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  • Summary: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of the legendary IL-2 Sturmovik series that has set the standard for PC combat flight games for more than ten years. This new entry into the series offers virtual pilots an even more accurate simulation of the most famous air battles of World War II. Expand
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  1. Oct 23, 2014
    I played Il2- Forgotten battles, I played SB War Thunder, Rise of Fligt etc. So far, Il 2 BOS the best and perspective flight-simulator.

    Guys, dont forget how much content there was in Il 2 sturmovik in 2001 y. Almoust nothing,
    Now Il 2 BOS its a platform made to make a game of our dream,but not in one day.
  2. Oct 22, 2014
    A good core is hampered by poor design choices in IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad. As I play the game, more and more it feels like a shinier version of Wings of Prey or Birds of Steel for the xbox 360.

    Yes, this game has one of the best physics engines in flight simulator history. All the aircraft have their own unique "feeling" that make learning each one's nuances very satisfying and fun. The Engine-related systems are all modeled as you would expect in a simulator like this, although the lack of clickable cockpits is very disappointing.

    The graphics are very good in this game, with reflections on the planes/glass, realistic smoke and fire, excellent lighting effects, and clouds that look almost real. The sound engine is a work of beauty as well, when it works properly.

    Unfortunately, there are some big problems with this game. First, and most obvious is the lack of any type of campaign or career mode. The built in "campaign" is only there to serve as a mission generator for the main focus of this game: Unlocking equipment for your planes by earning experience points in the campaign. The missions in the campaign are what can only be referred to as boring. Autopilot is disabled and time compression is limited, so there will be significant stretches of time where you sit idly and do nothing. Doing nothing is not fun.

    The unlock system and the random mission generator would be interesting components if they were not so tied together with the profile system. Instead of medals, there are achievements, of which there are many to earn and some that are pretty challenging. Unfortunately your pilot profile also is tied to the unlocks system, so even for multiplayer and quick missions, you will have to play the campaign to unlock equipment.

    The multiplayer component runs well and has a very simple server browser that anyone can use. When there are people playing, multiplayer is very fun in this game, however the plane set for this game has shown to be chosen very poorly.

    First, the German fighters are the best planes by a wide margin. Superior to Russian planes in most performance measure with the exception of turn radius vs the Yak, these planes have next to ruined the online atmosphere. Russian pilots are outnumbered 2 to 1 by better aircraft nearly every single game. That is not an exaggeration. While this situation is easily overcome by an experienced pilot, for new players this is extremely off-putting and for early access players like me has become a very frustrating feature of this game.

    Also in the multiplayer you will notice that more often than not, you will not hear when your plane gets shot. This is a bug in the sound engine that causes your plane to outrun the sounds of it being damaged, essentially.

    Avoid this game if you do not like to grind for exp, and also avoid it if you are looking for a deep, involved single-player campaign: there is not one here. As there is no way to get out of grinding for unlockable airplane components, the game's experience will be severely hampered even if you are a MP exclusive pilot.

    On the other side, if you can stand to play the same missions over and over again so you can unlock the rear turrent on your IL-2, then buy this game. If you want to fly one of the most graphically and technically impressive flight sims of all time, and can stand to play or ignore the horrible unlock system, then get this game.

    Pros: Excellent graphics, Excellent Sound (mostly), Excellent physics, Excellent Server Browser for MP
    Cons: Terrible forced grind, shallow and boring campaign, no career mode, no advanced graphics options

    One more thing: There is a screenshot and movie recording functions built into this game that are very easy to use and work very well.
  3. Oct 23, 2014
    I bought in very early into the early access release of the game based on the strengths of the studio's previous release, Rise of Flight, and the promise from the developers that the game would strongly focus on the single player aspect.

