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  1. PC PowerPlay
    Aug 27, 2013
    An acceptable solution for the time-poor, but unless you've played them to death, you're better off with the originals. [Sept 2013, p.90]
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  1. Jun 6, 2013
    This game is not FREE 2 PLAY, its either demo, trial, or PAY 2 WIN, or all three combined. Players are limited to 6 missions and their part.This game is not FREE 2 PLAY, its either demo, trial, or PAY 2 WIN, or all three combined. Players are limited to 6 missions and their part. If they want to move further then, you have to buy the DLC with rest of the game content. The only accessible thing to play for free is PVP where you have nothing to look for. I tested it with my crew, and had to play with a one man army, that was over 20 lvl higher than me, had lots of hp, some weapon that completely wiped me out of the way, and full body armor. How the hell can you even afford it? I know, pay with real cash. Thats right. Hitting him did as much as mosquito bite, even headshots were nothing to him. Once again, this is NOT F2P game. This game is in bad category. Full Review »
  2. Jun 10, 2013
    Squandered potential is the best way to describe this game. From what I understand, this game is a mildly successful browser game that theySquandered potential is the best way to describe this game. From what I understand, this game is a mildly successful browser game that they tried to turn into a real game. The problem lies in the devs/publisher not knowing what people want and expect from a game, so they gave us this, and have been genuinely surprised when people were not too happy with it.

    The problems are legion, and I don't have the space to list them all, but some of the worst.Their F2P game is only the PvP part of the game, so I will rate it on that, although you do get to play the first couple of levels of the single player campaign for free.

    - The PvP has no lobby for matches, you are randomly assigned an opponent with no regard to level. My first match I was pitted against a Level 27 team. He tried to make it fair by sending one man vs my squad, but it was no match.
    - The maps are tiny and poorly designed and few. I have only seen 2 maps and I but I hear there are 3 total. As for size, with my 3 man squad vs a full 4 person squad it feels like a gun fight in the middle of Mumbai.
    - Pay 2 Win. after 3 days, I still only have enough money to field a 3 person squad, with average weapons and armor. PvP matches allow for a 4 v 4 battle, and the random matching system doesn't care if the numbers are uneven.
    - You can't see behind walls or trees or anything that is on the screen, and there is no camera rotation. You and your opponent do have a red outline around them if they are covered, so you can aim at them, but be ready for frustration as you try to figure out whether are actively taking cover behind something, or just kneeling on a patch of dirt as your opponent t fills you with bullets. I also turned the graphic setting to low, just so there would be less on the screen to block my view.
    - Very long wait times for matches to be found. I feels like the only reason I have to fight an opponent 3 times my level is because they are the only other person on the game with these long wait times. Sadly you can see all the other people in the chat so you know this is not so.

    There are many more problems, but there is no point listing them all. As a PvP game alone I would give this a 0 score, it has nothing fun about it. The single player campaign is different. While not without the same problems as the PvP, it was fun enough, and you can see the potential this game had. I would have given the single player campaign a 5. That just wasn't good enough to justify the $30 they want for it. There just too many better games to be had at that price.

    The developers tell me they are working to fix these problems, and I think if they do it could be worth my time and money, and I am willing to try this again in a month. But for now just stay away.
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  3. Jun 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I've been playing that game on gamigo ever since the beta times and switched to steam, too. As I am not a masochist, I guess you'll have to live with a more positive review then.

    Yes, there's shadow still (and I am not talking just about the merc with that name). To me, the campaign setting is fun, yet I am not the biggest fan of PvP.

    I'm old school, I prefer turn-based over real-time, hands down. A lot of people love this game's pvp. Good for them, whatever floats their boat. I guess the recent patch will do its own good work in making pvp less p2w than people saw it as previously (waiting for the outcry to hit the forum that they took special ammo, i.e. armor piercing and hollow point, out of the shop). With these kinds of ammo only dropping in missions now (if at all) or as contract rewards, the pvp game will definitely take a swift turn to skill over (bought) equipment. Shame it will have an impact on the campaign mode, too, as some missions in the upper level definitely benefited from a late-mission equalizer..

    In summary, I am rather happy with the game. It keeps me entertained, for hours, weeks, heck, months now. You always get an answer in general chat (along with the regular group of trolls), developers are responsive, in forum, via email or even in general chat, and there's enough of a fan-base to supply equipment directories and interactive build guides.

    Considering the small size of the studio, I am rather pleased with the output they have and look forward to the new additions to the game coming up.
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