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  1. Nov 8, 2012
    It does have a good game somewhere at its core. But the unnecessary cluttering of the screen with debris and corpses, which block useful pickups, the unimpressive arsenal (sometimes weapons will shoot through some platforms, sometimes they won't, the game will autoswitch to the grenade launcher about ten times more often than you wish and weapons are only distinguishable by icon, which are all alike), the universally huge input lag (a little birdie says the game is done in Flash) and the general lack of creativity (fight type I enemy, fight type II enemy. SURPRISE! BOTH TYPES AT ONCE) bring it down a lot. Expand
  2. Feb 22, 2013
    I found myself largely unable to play this game which is a pity because it had potential. The controls are the major problem with the mouse often lagging far behind where I want to aim and keys occasionally not realising I've released them until several frames afterwards. Couple this with objects getting wedged under the clutter of physics objects and things become a little frustrating.

    The music is repetitive and eventually irritating whilst the actual game-play is slower than I'd want from a platform shooter. The guns are variations on a theme with little difference between each. The graphics are pretty good with enemies having a variety of animation.

    Ultimately (and unfortunately) if you're looking for something with the charm of Metal Slug or the action of Abuse you're going to have to look elsewhere.
  3. Jul 25, 2012
    Love it! The different weapons are great and riding a wolf is pretty bad ass.. And to know one guy did both the code AND the fantastic art is inspiring.
  4. Aug 5, 2012
    One man had an idea for the sort of game he wanted to play. Here it is, a game of jumping and physicsing and shooting. Pros: Great attention to detail in every part of the gameplay and level design. Physics. Bosses that are actually serious obstacles and engaging encounters, not just slightly bigger enemies. Cons: Weapon variety is a little shallow (partially compensated by a variety of vehicles). Game is relatively short, it'll only take you a few hours to see everything in the game. But it'll be a fun few hours. There's a demo available so go give it a try. Expand
  5. Jun 13, 2013
    I went into this game with high hopes expecting to be playing a more modern and improved version of an old favourite, Metal Slug. At first the game felt like it was doing well, nice artwork, different weapons, various enemies, but the further into the game I got the more it felt like it was just trying to show of it's physics and rag-doll capabilities.
    Corpses soon went from awesome
    rag-doll deaths to annoying pick up blockers. The controls started to become even more clunky as the game progressed, the automatic grabbing of ropes when jumping past them got me shot a couple of times whilst trying to dodge attacks.
    Not to mention the wolf riding, sure it looks good on the trailer and in thumbnail art, but when you hop onto one of those things you just wish it would die so you can get back to being a bad-ass with a gun rather than a guy struggling to turn his mount around whilst flying robots shoot at his stationary behind. The wolf controls just felt bad, you become a sitting duck as soon as you hop on one of those things. Okay all be it you can move a lot faster on a wolf, but only if you go straight in one direction and don't have to manoeuvre over around anything like, lets say, a heap of rag-doll corpses... Which of course there are always going to be.
    At first you think it's a game with mechanics that will add a lot to your experience, but they end up taking away the core part of any game, enjoyment.
  6. May 8, 2013
    Unfortunately this game has been severely overlooked and under publicized. It's a masterpiece up there with metal slug and contra. The ambition is extraordinary especially in the boss battles which take on epic proportions, in the way God of War bosses feel. The gameplay is splendid, responsive and intuitive, enhanced by a physics engine which feels advanced for an indie title. My biggest problem however was with the controls. Your character has a specific jump height which doesn't change depending on how long you hold down the button. Secondly, you jump by pressing the up button. I often jumped by mistake by tilting the stick. When you lose it should feel like your fault, not the control scheme's. Expand
  7. Oct 31, 2012
    OVERVIEW: Intrusion 2 is a 2D side-view run-and-gun shooter action game with 360 degree aiming and 2D physics. STORY: (n/a /10) There are no cutscenes or text boxes, it's all just gameplay. The unnamed dude just crash-lands and immediately starts killing everything that moves while walking to the right. GRAPHICS: (9/10) The graphics at first blush appear to be the standard "retro" 16-bit stuff all indie developers are required by law to use, but what elevates this game's look above that is the 2D physics. Although simpler than the 3D ragdolls found in most FPS shooters, all of the enemies (and you when you die) ragdoll on death. The enemies also never dissapear, so the jetpack guys you kill will keep flying around, dead, until they trap themselves somewhere. Each level is littered with objects that react properly to gunfire and weight, and your character even has a long scarf explicitly to show off the cloth physics. One of the most impressive things about the look of the game is the way some of the crazier enemies move, like how wolf legs adjust and shift to sit on the terrain they stand on, or the way the robot (?)dog sub-bosses will wheel around their legs to claw their way forward. The larger enemies are also good about their weak point flashing when you hit it so you know you're doing damage.

