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  • Summary: (Formerly known as "The War Z") It has been 5 years since the outbreak, giving rise to a post-apocalyptic nightmare with 95% of the human race wiped out. To survive, you'll require food, weapons, and other supplies. Some of you will scavenge as you negotiate the terrain, others will be forced to fight for survival as they encounter zombies and other players. Every decision has an effect on whether you live or how quickly you meet your death. Expand
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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    The War Z is plagued by too many mistakes, but the developers seem to be unprofessional. I've watched the development of the game for too long now - without realizing improvement.
  2. Feb 5, 2013
    The War Z might use the same elements that make DayZ an enthralling experience. But it puts them together so halfheartedly that you have to turn away in disbelief.
  3. Jan 27, 2013
    A shameless knock-off that repeats many of DayZ's problems. Worst audio ever. Bullets for sale? Really?
  4. 20
    The War Z: The foundation-release of Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie-mmog is just a disaster. Missing features, technical problems, bugs, server hacks – there are so many things to be fixed, that it's hard to believe this project could ever be a smooth-running game.
  5. Jan 18, 2013
    The only way to draw even the tiniest bit of entertainment from the game is by playing on nearly empty servers to avoid the player-killing cheaters and focus on the undead. Even then, you soon get fed up with the dreary zombie combat, or some hacker shows up and puts you out of your misery. Fighting zombie hordes in an apocalyptic wasteland has never been so depressing.
  6. Feb 22, 2013
    The War Z has about as much value as its crappy in-game melee weaponry and that’s not much at all. At least it doesn’t cost anything to play after you buy it, and the cash shop items are fair enough, so you won’t see people running around with machine guns just because they spent money. If you’re going to give your money to a zombie-survival game, grab ArmA II and a copy of the DayZ mod, or wait for the full retail version of DayZ to arrive on digital store shelves and check that out. Do not buy into The War Z.
  7. Mar 7, 2013
    Its mechanical foundation - like this Foundation Release - crumbles at the lightest touch. [March 2013, p.94]

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Score distribution:
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Excellent game. I used to play DayZ before i found this game and while they are similar, The War Z has many aspects that make me enjoy it far more than i ever did with dayz. I would defiantly recommend it to other people who are fans of realistic zombie games. Expand
  2. Mar 13, 2013
    I review it from a point with ~15 hours of gameplay, to be honest, it isnt all that bad as everyone says. I have ~200 Hours of gameplay on dayz and all i can say is that, you should also give WarZ a fair Chance...... I give this Game a fair 8, also keep in mind that it is FAR from complete.... Expand
  3. Jan 16, 2013
    Too many bugs, game needs major polishing. Also the game is loaded with hackers that face barely any penalties, so everyone's doing it. In turn making the game a very unpleasant experience. Expand
  4. Aug 18, 2014
  5. Jan 28, 2014
    I was tempted into buying a game of relatively new genre. I liked the idea of game being based on relatively realistic survival, developers at that point promised that it will never become pay 2 win kind of game. So i decided to give full version a try.

    What i got:
    1) Game is still in beta, lots of bugs, glitches and all sorts of uncalculated stupidities.
    2) Cheaters. Even in the full(paid) version of the game. It tells you about how much devs are "working" on fixing the issue.
    3) At some point couple weeks ago, devs introduced a new feature - access to marketplace at any point of the map with a click of single button(previously you could do it only on the safezones - 4 of them on the huge map):
    Sratving to death? - No problem, press F10
    Bleeding to death? - No problem, F10
    Blood toxication? - No problem, F10
    Out of ammo in a fight? F10
    Need extra meds in a fight? F10
    Survival aspect is gone.

    Basically you'd be spending ingame money faster than you'd be earning it killing zombies if you're playing actively and after a few weeks at most, 99% of players will end up in a situation where they don't have enough ingame currency to utilize that marketplace, which leaves everyone to Cash options, that's where game turns into a freaking pay-to-win, still-broken-and-bugged garbage.

    Not to mention the fact, that devs made a poll (THAT NOBODY HAD SEEN IN PROGRESS) they only showed "final results" where 58% were still against the feature. Open player-made poll on forum showed around 80-90% opposing the feature. And as far as i know that feature is still there.

    Game has a potential... or rather had a potential. But money-hungry devs are finishing the game off right now, they ignore every single existing problem and are just trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of the dying thing.

    Stay away from that garbage, if you want to try it - play trial, it's free and you'll get everything you'd get in the full game. In trial you'll get killed by a hacker, in full you'll get killed by a guy with virtually endless medkits and ammo.

    It causes bigger buyer's remorse than a useless thing costing 4-digit-amount-of-$$$$,
    stay away from that dev-team too, save yourselves some nerves.
  6. Jan 1, 2013
    The War Z is possibly the most fraudulent game made in the last decade. From faked screenshots to advertising features on Steam (before it was removed) that do not exist in game, the title is one big lie after another. The game play itself consists of attempting to survive in a zombie infested world (again a much smaller world than advertised). However, the real danger in the world of War Z is the absolute failure of design as far as anti-cheat. Numerous cheats are available for sale and many, many people are using them. The legitimate player is much more likely to die from a script kiddie using an ESP hack or aimbot. This has been a problem from the first day that the game opened as the game is simply a mod for a game called War Inc. The cheaters simply modified their scripts from that game as it is the very same game except with badly done zombies. As this is a PVP game and you lose all of your items upon death this is a major issue which the developers don't seem to be able to fix. There are numerous other issues as well covered in many other reviews. Suffice it say, buying this game at this time is a pure waste of money. Expand
  7. Scx
    Dec 19, 2012
    As an avid fan of zombie games and survival horror, I specifically signed up to metacritic to warn everyone about the atrocity and utter abomination of a game this is.

    Graphics: 0/10, running on very high, textures, terrain and models looks like they belong in Half life, the original, released in 1998...14 years ago.....

    Gameplay: 1/10, Stealth does not function properly, zombie AI in this game behave like walls and objects do not exist and will detect you no matter where you are, zombies kill you in 4 hits(intentional as you will have to pay more money to play, hence why its so brutal), when you die there is a 4 hour respawn timer, which means if you die with all 5 characters, you will essentially have to pay more money to revive your character if you want to continue playing. No in game voice chat, only text, object spawn in places you cannot get to, hats occupy 99% of the item spawns.

    Sound: 0/10 A random collection of noises, that seem to drive you insane after the first 5 minutes.

    Bugs: there are so many bugs and glitches, invisible players, invisible weapons, sliding down a meter down a hill takes away half your health, glitches through buildings, teleport glitches, invisble walls, broken animations, texture bugs, the list goes on

    Microtransactions: once you buy an item and you die, you loose it for good BE WARNED.

    False advertising ! On the steam page, it advertises for multiple maps up to 400square kms, skill points, private servers, up to 100 player servers. The game currently has ONE map with 100kms, NO skill point mechanic, Servers with max of only 50 people, NO private servers available.

    STAY as far away from this game as possible, this has the be one of the most disgusting piece of work, i have ever played

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