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  1. Jan 5, 2013
    Going to attempt to give a fair review... I have been playing this game since Oct 15th and as for potential, it has a lot of it. The problem arises from a few different front, first and foremost, hackers. Unfortunately the person at the top made a wild boast that the game was unhackable, you know what that did in the cheating community, encouraged them to create and sell cheats and they are rampant in WarZ. The other problem is, for whatever reason, promised features are missing and in all honesty, don't appear to be getting added to the game. The only thing that gets added are features that were in War Inc, a game that Hammerpoint created that uses the same engine. The community has been promised many features, few of which we've actually seen, none of which are even close to polished.

    The game is ok for what it is at this point, but grows stale with time. Lack of new features and very little to do other than kill other players in a deathmatch atmosphere means that this game is not as billed. Can it be saved? Sure, but time is running out.
  2. Apr 4, 2013
    Full of cheaters. You can find cheats easily in the internet and the development team does not care about it. It's unplayable. But there is one thing that i can tell you: This game is awesome without the hacks. Obviously some weapons are hard to find and a zombie can kill you easily if you're used to play games on the rookie mode. The game is realistic and fun, but you can't beat cheaters, and they're everywhere. Expand
  3. Jan 16, 2013
    My main criticism of the game is that it's unbalanced to the point of being unplayable, except for a few minutes at a time. New players are thrown into the game with nothing and are constantly just cattle for the few players who managed to accumulate weapons and ammo early on. The weapon drops are so rare that it's just a lottery draw if you'll be able to survive long enough to find one. There is no PVE option for those who prefer it and servers aren't scaled to the power of the players. So it may be fun for those few with a bully mentality who get no bigger thrill than ganking much weaker players, but without a mechanism to allow beginners a fair chance to come up to par, the game will just hemorrhage players until it isn't even worth playing for the handful of fanatics who are left. By the way, what makes it a pain to advance is that when another player kills you, you lose everything you had on you and start back at square one. This leaves only two possible strategies: team up with large groups, which not everyone is interested in doing, or doing very short scavenging runs and bring everything back to your global inventory (which you keep even when you die) and hope to slowly build up enough equipment to survive. That's a job, not a game. All the technical problems are secondary to the fact that there's no game balance. Even if it were technically perfect, it would still not be a pleasant experience. The only hope for this game's survival is either a PVE mode (which not everyone wants) or ranked servers. On the plus side, the mood of the game is good, mostly due to an excellent soundtrack. Expand
  4. Dec 19, 2012
    The idea is there and there is a pretty good atmosphere already , but unfortunately the game has way too many flaws and does not even seem to be halfway to a foundation release , i do enjoy the game but this is mostly because of the Zombies survival online game theme which is one of my favorite , hopefully someday we will get a solid game of this type from a quality studio , DayZ is next on my list but i am waiting for the Standalone release Expand
  5. Feb 17, 2013
    The development direction is so shockingly bad that regardless of how well they're able to execute their vision the game will always be terrible. No destructible/repairable vehicles
    3rd person crosshair name plates
    Hackers everywhere from day 1
    below par graphics, animations, physics
    worst of all, terrible communications with the community during early stages and horrible management
    of upset customers. Not only do i regret buying this game but i'll never buy anything made by this development team again. Expand
  6. Dec 18, 2012
    Would love this game if it was handled in a totally different manner. Every move by the Devs have put a quick buck over the long term success of this game. Missed deadlines and early release of a build that has not been improved much since closed alpha. Currently this game is not something I would recommend to my friends and that is a shame since it could easily be the game of my dreams.

    Edit; Misclicked it is a 4 out of 10
  7. Dec 18, 2012
    Gameplay is fun, but cant say much else. Most unprofessional DEV team I've ever dealt with. Break deadlines regularly, called players a **** on official forums,spawn in guns, teleport in public servers, etc.

    Check on the game in 6 months, IF its still around, MAYBE take another look....As for now.. .Stay away.
  8. Dec 18, 2012
    I think they could have a great game here. Just when we start thinking there are some good things going on, they make updates and changes that are again for more money to play and win. For instance, The four hour re-spawn time will not stop me from playing, but it may make a lot of people only be able to play for about 4 hours a day.

    Think about it... Average time frame of a players
    life after re-spawn about 15 minutes if not spawn killed. Four hour wait time between being killed. You will get to play for little over an hour and then have to wait 4 hours. There will be three times a day you can play. Expand
  9. Dec 18, 2012
    On a personal experience, I have had a good time with one of my friends travelling around the map. However, the company is the real reason you shouldn't buy this game. The company is trying to suck the money out of you, with micro transactions everywhere. The company promised many things that were supposed to be in the game a long time ago, but are now postponed to next year. Do not buy, at least until they complete the game. Expand
  10. Dec 18, 2012
    TL;DR: Is it better than DayZ? No. Is it bad in its current shape? Yes. Is it **** Not quite. Does it have potential to be better? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it. WarZ has the unpleasant disadvantage of being compared to DayZ. As a consequence, a lot of players see this game as being vastly inferior to its predecessor. And they would be right. I'll start with what the devs have done (or attempted to do) well.

    Firstly, the devs have done a fairly decent job with the actual interface of the game (i.e. no stupid DayZ backpack shenanigans). It's as easy as pressing "e" to pick up an item, and it won't delete anything if your backpack is full! It is fairly straightforward and anyone with an IQ above 60 can figure it out in 15 minutes or less.

    Secondly, the devs attempted to cater to a wide audience from the beginning and be more "casual friendly". One example of this is the "normal" and "hardcore" modes. In normal mode, your character will lose all his gear but won't "die". In hardcore mode, it's permadeath. As long as you separate the two, I see no problems with that. However, in the current gamestate this doesn't happen and there are no benefits to playing on hardcore mode.

    Lastly, once you get to a location to scavenge, scavenging is still somewhat fun. HoweverI think this is in part because of the ease in the user interface and that it is infinitely better than the way DayZ handles it.

    And now the criticisms; there are a lot.

    The biggest problem with WarZ is the lack of depth to the map. In DayZ, you normally could find civilization very frequently and find scavengable buildings scattered about. WarZ feels really 1 dimensional about this. There are honestly only about 25 to 30 or so major looting locations on the entire map. What makes this worse is that it is incredibly tedious and boring to move from one location of the map to the next. When I mean tedious, I mean, 20 minutes of slow paced walking without any action whatsoever.

    Problem number 2 is the lack of cooperation, communication, or interaction between players. In DayZ you see this interaction frequently between players via "direct communication" from mics. One major flaw in WarZ is that YOU CANNOT USE A MICROPHONE TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANOTHER PLAYER. This is a major problem that should be addressed quickly, as typing is the only means of communication in-game. On top of that, aiming in this game is as simple as COD. In Arma II it was very difficult to aim and shoot players or zombies. This game is 100% kill on sight, with no communication whatsoever, which is frustrating. For WarZ, it feels like a point and click adventure game when shooting players. This brings me to my next point.

    You will never realistically shoot zombies in this game when looting by yourself. Ammo is incredibly rare relative to the number of zombies on the map. I have only shot other players (in self defense, mind you), and zombies that were alerted from those shots. Unfortunately, this makes the game even more tedious. Your primary form of combat in WarZ against zombies will be melee weapons. There's absolutely no diversity in any of the melee weapons or attacks (other than damage), so combat is very one-dimensional.

    There are a multiple of bugs in the game. In many instances, you will fall off rocks and take fall damage without any legitimate warning. Zombie AI is highly bugged and their pathfinding can be broken by simply jumping on top of a car.

    Global inventory and the ability to pay for items also ruins the game. It's frustrating to think that another player can simply buy their items with real world money. It's not so bad that they can buy guns and completely demolish everyone on the server, but enough to "irk" you and piss you off. It also ruins the idea that you need to "scavenge" for everything you need Global inventory is an equally bad idea. It essentially acts as a bank for your characters items that you can deposit in safe zones. Once a character enters one of these "safe zones", you can equip them with any item found in there, INCLUDING items you scavenged from another survivor. I feel as if this also turns the game from survival into grinding for items.

    Finally, I would like to argue that the devs have done dubious at best at supporting the game. In the past 2 months, I honestly don't think I've seen any significant progression in the game mechanics, broken zombie pathfinding, or any polishing that has occurred. Their web pictures are very cherrypicked and are not representative of gameplay in my opinion.

