the claw machine. The plot was hackneyed and utterly stupid. I've played FPS's for 12 years and this was the worst experience
    I've ever had with them. Expand
  82. May 11, 2011
    hmm wat i can say.i have bad games this one
    bad mistake here is too dont like this one
    not like single player games but here is beter then multiplayer
  83. May 5, 2011
    There is nothing you haven't seen here before. If you have played any decent FPS games in the last decade, you've probably seen all there is in Homefront, and seen it done better. Quite disappointing, honestly. Single player is an interactive movie, and a weak one at that. You constantly lack control and mobility, just so they can show you a specific story piece from a specific angle. It would be better with a cutscene, since it would have more dramatic angles, and the scenes would possibly be SKIPPABLE! It's not so bad the first time, but replaying the game is so frustrating to sit through. There is only about 2 hours of real gameplay, lengthened by extraneous story scripting. Modern Warfare 1 had compelling and intense scripted events; Homefront lacks the heart and adrenaline to compare.
    On to multiplayer. It was great the first day, but after time the level imbalances became more apparent. The Battle Points seemed original at first, but then I realized it's CounterStrike with vehicles and without the strategy. Helicopters are near-impossible to fly and shoot accurately, and cost far more than the drones that can get far more kills more easily. The perks are mostly minor, and mostly focused on buffing drones. Combat can quickly turn into camping, spawning drones, and killing without dieing, and repeat. With enough kills by drones, you can afford another, and simply repeat the process without ever putting yourself in danger. There are only 2 modes in the game, team deathmatch and capture the point (with a ground control option on both that makes small changes). Ground control does help the game by giving incentive to kill spree-owners, and to defend your kill leader. Still, teamwork is mixed and many times the spawn system doesn't protect you from enemies. Most maps have many camping spots and mistakes. Maps also don't allow for easy travel of the bigger vehicles, reinforcing the usefulness of drones. In a fight between any human and a camper with drones, the drones win almost always. The fun is slowly bleeding out of this game, online and off, and I completely intend to beat it and delete it.
  84. May 4, 2011
    Imbecilic game.Game-play is from door to door. Narrow playground is made for monkey mind. Not to mention hypocrisy of USA military intervention into sovereign countries. But when communist come to USA than itâ
  85. Apr 29, 2011
    This is what is wrong with many games these days, they're all the same follow-the-bouncing-ball rubbish that makes those of us who have played games for decades roll our eyes and think of Kings Quest and its ilk. What happened to respecting player intelligence, to the wonders of sandbox games, of relying on player ingenuity? Nup. None of that. You WILL move through the suburb in precisely this order and you will shoot that guy at... now, and then... etc. And don't get me started on how quick the storyline is over.

