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  1. Mar 11, 2011
    A little weak on the story at some points, but with amazing gameplay and incredible atmosphere, thanks to the good music and level design. Bioware experience© at it's finest.
  2. Dec 1, 2012
    thanks to the pc version jade empire has become even better. there are new enemies, effects, new weapons, new styles ( one of them is the best in the game too) theres a new difficulty mode where you can make a new gameplus, and theres a new character and in my opinion hes the best one yet. all this and everything else that made jade empire to good with its action packed gameplay, tons of dialogue choices, and original world. the xbox version and pc version are both great but get the pc version if you can Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2013
    This masterpiece from Bioware received major attention from the critics, but not quite from the gaming fans. Jade Empire has the same feel as all of Bioware’s other games, but its setting is relocated into a fictional Chinese kingdom. Jade Empire’s “tri-stat” system is simple, but also a very creative and effective RPG feature. Each attribute offers individual combat advantages, but also work in conjunction for persuasion checks during dialog. This delivers fantastic gameplay that won’t confuse newcomers to the RPG genre. After Jade Empire’s initial release on the Xbox, many of the fans complained about its easy difficulty. The special edition’s new “Jade Master” difficulty feature smashed this complaint and offered an incredibly challenging experience for veteran RPG players. In addition, the enhanced PC edition offers high resolutions and advanced AA settings for stronger GPU’s. Don’t let this gem slip past you again and experience this masterpiece! Expand
  4. May 5, 2012
    Awesome game, very involving story, fleshed out companions, rich dialogue and a lot of roleplaying options. The outcomes are not quite spectacular, but the sheer amount of options give me that great feeling of being there and staying in-character as much as possible. The combat is simple but dynamic and rewarding. The world design and atmosphere are top notch, I wish there were more games like this, with distinct personality. I love the lore and the presentation. The voice acting is also great quality. Expand
  5. Mar 22, 2012
    Awesome, highly atmospheric game with lots of love for fantasy kung-fu clichés and amazingly cool endings. Do try to play through as an utter, complete villain and be amazed. The only downside is a bit simplistic combat, plus it´s not the longest thing out there, either. But, for any RPG fan, this is a no-brainer. Must play, will enjoy.
  6. Mar 12, 2012
    One of my personal all-time favorites, and a game that deserves all the accolades I can bestow upon it. Amazing gameplay, clean and crisp graphics, immersive atmosphere, and great music all culminate in an RPG extravaganza that I cannot recommend enough to any RPG gamer out there. This game is a must-have, especially on the PC!
  7. Jul 24, 2012
    This is an old game. One of the first for Bioware, and it's been out there for a while now. But the game is good. The story is solid, the gameplay is correct and the ambient is nicely done. Even it's simplicity plays in it's favor. The combat system is a rock-paper-sissors kind of system, but that helps to get it on fast. It has lots of nice videos, a "1943" kind of minigame (with the chance to obtain a couple of nice rewards, as is part of the story), lot's of subquests, and the famous duality based dialogue from all Bioware games. This one is probably the one that inspired Mass Effect, as you don't play as "good" or "evil", but as "help-everyone" or "learn how to help yourself" kind of way. :) Since you have different endings, different styles and different ways to solve the situations (some you can't even access if you don't follow a certain phylosofical path...), it has a nice replayability factor (I played this game when it came out, and I've already finished it at least 5 times). :) Wish Bioware kept doing them like this one... Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. 86
    Like the PC version of "Knights of the Old Republic" before it, Jade Empire is a remarkable RPG that, apart from better graphics and load times, really has little to separate it from the Xbox version from two years ago.
  2. The long-awaited PC version of Jade Empire retains the great story and setting of the Xbox original, but the streamlined combat and core design haven't aged quite as gracefully.
  3. 70
    Compelling narrative and crippled combat make Jade Empire a case of form over function -- and depending on what you want from a single-player RPG, that might be totally OK. It's short (in the 20-hour neighborhood for first-timers) and sweet; just don't let the premise trick you into expecting gameplay that isn't altogether there.