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  • Summary: The player takes on the role of a Russian or German infantryman, using teamwork, tactical skill and authentic war machines to battle for victory. The German campaign focuses on slowing the advance of the Soviet troops, while the Soviet campaign is all about breaking through the enemy's resistance. However, the player does not have to do all this on foot: Using their computers, tacticians will control tanks, including the famous German battle tank Panzerkampfwagen VI or "Königstiger" and the Russian Stalin tank JS2, or fighter planes such as the Focke Wulf 190 and dive bombers like the Stuka or the Petlyakov PE-2. Expand
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  1. May 24, 2012
    With Iron Front: Liberation 1944 the player get a huge battlefield and a game with great potential. Airplanes, real tanks, editor, co-operative missions, two campaigns and tons of interaction. Unfortunately the engine is full of bugs and requires very powerful hardware. Hopefully patches and modders will explode the true potential of this game in the near future.
  2. May 24, 2012
    A good strategic game that not excel in any field, Iron Front 1944's primary task seems to be to fill our time until Arma 3 arrives.
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Iron Front – Liberation 1944 will be a new, evolving paint canvas for the multiplayer Arma-crowd. For other gamers it is mostly a confusing mess. [June 2012]
  4. Aug 1, 2012
    At its release Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is plagued by a number of bugs. Mission triggers don't work, the AI leaves a lot to desire and so does the story. The game works well in multiplayer though, where the scale of huge battlefields plays to the strengths of the complex military simulation at its heart.
  5. Jun 14, 2012
    Iron Front: Liberation 1944 struggles with the tag "ArmA II with WWII units". Unfortunately the game fails to show that it's something more than that. Iron Front brings new errors to the Real Virtuality engine, and sometimes it manifests some new errors - therefore it creates a time machine to the year 2009. Of course, there are patches that fix some of the flaws, but the gamers' have been offered an inferior product.
  6. Jun 28, 2012
    I'm not sure if we should be calling Iron Front a game. It's more like a huge target range where people can run around, drive tanks and shoot each other.
  7. May 24, 2012
    I always try to approach a new game with an open mind regardless of genre, developer, budget and so on. Sometimes you get positively surprised by a game when you don't have preconceptions. Iron Front: Liberation 1944 offers the complete opposite.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 50
  2. Negative: 18 out of 50
  1. May 27, 2012
    This game is just insane, it has some small bugs at release like all games, but they will get fixed soon. But apart from that, I have never seen such an amazing battles. If you like WW2: this is your game. Expand
  2. Jun 11, 2012
    Iron Front Liberation 1944 feels like ArmA 2 in a WO2 setting. But it's definitely an improved version of ArmA 2 with better tank combat, better animations and great map/unit design. Infantry combat and dogfights are also a lot of fun. While the singleplayer campaign is a bit buggy (they're already fixing that!), this is a game you should buy for the editor and the multiplayer. Multiplayer comes with a lot of co-op and pvp missions like capture&hold or blitzkrieg. Now all this game needs are some more players! Expand
  3. May 27, 2012
    I've been waiting for this for a longtime and I was extremely impressed by the effort put into it by the development team. The game engine is solid and the scale of the maps and attention to detail is outstanding. The new gameplay modes are also alot of fun when your with firends, regulars or even a clan you can team up with. The editor is also a fanstasic feature extending hours of playability with missions which can be shared with the community. For me, Iron Front is a winner and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a worthwhile WW2 game experience. Expand
  4. May 30, 2012
    Granted, the release has bugs and the Steam version is delayed using the 1.61 patch to get to the servers. Once you setup controls and play a few rounds the program seems to settle down and we finally get to the game.

    The game is the BEST WWII Tank Battle game out there! Nothing can touch this for World War two type tactics and Battlefield views. They did a wonderful job on the MAPS. Modeling when on High makes these steel beast come to life. Push and hook for Pak guns! Refuel, Mechanized and Motorized Infantry. This has captured all of the Arma series pluses and dropped it right in the middle of WWII!