    Fortunately, in my humble opinion, what redeems this thus-far stinking pile is two-fold: an excellent (if entirely implausible) story that has been very well thought through (helps to have an actual author on tap), and the multi-player. I'm not saying the MP is good, but I am saying its the first time I've ever bothered with it since I wasted my money on a game that took me 9 hours.
  86. Apr 26, 2011
    El modo historia es bastante decepcionante, pienso que no lograron cumplir las espectativas que vendian en sus trailers, graficas no acordes para la actualidad, pero lo que le falta al modo historia lo compensa muy bien el modo multijugador. La jugabilidad es muy buena, mapas excelentes, y actualmente con la herramienta para crear servidores dedicados pienso que es un punto muy importante para la comunidad de jugadores. Estoy seguro que el juego puede convertirse es un FPS adictivo. Expand
  87. Apr 25, 2011
    So this is more of a single player first impression, but i'm a few hours in, and i'm really enjoying it. When i first heard the premise i found it kind of ridiculous, but after seeing the lead in news beats, and picking up the collectible newspapers, it sounds more and more plausible. its easy for me to suspend my disbelief and buy into this story. The graphics aren't tier 1 for 2011, but i think that was expected. But it looks good. The style is gritty and run down, but not too brown as many "realistic" shooters seem to be getting. It doesnt have as much eye candy but it looks good, and I'll get my sugar fix with Crysis 2 next week. The combat is solid, but it might be a little easy. I started the game 1 setting down from the highest, but i think I'm going to max it. the only time i died was when i went somewhere i wasn't supposed to to look for a newspaper and a tank we were supposed to be sneaking past killed me. So far the only vehicle i used was the Goliath. Its a 6 wheeled vehicle with guns and missiles that you control by locking on to enemies with binocs (like air strikes in other games). you aim at an enemy, wait for lock, and fire. And the Goliath goes nuts on em. its really visceral and a lot of fun to watch. He feels like a big brother that's kicking your bullies ass. I thought the use of real brands for stores and stuff would bother me (like it usually does) but not so much. Somehow the fact that they wanted these brands here to add a sense of reality, and not just for more ad dollars makes it feel different. The characters are ok, a little cookie cutter maybe, but i don't really know them yet. So, so far I'm really enjoying it. I have heard that the campaign is very short. This is disappointing considering how hard they pushed the story aspect of this game. But that seems to be par for the course these days. I enjoy MP, but I really go for a nice deep immersive single-player shooter experience. Hopefully, now that they have a great game, and hopefully some serious income, now they'll have the resources to pour into a tier 1 shooter with a campaign of some length. I bought this day one because I wanted to support the fact that they were pushing a different angle on shooters. and they were pushing the story. Hopefully they'll hear my dollars asking for more of that when it comes time for Homefront 2. But until then, I'm really enjoying this one...while it lasts. Oh and lastly. Way to go THQ for FINALLY allowing Steam to give us a midnight release! So many publishers wont even let us preload the game at midnight, never mind letting us play it. THQ let us preload, and i was able to install the game at midnite! love it, wish more publishers would do it. Thanks!â Expand
  88. Apr 21, 2011
    Having played through the bunch of FPS lately hitting the market I have to say this one stood out above many of the titles, ok so the single player campaign is short... who seriously buys fps for single player? once you get into the multiplayer this game really stands out above the majority of COD type games flooding the market. If you played Frontline fuels of war, you'll find a lot of common ground here since its by tthe same devs, such as remote drones and being able to go fully prone. Graphically its reasonable with Dx11 support, although texturing shows signs of console grade sadly... not enough to spoilt the excellent gameplay though. I'd take this over COD Blackops anytime... the only game it doesnt stand upto in my view is Battlefield Bas company 2 and maybe Crysis 2. Expand
  89. Apr 19, 2011
    I wouldn't go over a 6 for this game as it is irrefutably one of the best storylines that the gaming universe has seen, muddled up in too many cliche scenes and very Call-of-Duty Style Gameplay. I find it as one of those games you can only barely play. Only Just captured my intelligence through many previews and lead-ups to the game. Multiplayer on the other hand does deserve a little ,if any, praise for its constructive potential and the use of in-game credits to buy power-ups, vehicles, ammo, etc.

    It is a fun game for the first few hours, then becomes boring quickly, Hardly worth anything over $30.

