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  • Summary: In this Action-Adventure, players find themselves in the role of Kitty Hawk, a helicopter pilot who is shot down on an island in the Pacific. During this vicious attack, her boyfriend, Major Jeffrey, is killed. From this moment on, it is Kitty against the world. Armed only with a pistol, she sets off to find the culprit of her boyfriend`s (and helicopter`s) demise. Desperate for help, she makes contact with headquarters, but as long as enemy air defence is in place over the island, they can not send reinforcements. During the course of her mission, Kitty crosses paths with an unscrupulous colonel, who, she finds out, is responsible for the downing of her helicopter and the death of her boyfriend. Together with his scientists, the Colonel is up to even more evil than meets the eye. [JoWood] Expand
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  1. My biggest gripe of all is that there are no hand-to-hand options at all. No knife, no punching, kicking, screaming, plain and simple you are just out there with your good looks. For a game that has such a big emphasis on covert ops, I found this to be a bit frustrating.
  2. Frankly, I'd rather play as a short fat bald guy and fight against lifelike opponents (with believable AI) than as a chick in sexy underwear desperately evading relentless fire from foes with supernatural aiming abilities.
  3. A stripped-down game with poor graphics, poor sound, and a clunky control scheme.
  4. There are certainly worse budget titles out there, but if you tire of a game after less than an hour of play how much of a bargain is it?
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