    WarZ, in it's current state at 12/19/12 is truly an unfinished game. It has some feel of DayZ, but it's lacking and not developed. In particular, it lacks the tension that is generated by DayZ because virtually all players will kill on sight. DayZ from Arma II:CO is more worth your money.
  11. Dec 18, 2012
    BUYER BEWARE! This game is being advertised with features that aren't in the game. For instance: several hundred km2 map(s), up to a hundred players, skill progression, etc. These are features that are supposed to be in the game at a later date, if at all.---------------------------------------------------------

    While the developers behind The War Z are weaselly and dishonest at
    best, the game can still be genuinely enjoyed. Player interactions are intense and sneaking through towns to get loot is definitely exciting. However, with all of that said this game is quite a lackluster. The graphics and animations are poorly done, the game world is empty, and there's hardly any depth to the game which would indicate that this game has been in development past alpha testing.---------------------------------------------------------

    Perhaps later on down the road the game will deserve a higher rating, but as it stands now there's a lot to be desired. The rating I'm going to give this game a four out of ten.
  12. Dec 19, 2012
    I love this game, I enjoy playing it with friends and I think it has potential but the developers keep focusing on the wrong things, I wouldnt mind at all not having 'seasonal items' but apparently they think adding santa hats and christmas trees is more important than problems like 1. getting rid of hackers 2. they need to do something about people dying instantly when you log in, sometimes you dont have time to do anything you just spawn dead, and with the new 4 hour spawn time, that isnt fun at all. paying for revive? this isnt some facebook game, this is an mmo so treat it like one. I love this game very much, I am not trying to hate on it because I have had great time playing it but at the same time its upsetting. It was already a problem that items you buy with real money you can lose and now they are asking for even more money? I wouldnt mind donating money to the game, but with the developers barely paying any attention to the community, why would I do that? they arent making me want to donate because instead of the developers listening to opinions, they are literally telling players they are **** instead of acting professionally and dealing with problems people are bringing up. I want to see this game go somewhere, I enjoy it, but with the way the developers are treating it, its slowly becoming an embarrasment and not a great project like it could be. Expand
  13. Dec 19, 2012
    No matter how they claim THIS is developed before Dayz, i just can't believe that with what i have seen & read and my sixth sense. Two years' development with no proof like video before the alpha is just too suspicious. Everything looks so rush. You can clearly see that their features that are differentiated itself from Dayz like skill tree, stronghold,etc are being added much later on or not even delivered. Based on your mmo/gamming experience you can already tell if the game has future or not. Expand
  14. Dec 19, 2012
    i bought this game at its initial alpha release for the price of the legend package (~$50) because the list of features was so appealing. Skill Points, multiple large maps, server hosting, strongholds, Bandit/Hero ratings and a Wanted board, friends lists, build your own bases, trade with other strongholds, time capsules (for messages), missions (from NPCs and players) as well as some beautiful screenshots and it wasnt going to be 'pay to win'. Since then, we have seen none of this except....time capsules. oh, and a weak mission system that has only just been launched. the graphics are awful (the girls are bow-legged and the textures terrible - the trees look like the tent pattern from DayZ), the map is tiny and sparse, and most of the game is spent pointlessly looking for items only to be shot by an enemy you never saw. and im only scratching the surface here...but ill spare you since everyone else has shredded it quite thoroughly. the truth is, this game is not as advertised. i feel misled and cheated. i do not feel like i have gotten $15 worth of playtime out of it yet, let alone what i paid. of the dozen of my friends that bought it, none of us play regularly and over half dont play at all anymore. I was thrilled by the prospect of WarZ. their pitch for the alpha was brilliant. it was like the Dayz i already loved, but with more and built as its own game with a new team and new ideas. man, that game i *thought* i bought was going to be awesome!!!
    but it hasnt happened. and based on the limited input from the developers, it may never happen. i still have hope...that the warz i dreamed of could still be a reality...that i will get to play that beautiful, terrifying game with all my friends and everything will be puppies and rainbows.... rabid zombie puppies..
    but do i believe it will happen??
    i dont know...i just dont know...
  15. Dec 19, 2012
    Purchased this game at the end of October/beginning of November. The game is engrossing and will take up a lot of your time. However, there are numerous glitches which make the game rather unplayable such as being stuck in rocks, being able to climb trees (hackers), zombies being able to climb/bump themselves on top of safe areas, no ability to fight without a melee weapon, lack of melee weapons in game, etc. Main issue I have is I bought the game not realizing it was just going to be about pvp and people just killing each other. Its an excellent concept, but isn't being carried out properly. Expand
  16. Dec 20, 2012
    OK here"s the deal... To all haters.. I play the game but I want to be a neutral judge.. the game do not suck as you claim.. its a game that the first time you play you will say... complete **** game give me my money back... but if you give the game a chance and start playing it a little bit more you will like it... I love zombies, and I love scavenging and trying to survive.. its cool to gather a lot of guns then go to a 100 people server and start killing people its so fun when you play with friends.... considering the game is still in beta not as Sergey claims "foundation release" (stupidest **** ever) and it only has one map, the game is new, I see in this game a lot of potential, but instead of hating and critizising the game make constructive feedback... I'm sure the 1581 who vote negatively to this game most of them haven't even play the game... or have play it once... and that's it.... The game is fun to play for me.. and its a challenge to survive to cheaters bug waves of zombies and bandits... try that I dare you.... Expand
  17. Jan 26, 2013
    This game was rushed and was executed rather sloppily. I usually don't let things like, being in Beta or technical issues lower my scores but this game was REALLY bad. Being rushed onto the market, Beta Release being constantly pushed back, then all the really good features still 'Soon
  18. Feb 12, 2013
    No, Don't buy this game till: 1. They stop the hacking 2. They give you more reason to play 3. They add easier servers, possibly no pvp servers. 4. They take out certain items from the shops (i.e. Things that makes the people who have money OP.) Why buy this game? It is worth the initial $15 but, with that being said you can maybe play this game and have fun for a week or two. There is way to many hackers. Anyone that logs on with the tag "Thug" or "Bandit" you might as well log off. Sure, I have killed a few thugs but over all 90% of them are hacking jerk offs who have nothing better to do them buy the game spend loads of money on extra supplies and then go around killing the people that play legit.

    I am so sick of being in a team of 6+ people and having a hackers come around the corner with auto aim and auto fire and killing 3 of us before we can even fire a shot. (Just happened to me and a friend) Hackers make the game impossible to play alone or ever with 2 people. If you don't have 4+ people to play with. There is no point in playing simply because you will die multiple time and you will not have fun.

    In other good news... this game has a lot of potential. I am very excited for DayZ to come out as I have heard a lot of good things about it and not that many bad.

    Over all, I will say this. GET RID OF THE HACKERS! I play many many games online and FPS games are a favorite of mine. Adding Zombies and a free roam map are just adding more glory to the play time. I hope they get their act together and get rid of the cheaters and hackers. Other then that, I doubt I will play much longer.

    What have I spent on this game to prove I am not some rageaholic who didn't give the game a fair chance?

    I Spent $15 to initially buy the game, plus I spent another $20 for in-game money because without it you run out of ammo and are screwed because of the hackers that all have endless supplies.

    How much time did I spend on the game?

    I have 22 hours play time and counting. I have 2 main Characters with over 5+ hours logged on them as well as many other accounts that are either deleted or not in use. My main character has almost 12 hours logged on him and that was just in the past 3 days. I play with a team of 4+ and rarely with duo teams where we run supply missions with nothing on us but a pack and hammer. I would warn everyone that if you don't like games where people hack. Don't play, plain and simple. You will be killed, hacker or not you will die. I have dies many many times. Some from zombies and 1 time by a sniper when I was alone. The other 5 deaths I have had from players was 1 from a friend and the other 4 were confirmed hackers.

    All in all, I will more then likely stop playing this game soon, simple because it is stupid to work for hours on end just to die by someone cheating.
  19. Feb 23, 2013
    it is unplayable if you are playing alone, but if you have good company of friends it can be fun too. There is not so many spawn killers at the moment and developers are patching it every month so il set rating 4 for it. If nothing will change it near future this game deserves 1 or even 0 rating.
  20. Oct 20, 2013
    I've tried to defend The War Z as much as i possibly can but i understand why people would dislike this game, it's unfair and it WILL steal your money.... The game is pay to win(more) and is filled with hackers.

