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  1. Dec 19, 2012
    Hello my Name is SehrGay i can prove this game is a piece of crap.
    Please don't buy this game. I hope Mr. Sergay T. reads this. I hope this Company goes completly Broke and stops making Games...
  2. Dec 19, 2012
    this game is a joke dont buy it you buy this game and they just try to get more monney from you and the complete game is a ripp off from war inc the models and weapons are all from war inc and the screenshoots and information about the game are **** lies DONT BUY THIS **** GAME FROM THAT LIAR AND THIEF!
  3. Dec 19, 2012
    An atrocious cash grab of a game... you expect some exaggeration from a marketing department but many of its features listed on Steam are out and out lies. AVOID!
  4. Dec 19, 2012
    This game break so many laws and codes, If it was a book the authors would have been shunned with obvious plagiarism, Its a cash Grab by a cheap and shoddy games company to cash in on the Free game DayZ, Avoid this mess and shame on Steam for selling it.

    I for one will boycott steam and buy my games elsewhere..Tripe
  5. pty
    Dec 19, 2012
    Purchased this game on the day it was made available in deep alpha. Played it and accepted the hundreds of game breaking bugs, like falling through the world, walking into a wall killing you, walking down hills taking 90% of your health. I gave it time to progress because it was Alpha and I really enjoyed the concept. After forgetting about the game for the better part of a month, I returned to find a more polished yet still absolutely broken game. The hacking was rampant. I made four characters (because once you die, you must wait an hour to play that character again), and I spawned in with each one of them who was summarily headshotted within 20 seconds of spawning. The devs do little to acknowledge how broken the game is, while pushing pay to win options down your throat without adding much substance. Not to mention that your pay-to-win items are completely lost when you die, which in my case was within 5 minutes of spawning.

    Stay away from this game as it seems like it is a cash grabbing scam. I suggest everyone go take a read of this thread on reddit:

    Do not buy. Buyer beware. If you purchased it via the old system with Paypal, you can request a refund through paypal. It takes about 7-10 days.
  6. Dec 19, 2012
    This is nothing but a CON, sergey is a con-artist from mother russia and tbh even he puts real Russians to shame, DO NOT buy this game, while it does sustain a very small amount of the panic, fear and emotion dayz does with your character, it also RIPS open your wallet and rapes it without and lube, everything has a micro transaction cost and also a cost to purchase the game, while other games do one or the other this is the first ive come across that is such a blatant rip off, of other decent games and your wallet

    I am only a hater after playing it for at least 30 hours over several updates, if you only listen to one thing, I have this game since day one, it was fun for a very short period but your better spending that £10 in planetside 2 and getting more fun over a longer period.
  7. Dec 19, 2012
    Unless this crap company starts giving refunds and removes it's ridiculous non refund policy, I will continue to tell everyone I know to stay clear of this lemon.
  8. Dec 19, 2012
    Sergey, you're a lying f**k with a deceitfully sh*tty copycat game, and you helped develop one of the WORST games ever conceived with Big Rigs. You need to accept these things as fact, and fix them. You pissed off the gaming community, now you need to pay with blood, sweat and tears. Fix this hunk of dogsh*t game, fix your bad attitude, and reevaluate your life and how you treat us gamers, then MAYBE we'll hand you our hard earned cash. Expand
  9. Dec 19, 2012
    I purchased the game right before the Steam release. I like it. It is tough, fun, and rewarding. There are flaws, but what game doesn't have them. I look at this as I pre-ordered a game with beta access. There is all kinds of hate about it being called a foundation release. Call it what you want, they called it an alpha/beta and then a foundation release with out any changes. I hate the 4 hour respawn timer. I like the idea of being able to pay to revive but not with the 4 hour timer. I would be happy with a return to the 1 hr timer with an option to pay to revive early. There has been quite a bit of community mismanagement and PR issues but that doesn't take away from the game itself. If I were in charge I would say the game is in beta but you can pre-order (at full price) for early entry. Gear is relatively easy to get so early entry isn't a killer. The game needs polish and fill out of features but the overall game play is great. Expand
  10. Dec 19, 2012
    I been playing this game since day one. I really gave this game a chance. This game is has a really bad hacking problem and the devs don't know how to handle. The devs are a joke they thing there anti hack is working well I'm here to tell you that it's not. I bought a $15 copy of the game and used hacks for 5 days got ban in there big ban wave for hacking. The really cool part 2 days later they un ban me saying they are sorry for banning my account and I was not hacking (which I was) and they also gave me 1000GC for my lost time. Not only did I get my account un ban I know a bunch of other hackers who also got there account un ban as well. Every time they come out with a patch they fix one thing and break about 10 other things. Don't tell me this game will get better or its beta or alpha or whatever they case maybe. The devs have no clue what they are doing with this game and it is to late to fix it. Expand
  11. Jan 18, 2013
    I have never experienced a bug, never been killed by a hacker, and never glitched or crashed. The major problems people were griping about have been fixed. Its been patched 6 times since Christmas. Gameplay videos on youtube are often set to low settings so that the person can record smoothly, on ultra/high settings the games actually kind of pretty. That being said, the developer deserves all the bad press they got. They behaved shamefully. However, I really don't have time for video game politics. I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time, and DayZ is too simulation level hard core for me. Give this one a chance guys its worth it for $15. Expand
  12. Sep 23, 2013
    This is not a game, this is a scam designed for users to pay contantly for items. Not fun, not worth of time nor money. It was called warz a few months ago, not it changes its name to keep scamming unaware people.
  13. Jan 7, 2013
    "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma--which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." - Steve Jobs - February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011 RIP Expand
  14. Jan 21, 2013
    Keep crying carebears. Not the games fault you can't handle the post apocalyptic world. Advice: Join a clan. Mine is ripping it up. I'm loving this game. Updates are slow but I'm patient.
  15. Dec 21, 2012
    If you get banned for saying whats wrong with the game i don't think it deserves any score above 0. When players are getting banned for expressing their option you know its a dark time in the gaming industry.
  16. Dec 18, 2012
    This game was a horrendous waste of my time and money. Trying to get a refund from steam as we speak. Almost none of the features described are in the game yet! The graphics are awful even on the "ultra" settings I imagine you could play it on a netbook. Attack animations are non-existent, zombies are nearly unkillable with starting weapon, you can't SWIM, almost every player will kill you on sigh regardless of if you have any items, and the death system is awful. When you die you have to wait four hours to respawn. Four REAL hours not in-game time! Not to mention it seems to bug out a lot and I'll get killed by zombies that are several meters away. If you spend money on their cash shop you lose any item you buy when that character dies permanently. I have a migraine just from trying to understand how a game this unfathomably bad could be released on Steam or to the public in any way. If this game was in beta I'd still tell all my friends to avoid it, but it's a full release?! Expand
  17. Dec 18, 2012
    BUYER BEWARE! This game is being advertised with features that aren't in the game. For instance: several hundred km2 map(s), up to a hundred players, skill progression, etc. These are features that are supposed to be in the game at a later date, if at all.---------------------------------------------------------

