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  • Summary: I of The Dragon is an Action-RPG where the player takes the role of a hero Dragon. The Dragon is young and must be matured in strength and power through a levelling system that will reward the player with new spells and skill upgrades. Play as one of three possible dragons, each with their own unique abilities. Use spells and brute force to hunt down and destroy the evil creatures that threaten the peaceful Nimoans. Defend towns, build new ones. Create mountains or bring them crumbling to the ground. Summon creatures to fight for you or rely on your own powers. Use all means available to help in your quest to unmask the source of evil that plagues the land. [Strategy First] Expand
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  1. The feeling you get when you're sure that the universe you're in either bows in front of you, or gets destroyed (in most cases you'll be forced to choose the second option) is a very exciting one and after a while it makes you fight until you've given your last breath. Dragon breath, of course!
  2. Dragons are still really god damn cool, and being able to gobble up villagers on a whim with nobody else caring (possibly because they're afraid of pissing off their dragon overlord) provides an unlimited amount of random, sadistic entertainment. I'd definitely rank this as a "must-buy" for any dragon-lovers out there.
  3. The balance in the game is a little off (I lost count of the number of times I had to load before I finally beat the end boss), and things are a little bit sloppy (I don’t think one sentence of the spoken dialogue actually matches the subtitles).
  4. As you get on in the game, the tedium of doing the same thing over and over again wears thin, and you'll be left wanting something more.
  5. 50
    The use of dragons as player-characters offers a unique perspective to the action-RPG genre, and it's stable and attractive. Even in a weak year for single-player RPGs, however, it's not enough; it simply doesn't offer enough gameplay elements to make it worth a purchase.
  6. People who just really dig dragons might be able to endure the interface issues, but for most of the rest of us, this one should be passed up for better games.
  7. Mass murder by dragonbreath has never been so monotonous. [Feb 2005, p.71]

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