  90. Apr 19, 2011
    This game is rubbish. Wasted money on a massive advertisement campaign instead of developing game content and story. They claimed this game would have an emotional impact on the player... what a load of faeces. Singleplayer was boring, multiplayer was crap, numerous problems i wont even bother to mention because other people have mentioned them in their reviews. I just had to vent my frustration about this game and state the obvious, the games industry is crumbling yet people still buy trash like this. I can't believe they had the gall to announce a sequel even before the original was released! Dont bother with this game! Should i check the box that says "contains spoilers"? The only spoiler i'm going to reveal is the utter disappointment you will experience after playing this game. Expand
  91. Apr 17, 2011
    this had no beta test or demo i brought it the story is so bad i think mass effect 1 had a better story multiplayer seems rushed i now people will likes this i did a little bit there a better shooters out there
  92. Apr 17, 2011
    A complete waste of money, I became so bored and annoyed that I never even finished the single player and found the multi-player to be pretty lame. I thought the premise might be interesting, but it turned out to be totally ridiculous. The game is totally scripted, you cant even open a door on your own. The dialogue is terrible, I found myself constantly yelling at the characters to shut up. If i ever get stuck in behind enemy lines with these Conner and the rest I will be turning myself in. The game looks good at times, but that is little consolation. This game feels like it is ten years old and it plays like it too. Expand
  93. Apr 17, 2011
    This game is awesome. Snipers spreading like a disease and RUINING all other FPS's are the source of the bad reviews in my opinion. Not since BF2 have I been addicted to a game like this. Each kit can be as effective as a squad, countering campers and allowing the player to ground pound with impunity. In this game it all comes down to who is working harder and your KDR does not take the hit it did in BF2 for doing so. It rewards in battle heroics with points used to buy assets (GENIUS!) in a more team oriented fashion than CoD and let's not even get started with hacks and hit detection. This game beats the other titles HANDS DOWN! I've seen little hacker and even then, they were not the god's the hacks allow in other games. Singleplayer sucks but if you are buying a FPS for single, you're either 9 or incredibly stupid.
    Remember, BF2 was the greatest of all time and they had NO single. Just bots that did nothing to prepare you for what was coming. BC2, MoH, CoD do not hold a candle to this game.
  94. Apr 17, 2011
    Let me start by saying that this game is not as terrible as some reviews are making it out to be, it has a lot wrong with it but it is definitely worth the 4 to 5 hours of SP game time alone. IMO it is a better SP game than Black OPS was by a margin.
    Sadly it is let down by some stupid mistakes, the main one being invisible walls - I mean if you do not want me to walk there at least add a
    fence or something, a small tin can is not going to justify me not being able to cross it. It is riddled with this. There was one or two places where I witnessed some dodgy AI but this is thankfully kept to a minimum and at times the voice acting is very forced where the story makers want to know that person is this type of person in as quick a space as possible. The story is told well, not by the game play itself but cleverly depicted through the scenery and newspaper articles you collect throughout the campaign. There are some seriously disturbing moments and scenes which really give the player a real sense of oppression and sadness (well at least I felt it) - sadly there is very little humor added in except for a certain section where some uncomfortable comments are made to me about a pet of sorts....but that was really the only moment throughout - perhaps due to the context of the story it is not required though. All be told at the end I felt a real sense of satisfaction and I will be giving it one more play through on the hardest setting to try and collect all of the newspaper clips.

    Onto the multiplayer - the game play is brilliantly smooth and satisfying, the streaks are interesting and not overpowered IMO although I typically only use the personal UAV and Flack Jacket. Note that you need to purchase these by using battle points which you earn by kills, headshots = more points - you effectively choose you loadout which includes the perks. The maps are massive and well designed providing a nice balance for all classes, the downside is it does promote a lot of camping - attempt to run and gun ala COD and you will die a quick death, it is less tactical than a battlefield game however I suspect that this is due to the very limited game types - effectively Team Death Match and Ground Control (which is like Domination (COD)/ Sector Control (MOH) / Conquest (BFBC2)), and that is it - nothing more. I am very disappointed that they did not copy and improve game modes from other titles namely the ever favorite RUSH from BFBC2 and the simply awesome Combat Mission from MOH - this would really have rounded this game off and added to the re-playability. Sadly after a couple of hours of playing it gets boring pretty quickly (at least for me).