    While the developers behind The War Z are weaselly and dishonest at
    best, the game can still be genuinely enjoyed. Player interactions are intense and sneaking through towns to get loot is definitely exciting. However, with all of that said this game is quite a lackluster. The graphics and animations are poorly done, the game world is empty, and there's hardly any depth to the game which would indicate that this game has been in development past alpha testing.---------------------------------------------------------

    Perhaps later on down the road the game will deserve a higher rating, but as it stands now there's a lot to be desired. The rating I'm going to give this game a four out of ten.
  18. Dec 18, 2012
    Ok, here is the deal. I purchased this game Oct 14th at the pioneer level. I played it and had a blast. I have been playing ever since and have seen all the changes that have been made. Some good, some not so good. I went into this knowing full well I was playing an alpha build and knew there would be bugs for a while and several changes would be made. Yes, I have played DayZ for some time prior to purchasing this game, and that is actually the reason I found this game. I never came into this spiteful that it was ripping off DayZ. I have read just about every rant and rave people had and also everything the developers came back with. It was a little hard to swallow but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I get killed a lot by bandits, not always hackers, but sometimes my deaths are too fishy to even have a doubt that some horseplay was going on. I just suck it up and load a new character and enjoy what time I spend alive in game. It has now become too much for me to stomach. Consistently being killed after 3 minutes in game is crazy. Take a look at Youtube and all of the hacks that there are for this game. I realize that they have banned over 3k people and that they are trying to fight it, but laying traps for people and banning innocent players is excessive. I have not even mentioned the fact that I payed what I believed was a "pre-release deal" at 40 some dollars, and now its on steam for around 15 bucks. I just dislike overpaying and being told I was getting a deal. Are you a game company comprised of used car salesmen? I have read Gamespys interview and I have just about had enough with this whole debacle. I don't even want my money back. I want an apology for making promises that you could not deliver and over charging me and many others to fund your development of this now third rate game. Sincerely
    a once loyal fan
  19. Dec 19, 2012

    Please read before you buy:

    This game is a total rip off and scam. The developers are incompetent liars who are not fit to run a game. Avoid this game at all costs. I made the mistake of making 8 or 9 friends and family members buy this game and boy was it a colossal mistake. Sergey Titov is a lying, greedy rat bastard. Please do not support him
    and this game. Ok on to the game: This game is filled with hackers, completely ruins all the fun. They have features like pay for clan that you have to pay for. They have 4 hour long deathtimers that you can buy your way out of with real money. They don't have many features that they told us they would have. Everything is delayed. Basically they are a bunch of liars and all deserve to be sued or go to jail for this scam. Expand
  20. Dec 19, 2012
    this is a **** fraud. it's in alpha state, it's a **** ripoff from dayz, it's just war inc with zombies. the developers are dirty **** liars. if you buy this game I will **** murder you
  21. Dec 19, 2012
    It's the worst game for a long time. Dev's tried to steal a little bit of succes of DayZ. Game is unfinished and already released on Steam. Half of features listed there is a LIE! I hope warz is going to die soon.
  22. Dec 19, 2012
    This game is garbage. Don't buy it unless you are looking for the second class citizen of the zombie MMO genre. I purchased the game in Alpha some time ago and have thoroughly NOT enjoyed the few hours I have put in. Game mechanics are clunky and it feels like you're in a bad comic book while playing. The community (if you can call it that) is full of hackers and the developers have continually lied about the game and it's features. Expand
  23. Dec 19, 2012

    ... unless you like pay2win, dishonest developers, broken and/or unfulfilled promises about the game development, **** graphics, a massive amount of hackers and paying 15$ (and more if you want to use all features via in game currency) for what basically is a mod of an already **** free2play (and pay2win) game War Inc.

    Go spend your money on everything but this,
    even a Nickelback album. Expand
  24. Feb 15, 2014
    A total rip off cash in, avoid at all costs. I gave this game the benefit of the doubt but in the end its all about maximising profit whilst giving the player a very simple and boring experience. Im surprised its not made by EA.
  25. Dec 19, 2012
    Haters gonna hate of sure, this game is absolutely fascinating and scary.playi'n since alpha,so why u continue giving 0 vote?Also about 400 of people giving negative review never played this game.Page steam is now ACCURATE and for 10
  26. Dec 19, 2012
    The game company lied openly to it's customers. Fact: They posted the wrong information purposefully on Steam to lure customers in a "cash grab" in many ways including and up to charging players real money to "respawn" or they would wait 4 hours. It was stated by the developers no extra money would be required beyond buying the game to "play" the game. FACT: A developer is recorded stating he will have access to a "god mode" command, where he will then kill any bandits he does not like in the game.

    FACT: The game was stolen from DayZ, and covered up to make it look like it was in development before days. It tries to copy the systems of DayZ, yet cannot own up to it in the slightest.

    FACT: Asking for a refund may result in you being threatened with legal action, up to and including being "blacklisted" so that payments cannot be made using certain services.

    FACT: They have no system to prevent hackers, yet are charging real money for items you lose when you die to hackers.

    FACT: They have an illegal clause in the TOS which states you are not allowed to obtain a refund, even though in just about every country this is breaking the law in itself.

    This needs to be exposed now. Everyone who has power in the gaming world needs to come forward, and put an end to this. If this company is allowed to continue, there is no telling what else will be allowed. Please, for the sake of the future of gaming, of Steam... to show people how blind they are. I still see many people saying the game is "fine" even though they are the minority, even with the proof they have been lied to, and cheated they still defend this company. I'm not sure what this generation needs to see through it, I really don't. It makes me physically ill at times when I'm reading the comments of people praising Hammerpoint. How can you not see through it? He isn't even doing it intelligently, he's calling YOU the idiots for reading something correctly that they put up incorrectly.

    I feel like I'm beating my head against a solid steel wall right now. Is there no hope left for this world?
  27. Dec 20, 2012
    Still in development, has potential !!! Some bugs but really good. New and cool features are coming in the future. More maps will be available. Beware of aggressive players !!! Most people will just kill you without talking first just because of fear !!!
  28. Dec 21, 2012
    The game actually is how I thought it would be. I like the zombies and how you kill them, weapons are a bit common but yea... I know, the game has many bugs and **** but I still won't get a refund. Why? I see, that they try to fix everything and listen to the community. That's enough for me to trust them. I am looking for this to be a good game, but not in one week, not in one month but maybe in 6 month this will be a really great game. The game was just released and since the alpha really many things has been changed and added. And just because some things are copied, it doesn't mean the game suck. Would you rather use the first phone on earth, or a Samsung Galaxy? I would prefer a Samsung. Actually, I would give this game 10 points if they would fix the problem with the hackers, because the game is fun. But something annoys me: The mainstream cities. You go to a popular city and you see like 10 people in 5 minutes. I know, it's actually good if you're not alone, but 10 people... If they would hollow out more buildings, people will actually travel to different cities and not to the big ones. BTW: I hate to spawn at safe zones. Expand
  29. Dec 25, 2012
    All I can say is that I'm utterly disappointed in Hammerpoint for making such an awful game that in the beginning seemed incredibly promising. I have wasted time, energy and money on this piece of garbage and I feel completely ripped off. The worst part? I still hope the game will improve and I know that, in the end, I myself and others who hope for the same will eventually be let down. Again.
  30. Dec 25, 2012
    A great, big, steaming, pile of the foulest smelling manure 15 dollars can buy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that purchasing $15.00 worth of crap would be a better investment, because at least you could fertilize a few plants with the manure.
  31. Dec 26, 2012
    I believe that they are associated with Russian organized crime. There is a lot of money in gaming, both legitimate and illegitimate, to be had. Its a grey area of the law, especially international law, and I know that organized crime has their hand in both the gold seller market, as well as the game development markets.