    CONTROL: (8/10)
    With a mouse and keyboard, you have WASD movement and free-reign 360-degree mouse aiming. I do not recommend this setup, simply because it will over-focus your attention on proper aim, when you should be doing more spray-and-pray while focusing on jumping and ducking to avoid enemy fire.
    With an Xbox 360 controller plugged in, the game controls beautifully, with the left joystick (or D-pad) moving and the right joystick aiming in 360 degrees. My major gripe with the control scheme is that jumping is mapped to both Up on the joystick and to the A button, but since you have to hold down the right trigger to fire, it's too awkward to fire with your right index finger and control both joysticks AND press another button with your right hand. A better solution would have been to map jumping to the left shoulder bumper so you could keep your left thumb on the movement joystick and still click jump. The way it is now, to both dodge and shoot back you need to get used to jumping by pressing Up, which works, but is slightly more awkward. Additionally, a melee attack button might have been nice for close range. That said, the game controlled fine, and all deaths were my own fault.
    No other joystick type is supported, from what I can tell (unless you use third-party utilities).

    GAMEPLAY: (10/10)
    Basically you move right and shoot at everything, then when you get a harder enemy you have to move backward to keep dodging fire. There are checkpoints and (in Normal mode) you can take some hits before you die, so while you have to be careful with each encounter, the game isn't unreasonably challenging.
    It's a simple concept, but the pervasiveness of the 2D physics changes everything. You can grab onto ropes or bound from bouncy tree limbs to jump to the next part. The larger enemies will grab and throw smaller objects at you. You can sometimes roll heavier boulders down at enemies. You can climb on top of the flying sub-bosses. You can use small objects to block incoming fire, or trap the larger enemies in between objects inside certain crates, or temporarily reflect back homing missiles by shooting at them. One boss even grabs the room you're in and rolls it around, trying to use the shifting gravity to crush you in between the room's heavier crates. It's almost hard to go back to something as simple as Metal Slug after playing Intrusion 2, because this (physics) is that next step 2D shooters have been needing for awhile.
    Weapons include machine guns, a grenade launcher, and a shoot-through-walls railgun laser. The grenade launcher is kind of annoying in that at close range you do splashback damage to yourself, and you autoswitch weapons when you run out, so at one section I purposefully depleted my grenade ammo because it was more trouble than it was worth against a sub-boss.
    The vehicles vary things nicely. There's a wolf (better jumping and a melee bite) and three different types of mechs (rocket-launching, sword-swinging and grapple-hook). The grapple-hook mech is the most fun because you can swing-pull yourself to higher ledges and grab and throw enemies or objects. You end up trying to keep your vehicles alive as long as possible because they're so fun. Each of the vehicles is also a boss type. The bosses themselves are also amazing, multi-stage, and use physics as part of their challenge.

    The game is short and there's no multiplayer at all (co-operative would have been awesome). If it had been a full-priced $60 game it would have been fair to ask for 6-8 hours, but at $10 it's well worth it. If you still doubt that, try the free demo on Steam.
  8. Feb 19, 2013
    My experience with Intrusion 2 was a very good one. It's like Metal Slug with physics: you can roll huge snowballs and drop boulders on enemies. You can ride wolves and jump in mechs with grappling claws and swords. Sounds awesome? It is. Each level and boss battle is intense, unique, and challenging. There's also some minor puzzles, which provides a refreshing challenge beyond just shooting people and wreaking havoc (which doesn't get old easily).

    It's a beautiful game with a lot of high-quality 16-bit pixel art. It's surprising and inspiring that one person (Aleksey Abramenko) could produce this kind of game by himself. It's a shame that the game is rather short, but understandable, considering the developer team size of 1.
  9. Sep 18, 2013
    Gunstar Heroes: Physics Edition! Probably one of the best surprises I've had in a while from going through my Steam Winter sale haul. There really isn't much to say about it that isn't summized with the fake title I gave it. It's a game very much done in the style of Gunstar Heroes and Metal Slug, but with lots of inventive weapons, incredible boss fights, and crazy use of physics in the level design. I'm not just talking about physics-based puzzles either; I'm talking enemy mechs that will latch onto objects and throw them at you, destructible buildings, grenades that bounce all over the place and blasts everything near it away once it ticks down, etc.

    It's pretty great. My only qualms with the game would have to be with the low FPS in certain situations (likely due to all the physics) and the short nature of the game (3 hours long for me), though it has replay value due to the almost emergent aspect of the physics and how the enemy AI decides to react to it. Graphically the game has all the fun and nonsensical cyberpunk stuff you'd expect from a game of this genre (read: giant robot fish piranhas), but jaggy lines over everything make it a bit hard to stomach on anything but windowed mode. All in all, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that's a fan of the genre.
  10. Oct 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A lot of great ideas, but the game remains very short, almost tech-demo-like. Or its shortness might bring to mind older arcade games, but not really the lengthy 'bullet-hell' Metal Slug games.