    All in all - get it for the SP, it is worth it and try out the MP but I suspect (and based on the number of active players) that it wil merely be a distraction from other online titles.
  95. Apr 17, 2011
    So I bought Homefront on Steam for 49.99. I played through the campaign with a steady 35 fps with decent graphics settings, though I could have gotten better if Direct X 11 would go away, but w/e. The campaign was satisfying to say the least which earned this review the 3 score. Then I hit multiplayer... I don't know what happened to my computer to make it chug away at 10 fps, even on the lowest settings possible, but I sincerely wish I could get my money back. This is precisely why Console gaming will never die. Expand
  96. Apr 12, 2011
    Really DICE made a better online modern combat game a year ago with Bad Company 2 which you can pick up for $30 cheaper than Homefront. On the singleplayer side the campaign is skippable (very short, played through it in about 3-4 hours one afternoon). It's not bad but nothing in Homefront stood out. After playing it with a group of friends we decided the game only made us want to play Bad Company 2 again (and that's exactly what we did, leaving behind Homefront). If it's in a Steam sale for $10-$20 I'd recommend picking it up if only to waste some time, but it's certainly not worth $50. Expand
  97. Apr 7, 2011
    The single player campaign's first and last levels are exciting, everything in between is a generic shooter with expendable characters and a shaky plot. For all the hype and advertising gimmicks that surrounded the release, it's also criminally short.

    The multiplayer fares better, upgrade system is intuitive and spending battle points makes the shooter more exciting. As absurd as this
    sounds, there's no bullet drop, travel delay, limiting range, or much drift on any of the weapons. The maps seem like they're designed around snipers considering how many long firing lanes are built into them. On top of all that, there are even perks to reduce ADS drift. Moral of the story: play sniper or get out. Expand
  98. Apr 6, 2011
    the multiplayer is about all this title is good for. once you reach the convoy hijack in this game forget it. all enthusiasm goes out the window. the chopper controls are a chore and once you get into position the action to hijack cant be done. dont waist your money.the half a game you get is not worth the price they ask for it. this game left me fealing ripped off and not wanting to buy a thq game ever again. Expand
  99. Apr 5, 2011
    This game has been in the media quite a bit, firstly THQ's stock plummeted because of it, then there was how insanely short the sp campaign was and again when it sold 1 million units.
    First lets deal with the campaign, its **** there really is no argument here. Its buggy, incredibly short, full of plot holes and has some pretty bad AI. But I was never buying it for the campaign, I always
    thought of it as a mp game with some sp tacked which it was. So now, the Multiplayer!
    This is where the game claims everything back. The graphics are fantastic, which meant nothing to the campaign but makes the mp alot more enjoyable. The game had a pretty trouble free release, when compared with Crytek and Crysis 2, Homefronts release was very good for a new non AAA IP. The multiplayer is very fun, it is very much a cross between COD and Battlefield drawing inspiration from both but really making it its own game. The maps vary in size, some feel very COD like and others are more Battlefield size, the bigger ones allow you to purchase vehicles whereas the smaller ones don't. There aren't many game modes just Team Deathmatch and one akin to Domination in COD. But Domination retains the fun with an advance retreat system whereby the starting 3 control points are in the middle of the map. The team who reaches the intial score limit first advances and the others retreat you then play another round in the losing teams area with 3 new control points, then if the same team wins its over, if the other team wins you then advance back to the centre, its a very nice system and keeps the games fun. The game skeep going if its a close battle and end quickly if its an annihilation.
    It also means that maps stay interesting, I have been playing for many hours and around my 20th hour still advanced to an area I had never seen before. The weapons handle nicely, the upgarde system is very good, similar to cod but your money isn't permanent and you have to buy uavs/armor/rpgs/airstrikes with money earnt on a game by game basis. There are many other unique homefront features to this game all add a little bit more to it then either COD or Battlefield.
    Overall this game is a great mp game and I am enjoying it alot, its a reliable game that seems to have good connectivity. The icing on the cake would be dlc that adds some more maps and maybe more game modes! But for now its still loads of fun.
  100. Mar 15, 2011
    I've been excited about this game for quite a while, I found the premise to be interesting and the game play looked like a decent cross between the Call of Duty franchise and the Battlefield franchise. Unfortunately what I got was a mediocre game at absolute best.

