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  • Summary: (Formerly known as "The War Z") It has been 5 years since the outbreak, giving rise to a post-apocalyptic nightmare with 95% of the human race wiped out. To survive, you'll require food, weapons, and other supplies. Some of you will scavenge as you negotiate the terrain, others will be forced to fight for survival as they encounter zombies and other players. Every decision has an effect on whether you live or how quickly you meet your death. Expand
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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    The War Z is plagued by too many mistakes, but the developers seem to be unprofessional. I've watched the development of the game for too long now - without realizing improvement.
  2. Feb 5, 2013
    The War Z might use the same elements that make DayZ an enthralling experience. But it puts them together so halfheartedly that you have to turn away in disbelief.
  3. Jan 27, 2013
    A shameless knock-off that repeats many of DayZ's problems. Worst audio ever. Bullets for sale? Really?
  4. 20
    The War Z: The foundation-release of Hammerpoint Interactive's zombie-mmog is just a disaster. Missing features, technical problems, bugs, server hacks – there are so many things to be fixed, that it's hard to believe this project could ever be a smooth-running game.
  5. Jan 18, 2013
    The only way to draw even the tiniest bit of entertainment from the game is by playing on nearly empty servers to avoid the player-killing cheaters and focus on the undead. Even then, you soon get fed up with the dreary zombie combat, or some hacker shows up and puts you out of your misery. Fighting zombie hordes in an apocalyptic wasteland has never been so depressing.
  6. Feb 22, 2013
    The War Z has about as much value as its crappy in-game melee weaponry and that’s not much at all. At least it doesn’t cost anything to play after you buy it, and the cash shop items are fair enough, so you won’t see people running around with machine guns just because they spent money. If you’re going to give your money to a zombie-survival game, grab ArmA II and a copy of the DayZ mod, or wait for the full retail version of DayZ to arrive on digital store shelves and check that out. Do not buy into The War Z.
  7. Mar 7, 2013
    Its mechanical foundation - like this Foundation Release - crumbles at the lightest touch. [March 2013, p.94]

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Score distribution:
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Excellent game. I used to play DayZ before i found this game and while they are similar, The War Z has many aspects that make me enjoy it far more than i ever did with dayz. I would defiantly recommend it to other people who are fans of realistic zombie games. Expand
  2. Mar 13, 2013
    I review it from a point with ~15 hours of gameplay, to be honest, it isnt all that bad as everyone says. I have ~200 Hours of gameplay on dayz and all i can say is that, you should also give WarZ a fair Chance...... I give this Game a fair 8, also keep in mind that it is FAR from complete.... Expand
  3. Dec 20, 2012
    I bought into this game in "alpha" for $25 which is outrageous to start of with. Then they release it for less than $15 without giving anyone who bought in early anything? The game is actually fun to play but not because of the work the developers have put into it. Since I started playing months ago they've only expanded the map a bit (most of the new places aren't even worth going to anyway), added clans which you have to pay for, and thrown on a terrible third person cross-hair. Oh and they also increased the respawn timer to 4hours while adding a pay to revive feature. Shady. This company is clearly milking a brilliant concept while putting in little to no effort. Watching the gong show this game has become is more entertaining than the game itself. Expand
  4. Aug 18, 2014
  5. Oct 31, 2013
    There's not much more to be said about this since both critics and users have panned this so badly. However, since I moronically gave Hammerpoint my money I think stopping others from doing so is the only retribution I have.

    This game could be fixed by only ONE feature and that's private servers (that you don't have to pay for/host yourself). I think I was under the impression I COULD do private servers when I bought it (had I only known). The game is wrought with so many hackers and bugs it's a vicious cycle trying to spawn, gather, (server-hop if threatened), run to safe zone. What happened to no 'pay-to-win' microtransactions? Buying rare backpacks and ammo in the store certainly seems like a big help in 'winning'.

    I honestly can't even waste any more time on going into further details about why this game is so horrible. If I can get one person considering this game to not buy it I've done my job. Seriously, stop, go buy DayZ or support the ArmA developers and get the original mod.
  6. Dec 25, 2012
    A great, big, steaming, pile of the foulest smelling manure 15 dollars can buy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that purchasing $15.00 worth of crap would be a better investment, because at least you could fertilize a few plants with the manure. Expand
  7. Dec 19, 2012
    Purchased this game on steam when it came out as I'm always interested in zombie survival games, boy was I in for a surprise.

    First of all,
    none of the features mentioned on the steam store page were in this game at the time of launch:
    -No 100 player servers -No 100-400km2 worlds/maps (there was only 1 70km2 map, with plenty of invisible walls)
    -No Private servers
    No Skills
    No Hardcore mode.

    And now onto the bad parts:

    -No swimming, not even shallow riverbeds, enjoy walking around for 20 minuts just to cross a small creek
    -Zombies are constantly bugging out
    -Slow ass movement speed (you run out of breath in about 10-15 sec sprint and zombies move almost as fast as you do)
    -Horrible (worse than bethesda) animations, and I mean total ass unlike anything I've ever seen before
    -Vomit inducing FOV
    -Terrible textures and assets ported directly from their pay2win shooter War Inc
    -Hitboxes which suck ass
    -Bad performance on a decent PC (i5 2500k @ 4ghz and a 560 TI) while still looking like ****
    -PAY TO RESPAWN (this is not a joke, you have to pay to respawn or you have to wait 4 hours)

    If this hasn't dissuaded you from buying the game, then I don't know what will.

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