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  1. Jun 6, 2013
    This game is not FREE 2 PLAY, its either demo, trial, or PAY 2 WIN, or all three combined. Players are limited to 6 missions and their part. If they want to move further then, you have to buy the DLC with rest of the game content. The only accessible thing to play for free is PVP where you have nothing to look for. I tested it with my crew, and had to play with a one man army, that was over 20 lvl higher than me, had lots of hp, some weapon that completely wiped me out of the way, and full body armor. How the hell can you even afford it? I know, pay with real cash. Thats right. Hitting him did as much as mosquito bite, even headshots were nothing to him. Once again, this is NOT F2P game. This game is in bad category. Expand
  2. Jun 10, 2013
    Squandered potential is the best way to describe this game. From what I understand, this game is a mildly successful browser game that they tried to turn into a real game. The problem lies in the devs/publisher not knowing what people want and expect from a game, so they gave us this, and have been genuinely surprised when people were not too happy with it.

    The problems are legion, and
    I don't have the space to list them all, but some of the worst.Their F2P game is only the PvP part of the game, so I will rate it on that, although you do get to play the first couple of levels of the single player campaign for free.

    - The PvP has no lobby for matches, you are randomly assigned an opponent with no regard to level. My first match I was pitted against a Level 27 team. He tried to make it fair by sending one man vs my squad, but it was no match.
    - The maps are tiny and poorly designed and few. I have only seen 2 maps and I but I hear there are 3 total. As for size, with my 3 man squad vs a full 4 person squad it feels like a gun fight in the middle of Mumbai.
    - Pay 2 Win. after 3 days, I still only have enough money to field a 3 person squad, with average weapons and armor. PvP matches allow for a 4 v 4 battle, and the random matching system doesn't care if the numbers are uneven.
    - You can't see behind walls or trees or anything that is on the screen, and there is no camera rotation. You and your opponent do have a red outline around them if they are covered, so you can aim at them, but be ready for frustration as you try to figure out whether are actively taking cover behind something, or just kneeling on a patch of dirt as your opponent t fills you with bullets. I also turned the graphic setting to low, just so there would be less on the screen to block my view.
    - Very long wait times for matches to be found. I feels like the only reason I have to fight an opponent 3 times my level is because they are the only other person on the game with these long wait times. Sadly you can see all the other people in the chat so you know this is not so.

    There are many more problems, but there is no point listing them all. As a PvP game alone I would give this a 0 score, it has nothing fun about it. The single player campaign is different. While not without the same problems as the PvP, it was fun enough, and you can see the potential this game had. I would have given the single player campaign a 5. That just wasn't good enough to justify the $30 they want for it. There just too many better games to be had at that price.

    The developers tell me they are working to fix these problems, and I think if they do it could be worth my time and money, and I am willing to try this again in a month. But for now just stay away.
  3. Jun 6, 2013
    What a load of steaming crap. Yet another skid mark on a once grand title. The game claims free to play. Yeah it's free to play if you wish to play the same 6 missions over and over and over in order to make close to no cash to upgrade your mercs, its more like a demo. PvP (When it works) isnt worth touching unless you are willing to spend the cash. I beg the gaming community please stop supporting these Free to play, credit card warrior games. All they provide is sub standard games at high costs to us, and provide a sanctuary for rich little boys and girls with no skill to pay for wins. Expand
  4. Jun 7, 2013
    I'm a huge Jagged Alliance 2 fan, it's in my top 10 favorite games easy. This is no JA2 it's closer to the short one off missions from Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Everything that made JA2 great is lacking in this game. Your Gear and Merc restore to full after every mission, mission are extremely linear and force you do them over and over again just to gain the prestige to progress past the pay for content. Just about all the management features I loved about the game are gone. This is just a soulless exploitation of a once great title. Skip it. Expand
  5. Jun 6, 2013
    Im a hard-core JA2 fan and I didnt expect much when I heard this was F2P. But I wanted to download it and see what it was like. I haven't spent too much time with it, to be honest it just feels like a dumbed down version of the original made for MMO. Its not going to bring any hardcore fans into it the way it is now and the F2P thing is just going to make things worse.
  6. Jun 6, 2013
    Shallow tactical experience, extremely shallow everything else. The missions are so easy it's not funny. F2P games also somehow always end up being poor value, and this is no exception. This is a demo for a hugely overpriced game ruined by pay2win.
  7. Jun 12, 2013
    Another blatant moneygrab atempt spewed forth from bitComposer Games.
    After the embarrassing debacle that was "Jagged Alliance back in action", (buglist longer than the actual code written, not turnbased, day one DLC, censorship of any criticism and ghostbanning on the forums, the list goes on) there was hope from the community that this would be the last molestation of the name Jagged
    Alliance and let it be allowed to die with atleast a sliver of dignity remaining.

    bitComposer happily crushed those when this POS was released. Not only is it laggy as all heck, buggy and not worthy of bearing the name Jagged Alliance, it was so bad, and this was apparently known by the publisher and developer as they had to lie in order to get people to play the demo.