    Running a tank server for Darkest Hour mod for a full year and always full, Most in the TS channel would remark with hopes of even larger battlefields with the ease of tank controls in the future. This title has succeeded in those expectations. Very immerse and very entertaining once you get you head wrapped around it. Patches and improvements will be forth coming and the MOD community will be releasing scenarios for YEARS to come. NICE JOB GUYS!!
  5. May 25, 2012
    The game uses the same engine as arma 2 so yeah its going to be similar. So imagine arma 2 but as a ww2 genre type game. But the game runs more like a war engine. You will find yourself actually fighting the enemy. Arma 2 can feel cheap as the ai will snipe you with an AK from 400 meters away. In this game you wont get sniped by a pistol but instead of having a conflict 300-500 meters away. This game encourages you to get up in close for the kill. Ive been playing singleplayer and its challenging at some parts and then i tried the multiplayer....the largest server i found was maxed out at 32 players and it was buggy getting in and then i recieved a CTD. So i expect a patch within this month to correct that and overall the game runs great. Id recommend this game if you wanted a stronger fighting style in arma 2. The game deserves a 7 because it is great but three points off due to some ai just stand there and a CTD and buggy multiplayer launch. Definatley get the game if you are an arma vet and for any newcomers check this out, multiplayer is easy to pick up and plenty of action. Hopefully we will see the server list start filling up and get 64 player servers. Expand
  6. May 25, 2012
    This is ARMA2 with ww2 guns, same bugs and high system requirements. It gives you too little for the cost and it feels like a unfinished mod. I would recommend you to avoid this game unless you liked ARMA2. Expand
  7. Jan 5, 2013
    I have been an avid arma/ flashpoint fan since the beginning, it is superior for realistic combat and the ability to create your own missions adds infinite replay value to the game. It might feel clunky at first but once you get used to the engine/ mechanics you realize that its all other shooters that are flawed ,in the sense that they dont take into account how a soldier would move with 100lbs of gear, or how he would react under fire, and if you get shot in the arm, you cant shoot straight etc. So what im trying to get at here is that if youre looking for an arcade shooter, this games not for you at all, hell its not for anyone. now if your are an arma fan, heres where my review actually begins. This game cost me $26 with the expansion, and that was on steam sale too, for a conversion mod for arma 2, not much different from Vietnam, the experience or the balkan war mod, EXCEPT THOSE WERE F R E E ! Now i didnt mind the idea of paying for arma 2 converted to ww2 because in my experience total conversion mods come with a whole plethora of bugs and usually the ambient combat doesnt work too well. I figured id buy this game to hopefully avoid all those problems. And what do I find? not only does the ambient combat not work but the troops themselves are broken. Russian troops show up as enemies for some reason so when i try to place allies and soviets on the map they shoot each other. What really pissed me off though was that when i went to make my own d-day in the editor on omaha beach, the germans and allies are FRIENDLY!!!!! WTF? But wait, theres more. I dont even think there are 25 guns total in this game, loadout is basic, and to top off poor weapon selection half of the audio files for the guns sound like they were recorded on someones phone, in a big empty room, off a **** low fi youtube video of the intended weapon sound. so to recap, editor sucks, weapons are lame, AI is terrible, and the maps are average looking. all in all i got a so-so conversion mod for arma 2 that doesnt work half as well, or even come close to the amount of content found in most conversion mods on armaholic. By comparison, Vietnam the experience comes with about 25 maps to play with. some are small but most are pretty huge. It adds close to 100 small arms weapons to the game and a whole army of aircraft and tanks. The soldiers all look great as well as the maps themselves, and the editor works just as well as it does for arma2 vanilla. All in all, its not a terrible game, and if it were a mod id give it a 7. But because its nothing more than a $26 mod for a game i own, and failed to live up to any of the other conversion mods out there that are all free mind you, i give it an F- 0% total failure and a waste of money Expand

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