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  1. Fans of squad-level tactical strategy and small-arms battles who are looking for a serious challenge--and can forgive the game's appearance--will find that Wildfire offers as much depth and excitement as Jagged Alliance 2.
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    If you've never played JA2, it's still worth getting, despite its 640 x 480 resolution, for its intriguing combination of strategy and RPG, rich humor and ever-changing challenges.
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  1. Mar 2, 2014
    Simply amazing. As a long time JA2 veteran, I'm surprised that I've never seen this game until now. The completely redesigned maps completely change the flow of the game - for example the road checkpoints are really hard to take.

    The new difficulty/to hit ratio makes it really hard to get headshots, but to compensate for that, the regular hit ratio is up by like 400% - across the screen shots that were previously only possible with a sniper rifle can now be done by a regular rifle with no scope. Burst fire = 100+ damage with AP rounds. This makes combat brutal, where a single interrupt typically means one dead merc.

    In terms of AI, it's not quite that good - it still ignores cover, does not climb roofs and typically tries to rush you. The new thing here is "blobbing" outside of your vision or illuminated radius at night. This means that turning the corner you can find 4-5 enemies just waiting there.

    I have not seen an option to train militia past first rank, and in any battle they die like flies. For some reason green militia is outfitted with handguns and shotguns, and they face enemies with long range rifles. I've seen only 2 instances where 24 militia were able to defend a sector.

    All together, long range accuracy, new maps and weak militia significantly slows down the pace of the game

    Overall, the pace of the game is significantly slower than the original JA2, and I'm loving it.

    It is still the best squad based tactical RPG 10 years after release.
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  2. MarcelV.
    Aug 17, 2005
    Despite the fact that i've played JA 1, JA DG and JA 2 over and over again, I've bought this one too, altough I had to discuss it with myself. Should I still like it ? I do ! I am playing it now, and it is as addictive as ever. Only those graphics....Sometimes my hirelings are hidden behind the bush, and it's quite difficult then to move them properly. Ah well, no whining. Even in this GeForce 6800 ultra times, this is a GREAT game. Full Review »
  3. BennyW.
    Jun 15, 2004
    Like he said its the best game on of its kind ever ;p