Jazz and Faust PC


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 15
  2. Negative: 7 out of 15
  1. A solid adventure game... Just spare yourself and turn the volume off when you're playing Faust.
  2. Although I found the game enjoyable and challenging (you'll have a jigsaw puzzle to solve -arghhhhhhh), the game does not present much in the innovation department, and the storyline is a little weak. But, hey, this is the real deal - a good solid adventure yarn, and I recommend it.
  3. Still, if you like sweet, genteel heroes who absolutely cannot die and humorous, third-person adventure games filled with inventory puzzles and devoid of gore, it's certainly worth the price of admission.
  4. The game deserves praise for the approach it takes to story telling, and the strength of Jazz's part carried me through the lows of Faust.
  5. The problem with the concept, at least with Jazz and Faust, is that you get two small, simplistic adventures instead of one interesting adventure, and it’s one of those cases where two halves don’t make a whole.
  6. 64
    Some enjoyable moments clearly prevailed. However, they were simply too few and far between. Would I recommend it? Only to neophyte questers and those starved for an adventure, any adventure.
  7. Its beautifully rendered backgrounds and intriguing premise aren't enough to cover the fact that the program resembles an early 1990s point-and-click scavenger hunt, released ten years too late.
  8. Although you will be involved in an interesting and chilling story, there's really nothing more to grab your attention throughout the game. Not to mention it took me less than two days to complete the entire game.
  9. This traditional adventure game offers a few attractive scenes, but otherwise it's an exercise in tedium that will disappoint even avid adventure gamers.
  10. While it remains an innovative and highly laudable idea which I hope will one day be put to better use, in Jazz and Faust it fails to be more than a misguided gimmick. The ‘two adventures in one’ angle fails because even with this feature, the game is extremely short.
  11. 22
    Ugly, boring, terribly written, and acted out even worse, Jazz and Faust is a box with plastic that should be avoided at all costs.
  12. Computer Gaming World
    Simultaneously boring and frustrating, with a design that buries the needle on the irritation-o-meter. [Oct 2002, p.115]
  13. PC Gamer
    Unbearable drek like Jazz and Faust is the reason some people keep saying that the adventure genre is dead and buried. [Oct 2002, p.102]
  14. Computer Games Magazine
    Jazz and Faust is hard-pressed to make your pet bulldog sit up and take notice, despite the rump roast you cleverly glued to the screen. [Sept 2002, p.79]
  15. Dull and soulless. An effort in tedium.

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