    The game is ruined because of how unprofessional the Dev's are and how much of a douche-bag Sergey is.
  21. Apr 5, 2014
    This game is all pvp. You need a harvesting tool to get wood and stone. You need to get recipes to craft anything. A server costs about 20 dollars a week. I still cant find food and water. The game servers you have very little customization. You can get in infected with all types of parasites and the zombie virus. The good The nights re very dark. the zombies are great the terrain is great very good graphics. Expand
  22. Dec 19, 2012
    The War Z is an cash grab low grade scam. It does at least run and offers some distraction so isnt deserving of a 0-2 as it succeeds in some areas. It however fails in many many more.
    Its a laggy, ugly, buggy, game that makes promises it doesnt deliver on and ultimately tries to cash in on the popularity of another title while failing to even meet the level of that title which is a buggy,
    ugly game as well. Except that the other game is a free mod in Alpha. Dont waste your money on this garbage. Expand
  23. Dec 18, 2012
    Does this look like a minority of bad reviews? From the looks of it, lots of people are angry. Angry that we were duped by misleading information that the Director stated is ok to do.
  24. Dec 18, 2012
    Ok for starters all the people pissing and moaning about War Z being a rip off of dayz, please get over it, people can make games that are similar, so what. At the start of its release I actually supported this game. But from the decisions ive seen them make, they have made major errors in regards to false advertising which in my case is in the top five in my hate list. To top that off ive found that the GC they charge in game is way to expensive, and to top that off they increased the respawn time to 4hrs and wacked at "quick revival" fee onto that aspect of the game. Which costs 50GC. Originally they said all items on the market will be available in game. Personally I havent seen half the good items on the marketplace spawn. All these aspects they introduce, screams "Cash cow" to me, and makes me think developing this game is not a priority for them. If they spent half that time in developing the game, maybe they would get rid of some of the poor sound effect like walking over rocks that sound like a metal platform. To top that off ive seen some info on the net that suggests admins are abusing their powers and spawning items for themselves (including items that cost GC) and their team mates. Hopefully that ones not true, but everything else up top is spot on. The game has potential but i believe the wrong devs are behind the wheel. Overall though its still entertaining and cheap to purchase. Just dont buy any GC. Ive given this game a 3. If they werent so dishonest and rushed it to release, when its actually still in beta, I would have marked it up to about 6 maybe 7. Expand
  25. Dec 18, 2012
    This game should definatley be in the free-to-play section of steam as it has micro-transactions in it and is in an alpha stage (although said to be the full game in the description with plenty of features that aren't even present in the current build). Item bought in the marketplace with real cash are not permanent and will be lost immediately upon death - which happens often considering this is a zombie survival game. With all of that in mind, I advise you to hold onto your cash and either wait for the complete game or the standalone Day Z. Expand
  26. Feb 15, 2013
    Never played this game, nore will i ever play it, but i wanted to be the 1000th negative review. So... yeah. I feel less special than i previously anticipated...
  27. Dec 17, 2012
    Purchased this game on Steam (which fails to acknowledge that it is still in beta on the War Z store page) and requested a RMA 4 hours later. I feel my time is better spent with the fantastic Arma II mod, Day Z. With War Z currently in beta at the moment, you will find broken game play and environments; from invisible walls to glitchy life ending hill drops to spotty AI. I feel your money is best saved for its final release, if by then it is fixed. The game is acclaimed to be a MMO but I have never played an MMO that has a max server population of 50 players, by that logic Battlefield 1942 is a MMO. Now the genera can be daunting with its unforgivable finalizing, no respawn death, but very rewarding when meeting and joining up with a few fellow player with the same goal mind. With that said wait until the beta is done and watch the reviews to see if these problems get any better. For now stick with Day Z. Expand
  28. Dec 18, 2012
    I like playing the game but their CONSTANT AND CONSISTENT lies have bored me. They have CLEARLY rushed this out no matter what they claim. Has all the potential for a brilliant game if only they spent some of the money from preorders on hiring more developers rather than gold plated suits. As a developer I understand development hold ups but the problem they face is claiming to have features for "private test groups" that they dont have AT ALL! Its not just delayed features, its stuff they have not even started work on! For gods sake the community/clans page does not even refresh, you have to LOG OUT to get the new data. From a programming perspective making something like that refresh is the least taxing problem out there, just re run the same code that fills it. TLDR;
    Promising game thats fun to play but constant lies and delays are tiresome.
  29. Dec 18, 2012
    The Game description makes War Z sound like the perfect Zombie game however the Developers lack of fulfilling promises has really gone on too long. With Previous promises of certain features in the "Foundation Release" coming in December only to be met with "1-4 Weeks" until the features listed on Steam may actually be in-game. I could put up with the same models as War Inc and the bugs if only the Developers could meet their deadlines and carry out their promises. Hackers are a problem as well as false bans which have since been corrected. I love the concept - Dislike the execution. Expand
  30. KRX
    Dec 18, 2012
    A fair score for this game, based on it's quality, developer responses, and support service is a 3/10.

    Support in this game is nearly impossible to get. A friend of my was permanently banned by looting items you could access via glitches that were set up (without warning) to catch "hackers". Items again, that were accessible by players without any kinds of hacks (Remember, this is an
    alpha game being sold as a released game and "glitchers" are being permanently banned). He received no email explaining his ban, no message about why he was banned or how to contact support. He found out how he could contact support and send in a ticket, he has not been contacted, and there is no way for him to check and see if his ticket is still active. They're charging for the game and they have micro transaction systems for everything. Everything in game will cost you extra money. Whether it's making a clan, renting a server, buying cosmetic items (that you lose upon death) or new character models. You only get 1 character model to start off, until you buy more. Developers constantly lie to the customers about their anti-hack systems and how effective it is. (Almost no actual hackers have been banned yet and the number of hackers is growing on third party sites daily). Developers constantly promise features that are always pushed back. Never meeting release days for patches. They cannot construct sentences in English or use spell check to correct their posts. There website has not been updated since September and has old information on it, the screen shots post on the site and on steam DO NOT represent the game. None of those screen shots can be recreated in game.

    Developers have actually lied about features being in game that are NOT IN GAME. To the customers. Including... hidden tents with better than average loot, boss zombies, infections, and that GC items spawn the game world.

    The quality of this game is another story entirely... for a survival game, you spend almost no time thinking about survival. This game is entirely a pvp game where you kill anyone you see and hope they had loot for you to take. Loot is extremely easy to stock pile. I already have over 200 guns in an infinitely large bank system that takes away any thrill of playing the game. The graphics of the game are well below what you would expect from a PC game

    Game only supports 50 players per server (NOT 100). This game is NOT an MMO. There are NO RPG elements in the game. Battlefield has more players per server than this "MMO".

    Finally... This game is littered with hackers. Hackers everywhere. It's unplayable unless you are hacking yourself. I play in a group of 5-8 guys and five or six of them are hacking. It's not fun playing with them because they just instant kill everyone from 500 meters away and I go and loot. Nothing fun about it... BUT theres really nothing fun about playing without them and you're the one dying to the hackers constantly. So whether you're hacking or not, the game really is terrible either way. Huge list of features missing from the game and NO anti-hack system at all is in place. A major issue I have is the developers think their game is great.

    Anyways, I hope this review helped. This has been a crazy year for gaming... ME3 failure, D3 failure, WarZ by far the worst game I've played in my life on a basis of quality... But I sadly was mislead and bought the game before it was out.

  31. Dec 18, 2012
    It's impossible to talk to Tech Support, worst support ever since Knight Online. -2 points for support, -3 points for not implemented features(if you don't have them in the game, do not write them on your steam page), -2 points for lack of community management so my total point is 3 and this 3 points just goes to game idea, however people says it's clone of dayz, i've never played dayz so the game idea seems pretty awesome to me, It may be copy of a another game that's normal, happens always. Expand
  32. Dec 18, 2012
    Big Rigs comes to mind when playing this game. It's unfinished and plagued by bugs, exploits and hacks.
    At first I believed the promises of the developers and decided to just wait it out, but Hammerpoint is like that prostitute you just paid and then she admits to you that she has no vagina, but too bad, she runs off with your money anyways.
  33. Dec 18, 2012
    In the games current state it is nothing more than a first person shooter and not a good one at that. No one really hunts the zombies actually the game is more like run in a pack and just kill other players its not really and mmo until the kill on site aspect is addressed. Hammerpoint is making every attempt to clean out your wallet. They continue to fill the game with broken promises and it seems maybe they cannot deliver what they have actually would be in the game at this point. It really seems that they have spent more time figuring ways to make money than actually fixing the things that are broke in the game e.g glitchy hill drops to your death, erratic out of place game sounds, bad AI, optimized graphics. Expand
  34. Dec 18, 2012
    I really want this game to succeed and it does have potential but at this rate the game is barely getting any better and the developers keep pushing back dates for things that they promised beforehand.
  35. Dec 18, 2012
    I've been playing the game since day 1 in Alpha (or at least, the 'buy in" Alpha stage). I've been active on the original forums since then as well. I'm a "Pioneer" (one of the 3 titles available to be chosen by early testers that stays with our accounts forever). I'll try to be as objective as I can with this explanation.

    1) Alpha/Beta/Gold -Beta was determined with the wipe. All
    weapons, all characters, all money, etc... were wiped from Alpha to Beta. That was the point in the game when the devs said the beta was ready. Beta was due on Nov 30th. It over extended by a few days (Dec 4th). Wipe was done and we were told that the next stage was the "foundation release."

    Of the mentioned features, it currently contains only about 60%.

    2) STABILITY - I've not had any issues in a while. I think they got this worked out for the most part (mileage may vary).

    3) BUGS - there will always be bugs, but certainly the most game breaking were resolved. I rarely notice any bugs at this stage of the game now.

    4) ADVERTISED FEATURES -This is where the game fails miserably, and it's odd because all that needs to be done to rectify this issue is to NOT advertise that they are in the game when they aren't and to use actual images of the game.

    That last point, images of the game: 100% of all the images you see advertised for this game...are not actually IN GAME footage. They are greatly enhanced. They are rendered images for marketing. But the devs have misleadingly used these rendered images to entice players into the game. I've been playing since Alpha. These images were up BEFORE Alpha. The game has NEVER been in a state, graphically, that was representative of the images.

    Misleading advertisement:

    *each world (implying multiple) is 100-400 km. - there is only 1 map, MAYBE around 100 km, at most
    *private servers - no
    *dedicated public servers - no
    *skills - no
    *friends list - no
    *up 100 player servers (it's 50...and 50 would be included in "up to" technically true, still misleading, which is the MO for this developer it seems)
    *"meld of pve and pvp" - no, it's pure pvp. Zombies do exist and are a threat, but that's hardly pve IMO, there no NPC mission givers and there won't ever be (as per the devs)

    This is in addition to the features mentioned previously. All of these features are planned and most will be added probably in Jan 2013 - March 2013.

    5) CHEATING - Cheating is rampant. Cheats are easy to find for the game. While the devs have implemented a few detection systems and are banning some players, there is still a lot of work to be done. This is one of the primary reasons people are wanting dedicated/private servers. Many clans want a server for only their clan and trusted friends/allies to cut down on all the rampant cheating (my own included, MOG).


    I believe the game has potential. It is being worked on constantly by the devs. They do have a lot of features planned for it.