    People laugh when I say that, but there are billions of dollars in
    this industry, and just like American crime has their hands in various industries. Gaming is a ripe fruit just waiting to be plucked by them. They'd be stupid to pass it up.

    So what do I think of WarZ? It blatantly steals content from other games. They ripped League of Legend's ToS, They plagiarized images from The Walking Dead, and they stole at least one UI from Crysis. The developers are lying through their teeth while threatening anyone demanding a refund with having Paypal blacklist you as an, "Untrustworthy user". What they're doing would be against several US Federal laws, but since they're in Russia, they get away with it. Otherwise, Hammerpoint would have already been sued to the ground which is what should happen.

    Vanilla WoW's graphics are better than The War Z, the controls are clunky, the hackers are everywhere, there a ONE HOUR respawn time (Which further proves that the devs are far out of touch with gamers), There's a really bad in-game cash shop that will not stop bothering you that there's a cash shop, you lose all of your items whenever you are killed, even if they're items bought in the cash shop, the GM's are abusive in-game and will ban legitimate players for nothing while spawning their own items to kill you on sight.

    I've been to their forums as well. They're using a crappy PhP forum that looks as if it was made by a teenager, the forum staff can't hold themselves to the standards they set for the users, the entire community is toxic, any thread asking for a refund gets locked, deleted, and the user get's banned.

    Everything about this company is unprofessional and should be avoided. If you are someone who's enjoying this game, awesome. Good for you. Sadly, the majority of players refuse to deal with a game this bad and with a company so fraudulent.
  32. Dec 27, 2012
    Never in my life have I been so bored and underwhelmed with a game in my entire life. This game is entirely broken, yet the developers insist that the game is complete and is worth $15 at least. This game is basically a pay to win styled game, yet you can lose items that you have paid for with your hard earned cash by spawning in a server and getting camped by a bunch of people who are equally as bored as you are in this game. This game promises prominent features that aren't even in the game yet, and I doubt that the lazy liar of a team of developers won't ever implement any of these said features any time soon. And don't listen to the apologists who insist that this game is still in a "Alpha" format. This game has already gone through said "Alpha" and even "Beta" stages. The developers don't even indicate that its still in "Alpha" they constantly persist that the game is in a complete state and is worth your hard earned cash. This game deserves every piece of bad rep that it has endured, and no one should ever waste their money or time on it. Remember, this game was pulled from Steam for being a giant sack of malarkey. Expand
  33. Jan 1, 2013
    The War Z is possibly the most fraudulent game made in the last decade. From faked screenshots to advertising features on Steam (before it was removed) that do not exist in game, the title is one big lie after another. The game play itself consists of attempting to survive in a zombie infested world (again a much smaller world than advertised). However, the real danger in the world of War Z is the absolute failure of design as far as anti-cheat. Numerous cheats are available for sale and many, many people are using them. The legitimate player is much more likely to die from a script kiddie using an ESP hack or aimbot. This has been a problem from the first day that the game opened as the game is simply a mod for a game called War Inc. The cheaters simply modified their scripts from that game as it is the very same game except with badly done zombies. As this is a PVP game and you lose all of your items upon death this is a major issue which the developers don't seem to be able to fix. There are numerous other issues as well covered in many other reviews. Suffice it say, buying this game at this time is a pure waste of money. Expand
  34. Jan 2, 2013
    Total failure. This game is not successful copy of DayZ. The worst spent money. I completely don't recommend. The authors of WarZ are hyenas, which can't invent their OWN idea for game.
  35. Jan 2, 2013
    Game is a straight rip off from Day Z! Unoriginal Garbage that i can't believe steam let this trash even be purchased. a a a a a a a aa a aa a a aa aa a a a a a aaa a a a a Garbage!!!!
  36. Jan 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. El juego en si es un asco, malos gráficos, mala ambientación, mala optimizacion , bugs y glitches en todos lados, pero detrás de cámaras es mucho peor, la empresa a cargo del videojuegos dejara de dar soporte técnico al multijugador si el juego no llega a un numero de ventas determinados, ademas el juego es al parecer un mod mal hecho del juego "war inc battlezone" , graficos similares , armas, modelos e interfaz similar, en los terminos y condiciones del videojuego, robaron el de league of legends. Tambien en la informacion del videojuego se mentia acerca de como era el juego, al igual que en videojuego hecho por el mismo director de este Expand
  37. Jul 20, 2013
    Worst game experience I've ever had. Game crashes, bugs everywhere and pay to revive or wait one hour to play again? Pay real money for bullets? Really? The game is clearly unfinished and they ask money for it. Do not buy it!
  38. Jul 20, 2013
    Do not buy this game! EVER! Yup, as you can probably already tell I was unfortunately one of the many poor bastards that jumped on the Steam $3.74 sale bandwagon! Oh, wow what a shame. This is by far the most absolutely horrible, pathetic, lamest, crappiest, and a few more blankety blank blanks game I have ever played. I've never written a review or bothered with anything like this before, but this game has motivated me to do so now. This game is purely pay to maybe win and free to lose and die, suffer, regret, and rage, to the extreme. I'll lay out some math for you... They start you out with a flashlight, a granola bar, and a bottle of water. If you stand there without moving your thirst and hunger degenerate, which is fine, but it's to the extent that you have to eat and drink something roughly every 10 15 minutes. Huh, that's lame. Now, you have to find food and water by going into zombie infested areas which isn't too horrible, you have to survive, that's understandable. But then the map is really small and there's usually about 20 30 players minimum in any server at any time, so good luck getting the good stuff as a noob with a flashlight going against hordes of zombies and other dudes with guns, and not to mention you have about 30 minutes to do so otherwise you starve to death or die of thirst. But! You can buy food and water in the store! =O Holy crap, hallelujah! (Can't believe I spelled that right the first time.) Downside A bottle of water costs $400 in game cash, or a certain amount of gold coin things that you can only get with real money where 5 USD gets you 615 or so. So, $400 in game cash for a bottle of water. How hard could that be to get with only a flashlight and 30 minutes to spare? Well, according to the Wiki zombies have a 1:10 chance of dropping cash. They only ever really drop about 30-50 bucks in cash each time. So if you're lucky, you can afford a single bottle of water in about 30 zombie kills...maybe. And no, flashlights don't kill zombies very fast if you're wondering. Now, on top of this, the voice chat a good idea except people who pay out their asses for this game are as pathetic as what they sound, total BLANK-holes that shoot first, skip the questions, and hump your dead face. Horrible gaming community involved with this game, the customer support has never gotten anything but terrible reviews, they are obviously only using this game to make money, ripping their customers off at any chance they get, and don't forget that they can ban you for crashing if they decide to, or ban you for no reason at all, instead of actually having a passion for game design and providing something at least partially half way decent to play. The graphics suck, the game play is worthless, and the price is beyond insane. If there are any good reviews ANYWHERE about this game, they are most likely being paid by whatever hammer industry that devised this scam to rip people off. You can only play the game at first by playing a male, so if you're a girl and want to play as a female, you have to get $150,000 in game cash to buy the character, or spend about $5 to get a character. Every item that you use real life currency to purchase goes BYE BYE if you die, nothing is retained after you die. And you have to wait an hour before you can play again on that character. If there's any more crap about this game that I'm missing, I'm sure there's plenty of it left out there, eventually you'll walk right into the fan spraying all the BLANK, enjoy if you give this game a chance, I'd strongly suggest seeing the 20/100 metacritic score and avoid this catastrophe. This concludes my review, I am a proud survivor of this ridiculous infestation for three and a half hours, and now most currently a beyond proud and relieved uninstaller of Infestation Survivor Stories with way more BLANKS then any game should allow. I feel sorry for anyone who gives this game a chance, it's not worth it, and they only want your money without giving anything in return. Expand
  39. Dec 24, 2012
    What a bummer,they trying to release the game that haven`t finish yet.And now people who brought it got scammed.Stick with DayZ instead.WarZ is just a piece of crap that they wanna look like DayZ but even better,but nothing can do anymore with broken gameplay at all and rob money by purchase something...what a joke.War Inc game should not make a game like this!
  40. Jan 31, 2013
    A complete piece of garbage. Some games just rip off others, and the results is often mediocre at best, but War Z beats records in terms of lazy game development. If trolling had its equivalent in the game industry, this game would be a fine example. Stay away from this sorry excuse for a quick cash grab.
  41. Jan 21, 2013
    Terrible game that is only further backed up by their customer support. War Z is not ready for official release by a long shot and should have been delayed.
  42. Mar 11, 2013
    This is the best game ever 10/10 must buy, most innovative game of the year. Beautiful graphics, fascinating lore, brilliant story, deep character design. What more can I say? Get this game now, what a bargain for just $15.

