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  1. May 22, 2014
    Not worth paying for, and probably not worth your time. Plays like a game some kid would make as a homework assignment. It's obviouslyNot worth paying for, and probably not worth your time. Plays like a game some kid would make as a homework assignment. It's obviously trying to be a very cheap version of Metroid, but it's missing all of the elements that make a proper Metroid clone so great. I realize this was made by one guy, but so was "Cave Story", which is also a Metroid clone, and played like the developer gave it much more love (it had more varied tilesets, more enemy types, better graphics, and it even had a soundtrack, which this game sorely needs).

    Doesn't feel like it had a lot of playtesting, either. From the midway point onward, it feels like the game was rushed, and all of the puzzles and timed underwater sections end up falling flat on their face. The combat reminds me of really bad shooters from the NES era (namely "Total Recall" and "Robocop").

    The fall damage in this is also pretty ridiculous. Even after you get your shock stabilizer upgrade (very early in the game), you still take damage if you fall more than three feet, and due to the complete lack of healing items in the game (and that for some reason enemy damage effects your shields first, while falling damage immediately affects your health), you'll likely find yourself walking into rooms on a sliver of health, and then falling just over three feet and getting the "Game Over" text.

    Honestly, this is a demo you shop around while looking for employment in the game industry, not something to be sold to people for $5. I like the idea here, but it doesn't play like the creator cared enough to do it right. This is not the way to start building brand awareness, and I'll remember this experience when "Magnetic Realms" releases their next game. I am really tired of new game developers thinking that releasing a trashy indie game for $5 through Greenlight is their ticket out of the mundane 9 - 5 grind. Take out a loan so you can quit your job and go full-time with your game development and hope your product is worth it, or stick with your day job and only develop in your downtime and take the five years it'd take to do your first game right, whatever, find a way to do it right and give your early projects the resources they require to be competitive on the market. You aren't a big dog yet, you're really going to have to work to win anyone over, startup projects like these are the worst way to go about procuring long-term success for a business.