    The single player puts you in the roles of an American citizen during the Korean occupation of America. The opening scene was
    actually fairly well done. However, everything after that was nothing more than random gun battles with no real storyline. You meet characters and they die before you even get a chance to start to bond with them. There was no emotional attachment to the story whatsoever. Everything they did has been done before in books, films, and even video games but Homefront lacks all sense of pacing and storytelling making these elements pointless. If there is a silver lining to the storyline it's that it's painfully short. I completed it in just over three and a half hours. There's honestly not much else I can say about this because it was so short.

    The multiplayer is rough around the edges to put it lightly. Again they borrowed a lot of unnecessary things from other games even though there was no compelling reason to do so. I had hoped that this was a good cross between the face paced action of Call of Duty and the slower, vehicular team based combat of Battlefield. Well it is to an extent. This game leans more heavily towards the Call of Duty style of FPS games. It even has a similar oblivious spawning system and poor map design which will get you spawn killed time after time.

    Most of the maps are quite open which is actually a problem. Most people will opt to use the sniper class killing people on the other side of the map as they spawn. I'm not sure whether or not this was ever play tested, and I'm leaning towards no, but some of the mechanics make absolutely no sense. For instance the AQ-11 Buzzard is a drone which fires two rockets before having to reload. Inexplicably if you directly hit a person with both of these they will not die. Further their blast radius is somewhere in the range of 10cm. However, a person will usually die in one hit from a sniper rifle making the AQ-11 Buzzard seem like a terrible thing to buy. Similarly the Humvee can take a direct hit from an RPG without being destroyed. In fact if a Humvee takes a hit from an RPG the driver will likely switch to the gunner position and kill you before you even have a chance to fire a second rocket. So apparently bullets are better than explosives in this game.

    Balancing in multiplayer seems to be non-existent as alluded before. However, what's even worse than the atrocious balancing are the bugs. I've come onto the battlefield with a helicopter only to be permanently marked out of bounds and destroyed. I've even accidentally clipped the out of bounds area and returned only to find that I was still somehow out of bounds when clearly I was not. Server disconnects are also quite frequently, and of course whatever XP you've earned is lost when this happens. One more point of contention is the sheer size of the hit boxes for objects in the world. I know hit boxes can't be exact, but there are plenty of instances where it's amazing just how large the hit boxes are relative to the actual object, generally with trees, rocks, and vehicles. Prepare for an invisible hit box to take the bullet rather than your opponent many times.

    Their much touted Ground Control game type is a cross between the Rush, Domination/Conquest/Sector Control, and push-pull. I was hoping this would lead to large, epic battles. Unfortunately it's incredibly limited. Whereas in Bad Company 2 you have multiple stages within each Rush map, in Homefront you have two stages. Coupled with the bugs and balancing issues this makes the game type fairly uninteresting. The only other real game type is team deathmatch, which is just what you'd expect. There are a total of six maps, so prepare to get bored quickly.

    In summary I think this game could have been much better. I won't say this game is horrible since it's at least playable, but I won't say it's good either. It's wholly mediocre. If you're only interesting in the single player then I suggest renting it. If you're more interested in the multiplayer then I'd advise you wait until there's been a good deal of post launch support, or until it's in the bargain bin. Whichever comes first. Kaos Studios should have spent more time working on the game than promoting it.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 36
  2. Negative: 3 out of 36
  1. Mar 12, 2012
    I have a hard time recommending the PC version of Homefront. It's a decent game with a unique take on world events, and its fresh and fun new ideas for two-mode, bot-less, online only multiplayer kept me coming back long after I'd waved adieu to the single-player portion, but the performance and playability on this platform is far eclipsed by the stability found on consoles.
  2. 70
    Very short but intense firefight shows not a very cheerful vision of the near future for North America. Game story is excellent but playability loses because of over-scripting. [Issue#203]
  3. May 18, 2011
    It's dreadfully average and far too quickly finished, providing nothing more than the most basic type of fun on the first run-through and little incentive to revisit. Not because it's broken; just because it's boring.