    Just kidding lol.
  43. Dec 19, 2012
    To put it simply, this game is unfinished and broken at best. An embarrassment to a developer. Released way too early then it should have been and with a broken community. Save yourself, don't buy this.
  44. Jan 4, 2013

    The developers are straight out lying, and the game is NOT finished AT ALL. This is nothing but a quick cash grab. If you have bought this game, get you money back as soon as possible
  45. Dec 19, 2012
    The War Z is an cash grab low grade scam. It does at least run and offers some distraction so isnt deserving of a 0-2 as it succeeds in some areas. It however fails in many many more.
    Its a laggy, ugly, buggy, game that makes promises it doesnt deliver on and ultimately tries to cash in on the popularity of another title while failing to even meet the level of that title which is a buggy,
    ugly game as well. Except that the other game is a free mod in Alpha. Dont waste your money on this garbage. Expand
  46. Dec 19, 2012
    A cheap cash grab, that's all. Reskinned War.Inc made to profit from the dayz zombie craze as much as possible.

    Also the developers are worse than EA and Activision combined.
  47. Apr 4, 2013
    Full of cheaters. You can find cheats easily in the internet and the development team does not care about it. It's unplayable. But there is one thing that i can tell you: This game is awesome without the hacks. Obviously some weapons are hard to find and a zombie can kill you easily if you're used to play games on the rookie mode. The game is realistic and fun, but you can't beat cheaters, and they're everywhere. Expand
  48. Dec 19, 2012
    This game has been an obvious scam since the day it was announced. Cash shop in a sandbox game based around scavenging items, at least it was worth a laugh.
  49. Jan 7, 2013
    Game is **** Believe me. I have it since October and is utter crap - it's FILLED with hackers, I mean crawling, I mean my guess is at least 60-70% of all players have any form of hack, at least ESP. Graphics are ****ty beyond belief (watch a video on YouTube and witness yourself); developers are shady, despot liars that will ban you for your opinions on the forum, and so on, and so forth. Game is build on the hype generated by DayZ. All these guys at Hammerpoint want is YOUR MONEY, so DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this piece of **** Expand
  50. Jan 4, 2013
    I bought this game for full price, legendary package.

    This game is a scam. Stay Away.