    I personally found it to be a bit boring after a while since there isn't much to do really IMO. It's great the first time you start playing, big area to explore. But then, all you are really doing is collecting gear. They have been advertising another feature, Bounties, for a very long time now but that looks to be pushed far down on the list. Vehicles were supposed to come by end of month, that doesn't look like it is going to happen w/i that time frame now.

    There will be no NPC's giving quests, ever. Devs have been quite clear about this. Instead, they want to eventually create a system where players create quests. But that's far down the road.

    Look at the YouTube vidoes for actual game play to see if this game would be a good fit for you. The game's state and way it is being developed seems to divide players. It is by no means a polished, well developed game, but neither is it a game that is completely devoid of effort or filled with game breaking bugs. I believe the devs will eventually implement the features they said they would, but it may be a couple months before that is done.

    But what you are getting, if you buy this game as of the time of this post, is absolutely, unequivocally, not what is being advertised. I don't know that there has ever been a Steam game that has had so few features in existence that are advertised to exist. I'm surprised Steam allowed the game to be sold. I know some games have done this exact same thing (advertised something that wasn't true), and IMO, this new trend that Steam is allowing is harmful to its integrity and the community. Currently on Steam, there is no better of example of "You will not get what is advertised" than War Z.
  36. Dec 18, 2012
    Well, I bought this game some months ago, as an alternative to DayZ since my friend could not play it, and I will admit, it was fun for a great while, and i managed to cope with the sporadic changes in everything they felt was needed. (not to mention the dev team is the single absolute worst team i have ever had any form of contact with, not to mention incredibly unprofessional) Then, came the "release" of the game on Steam, naturally it comes with publicity and the general public was not the clingy, well known fanbase they possessed at an earlier date, so upon receiving criticism the updates got a little more out of hand. Which cause the almost constant neglect of their patrons to become quite a problem, and would mask completely out of the blue updates with that the community asked. Then the consistent micro-managing came along, as if the marketplace wasn't enough of a foreign element, they quadrupled the spawn time, simply to make another quick buck (mind you, hacking, cheating and common game breaking glitches have been in since the release) so they wait until the last minute when they are cornered by unfunded review makers to changed what the community has been asking for the entire lifespan of this game now. And if this list and many more things were not ruining the game already, They have LOWERED the standard price of the game $10 and RAISED the reward of paying $25 for people after the "release." If it were not for the fact I actually have a decent account going for some months now, I wouldn't bother with this release at all. Save your money for something different. Expand
  37. Dec 18, 2012
    If you enjoy another PVP/deathmatch. Then this is the game for you!! Just be prepared that if you lose your pvp fight to wait, 1 hour.. no wait 4 hours now.. and they are saying it will be 24 hours sometime in the future to respawn if you die. OR you can give them money to respawn quicker.. Let there be no illusions there is NO PVE content. This is all pvp survival, so don't buy the game expecting to see pve servers or RP servers. If you are looking for a PVE, zombie survival game "this is not the game for you" as many of the community players will tell you. The game is below average at best, that will try to sqeeze you for money at it's current state. IF you do buy the game don't buy anything from the cash shop.. If you die, you lose everything on your person even stuff you have paid for with real world cash. Expand
  38. Dec 18, 2012
    I bought this game a few days ago with the understanding that it is primarily a zombie survival MMO with pvp elements. This could not be further from the truth. This game is a fragfest free-for-all where the zombies pose a small threat in comparison to the large amount of "bandits" who play the game primarily to ruin other players' experience. Almost none of the promised features have been implemented, including a skill system or a reputation system to curb the prevalent kill-on-sight mentality, plus the developers' promise that the game will not be play-to-win has been broken many times over by adding ammunition, food, beverages, and many other items which provide an enormous advantage to people who spend real money on these micro-transactions. The patch today increased the wait time for revive after death from one hour to four hours, while conveniently adding an option to pay real money to revive immediately. This is so shady... I had high hopes for this game, and honestly, the time I have spent playing when I wasn't being ganked (by would-be sociopaths who could care less about zombies when there are people to kill) has been enjoyable. I love the scavenging aspect. Getting chased by zombies is truly terrifying. The night time is very very creepy. There is so much potential but the devs seem to be ignoring the most urgent problems, and even working against fixing them at times, while releasing patches that are underwhelming, to say the least.

    Overall, I would counsel any potential buyer to wait until some of the balancing features are added before spending the money. I am one of many who is seeking a full refund, and I don't want anyone else to have to go through the same disappointment I and many others have gone through. One last thought: Entire clans (guilds) are leaving this game in response to today's patch. This should communicate something of the seriousness of the problem this game and its crew are facing if major changes are not make soon. Buyer be warned.
  39. Dec 18, 2012
    This game begins with a good idea, and ends with utter disappointment.

    I was a big fan, but can't stand the constant cheating (Google search it) and the developers inability to do anything about it.

    For anyone that has purchased the game - go download War Inc. for free and compare. It's the same game with different models. You just paid for a mod of a FREE game.
  40. Dec 18, 2012
    Horrible customer service, Misleading advertising, doesn't live up to expectations. This should be a free to play game. Plus it takes 40 minutes just to walk from town to town. Who wants to spend 40 minutes looking at horrible textures (which they snagged from their previous game by the way) only to get to a town to be killed by someone. You can't play this game without being killed the first 30 minutes of playing unless your with friends. Overall this game is horrible. Fun gameplay but the lack of service and support ruined the game entirely. I am no longer going to support this game when the staff are acting like dickwads. Expand
  41. Dec 19, 2012
    The game itself is good. I love running around, avoiding people as much as possible and just minding my own business. Most of the time this works really well but now and then a cheater will get you. Cheaters are the worst problem of this game right now when it comes to gameplay.
    BUT the real problem and the reason why this game will die soon are the developers who (in my opinion) refuse
    to implement a real anti cheat solution as they have no means to automatically ban cheaters. They also lie to their players whenever possible, just look at the steam description, almost nothing is true there. most player models and weapons have been copied from war inc 1:1. look at screenshots of war inc and then look at warz ones. you will find many models that are exactly the same.
    oh yeah and another thing is that they try to charge you for ridiculous things. want to revive your character without waiting 4 hours? just pay 50gc (~$0.40).
    want to get rid of the horrible iron sights? pay 450gc for a cobra sight or 90gc for a red dot.
    they say you can find those items ingame but i have played for a good month without ever hearing about anyone finding these items anywhere. they get it from other players who obviously bought them but thats it.
    so basically you buy a game with free-to-play microtransactions in which cheaters are almost everywhere around cities or points of interest.
    i like this game because its really entertaining but the devs will destroy it with their
  42. Dec 19, 2012
    I have actually enjoyed playing this game, however, I do feel as though I have been lied to, as a customer, since I first pulled out my credit card.

    Day 1: I loved the game, it seemed beautiful, with a lot of time going into the design. The community was friendly, and game play was fun. Almost every other day there was a new patch adding more of the features that had been promised to
    shortly follow.

    Then 1 day ago.... boom. The promises faded into despair as a rather strange patch was released, nerfing all the customers with leary respawn times. A game advertising itself with 1 time payment (for the game) and no hidden charges or subscriptions, suddenly starts adding hidden charges.

    Along with the heavily photoshopped advertisement pictures or 'real' in game footage. I would steer clear of this game unless you are happy to pay to play.
  43. Dec 19, 2012
    WarZ was a game of great promise, but the continued unprofessional attitude of the developers and forum moderators have tarnished a good chunk of that. Each update adds fairly simple pointless things often with a focus on getting microtransaction features working over fixing glaring bugs and missing features, with the newest patch adding a pay to revive option. Each day this game seems more and more like a rush job and cash grab, if they ever wanted this game to actually succeed they did a poor job displaying that attitude to its customers. Expand
  44. Dec 20, 2012
    I have put 20+ hours into this game. Initially it was TONS of fun, until the hacking and griefing became unbearable and the game is basically worthless as anything other than open world PvP. The recent revelations of all the shady Dev actions, the permabans, the blatant lying about the games release features,etc...all that factors into my decision to not rate higher, but I'm trying to be objective about the game itself.

    The best part of the game is the tension. But the tension doesn't come from inside the comes from the other players. The zombies are easy to evade and easy to kill. Its the other players you have to watch out for. Rarely EVER did I find other players that didn't try to kill me. If you see someone, you can assume they are going to kill you for your loot...or just to grief you. It makes this game into nothing more than an open world PvP if you are into that, great. But if you think there is any PvE in here...go elsewhere because that feature disappeared within hours of the Alpha release.

    Overall I simply cannot recommend this game. The cheating is out of control, there are no PvE servers, the maps are too small for 50-100 players unless you are really into PvP. The recent actions of the Dev's have really illustrated their underlying shadiness and really, I doubt the game will be around for more than 6 months.
  45. Dec 19, 2012
    Unfortunately, when a game company acts in a disgraceful way, It's very hard for me to even look at the game. The amount of lies these devs have come out with is ridiculous. False advertising, being rude to customers, lying about statistics, game features and about the company itself. This is clearly a pop up company planned to make as much money off a false pretense and then running. The game itself isn't even that bad! The game it's clearly based on is the popular Arma 2 mod "DayZ" and so it has so much room for potential, except they are more worried about money than actually making a good game. Steam is a trusted online store, and the fact that they published these blatant lies on the store page either shows cooperation with this company or that they take no care and attention to what they sell you. Either way, this should hurt Steams reputation a lot more than it probably will.