    I was very, very disappointed when, very late in the development cycle the single player "campaign" was finally released. I put the term campaign in quotes because there really is no campaign to speak of. The "campaign" is basically a random mission generator that is very repetitive in nature, bug-ridden, and ultimately unfulfilling as there is absolutely no sense of continuity between missions. You choose your starting base, the type of plane you wish to fly, and then a basic mission type (intercept, escort, ground attack, etc) from one of 5 options and the game then generates a semi-random mission. The victory conditions for each mission type are always exactly the same and there's very little variety between them. Flight plans are nearly always the same 4 point diamond pattern (start, 1st waypoint, action point, 3rd waypoint, home). The briefings are generic, repetitive, and lacking important details. They're also full of errors. It often informs you that your target will be at 500 meters when they turn out to be at 5,000m or vice versa.

    The AI in the missions is broken. Friendly ground attack AI wingmen will not attack targets, no matter how many times you order them to. They'll just circle over the target until they're shot down by AAA, furn out of fuel, or you RTB. Enemy AI fighters almost never engage bombers or ground attack aircraft if escorts are around. Air-to-air AI is a bit better in that the AI will engage the player but the challenge level is low. They're all too easy to shoot down and never seem to present much of a challenge at all. There don't seem to be different skill levels between pilots. They all fly in a uniform and predictable fashion.

    Even if they do manage to shoot you down, it doesn't really matter as there's no penalty for failing the mission. The reason for this is that you don't actually create a single, online pilot. It's a truly baffling omission.

    Even the most rudimentary of campaigns in other flight sim titles allow the player to create a virtual pilot and then track their progress throughout the campaign. Even Rise of Flight allowed this. Battle of Stalingrad does not. You don't create a pilot. You don't join a squadron. There are no historic markings, bases, aces, or dynamic battlefields. It doesn't matter if you shoot down 2 enemies of 20, nothing will change on the battlefield. Nor does it matter if every single one of your AI wingmen is shot down. The game doesn't keep track of them. They have no names and there's no penalty for losing them. As the AI kind of sucks anyway, there's absolutely no point in caring about what happens to them. They tend to be more of a threat to you than an aid anyway as they will sometimes ram you if you're both chasing the same bad guy. Rather than creating an immersive, historically accurate representation of the battle with player and squadron stats being tracked and updated, the developers came up with a truly idiotic system wherein the player is expected to grind for XP in order to earn unlocks. The system lifted straight out of an MMO or Battlefield-esque FPS and has no place in a flight sim.

    Your only goal in the game is to earn enough XP to unlock plane modifications such as rockets, bombs, or new plane skins. Earn enough XP and you can unlock the next of 5 chapters in the campaign. These chapters are largely pointless as the battlefield in each chapter is completely static and you're always fighting over the same map with the same weather regardless. The only difference is the position of air bases and front lines. It's all just crushingly dull. What makes it even worse is the fact that the developers have removed choice from the player.

    For the longest time during the pre-access stages, the players had the ability to select custom difficulty options to tailor the game experience in such a way as to get the most enjoyment out of the sim. For some unknown reason, the developers took the difficulty customization away from the campaign portion of the game and instead force the player to select either "normal" or "expert" difficulty. I prefer to play in full-realism mode with external views turned on but I can no longer do so in the campaign. I have no idea why they refuse to let me.

    The unlock system carries over into multi-player as well. If you want the planes and unlocks for use in the online portion of the game, you'll have to grind through the single-player portion in order to earn them. The MP community has suffered as a result as players can't join missions if they don't have the unlocks required.

    It's a huge disappointment because the flight dynamics are great. Shame the game itself is so bad. Avoid it.
  4. Oct 23, 2014
    At the beginning of early release the game was touted as a sim ("the best WW2 sim yet"). Late into development it was revealed by the devs it was being aimed at the "mid core" simmer and would be more arcade than sim. This has proved to be the case. It has soviet-biased flight models, a hit-point damage model (wings come off like paper-mache and engines set on fire like made of matches etc) and an XP unlock system better suited to a game like Mario Carts. Worst of all the Digital Nature engine cannot cope with more than a handful of planes online. Which you won't be able to play anyway until you've spent approximately 60 hours playing the dreadfully dull single-player campaign in order to unlock the planes, equipment and skins you already paid for. If you like arcade games this one is mediocre at best. If you're a proper simmer avoid this at all costs, it's the worst betrayal of the famous IL2 series since 1C dumped Cliffs of Dover. Expand

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