    The War Z is a total disaster. The worst zombie game ever made.
  51. Jan 10, 2013
    this is the worst game in 2012 yet game history.
    this is not even zombie game. just cheesy deathmatch game with another players.
    no potential at all.
    avoid this.
  52. Jan 8, 2013
    If I could give this game a negative score I would, but I am content with a zero due to the Steam refund given. I feel bad giving anything a zero, but this game gets one from me.
  53. Dec 19, 2012
    The War Z is easily one of the worst games i've ever played. I'd say it's beaten only by Big Rigs, a game made by the same people (what a surprise!). Even the name alone is a straight rip off of Day Z. The game itself plays completely awful and after an hour I had a headache and wanted to throw up. The graphics would disgust a N64 and the gameplay is rougher than sandpaper. It doesn't excel at fun or realism. If you would like to enjoy a zombie apocalypse game, I would suggest Day Z instead of this cheap ripoff. Expand
  54. Jan 4, 2013
    This game is a total flop in gaming history. Nothing but lies and unprofessional behaviour from the developers side, which leaves a game that is unpolished, unfinished and extremely disapointed thought through.
  55. Dec 18, 2012
    This game is a perfect example of a great idea with absolutely horrible execution accompanied by an anti-consumer business model. Too bad the one good thing it's got going for it (the idea) is ripped off of someone else's work.
  56. Dec 18, 2012
    I'll start off by saying I never played DayZ, I also never bought this game. One of my friends was gracious enough to give me a 24hr guest past to give the game a test drive. I also never participated in the forums, got banned, or got pissy over each time I died, which was frequent. With that out of the way, let's take a look at this game: Well, it's glitchy, for one. You can drop 6 feet off a roof and take no damage, what you can skip a step going down a hill and lose most or all your hp. You quickly learned to never go down a hill without crouching. The zombies only exist by buildings and in the case of big cities, may actually go into a building or spawn there. Besides that they almost never go into buildings, and can't be found anywhere out in the wilderness, which accounts for about 70-80% of the landscape. Zombie AI is also terrible, they can hear you walking around through concrete walls and you can crouch-sneak past them from 6 feet away. They mostly just stand around, every now and then they'll wander about 15 feet, then stop for another undetermined amount of time, I've seen them sit around for minutes. They also chase you for miles, which I found pretty tedious, and they take forever to kill without a gun(I had to hit one 100+ times which took 2-3 minutes). As of this month, there are barely any melee weapons to be found, and guns are more common than the ammo for them, which seems silly to me. Most areas where you can arm up are usually being camped by probably some of the more **** players I've seen in an online shooter. Money is very scarce as well, you might find 50 here, 100 there, but when a basic melee weapon costs 4000+, and you lose it permanently if you die, you're kinda stuck with this "Why bother?" mentality. The graphics are...underwhelming. I don't really have anything good to say about them, they make it feel like a 2004~ with bad animation. The sound is frustrating, because zombies will sound like they're right next to you, but really they're 40 feet or further away. The music is also obnoxious, playing randomly when it's important for you to be able to hear what's going on around you. There's also no way to turn it off, the audio slider cannot be used to mute it. My rating? 1. For obvious reasons detailed. My suggestion? Wait for the DayZ standalone that will likely be quite a bit better than this. People may disagree with me, that I only experienced a 24hr pass(About 8 hours spent playing the game), but there really isn't that much content to the game to justify that argument. What your gaming experience will ultimately dwindle down to is finding a off-the-grid town with weapon spawns, looting it dry, then quitting and loading up another server(preferably low pop) so you have a new instance of the town to loot. Then once you finally have everything, join a mid-high pop server, kill a few people, then die yourself, wasting the 30 or so minutes you just spent getting armor, weapons, healing items, and food/water. If what I listed above appeals to you, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, but I can't in good conscience recommend this game. Expand
  57. Dec 19, 2012
    Description of features were basically a pack of lies, this does little it promised, feel saddened that Steam let this happen. In an interview on IGN it seems the publishers do not see that saying there are features in the game that do not exist is lying, just creative advertising. We don't need publishing houses like this.
  58. Mar 20, 2013
    Aside from the fact that warz is basically a clone of War Inc, one of the bigger FPS failures due to crappy coding, glitching, and dated graphics, The gameplay probably deserves a 2 or 3. However I rated them as a zero because of the lie upon lie they stated. They stated this was in the making well before dayz came out (When it's obviously a rip off of dayz), and they continued to make many other lies in order to attempt to get a cash cow (Which they managed to do, I guess). Heck, they literally took the TOS from everquest 2 and just did a copy paste with no editing, and put it up a while back. You could literally see "Everquest 2". This is one of the companies that should be put to trial and sued for lies and slander. Expand
  59. Jan 1, 2013
    This game was AT THE VERY LEAST 2-5 months of development away until it would be ready for general consumption. And then for any fan complaining about the poor conditions of the game to be silenced or banned for doing so. This game is without question illegal to sell to any consumer for its incredibly false advertisement of features that never were released into the actual game. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME Expand
  60. Dec 19, 2012
    Words cannot simply describe how bad this game is, but I'll do my best. First off, if you're a War Z fan boy, don't bother telling me about how the game is only in alpha/beta. The developers clearly 'forgot' to mention this fact on the Steam store page. Thousands of people have purchased it, expecting a finished game, yet they have received an absolute **** fest.

    Let's get down to my
    initial experience. As a regular DayZ player I least have some knowledge of how to play this sort of game. During my first life, I went to a trailer park and found two unarmed players. I got to talking to them and we agreed to team. Within about 5 seconds of me turning my back they began to hit me with their flashlights (note: I stated to them that I had nothing of worth, as did they). I tried to run away but thanks to the game's ****ty stamina system, I died.

    5 minutes into my second life, I ran into a building in a small town looking for loot and was immediately killed by someone wielding a knife. No hesitation, no time to react, dead.

    5 minutes into my third life the same pretty much happened but it was at a different location on the map and they killed me with a gun this time. (note: I had nothing, I was barely even a threat, I didn't even go close to them before they shot/stabbed me down).

    Barely 3 minutes into my fourth (and final) life I was shot by sniper, completely out of the blue for no reason. After that I decided that I'd had enough.

    It's basically Call of Duty with overpowered zombies thrown in. They kill you in about 5 hits and when you're stamina runs out (which it does fairly quickly) they run faster than you.

    It's bad enough that they had to copy DayZ but they've done such a bad job of it.

    If you're thinking about buying this game I strongly recommend that you don't. Wait for the DayZ standalone.

    TL;DR: CoD with Zombies. Awful game.
  61. Dec 19, 2012
    This game is a fraud. Not a single claimed feature is true, the game is buggy and boring.
    Some Textures are worse than sprites from DooM, and the gameplay feels almost non-existant.
  62. Dec 24, 2012
    I paid 50 bucks for this (Legendary) and honestly would have rather spent my money on a blowjob from a cheap hooker named Martha with no teeth. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE.
  63. Dec 19, 2012
    I ve played DayZ for about 2 hours before the ugliness of the game made me quit. This on the other hand looks ok and is still improving. Granted there was a PR **** up with the steam release and it still needs a lot of work bit the game has a lot of potential and certainly deserves better the the current user score seems to suggest
  64. Dec 18, 2012
    Terrible game that is nowhere near ready for retail release.Terrible company that threatens its own customers who requested refunds and blatantly lied to their own fan base.
  65. Dec 18, 2012
    I don't understand why people would compare this game to Day Z. They might be in the same environment, share gameplay or something else, BUT YOU ALL BOUGHT COD:BOII, similarities never stood in your way before, why are they so important now? Game is not the greatest one, but hey, it's not THAT bad. Support in War Z is very responsive to what players want, they update game almost every day, they really putting a lot of effort into it. Also I think that reddit posts and all the frauds against War Z is Day Z developers' fault.
    TL;DR give the guys a break
  66. Dec 18, 2012
    Everything surrounding this game is bad. The developers: The developers of this game brought you lack luster hits like The War Inc, and the lead developer is responsible for one of the worst games ever created. So you ought to not expect much from this team, but it gets worse since they constantly lie to boost sales by lying about what is actually in the game, what can we expect, how long they have been working on it, etc. This game is an obvious cash grab on dayZ's success which is why he made all these false claims and promises prior release and charged several times the retail price for the game during it's alpha stage. If you think that you will cease to spend money once you purchased the game you are sadly mistaken. This guy is trying to squeeze as much money from their suckers as they can. They wanted to charge 750 in game currency to create a clan. They later changed this after community outrage. Currently they are charging you 50GC to respawn your character. If you don't pay this fee you will have to wait 4 hours to use your character again.

    The gameplay: This game fails at everything it tries to be. This game is supposed to be an open world survival mmo with zombies, but at best only manages to capture the PVP aspect of dayZ. This game survival implementation lacks any depth to it. It is reduced to just finding food and water which are fairly common. You eat food instantly so you do not have to be off guard to eat, and same for healing yourself, scavenging, and switching weapons. This game is missing many animations that you would expect, and the ones that exists are god awful. This game doesn't have the fun of setting up a camp site to store items or make your base. The zombie AI is way to simplistic especially for a game that suppose to have harder zombies. Stealth in this game is poorly implemented. This game is suppose to appeal to hardcore gamers but has many carebare features. Like safezones and global inventory. Stuff like this takes away from the survival aspect and the genre is general. This game is horrible, and I would not recommend it to anyone.
  67. Dec 18, 2012
    I believe that the choices made by the dev of WarZ are terrible and should receive a score of 0. The fact that they changed the respawn limit from 1 hour to a 4 hour wait or pay 50gc which is in-game money that is bought with real money.
  68. Dec 18, 2012
    This Game is a Scam.....Do not buy.... Just google it and you will see many reasons.