    As this is a score for the game itself, I feel it is still around a 3, but a little side note. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY.

    To all the people saying to "stop whining" maybe you should research a little, because we all have every right to be pissed off.
  46. Dec 20, 2012
    cheaters,hackers,glitchers,money scam and lie.nothing to do in this game. main produser lieing to people,and on steam.false advertising aswell. its not even alpha its an early alpha.and the devs doing more and more to scam people.
  47. Jan 17, 2013
    War Z is a game that no one, outside of an incredibly small niche, would have cared about if it wasn't handled by the ridiculously offensive Hammerpoint team.
    As it is now, it stands as a sad collection of everything that could be wrong with a modern game.
    A "finished" mediocre game released in beta stage with intent to update later, throwaway DLC and in-game store that uses real money,
    remarkably slow respawns to punish players, treating all players like they're potential troublemakers, deceitful marketing, banning players for criticism, etc. Expand
  48. Mar 7, 2013
    Not much help for new players. They are easily chased out of the game by gangs, bandits, and hackers. Controls are not very intuitive either. This game is a copy of the Day Z mod for Arma with many of the same problems and also new problems. While the concept is great and the game world looks nice, the lack of updates/fixes and the very high level of "unfriendliness to new players" this game has prevents it from taking off. Not worth purchasing in it's current state and I wish I could get a refund. Expand
  49. Mar 7, 2013
    I have purchased this game since the start of Warz, the game still pretty much have hacker every where. The features in the game do work but it all crappy and also rip-offs of features DayZ such as Hunger, Thirst and many more. And Today the game still have Terrible gameplay, bad controls, boring gameworld. Not much major update. Completely from the Dev who do not work that hard to make a better game. So Do not purchase this game! Hammerpoint is just a Scam Expand
  50. Apr 25, 2013
    AWFUL GAME. Those who rate it highly obviously have some sort of brain damage, as that is all I can conceive that could make you enjoy such a hack job ripoff of Day Z. Seriously people, even DayZ isn't THAT good. This game is AWFUL people, sure maybe you and some friends can have some fun, but not as much as say playing ANY OTHER GAME, download TF2 a FREE game with much more content and substance.
  51. Sep 17, 2013
    -Graphics- 5/10. They are not equal to what is being put out today. The graphics are a bit old looking, and everything just looks dull. There isn't much variety in between places, and everything looks gray.

    -Performance- 4/10. Luckily, it did not slow my computer down, so I did not experience lag, but boy, it was buggy...nuff said.

    -Gameplay- 1/10. Sadly, this is true. I began in the
    middle of nowhere, and only had a flashlight. I wasn't with any other survivors, but I was in the middle of nowhere. It took me about 5 minutes to get to the closest city, only to be taken down by horde of zombies. With no tutorial or any help, I had no idea what to do, so I was pressing random keys. Once I died, I had to wait for about an hour (If I remember correctly) to play again. So I waited, and again, I spawned in the same place, but I went to less populated city. It was hard to play, sadly, because it was so appealing to me.

    -Sound- 4/10. The same zombie sound...Sadly, it is higher because who can't go wrong with a moaning zombie?

    -Conclusion- This game was atrocious. It was on sale on Steam for $3, and I would usually say it was worth the $3, but it wasn't. I have only played it twice, and uninstalled it right after. This game seems like it was made for a highschool project. It seems rushed and unfinished, and could just be one of the worst games I have played in my lifetime. If it goes on sale for 99 cents, don't buy it, it isn't worth the money, I give this game a generous score of a 3/10.
  52. Apr 24, 2013
    The WarZ development was very hyped and full of hope that we would get a game the resembles the popular mod DayZ but in a more finished and improved sense it sickens me that the developers has made the development in my mind to the finished product so poorly having still bugs and issues in hacking and server lag stating that they would finish there promises and also fix the bugs in a later date That alone is not a big problem many games sometimes has a rocky start what really butchered this game is the Devs I commend them for at least trying to make the game but they just ruined it by trying to branch themselves out of DayZ making somewhat shady claims and calling Bandits a very important kind of people who made DayZ the mod enjoyable not knowing who is stalking you in "Sniper Hill plotting to take your stuff adding fuel to the fire. The price of the game is alright and micro transactions are somewhat understandable but the content is not as of yet is not near "Fun" as "Boring" is.It still holds promise but for now it's to most peoples Index in the Section. I hope they prove me and the gaming community wrong. Bottom line $15-16 bucks is OK for a chance/gamble of this bouncing back. Expand
  53. Apr 25, 2013
    I was very disappointed with this game when I found I had purchased a buggy mess that became the first game I have ever asked for a refund on that was not "Officially broken". The Steam page on which I brought promised many things that simply were not there, multiple large maps (only one small one), finding it was only in Alpha Beta (Not mentioned when I brought it), Private servers (Nowhere to be found), skills (What skills? where are they?) and the list goes on but I would be here to long.

    The reason I gave this game a 3 out of 10 though was because out of the 6 hours I painfully had in this game with broken AI and some of the worst textures I have ever seen, I did find it slightly more satisfying when I found a few friendly people in the game and went around with them in search of a gun which I never saw after 6 hours...

    But those two people were the only two people outside of hackers and people who just shoot you for the sake of being you, as already mentioned the zombie AI is a joke, they run all around you rarely hitting you, run and get stuck on anything that's not flat or use their mighty zombie powers to kill you from many miles away.

    And I thought I'd mention the textures again because it will take some beating to find a game with worse, sometimes you might think your going along a road, nope in fact you've been stumbling up a hill that looks like a road because of this giant pix elated mess that sits before you. And let's not forget the classic fall a few centimeters equals death part of the game, if this is what a real zombie apocalypse would be like, thank goodness it doesn't exist.

    To put this game into a nut shell, if you like a good old broken mess this game is right up your street, if you want a zombie survival game just get Day Z, whether that means waiting for it's standalone release or it's Arma II mod it's a much better experience and the source most likely for this game trying to cash into it's success.

    Staying away from this game is a wise phrase most people use for this game, I agree with them, at least until this game gets some severe updates and by that time Day Z standalone should be out. I may have given this a 3 out of 10 but that was scraping the barrel.
  54. Apr 28, 2013
    The only reason that I not giving this game lower, is because I did have a small amount of fun when I first played the game. I honestly did have a little fun during the first week with this game...then...i realized that I wasn't having that much fun. I realized that the only way to not die, was to not make any noise and stay as quiet as possible. Now, where as that sounds fun to some stealth fans, I'm not being stealthy to have fun, I'm doing it BECAUSE THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE TO WORK TOGETHER!

    The hell?! In my little mind, I think that in a zombie game, people should band together to store food, secure boundaries, and just live. If you were try and do that, you'd make that in a safe zone, which people can just camp at and get easy kills. The game, is flat out broken. It has several features that aren't even in the game yet, the microtransactions in it piss me the hell off (even though there can be vendors and such in a town, so it's not completely terrible), and the game is just missing so so much. This game is a broken mess. Please, for the love of god, stay away from it.
  55. Jun 21, 2013
    I had to admit the idea of a zombie apocalypse mmo sounded cool at first but this game is utterly and completely BROKEN! ITS HORRIBLE! AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!
  56. May 30, 2013
    This game is incomplete. You cant play fine with your friends because you kill him. All the time playing is wasted walking to differents places. The engine is very strange. A lot of cheaters, bugs and always the same, kill zombie, kill zombie, kill zombie... OH! A weapon, with only 4 bullets... what shall i do to have more ammo? Kill zombie!!!!!!!! Only 1 map If you want good things you must pay or waste a lot of time playing this bad game Expand
  57. Jun 15, 2013
    i bought this on Steam thinking this looked like a good game and it was pretty fun at least for the first few minutes. You can go in lots more buildings (unlike DayZ) and you can jump over things easier as well as climb on cars (which actually works to prevent death by zombie) and that is about all of the positives. The graphics are pretty bad, you can get hurt from even the smallest fall, spawn campers and glitchers are too common, there is no quest system or clan system, you have to wait a long time to respawn from death and you lose all of your stuff so there is no reason why you should not just make a new character and get all new stuff too, and purchasing stuff at the store by doing things in game takes ridiculously long(unless you use lots of real money) plus when you die you lose all the stuff you just bought with real money. It had potential to be a good game but it still feels unpolished and should be considered either a very terrible final product or still in Alpha stage. It is a shame that Steam decides to treat it as a finished product when it should be call Alpha still. If you want to play a open world zombie survival game then go play the DayZ mod for Arma 2 or wait for State of Decay to come out. Expand
  58. Jun 16, 2013
    The game could be good if the developers took some time to fix things. The game is like Superman 64 a really bad game, Bad sound, Hackers, Textures suck, The Zombie AI is awful.
  59. Aug 12, 2013
    Infestation: Survivor Stories is a terrible game on paper. It's plagued by bugs that effect both the visuals and the gameplay, the game is full of hackers and the "patches" that get pushed out do not address enough of these issues.
    However, the game is surprisingly still fun. I have a ball trying to get in and gather supplies necessary to survive, and get a genuine scare when another
    player starts shooting at me. I'll be dropping this almost instantly for Day Z when it gets a standalone release, but this rough excuse for a game has it's entertaining qualities. Expand
  60. Aug 28, 2014
    This Game is a waste of time Playing you run around for hours city's and towns are to far apart and other players KOS kill on Sight. Don't buy It Wait for Updates to Rust or HZ1
  61. Jan 21, 2013
    Terrible game that is only further backed up by their customer support. War Z is not ready for official release by a long shot and should have been delayed.
  62. Dec 23, 2012
    This game is a failure at best and a scam at worst. Not remotely finished, horrible dev team (what kind of dev team plays the game using cheats against other players?), shoddy gameplay (Day Z ripoff, but somehow manages to be clunkier), very little content, and F2P style unlocks. Horrible.
  63. Dec 18, 2012
    This game is unfinished. We need to let know to the dev that this is a bad practice. Barely works, lot of bugs, overall low quality of assets. This game is a no-go in the short term, and perhaps, in all its lifecycle.
  64. Aug 25, 2013
    I tried to look passed the poor behavior of the developers (which I definitely regret), but the game still failed me. I first tried playing on a server with about 70+ people. I ran around killing zombies with my flash light while players were continuously banned. Eventually as I was running clueless through an endless forest, I got banned. I joined another server after that and it didn't get any better. The zombies were very glitchy and got stuck a lot, but other than that it ran fine. I had no lag or anything (and usually do not with my internet connection), so I'm not sure why I got banned. Not worth the measly $4 I paid for it. Expand
  65. Dec 18, 2012
    This game is defined as an MMO. Despite this, it is definitely not an MMO. Massively Multiplayer pertains to a persistent world which does not exist in this game. Instead, you have servers with "batches" of 50 people you can play with.

