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  • Summary: Designed by the legendary John Romero, Daikatana is a first person perspective action, which takes the 3D shoot'em up genre into a new dimension.
    Players assume the role of Hiro, traveling through time with his two sidekicks, the beautiful, yet lethal Mikko and the powerful mercenary
    Superfly Johnson. The player must lead this team, interacting with them to guide them through perilous worlds, exploring vast levels that are filled with an array of intelligent enemies.
    In their quest to save history, players will journey through four different time periods, traveling from mythical Greece to a post apocalyptic San Francisco 500 years in the future. Battling over 60 different monstrous enemies with more than 30 different weapon types, breaching obstacles and unearthing secret locations.
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  1. Aug 7, 2014
    I never understood why all the world seems to hate Daikatana, because it's one of my favourite FPS experiences that I enjoyed back in the day as well as recently when I went through it again. It's much more variable than the most, it takes you on a journey through time and different locations, it gives you plenty of different weapons for each era and of course the fun sword play with Daikatana herself. Maybe too many people were put off by the first act, which is very dark and dirty cyber future with annoying robo-mosquitos and frogs, quite a good way how to scare away the impatient, but amazing way how to start things off in an unpleasant and challenging way to reward the player with true beauty later. But I really enjoyed even the first act, especially the wonderful music. Speaking of music, it's one of the highlight of the entire game, fantastic soundtrack. After electro-industrial of the first act comes great string epicness of the act 2 in Ancient Greece, supported by majestic level design resulting in just amazing, very memorable experience that was the highlight of the entire game. Pity that development of this game obviously went through hell, loosing the data and team members and it couldn't be even more fleshed out, I heard there were plans for the maze with Minotaur and other good stuff that unfortunately never came to life. The 3rd Act again fantastic dark ages in winter and locations infested by plague, another great experience, remembering the Commander Keen or whatever that fish was Easter egg underwater and the final act coming back to oldschool guns to end this epic story. I even enjoyed the multiplayer and I really don't see the reason for all the hate of this game. It's not perfect, but it was and still is an amazing FPS experience for me. 9/10 Expand
  2. May 3, 2013
    Ah, hell how i'm tired of all that "Daikatana is bad" things. Let's see: it has beautiful and catchy music, that will find a place on your player. Level design varies from "interesting" to "just really great" (Ancient Greece levels, for example). Overall epicness, different epochs different enemies and weapons, and funny ones also. And, while it was alive, multiplayer was really fun. I can critic Daikatana only for stupid AI of sidekicks and different bugs and glitches. Well, maybe also for colours of first episode. What am i doing wrong? Hm..maybe coz i played Daikatana first 6 years later than it came out... Expand
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Daikatana is difficult. In that difficulty there is a fun and rewarding experience. The game was definitely over ambitious and was pushed back/redesigned on new engines for long enough to make it fizzle out beneath better FPS games of the day. It has it's bugs and issues. Most notably with your companions. If you figure out how they work and when to tell them to stay put rather than attack, they're not a serious issue. I give this game a positive score because I believe that underneath the controversy it's still an interesting game that's a lot of fun to trudge your way through. If you're an expert FPS it's worth checking out. Expand
  4. Oct 19, 2013
    What the ass. talk about sh%^ I would have more fun playing Mario's time machine then this. First off the AI who was responsible to program the AI? You might think ok if they die I don't need them anymore right WRONG! Every time the AI dies you have to go back to the beginning of the stage. Second the graphics are a ugly mess like what year is this 1997? No its the year 2000 and your making a game with the dated quake 2 engine. I amving it a one because even though the game sucks because of the AI, at least its playable (YES I AM LOOKINGAT YOU BIG RIGS). Expand

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