    The idea and concept behind War Z would be a winner in most every gamers library, unfortunately it has been poorly executed by Hammerpoint. There is a massive population of gamers who would enjoy playing a true Zombie Survival MMO, however this game falls short in all 3 of those words. ◎ Zombie.
    There are zombies in the game, and is probably the highest selling point for this game. Unfortunately the zombies are pointless in the game, and leave much to be desired. One would think in a Zombie Survival game, your biggest fear would be zombies. This is untrue. Players are your worst enemy, and zombies are there to be filler and annoying at most. Expand
  69. Dec 18, 2012
    OK Sergei you asked for review... Idea of the game is nice, not matter who ripped it from who *cough* stolen from Rocket *cough* . If we forget all rip-off and all this idea stealing (even the Foundation release name stolen from DayZ) Let's forget ALL of that and see what we have here: We have nice idea, we have some what good base on what to build but it needs to be build before releasing. This game is still in EARLY alpha phase. You can't just release something that's COMPLETELY undone! Steam should be ashamed of them self for selling this and advertising it as a complete game! There's not one mention on steam page that the game is still in developement..even thou Main Dev Sergei claims all mmo's are constantly developed it does not mean you can publish something that's clearly still in ALPHA! Steam page is full of lies and your sad interview trying to cover those lies ( is not doing you any good. You are just money scamming douchebag mr. Sergei!

    I strongly, I repeat STRONGLY advice to invest your money into something else then WarZ. Drink it. Drink beer till you vomit all over your moms carpet and pass out lying on it, vomit all over you.. . That's better investment then putting your money into something as bad as this sad excuse of a game is!
  70. Dec 19, 2012
    Please read all the rage reviews in here and tell me how many of them actually talk about the actual game in general and not small features or faulty details. NONE. That's right. They aren't reviews, but just haters that probably haven't played the game for more than an hour. The game has had a growing community since before the Steam release for a reason. I have played this game after it was released as an alpha to the general public, and I can firmly say that have never had so much fun in such a long time. First, this game is not for everyone. It is an MMO FPS SURVIVAL PVP Zombie game which focus on PvP. The game is meant to be rough. No party system or anti friendly fire for example, gives realism to the game. A death penalty of 4 hours per character and lost of all carried items (lootable by other players), creates a survival of the fittest like environment full of tension and gratification at the same time. The War Z look and sound very good, with many details that gives incredible realism to the environment. Is the only game that I've played in a long time that can urge both emotions of great joy or sorrow by the same system. Hear a gun shot, and ether you hide/run for your life or you get filled with valor rushing to find the conflict. This game is hardcore, very hardcore, you could lose hours of farming in an instant just because, for example, you got killed by some stalker that waited till you got distracted with a zombie, but you could also cut hours by executing similar strategies. This is not COD or similar games. You have to think where to go, how to get there unnoticed and most importantly look carefully at your surroundings. You have to keep moving in order to find food and drink to stop hunger or thirst which can eventually kill you, thus preventing camping for long periods. You can run by yourself or hunt loot or players by joining a clan. I have personally experienced many moments of tension, happiness and fear that I will never forget. Felt Incredible joy after killing very farmed players or finding extremely rare items, followed by total fear and/or sorrow by encounters with other players. The global inventory, a place where you can store items for latter use without fear of losing them, has become a memory storage of those moments.

    In terms of content and delivery, developers are constantly listening to the community, improving on many aspects of the game and giving life to community ideas. The game has changed so much since the Alpha, which can only be explained by its fast development. The War Z, as a game has technically improved over its source game idea (DayZ) and over its source game engine (War inc) in many ways. So don't get fooled by people who say that the game is just a rip off or some modification of another game/engine. However, it is also technically far from perfect. Glitches, malfunctions and in some cases, lack of details or basic functionality are present in the game. These has been slowly disappearing but some are still present and can affect the gaming experience for some players. In conclusion, this is a very challenging, entertaining and fun game that blast players with great tension and emotions. It is not technically exceptional, but has demonstrated growing improvements over time, with one of the best community-pleasing developers group that I have ever seen. If you don't believe what I say, just look for online stream shows at or any other site and look at the player's face for the reason why this game is so good.
  71. Dec 18, 2012
    This is literally the one of the worst games I've ever played. I bought it on Steam, but little did I know that the claims made by the developers were nothing more than simple marketing. The game is still in alpha or very early beta (even though they fail to inform costumers of this) and is nearly unplayable. The textures are terrible, models fail to load, the servers are unable to handle their advertised capacity, the AI is laughable, the success of your character depends on how much you are willing to spend on in-game micro transactions. Also, do not think of asking for a refund. The company behind the game threatens to blacklist you with their credit processor (meaning that if you they give you a refund, it could very well make it hard/impossible to buy things online). All in all, stay away; this game is very nearly painful to play. If you are a fan of zombie survival games, either play DayZ, an ARMA II mod, or wait until DayZ releases the standalone game. Expand
  72. Dec 18, 2012
    Not much else to do in this game other then die really. Shady support, shady lead developer, shady way of dealing with hackers, everything about this game is shady. On comparison of this game and War Inc., it's nothing more then a slightly re-skinned version of War Inc with some zombies thrown in.
  73. Dec 18, 2012
    A hastily made cash grab attempt to profit off the exploding popularity of the DayZ mod. Essentially 'The WarZ' is a re-skin of the F2P game by the same company 'WarINC' with users being charged both upfront and with a pay to win cash shop for items that you will inevitably lose moments later. The game is full of bugs, cheaters and missing listed features. For me though, the worst part is their development team, who blatantly lie through their teeth and delete every critisism from their forums as if they never existed. To summarise poorly made, rushed game in alpha state being sold with a pay 2 win cash shop, missing features, empty promises, full of cheaters and a development team who instead of acknowledging any issues with the game instead choose to delete any negative feedback and pretend it isn't a problem. Expand
  74. Dec 18, 2012
    I was really hoping for a great game, knew it was in development so I didn't expect much. But what I didn't expect at all was to get F'ed in the A by the worst developers in the history of gaming (Big Rig Truckers anyone?) I highly recommend you do NOT buy this game under any circomstances, even if a criminal is holding you hostage and threatening to prick you with a needle that contains the aids virus, do NOT get this. Expand
  75. Dec 19, 2012
    This game is an absolute abomination. The developers lie and scam their way to undermine the real work of the DayZ mod creator. They are trying to get money from people who don't understand the difference. They WILL say or do nearly anything to either, A. Convince you that their game is actually functional. B. Make sure you are silenced otherwise. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY!
  76. Dec 19, 2012
    The makers of this game is a joke. Mass banning and silence of the community. They should kill themselves for charging people for a beta game. ****
  77. Dec 19, 2012
    I am ashamed of what i saw. A friend of mine pushed me hard for buying this, he was so excited that i fell into this without even checking a forum.
    What a big mistake it was! I bought the game in ALPHA stage, tried to play it for 2 days but then i really was upset at my friends for making me buy such an horrible product.
    This happened i guess around 3-4 weeks ago. Now i find out that the
    game is being sold at a LOWER PRICE than the one i payed when it was in alpha stage. This is a total JOKE and i'm going to ask for a refund, let's hope the marketing office has a decent behavior to customers, considering the dev team did one of the most horrible works i've ever had the (bad) luck to play. Expand
  78. Dec 19, 2012
    Literally the worst game I've ever played. People hate on Bethesda for releasing unfinished are looking at the KING of unfinished games here.There's a lot of running around through environments that looked great back on the original Ghost Recon, only the weapons don't handle nearly as well. I really loved getting killed every three minutes because I got stuck in an invisible wall. This isn't a game, it's a shameless cash-grab. Expand
  79. Dec 19, 2012
    Godawful game with developers depending on scamming with lies and false hopes just to make a quick money.