    The texture quality, especially the grass is quite awful. It is impossible to see in grass while proneing at all.

    The money shop gives players huge
    advantages for those that use it and really punishes players that dont.

    The game on STeam also says an 100km world and multiple maps, despite the fact that War Z only currently has 1 map and it is not even 100km.

    The game is very much INCOMPLETE. I could go into horrible detail about how this game has missed the mark. I could understand, if this game was an Alpha. However, this is supposed to be version 1.0 and version 1.0 is a disaster. Not a good buy, dont waste your money.
  66. Dec 19, 2012
    After 2 hours I asked for refund, and fortunately got my money back. This "game" is in pre-alpha stage, animations are terrible, dev's are using hacks on public and calling players "faggots"
    Game description on steam is lying, they are
    turning this game into pay 2 win. Expand
  67. MFZ
    Jan 3, 2013
    The animations are stiff and lame. There's no physics. Other players kill you for no reason at all. They could be holding an AK and you could be holding a can of beans or a flashlight. They're gonna kill you anyway. The point of this game is nothing. It has no style. It's lifeless. I think the developers forgot they were making a video game.
  68. Dec 20, 2012
    This game was advertised as being so much more but in reality is a joke. There were supposed to be several maps with 100-400 square kilometers but there is one map with 10 square kilometers. There is a disgusting spawn timer of 1 hour that was apparently patched to be even worse today and now when you die you must wait 4 hours to respawn. Fan boys argue that you have 5 characters to play. Well some of us don't want to play with 5 characters we want to cultivate 1! The graphics are ok for a game made 4 years ago. The controls suck and there is no toggle to crouch. The interface sucks. There are hackers everywhere. The developer's behavior is atrocious. They will ban you for so much as coughing. If they ban you from their forums they will ban you from their game too. And here I thought the censorship and moderation with World of Tanks was bad. Sergey Titov is like the Josef Stalin of video game developers. THIS IS HORRIBLE. -Not as advertised. -Horrible respawn timer mechanic. -Inconsistent pay model. -Dishonest and disrespectful devs. Expand
  69. Dec 18, 2012
    this game is a lie, it is a pay to play game that wouldn't even serve the people who payed with the kinds of features this game would need to pull some enjoyment out of it. Do not buy this game. The world is huge, yes, but it is mostly empty uninteresting space that you will have to tediously traverse. there is one map, there are supposed to be missions created by the players but i haven't seen anyone use this because the majority of your time and energy spent in this game will be spent avoiding other players because the game is balanced so that it is advantageous to spawn kill noobs as they leave the base and there are no protections for new players as they first venture out of the safe zone. this game is poorly balanced, poorly designed, does not include most of the features it says it will include, and would be pay to win if you could win, ever. Oh and did i mention that even off of hardcore mode you lose all of your items when you die and have to wait an hour to respawn. if that doesn't dissuade you then you and this game deserve each other. i promise you wouldn't enjoy it anyways. Expand
  70. Dec 20, 2012
    The War Z is far from finished/polished. I've had my fair share of fun but only to be ruined the next minute because of either hackers or dying from a 1 feet fall. It's buggy and not worth a single penny in my opinion. Worst release I've seen in years.
  71. Jan 16, 2013
    Too many bugs, game needs major polishing. Also the game is loaded with hackers that face barely any penalties, so everyone's doing it. In turn making the game a very unpleasant experience.
  72. Mar 13, 2013
    This game could have been great, it has a lot of potential. but I can't help to be bothered by the greed of these terrible developers, the game apprently isn't finished yet, but already charging high prices for additional items, and even respawns. Seriously 1 f*cking hour to respawn, or buy a respawn? That is incredibly stupid, as if isn't hard enough to survive, when conviniently you can't find what you need in the game when you need it most and to reach safe zones way too long, and too little of them. This game is complete sh*t and regret spending 15 on it, just to see I'd have to spend more to actually enjoy such terrible set up of game mechanics. Maybe one day this losers will fix this cheap money drain, but for now that's all it is. Expand
  73. Dec 18, 2012
    Dreadful. Not being a player of DayZ, but aware that my friends and others had enjoyed it, I quickly saw this game (The War Z) and made the connection that it was the stand alone DayZ that I had previously heard rumors of. Now, I'm willing to accept that I'm at a lot of fault for buying this game on impulse without doing any research, and I quickly found out after I had bought the game, but before I had played it, that it was not any actual version of DayZ, but rather an imitation, I was a bit concerned. Still, I tried it out with some optimism; it couldn't be terrible, but how wrong I was. The game is far from complete. Now, this in itself is no real crime; plenty of games are played before they are complete yet they evolve into something much greater over time. The real tragedy here is that it makes no mention of it's Alpha stage before you purchase it. It, indeed, presents itself as a full and complete game. Now, even then, that's not to say the game couldn't be fun. Yet, while some tend to enjoy it, it would seem a good majority does not. (including myself) There's nothing that really orients you towards any sort of goal. Now, this is also sometimes a good thing, hell, it worked for Minecraft, but in this case there isn't really too much to actually grasp and adapt to in the game. Focus in the game is not born through the mere playing of it, in my experience. Survival quickly becomes a chore, rather than a game. On the flip side, things look pretty from a distance and zombies in the game do scare the hell out of me, so the game isn't totally lacking in potential. Just, you know, as is, don't touch it. Expand
  74. Dec 18, 2012
    Awful, simply awful. the only thing worse than the fact that they nickel and dime you for EVERYTHING is the online community. If this is the future of MMOs then I'm ready to get off the train. What do you expect from the developer that brought you the proclaimed worst game of all times, Big Riggs. This game is a worthy followup.
  75. Dec 18, 2012
    Really really bad. I tried it out while it was in "alpha/beta". I saw great potential in it but as they were getting closer and closer to the release date I basically saw devs that didn't really care about the game but more or less the money they could make from hopping on the DayZ bandwagon. Now that the "foundation build" is out nothing has changed.The map is still
    buggy, the textures are horrible, and most importantly almost all of their promises were never met (cars, strongholds, etc). If the game has been in development for as long as they claim it's been I expected more and I'm basically extremely disappointed.

    Again this game HAD potential but this game jsut blows.
  76. Dec 18, 2012
    The War Z is DayZ with better graphics. The War Z has many features that rip off from Dayz. As stated in earlier reviews, it has many bugs/glitches. If you are willing to spend the extra $10 on ArmA 2, I would favor that over buying this game. Not only does ArmA 2 have mods like Day Z, it has mods like Wasteland Mod. You are getting a much better value with buying ArmA 2 over The War Z.
  77. Dec 18, 2012
    OK hammer point has lied to the community and numerous occasion's and ban's way to many innocent people for there so called anti cheat , witch has many flaws if its even real and doing ban's on illegal placed items is absurd.Banning people on forums for them speaking there mind on the game is also absurd.So much for treating the community good.
  78. Dec 18, 2012
    After giving this game the benefit of the doubt, after accepting and being aware of the fact that it is Alpha/beta test, and that I've only pre-ordered the game whilst being "allowed to test".. The recent alienation by the developers is one step too far (4-hour character respawn time). This game does have potential, but more and more it seems that it's becoming "pay to win". I for one will not spend one more penny on this game, until such times as I am satisfied that the developers are no longer blatantly milking players for cash. For me, this will probably be a year or more.

    What a waste.
  79. Dec 18, 2012
    The game had potential and a team that seemed to care about their community. At first. Then they showed their true colors and showed they only care about their own greed. Pay to revive instead of waiting 4 hours, pay if you have a big clan and you can also pay for food! Then they rushed to release on steam under the false pretense of this being a "Foundation release". In no way, shape or form can this be classed as any release. Even the blind fan boys and fan girls call this beta. Sergey Titov, you and your community/forum moderators are slowly, no quickly destroying destroying this game by getting rid of anyone who posts suggestions that may be negative towards your game. I gave the game 2 out of 10 because it has potential to not derail itself but land back firmly on its tracks. Though with all these shambles you keep making, I believe you may have no idea how to fix this. In my opinion, this is a huge shame as I enjoyed the promises you gave us but if I am truly honest, I have lost all faith that you will deliver on half of them, let alone all.