    Unlike what I've seen some claim, the pacing does not escalate much. It has a lot of cool moment, but those moments are few compared to wading through defenseless infantrymen. Parts like finding the robot with the hook-shot arm were amazing, and it handled and played really well. I would have liked to have seen more mech vs mech combat. The best parts of the game were the instances vs the Stalkers. Those machines are crazy-fun to fight.

    Its a memorable gaming experience, but I just wish there was more of it, and more of what I like. The giant robot battle at the end is pretty classic and brings to mind a classic epic SNES-N64 experience.
  11. Sep 30, 2012
    This game is really fantastic and the multistage boss fights are so thrilling that i cant remember when i have played such a great side scrolling plat-former! I played Contra, i played probotector , but with the physics in Intrusion 2 (which are causing hilarious moments when a big explosion smashes a container onto the enemy soldier... or yourself... ) it brings the genre on a whole new incredible level. The fights are so dynamic and well conceived. But one thing made me sad: That i rode into the night-sky after boss 3... I wished for at least 2 more bosses. I hope the next game will be a little bit longer.
    For the weaponry: I am quite pleased, every weapon has its purpose, pros and cons.
    The metal-soundtrack is also really kick ass but could use some more variations in bigger levels.
    I hope there will be a intrusion 3 and that mister Abramenko finds a way to make it even more epic ( 5 bosses , maybe? =).
  12. Nov 28, 2012
    Love this game, has an oldschool feel with new game elements like physics. Not overly difficult, but not too easy. Even more impressive knowing that this game was made by only one person...
    A lot of fun to play.
  13. Jul 30, 2013
    Cheap flash-based platformer, with nothing that sets it apart from the crowd. I found the controls to be lagging and that really killed it for me. Checking the Steam forums reveals that this game doesn't have much fans, overall people find it to be... meh. And I agree with that. I wouldn't waste my time on this one.
  14. Jun 8, 2013
    I got it from the last humble bundle and It has been a very nice surprise for me. It's a mix between metal slug and contra franchises.
    Nice visuals and physics, the game is smooth and easy to play, but not easy to complete!
    Bosses will make you sweat hard :D
    Love it and totally recommended!
  15. Jun 19, 2013
    Intrusion 2 has all the cards to be a brilliant old-school sidescrolling shooter but falls short in some areas. In Intrusion you shoot your way through levels in veins of Contra (though much easier), killing somewhat nasty bosses in the progress. Yes, sounds good, but then the shooting isn't most comfortable thing in the world, mouse having weird lagging and the character feeling way to floaty for my taste. My biggest issue was that your "bullets" fly so slowly that you just keep on spamming your guns in enemy's general direction and hope it falls down. This did break my experience and lead to quitting in level 6. To put it short: nice try. Expand
  16. Aug 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Intrusion 2 is a side-scrolling shooter with a beautiful art-style, original level design, and an over-the-top experience highly recommended, esp because it's a labor of love for just one person, and you will literally be putting food in this guy's mouth by buying the game.

    I first heard about this game via reddit a friend of the person who made this game posted a short gameplay video to get some feedback. Well what I saw was a futuristic shooter with heaps of atmosphere and a metal soundtrack. The part that hooked me though that mid-level, the guy jumped on a wolf and rode him around, shooting enemies while the wolf bit them. Brilliant.

    Later I bought it as part of a bundle, and it turns out that the originality of the wolf was carried over into multiple situations: you can operate different mechs and there's a section where you ride downhill on a piece of a giant robot that you've just destroyed. For me, these parts and the ridiculously epic boss battles were what made say "wow!" aloud.