    Stay away!

    If you really want to be informed in detail about the things that everyone is talking about, check out this blog and everything will become crystal clear. My only hope is that my review will help someone out there from wasting his money on
    the product of scammers! Expand
  80. Dec 19, 2012
    Released on Steam with multiple false claims about the game and empty promises. Game is very buggy, purchased items in-game are lost on death, even if you die by a bug/glitch (invisible players, the insane zombie reach). Reviews with the developers are shady and developers actions within the community are shady in general.
  81. Dec 19, 2012
    This had the possibility of being a great game, and it would be decent for an alpha/beta build. Yet, the devs insisted on rushing a full release of an alpha/beta game and are trying to pass it off as complete. It is not polished/complete or even close to it. False advertising.
  82. Dec 19, 2012
    This "game" is a quick money grab aimed at copying many other superior products to achieve the lowest possible standard of completion for release. An absolute farce, 'The War Z' should be avoided at all costs, bar none. I'd rather lose $15 than pay these people one cent.
  83. Dec 19, 2012
    I don't need to write a review because you can just read all the others saying how bad this game is, but to reiterate the point and reach the 150 characters quota, the people who made this game are just cashing in on dayz.
  84. Dec 19, 2012
    Unfinished game sold as a complete title. This is a scam. Also the way the developers already try to monetize an unfinished product (death timers etc..) is sickening.
  85. Dec 19, 2012
    i have fun playing is that not what matters?

    its not a scam ignor the trolls they just gota hate for hates sake

  86. Dec 19, 2012
    despite all the negative critics and the many rumors of scams and cheating and lying, the game is freaking amazing. i haven't been able to play anything else for months because i've been spending all my time on this game. it's VERY bare bones as it's simply a map with zombies, loot and player spawn areas. the alignment system is currently useless as there's little reason NOT to be a bandit and kill on sight.

    production has been slow, but a good pace for a group of somewhere between 25 and 60 dev's. marketing and PR has been shotty but seeing as there are few members, i would prefer them to work on the game and not flake off and dick around on the forums all day.

    the animations and base mechanics improve with every other update.

    don't ever let a negative critic or even numbers tell you if a game is good or not. only you will know after you give it a try since it's all about perspective. so here's the question for you reader. . .

    do you like zombies? do you like HUGE persistent worlds? do you like pvp? do you like pve? do you want to have the choice of either or?(private servers will be out soon and there's PLENTY of people willing to have Role Playing, PVE and PVP dedicated servers and allow you in) do you like a challenge? do you like making challenges for other players? do you like to roleplay (not just play a character in an MMO)? do you like to explore?

    this may be the game for you but keep in mind you must be very patient not just with the development but also with playing the game in general. don't just run out there and expect a large call of duty world. your life is precious in this game as you have a lockout if you die (don't worry, there are 5 character slots and you can always save one for a hardcore character. he loses his skills but you get to play as much as you like)

    you are able to spend real money on game things that are convenient, but don't give you any real advantage. for instance, at the moment (could possibly change) you can spend 50GC (1$=125ishGC) to revive a dead character sooner (convenient, not really an advantage), or get some meds or ammo (again, convenient, but by no means an advantage).

    for the best experience in game, it could be best to play with a group. if you can not find a trusting group online or in real life friends, you may try to join one of the many many clan's. these can lead up to some really amazing and fun times. one of my favorite experiences was when about 24 of us were running through a server to waste weapons before they wiped the inventories.

    give it a shot. i won't blame someone for not liking this game but i freaking love it and am looking forward to even MORE content to come.
  87. Dec 19, 2012
    A lot of lies, zero communication between costumer and developer. A lot of bans many times with no logical explanation, some of developers did unprofessional work by giving not yet released items to some of player in the game, bad handle with hackers.
  88. Dec 19, 2012
    Misleading advertising on STEAM. . A sham designed just to make money off Day Z's coat tails. No freelook spoils almost any sense of immersion when hearing zombies or being chased. No in game VOIP means stupid overly bright a large global chat window that cannot be turned off. Maps are too small and mainly pvp. It feels like a constructed artificial game world rather than an open real world location...unclimbable cliffs etc to funnel you to certain areas. Stupid wait for 1 hour to re-spawn...or pay some real world money to re-spawn is that about????

    3rd person view in terrible with out freelook and first person views FOV is too tight. Its obvious how many ideas they stole from Day Z...but sadly they haven't really done anything fun with them..just cut and pasted them into a cardboard generic smaller map. It may be fun for some 14 year olds to run around for a day or 2 clubbing fresh spawns to death with a baseball bat but there is not much actual gameplay or deep sp experience to loose yourself in like Day Z. Join a private server that keeps a tight watch on hackers in Day Z and enjoy a far far superior product and a much better gaming experience. I wanted to like this game but it dissapoints on so many levels, let alone the arrogant attitude of the Russian potato farmer developer about his scam. God bless the kiwis who gave us Day Z, Lord of the Rings, Bungy Jumping, LnP, and marmite! :-)
  89. Dec 19, 2012
    These negative reviews are ridiculous guys. The War Z is a really good game, and I've had some of the most intense firefights in my 26 years of gaming in this game. Is it true that Hammerpoint has been less than awesome at communicating with their community? Yep. Is it true that their Steam page was copied and pasted from their website with features that weren't in the game yet? Yep. Has the development been painfully slow? Yep. However, the game's zombies are really fun and there are lots of them. The PvP is amazing. Pick this game up and give it a try yourself, and ignore these RhinoCrunch trolls and the bandwagon of DayZ fanboys. This game will get your heart racing sometimes :) Expand
  90. Dec 19, 2012
    It's utter crap. Now they chaged revive time from one hours to four hours and if you don't want to wait you need to pay real money to revive your character. It became pay to play from pay to win game. It's just scam and wants your money.
  91. Dec 19, 2012
    Very fun gameplay with zombie hords and good gfx. There are a lot of Player, all Server are filled up and you can make Clans and Play with your friends. 1-3 more months, and this game will be rocking the world!
  92. Jul 19, 2013
  93. Dec 19, 2012
    You guys are too rough on the game. Yes they did advertise features that are not yet present, but the game right now is quite fun. Actually, I play a LOT of games, and this might the one where I've had the most fun with my friends, ever. You form a squad, hold tactical positions and formations, learn to properly communicate, then hop from town to town hoping for good fights. The only downside right now are hackers, but they are working on it.