    P.S this is coming from someone who wasn't that impressed by Day Z. Before anyone claims I am a Day Z fan boy.
  80. Dec 18, 2012
    I recently purchased this game from Steam and found that I had made a grave mistake.

    I'm all for putting money towards the development of an unfinished game, if they mention beforehand that it is still in development. Alas WarZ is advertised as release version 1.0.

    This begs the question; what happened? How are the developers of WarZ allowed to sell this game through false
    information on their store page? Not only is this game unfinished, broken, and filled with hackers, the developers actually make you buy credits to be able to continue to play, if you happen to die do the many problems that plague this game, like dying by walking down a gentile hill (apparently the engine thinks you are falling).

    My verdict is, don
  81. Dec 18, 2012
    I now firmly believe this game is an attempt to recoup some money after the failed War Inc, the developers are greedy liars who are just out to take your money.

    I loved this game at one stage but now just cannot find any reason to want to play a game that I know is just going to continue to slide downhill.

    They push every promised feature back months, they lie blatantly everyday
    about one thing or another and continue to hit players up with hidden charges when they said there would be zero charges after the initial purchase. Expand
  82. Dec 18, 2012
    Ok, here is the deal. I purchased this game Oct 14th at the pioneer level. I played it and had a blast. I have been playing ever since and have seen all the changes that have been made. Some good, some not so good. I went into this knowing full well I was playing an alpha build and knew there would be bugs for a while and several changes would be made. Yes, I have played DayZ for some time prior to purchasing this game, and that is actually the reason I found this game. I never came into this spiteful that it was ripping off DayZ. I have read just about every rant and rave people had and also everything the developers came back with. It was a little hard to swallow but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I get killed a lot by bandits, not always hackers, but sometimes my deaths are too fishy to even have a doubt that some horseplay was going on. I just suck it up and load a new character and enjoy what time I spend alive in game. It has now become too much for me to stomach. Consistently being killed after 3 minutes in game is crazy. Take a look at Youtube and all of the hacks that there are for this game. I realize that they have banned over 3k people and that they are trying to fight it, but laying traps for people and banning innocent players is excessive. I have not even mentioned the fact that I payed what I believed was a "pre-release deal" at 40 some dollars, and now its on steam for around 15 bucks. I just dislike overpaying and being told I was getting a deal. Are you a game company comprised of used car salesmen? I have read Gamespys interview and I have just about had enough with this whole debacle. I don't even want my money back. I want an apology for making promises that you could not deliver and over charging me and many others to fund your development of this now third rate game. Sincerely
    a once loyal fan
  83. Dec 19, 2012

    Please read before you buy:

    This game is a total rip off and scam. The developers are incompetent liars who are not fit to run a game. Avoid this game at all costs. I made the mistake of making 8 or 9 friends and family members buy this game and boy was it a colossal mistake. Sergey Titov is a lying, greedy rat bastard. Please do not support him
    and this game. Ok on to the game: This game is filled with hackers, completely ruins all the fun. They have features like pay for clan that you have to pay for. They have 4 hour long deathtimers that you can buy your way out of with real money. They don't have many features that they told us they would have. Everything is delayed. Basically they are a bunch of liars and all deserve to be sued or go to jail for this scam. Expand
  84. Dec 19, 2012
    Absolute piece of garbage. This developer has from the beginning been lying and deceiving people about this game. They have stolen various elements from another popular zombie game, and even the name was picked to sound similar to it to deceive people. All for money. Do not buy this game. On principle alone, you should not buy it.
  85. Dec 19, 2012
    This game is garbage. Don't buy it unless you are looking for the second class citizen of the zombie MMO genre. I purchased the game in Alpha some time ago and have thoroughly NOT enjoyed the few hours I have put in. Game mechanics are clunky and it feels like you're in a bad comic book while playing. The community (if you can call it that) is full of hackers and the developers have continually lied about the game and it's features. Expand
  86. Dec 19, 2012
    Once you get the hang of the game, it becomes quite entertaining. You get to kill many people first person shooter style and you have all the same kind of experiences you would playing BF3 or COD. However, the game is riddled with bugs and unavailable features. The developers are probably going to look at their score and immediately think.. "DAYZ FANBOYS ATTACKED" or somethign along that line like they have done before... But seriously, look into your soul and quit being so damn shady. There are so many sarcastic things they do in response to the criticism they receive (which they absolutely deserve). For instance, the build was changed 12/18/12 to v.0.9.9 to avoid it being called what it was before: v.1.0.0. They also have these terrible surveys, and they pull percentages from who knows where. This is besides the matter of the game, but one of the BIGGEST reasons why you shouldn't buy it. "well it's only $15, you are ******* cheap" $15 times hundreds of thousands of sales = big money. It needs to be earned legit Expand
  87. Dec 19, 2012
    I bought (yes, I like everyone else, paid money for this game) War Z due to the promise of a released MMO in a post-apocalyptic world with zombie invasion, what I got was a joke:
    - Alpha status (ground structure is there, but thats it) - It IS Alpha/Technical Demo, other companies/indies use this state of the game to go to Kickstarter, 2 years later a proper product would be released with
    features that work!
    - No real MMO (sorry guys, 50/100 is NOT massive - having hundreds of shards of 50-100 is also not massive)
    - Many basic functionalities not yet implemented (tutorial, skill system, quests, swimming, fighting with fists/feet, anything to keep the player there)
    - Already has a real-cash market? Wow...just wow...alpha status and already making it pay2play/win...go to kickstarter and get your sponsors there!
    - No advanced functionalities (vehicles, clans)
    - Clipping in terrain (didnt you just cleanup the terrain? lol)
    - After 10 deaths, no more starter gear? Gee...since I cant fight with my bare hands, its all a matter of luck to find a weapon vs. zombies and hopefully im lucky not be killed by another player with a flashlight!
    - Sandbox? lol...time to have a look at what a real sandbox means guys. In a sandbox environment, I would rip a branch off a tree, sharpen it with a few stones and then i would have a very crude weapon (better than nothing). I could find nails and make my own nailbat, I could find string/vines and add a rock to my spear to make a hammer, rip out the damn barstools in the resturant and use that as a damn weapon!
    - Loads of houses, but only a small fraction can be entered? Lazy or maybe just ALPHA and unfinished?
    - Decorations? So you can go into houses...but why is almost every house/building empty? Sure, people used it but debris should still be a minimum to create a proper atmosphere.
    - FALL DAMAGE after 1m? *cry*
    - 4h respawn timer? I think i dont need to comment this, do I?
    - Griefers - *sigh* how I hate loosing everything, but I guess thats survival and **** happens"
    - Armour helps jack at the moment

    Lets look directly at your website:
    "New generation MMO" - Uhm, no its not, its still a normal game with a payshop...
    "AAA Graphics" - nope, with all that clipping and horrible textures...
    "Huge persistant world" - yup, no lie here, it is really huge and takes very VERY long to run anywhere (semi-boring guys)
    "Create your own survival experience by selecting one of the available characters, customizing them and helping them" - Um, I can only select 1 character, "customization" = a few heads and clothes?
    "Gain experience and spend it to learn dozens of available skills in this Zombie Game" - Dozens of available skills? reaalllly? where?

    So basically, 4 out of 5 things are a lie. I bought the game in hopes of a real sandbox in zombie fashion, with neat "skills"/attributes that increase while I play (run longer and faster would be a nice start)

    What has been done right(ish)?
    - Zombie AI/Sneaking works not too bad once you get used to it. It IS possible to sneak around the zombies if you know how.
    - No lag on the servers, well done on this
    - Global Inventory - good idea. even if its seriously irritating having to run 20-30min to a safe spot and then log out, it does work. Pity it doesnt work at the post offices as mentioned on the survivor screen
    - Day/Night cycle - I actually love this, even if I dont have a flashlight anymore due to dying too many times, but still, this works wonders for atmosphere and night time can be seriously scary

    Seriously, this IS a Alpha/very early Beta (I have been playing alphas/betas for over 15 years now). Please mention this on your website and stop making people pay for this at the moment. I can see the game has potential, but dont lie to your PAYING customers.
  88. Dec 19, 2012
    This game has potential but development is VERY slow, features that they claimed were already in the game that got us to buy it in the first place are not even in the game yet. Now they have changed the respawn timer and are making people use RL money if they want to get back into the game before the 4 hours is up. The thing is, that might be ok in a Free2Play game, but this is NOT a F2P game. We have BOUGHT this game and we should be able to play the game that we bought! Expand
  89. Dec 19, 2012
    I enjoy the game but i feel kinda scammed, game photos aren't in game footage. I bought the game cuz it sound like a good idea playing with friends but you can find cheaters that ruin your gameplay! Also the game will become into a Pay2Win. If this game doesn't get better it will have the worst metascore, and will have no people playing... Developers must work in the game before selling it...
  90. Dec 19, 2012
    I bought into the alpha of this around a few months back, videos and comments seem to show the same game I was playing back then. I was very patient back then, in spite of them doing nothing about the rampant hackers that I would constantly run into. I was hoping that after a couple of months it would be a little more playable, and when I saw it on steam recently I was hoping that it was polished enough (I'm a hopeful idiot lol) to play. It's not. Oh wait, i did notice highway markers on the map now, pretty cool. At least the map is pretty close to finished, not the TERRAIN, just the map SCREEN. about the only thing in the game unfortunately that looks ANY BIT different than it did months ago. The devs were initially biting off of the shooter genre then decided to totally be original, and bite off the dayz mod. no one else had done that yet, and there were tons of crappy shooters to compete with but only 1 dayz until they decided to rip it off, and make a paid + microtransaction-based product worse than a free mod. there should be a medal for that. Achievement Unlocked: EPiC DEV FAiL Expand
  91. Dec 19, 2012
    Before i begin i need you to know Ihave had a chance to play this in Alpha, Beta and the current "Foundation Release".

