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  • Summary: Incoming Forces is the sequel to the multi-million unit selling, award winning and critically acclaimed Incoming. Set 20 years after the original, Earth has now discovered the secret of sustainable long distance space travel and their forces are gathered and seeking to destroy all hostile planets, in particular four alien worlds in a small distant galaxy. Your task is to defend these planets at all costs. [Rage Software] Expand
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  1. The gameplay is intense and the visuals are impressive, which means that all the shooter basics are in place.
  2. 79
    The potential scope is there, the graphics are there, the flight dynamics are there, the premise is there, the delivery is not.
  3. Not the kind of innovative game as its forbearer, Incoming. Instead, it comes across as a bit behind the times. While it does manage to be fun in parts, it still lacks in many areas.
  4. 65
    While the price is right, there's arguably not much else to get excited about.
  5. An average arcade shooter. However, the game is not at all exciting enough to grab most gamers’ attention for any long period.
  6. This pyrotechnic orgy probably offers up more explosions per minute than any other game of its type, but that's about all it offers. [Holiday 2002, p.105]
  7. Even a decent team play mode can't overcome the pervsive sense of blandness that accompanies the tired 1996-era mechanics and style-free visuals. [Jan 2003, p.79]

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