    This game is NOT for you if you want PvE, this is a PvP game. Zombies are not a threat at all in this game.
  94. Dec 19, 2012
    I CANT **** believe it, these **** STOLE MY MONEY!!!!!

    I purchased off steam and played for two hours wandering around a city when I suddenly got disconnected and permanently banned for NO REASON what so ever!

    I'm messaging the Better Business Bureau, anyone else who got screwed by these guys do the same!
  95. Dec 19, 2012
    The devs couldn't make a decent game so they just reskinned Big Rigs. Within five seconds of playing, it gets pretty obvious. In your first zombie encounter, you'll notice that the zombies are oddly truck-shaped. Okay, well graphics aren't everything, you say. I agree, but the zombies don't even move! They just **** stand there going "Hurdur" while the player smashes its face. How is it a zombie survival if the zombies can't even kill you? My biggest gripe with the game is the pre-order bonus. If you bought it before September 31st, you get some naked pics of Sergey Titov's mother. Seriously, what the **** in the **** **** It's just another atrocious example of the dev's blatant false advertising. The picture I recieved was a hairy man with **** nothing like what I expected to get. The devs never try to explain that Titov's mother is an inbred transvestite. The consumer is lead to believe that they are paying for premium pornography. The company's business practices are disgusting. DO NOT GET THIS GAME. Expand
  96. Dec 19, 2012
    I played this game since ALPHA as I am a huge Zombie Fan. I bought the $40 pack in an effort to support development and the company. From day 1 the game was unplayable as advertised. There is NO zombie game component, the game is 100% PVP. You are never killed by zombies, there are simply slow moving, easy to bash with any weapon distractions.

    The game has no hack protection built in.
    Youtube has dozens of examples of free hacks, videos of hacks ect. Let me be clear, the game is unplayable without hacks .. I am killed within 10 mins of logging into the game EVERYTIME and I never see the person.

    Everytime you die you have to wait 1 full hour before you can play that character again. Everything you were carrying is lost and you start over with NOTHING.

    Having NOTHING means you can not kill a zombie, (hands sare not weapons) so you are forced to crawl around trying to hide from zombies in some weird stealth game throwback .. unfortunately hackers see you from anywhere on the map and simply run over to kill you.

    Now that they have reduced the servers and packed 70 players (reduced to 50) on a server I am spawn killed all the time. I honestly can not play the game.

    Finally, the company simply lies about the game features, They say the maps are 100-400 km .. unfortunately there is only 1 map that is about 75km but there are only 7-8 small areas that have spawnable items .. the rest of the world is wide open and since you starve in less than a day you are forced (weaponless) into the small number of 10-25 building towns. Even worse each town only has 2-3 areas where good items spawn .. those are camped by hackers or just clan groups of "bandits" who kill everyone on sight.

    This game is dead on arrival, do not buy it .. do not support this criminal company.
  97. Dec 19, 2012
    Bought this game a few months ago after all of the hype. Probably the worst $25 I have ever spent on any game in my entire lifetime. The developers say "This game isn't pay to win!" Yet you can spend REAL money, to buy items in-game, to help you beat another player that you fights, or help fight of an oncoming hoard of zombies. Who the **** adds in a store where you can buy **** to a ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GAME. The whole ****ing point is to survive off the land, and find stuff around the map. Not to mention the terrible optimization of the game, accompanied with absolutely **** graphics that looks like my dog has just eaten something green and then shat it our onto the computer screen. The developers are full of lies, and there isn't ONE thing that is remotely true on their webpage or steam page.

    Personally I do not even know why Valve added this game to steam, or why the developers are still updating the game, or why the fanboys can't just get the **** over the fact that they WASTED their $25-50, and stop defending the **** stain that lies on my computer screen.

    Please. PLEASE! Do not even bother thinking about buying this game, but if you do, don't bother asking for a refund, because they will just blacklist you.

    OK I have said enough.
  98. Dec 19, 2012
    Scary thing is I almost bought this piece of crap! Before I clicked the "purchase" button and confirm payment I decided to check the death penalty. If it was like DayZ, no problem... That is when I saw 1 hour of waiting time, 12 hours planed... 5 character slots. Bugs, bad animation, recycled crap, tiny map... Then I found out about the Big Rigs game and the head honcho who worked there is the same as the one working in "the War Z". I quickly closed it, took it out of my wish-list and spread to all my friend virtual and real how crap this thing is.

  99. Dec 19, 2012
    Worst game I've ever purchased and the one and only time I've ever gotten a refund for a game purchase. I won't be buying another product from hammerpoint studios as a result of their shady business methods and blatant false advertisement.
  100. Dec 19, 2012
    Fantastic idea, ruined by the complete lack of anything that defines a "game". It's simply not playable in this state. If you can manage to not be shot the second you get close to anything interesting (read: an item), you're in for the treat of buggy, lag-filled, horrifyingly bad melee combat with poorly animated zombies. It's not all bad: when my friend and I teamed up to search the city for interesting items and weapons, we had a great time defending each other from zombie attack. We found armour, backpacks, and food, and congratulated each other on our fine zombie-killing form. It was good. We were then gunned down by an AK47-wielding player from the bushes for literally no reason. We didn't even have guns.

    Need more? If you create more than ten characters they do not spawn with anything, even a pathetic flashlight. Died? Four hour respawn unless you want to pay REAL MONEY to respawn immediately.

    It's a terrible PVP game marketed as a groundbreaking zombie apocalypse simulator. Do not buy it. If you have, get your refund from Steam. God help this developer.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 13
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 13
  3. Negative: 13 out of 13
  1. Mar 7, 2013
    Its mechanical foundation - like this Foundation Release - crumbles at the lightest touch. [March 2013, p.94]
  2. Feb 22, 2013
    The War Z has about as much value as its crappy in-game melee weaponry and that’s not much at all. At least it doesn’t cost anything to play after you buy it, and the cash shop items are fair enough, so you won’t see people running around with machine guns just because they spent money. If you’re going to give your money to a zombie-survival game, grab ArmA II and a copy of the DayZ mod, or wait for the full retail version of DayZ to arrive on digital store shelves and check that out. Do not buy into The War Z.
  3. Feb 5, 2013
    The War Z might use the same elements that make DayZ an enthralling experience. But it puts them together so halfheartedly that you have to turn away in disbelief.