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  1. Jan 29, 2013
    This game is VERY accurate. Having worked in the same position myself, you would not believe how many calls follow exactly the template shown in this game. While not all callers are stupid and ignorant, you always get those few calls every day which make your job unbearable. Civil servants do not actually get paid well, and few get decent benefit plans, in contrast to many peoples' beliefs. In addition to the low pay, most people will have no sympathy for them since they think they have "cushy taxpayer-funded positions." My hat goes off to Mr. Gallant for having the guts to point something out that many would be afraid to do. Hopefully people can step into the shoes of a CRA representative and realize how infuriating (yet hilarious) it can be through this great game. Expand
  2. Jun 7, 2013
    This game is a great representation of what happens in a call center, how stupid some callers can be, and how terrible managers are, the graphics are horrid which is beautiful because it helps show how terrible it is in a call center. If you play this, you'll have a hard time not ripping the callers face off. It puts the people that think people in call centers are terrible people in their position and how stupid the callers are.

    This is a great creation, 10/10.

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