    The game as it stands today is very broken. It has been plagued by hackers, bugs, and multiple errors created by the developers. Moving past that the game it self plays out exactly as the popular ARMA II Mod "Day Z". You are set in this world to survive and explore.
    Easier said than done.

    You will travel this world for many hours find very little in terms of items, Infact you will likely run into another survivor, a pack of zombies or maybe even a hacker and die before you actually find good gear.

    Once dead you will have to wait 4 hours before you can play that character again. Unless of course you pay real money. This in it's self is a little shady.

    Graphically the game is really hit or miss. From afar the scenery and world looks pretty whimsical, however once you get a closer look the textures look very awful and out of place. The animations are less than par what they should be. Players and zombies move very statically, almost robotic like, very inorganic. This ontop of the combat animations which are also terrible make the game look very cheap.

    Overall my player experience has been very poor due to the lack of content, Shady micro transactions, Bugs, Hackers and much more. I would not recommend this until it has at least fixed the issues stated.
  92. Dec 19, 2012
    This game WAS aswome crazy at alpha and bigining of beta. I bought it first week of allpha launch and clearly enjoyed. From this date to yesterday, I passed almost all my free time on it.... but at steam release time, Hammerpoint totally broke it bad. Let me explain... One point is that you own 5 charactere slots, and you have to know that when one of your char die ingame, it lose all ths stuff he was carrying and was unable to revive for 1 hour. At steam relaase, hammerpoint passed this revival time from 1 hour to 4 hours, with the possibility to instant revive with a real money cost option. That means the poeple you are killing can instant repop, close to your position, and with a full stuff dropped at revive from general inventory. On the other hand, if YOU die, and if you want, for example, continue to play with a group of friend you were playing with, hammerpoint force you to spend real cash to. What seems like some betrayal cause Hammerpoint promised that The WarZ would be a game you buy and you wouldn t have to pay additive cost to play... Of course, there is a marketplace, but mostly for cosmmetics item (recently, all scopes switched to ingame cash to real cash, which isn t very fair, same problem). My conclusion ?? The War Z is globally an awsome entertainment, but the recent change of way from Hammerpoint just turned it into a Pay to Play beta game. Let's hope it would change in near future, but for the moment, I can"t rate it good because of it. (my appologise for my bad english, but I think every feeling about this soft have to be say cause it s a real good beta game with a real potential for entertainment, but those recent changements totally deserve it) Expand
  93. Dec 19, 2012
    I bought the game a month ago. The Game is almost unplayable. It's advertised as a Zombie Survival MMO. But it falls way short of that promise. The reality is - it's a PVP Death Match with some Zombies throw in the back ground. And there are way better Death Match games on the market.
  94. Dec 19, 2012
    The bottom line is this a company that is more worried about TRYING to control the flow of information about their game then attempting to make it better or listen to anyone that is not a fanboy. I as many others on their forums have had a ban placed on my forum account by their community manager kwek all cause we had some issues with the way the Devs were handling the development of the game to which we are paying customers of. I would see many posts get delete and or users banned for even stating one small thing the company did not like. I personally was banned AFTER I messaged kwek and asked him why my post about "paying for clan slots was a hidden fee" was deleted he banned me from the boards for "questioning a moderator" the ban is perm. Not to rant here but I did play the game for a long while and was made many promises by the company when I bought the game a few months back. ALL the promises they made have been not met, came up way short or were just totally different then what they stated.

    I think the worst thing about this game is the fact that they are trying to release it as it is now and attempting to convince people that the game is "never really released" cause it will keep getting stuff added to it.

    I am not going to say this game IS a scam but they people running the show over there at Hammerpoint ACT like they are presenting a scam to people. The way they argue with their paying customers is almost like a child on the internet that is mad cause he died in a video game. Oh wait thats right the lead producer did come on his own forums and cried calling people names cause he died in a video game. lol

    Need I say more...
  95. Dec 19, 2012
    Heard how bad it was going to be, but wanted to try it anyways. The game is fun with friends to just hop right in and try to find each other in a post-apocalyptic world while avoiding hordes of zombies (barely) and sly bandits, who are out there trying to take your supplies by killing you. It was fun before the 4-hour patch to just jump in, survive, die and repeat. But after the 4-hour re-spawn timer, if you delete a character (Why is there even a re-spawn timer anyways? If you die, you die.) and create a new one, you get nothing. Not even food or a flashlight. Seriously? You join a server and spawn in the middle of the damn forest with NO FLASHLIGHT?! On top of that, even to survive just to find food would be impossible without some type of defense. All I can say is, this game had a TON of potential. Probably the only reason I bought it. While it was play-able, after the 4-hour re-spawn patch/update, it's pretty much unplayable. To buy or not to buy? It was a buy game, but not anymore. I even had three of my friends get it because it was quite enjoyable in the beginning, but now we are all getting our refunds. Expand
  96. Dec 19, 2012
    this game is crappy, it is really a huge scam dont buy it, just wait for the dayz standalone, like i am even tho i never played the actual mod if arma 2 co will be on sale i will get it just for the mod
  97. Dec 19, 2012
    I was originally excited about this game. The DayZ mod was too graphically intense for me and this game seemed to hold the answer. What followed was a good faith effort by mass amounts of would be fans followed by HORRIBLE mismanagement of every possible step of game production. Feels like this company should stick to spamming Facebook games till it learns some important lessons about business, game mechanics, and community building. Already put my money into this game, at this point, I would not suggest anyone else follow suit. If you have already committed and would like a community to hold out hope in, contact someone in BMFZ. Expand
  98. Dec 19, 2012
    Well, let's see, the game proposal is perfect, a zombie MMO in a apocalyptic world. It were fun in the beginning, in the beginning of November. After that the game become crazy. LOT of hackers, LOT of players who just wanted to kill everybody without reason. I had real fun in the beginning. Now the game looks like **** Their promises looks like "We will do that...just 5 more minutes" nothing is working. Skills, engine, animations. nothing at all. I miss my 29 USD. Hope the game gets better, but for now, I've lost money. Expand
  99. Dec 20, 2012
    Probably would have rated this a little bit higher as I have had fun playing it, however:

    - Hackers are a massive problem, nothing has been done about it, other than implementing one of the stupidest things ever - loot bait. Placing items inside of walls which only people using ESP would know about. This led to a lot of legitimate player accounts being banned. There's a so-called
    anti-cheat system which analyses player patterns - this isn't good enough. I might as well go and buy some hacks now, I'll never get caught.

    - Each patch seems to fix 5 bugs, and introduce 10 more. Patch release dates as well as promised features are constantly late, or not implemented at all. Other patches introduce things which are blatant money making schemes. Changing revive times to 4 hours, but then adding an option to PAY to revive instantly for example, right on top of Christmas, when they know more people will be playing, and have money to spend - despite the fact that you're probably going to die to hackers more often than not.

    - Lying about features in the game - and then blaming customers for 'misinterpreting' information - the information could only be interpreted one way - it's a blatant case of false advertising (STEAM removed it from sale the same day it was launched on there. Also, check out the article on Forbes and GameSpy for more info.)
  100. Dec 20, 2012
    I bought into this game in "alpha" for $25 which is outrageous to start of with. Then they release it for less than $15 without giving anyone who bought in early anything? The game is actually fun to play but not because of the work the developers have put into it. Since I started playing months ago they've only expanded the map a bit (most of the new places aren't even worth going to anyway), added clans which you have to pay for, and thrown on a terrible third person cross-hair. Oh and they also increased the respawn timer to 4hours while adding a pay to revive feature. Shady. This company is clearly milking a brilliant concept while putting in little to no effort. Watching the gong show this game has become is more entertaining than the game itself. Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 13
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 13
  3. Negative: 13 out of 13
  1. Mar 7, 2013
    Its mechanical foundation - like this Foundation Release - crumbles at the lightest touch. [March 2013, p.94]
  2. Feb 22, 2013
    The War Z has about as much value as its crappy in-game melee weaponry and that’s not much at all. At least it doesn’t cost anything to play after you buy it, and the cash shop items are fair enough, so you won’t see people running around with machine guns just because they spent money. If you’re going to give your money to a zombie-survival game, grab ArmA II and a copy of the DayZ mod, or wait for the full retail version of DayZ to arrive on digital store shelves and check that out. Do not buy into The War Z.
  3. Feb 5, 2013
    The War Z might use the same elements that make DayZ an enthralling experience. But it puts them together so halfheartedly that you have to turn away in disbelief.