    Apart from that, the game has a well developed physics system (which sometimes gets annoying), and a really catchy heavy music that feeds the energy of the game. It's short (took me 3.5hrs on easy), but there are no boring bits, and the art style is very much like 90's anime, which helps create a great overall atmosphere for the game.
  17. Jun 17, 2013
    The weapons and wolf are pretty rad, but honestly speaking, I'm a casual player this game so the fact that the checkpoints are scarce is kind of annoying, just a few more here and there would've been great.
  18. Jun 9, 2013
    Let's get one thing out of the way, I HATE games like this, I had to stop playing them to save money for smashed keyboards. That being said, this game is amazing. I don't know what it is that makes this so different from the others like it, but I played it on a recommendation and kept playing it. Even dying seemed justified, not like the game is trying to kill you. Awesome game.
  19. Jul 18, 2013
    Flaws: very short, has some cheap things such as the IN text graphic stolen from Metal Slug and some sound effect from Soldat or at least from the same free sound library I assume. Those can easily be discarded considering the game was made by one person. Pros: everything else. And those benefit from the fact that it was made by just one person. Badass is the only way to describe this game, it is genuinely fun. Take Metal Slug, give it some rock tunes, add mouse aiming, add physics and all the ways to exploit it, add Metal Gear Solid-esque weird bosses, and there you have it. The art is very good, with some slightly worse things that are totally redeemed by the final boss. It's really well designed too in its little things: despite the omnipresent physics engine you never get stuck, every weapon has its own purpose and I never found myself, unlike in the other games although I guess it's a thing of mine, to steamroll everything with one weapon and saving ammo of the "nuking" ones, also the game keeps showing you things such as soldiers riding wolves, mechas, mechas with swords, mechas that grab items and shoot them, and then it lets you use those because why the hell not. Expand
  20. Aug 19, 2013
    The game is just wonderful it is short, but it's filled with action and is NOT repetative. Also, did you know that it was made by only one guy? Awesome game 9/10
  21. Sep 5, 2013
    I dont understand what's with the negative reviews here.
    The controls are in the style of Abuse but the jumps are a bit floaty, which is no big deal because its mostly a shooter and not a platformer.
    The physics DO get a lil bit in the way and there is one puzzle that can take a couple minute to deal with because some robot's body gets in the way. That's it, 2 minutes.

    For the rest
    This is an awesome metal slug abuse like. The best I have seen in years.
    There is not many boss battles but hear me: those are possibly the best boss battles I have ever played in a game of this genre. The last boss is AMAZINGLY EPIC.

    The game is pretty short, but also its pretty cheap.
  22. Sep 5, 2013
    Intrusion 2 feels like a modern remake of an SNES game, and is a really solid update on old-school platform shooters. It combines a bit of Contra with some Metal Slug and polishes it with slick animations, effective physics and responsive, modern controls. Intrusion 2 is a great game that you can often get for dirt cheap, but is worth picking up for the full price.
  23. Jun 7, 2013
    I found this as a fantastic shoot-them-up, I grabbed it in a recent Humble Bundle, never really heard of it before, and when I tried it, it was absolutely fantastic! It's a bit insane and crazy, and riding a wolf the size of a dragon is insane, and this was all created by a single person over the course of three years! This is well worth the money and will challenge you by bringing back good bosses to gaming! All the bosses are fair, every move is dodge-able and it just matters on how good you are on if you get hit or not. They're the type of bosses that you have to find the singular weakness in each of their attack moves and then exploit it. I love a frustration boss like that, they're a lot funner than just an enemy just like all the ones you have been fighting just with more health.

    Overall, it is amazing, and very well worth your money.
  24. Oct 21, 2013
    I have a lot of love for this game. It is the definition of indie. The fact that one man made this blows my mind. The game is a really enjoyable side-scroller, There's no learning curve as it's simply point, shoot and run. There's a nice variety of weapons, enemies, bosses and levels. I think the best feature would have to be the bosses although they're also my biggest problem with the game. The bosses are insane, they're incredibly unique and seriously good fun. But they're brutally difficult. I love a challenge but I think they went a little overboard with this one. Each boss has a recognizable pattern and with a lot of trial and error you can usually get through. The final boss is both amazing and nearly impossible. I will admit that even after dying on a boss a lot it rarely feels like a grind, because you do learn something each time. I think they need to be nerfed slightly but other than that, fantastic game. So if you're a fan of hardcore bosses and seriously fun side-scrolling action this is certainly the game for you. Expand
  25. Jun 7, 2013
    I found this as a fantastic shoot-them-up, I grabbed it in a recent Humble Bundle, never really heard of it before, and when I tried it, it was absolutely fantastic! It's a bit insane and crazy, and riding a wolf the size of a dragon is insane, and this was all created by a single person over the course of three years! This is well worth the money and will challenge you by bringing back good bosses to gaming! All the bosses are fair, every move is dodge-able and it just matters on how good you are on if you get hit or not. They're the type of bosses that you have to find the singular weakness in each of their attack moves and then exploit it. I love a frustration boss like that, they're a lot funner than just an enemy just like all the ones you have been fighting just with more health.

    Overall, it is amazing, and very well worth your money.

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  1. Sep 19, 2012
    A preposterous pleasure. [Oct 2012, p.97]
  2. Aug 20, 2012
    Intrusion 2 is an addictive run 'n' gun, strong in the genre's distinctive elements and with a lot of variety.
  3. Aug 11, 2012
    Fast paced action, gargantuan bosses and a chaotic physics make for a run'n'gun fresh game and packed with solid ideas.