    Do not be fooled, this is not FTP. Unless by FTP you mean only playing PvP and loosing every round to player who have payed to win. Yes, you have to pay to play the single player campaign. If you do not pay for it or pay for real money for weapons and ammo your role will be cannonfodder for PTW players.

    But do not take my word for it, go to the steam forums and take a look at what is said. Well that is unless anyone dare to mention that Jagged Alliance 2 is a better game that also happens to be available on steam and at a lower price to boot.
    Those posts all "magically" disappear somehow
    Publishers and developers used to only be able to censor critics and let fanboys derail threads on their own forums.
    Now the iron hand of corporations rule the steam forums aswell.

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
    ― George Orwell
  8. Jun 11, 2013
    Horrible...Just horrible. stay away from this game at all costs!!!. It's not fun, Its not F2P and a company like this should get no money from anyone for a product like this...Anyone that gets suckerd into giving these people real money are dumb and will only encourage more awful money grabbing games like this in the future.. The multiplayer is one of the biggest jokes of the year.
  9. Jun 13, 2013
    I didnt spend much time with this one. But I have to say that base feature and lots of weapons are nice. But the actual combat is pretty dull. You can move just in one level, no climbing on rofftops or over obstacles etc.. usually best tactic is just to run toward enemy and shoot it. And thats pretty much it what you will do in combat, run and shoot until the mission ends. And faster you do it better achievements you ge.

    And its not totally free to play, and even it was I wont spend more time with this. I really wanted to see great Jagged Alliance game again, but the actual combat phase is so boring that I rather play something else.
  10. Oct 12, 2013
    The recent trend of dumbing down great games and grabbing your money ASAP continues.
    This game is sort of enjoyable for the first few hours. Then you start hitting the first walls.
    I was lured by my love for the JA series, been a great fan of JA2.
    - this game is NOT f2p, and I don't mean it's "better" if you pay, you literally can't play more advanced missions without paying for the
    "full" content.
    - content is scarce, missions repetitive, maps dull and inconsistent
    - you will soon find yourself farming the same missions since standard rewards are not even enough to pay for contract renewal of your mercs (I stopped playing for a couple of months, went back to it, and ALL my mercs' contracts had expired. Renewing ONE is 80k$. Reward for a full set of 5 high end missions is like 69K$.Good luck trying to raise the money with the one guy you still have left) Loot is garbage, selling prices are ridiculous, guess what? shell out real money, so you can pay you mercs. Absolute trash.
    -tactically and strategically childish, few options, badly designed, very frustrating.
    - PVP is a JOKE. NO COOP. I REPEAT: NO COOP. Just deathmatches which are completely unrelated to the general campaign. Alliances are useless, no territory control, no item exchange between players, no money, no NOTHING. Interactions between players is practically non existing. Hell even the chat system sucks. There is this wierd "warzone" system where you basically farm missions that pop up timed based, and that's it.
    The WHOLE multiplayer aspect is really shallow and irritating. Would go as far as saying this is NOT a mmo game.
    Player base has already collapsed, old players leaving and new ones turned away from the money grabbing attitude and shallowness of the whole thing.

    Just..why? why do they allow corps/developers to do this? Once again, a very sad day for true gamers
    out there.
    Guys, don't give your money to these sort of games, or we'll just keep seeing the same s**t for ever and ever.
    Gets a 1 just because it made me want to play a fully modded JA2 again.
  11. Dec 5, 2013
    this game is a steaming bag of s^#%! its jagged alliance in name only, oncce you choose a class you cannot change it. the game play is bugged and horrible. the interface sucks its basicly a broswer based game. the maps are awfully 2d you cannot tell if you'll end your turn behind cover or not because the obstructions. the animation looks like comminty college project. The visualy it looks dated (not retro) compared to fraxis putting xcom on Ipad iOS. Missions cost real money pvp is horrible. Only people who are new to stragety games might enjoy this game because ignorance is bliss Expand

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  1. Aug 27, 2013
    An acceptable solution for the time-poor, but unless you've played them to death, you're better off with the originals. [Sept 2013, p.90]