Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 25
  2. Negative: 2 out of 25
  1. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a quite superfluous action game. Except for its interesting multiplayer and "amateur video styling", the second adventure of these two dangerous criminals promises much more than it actually delivers.
  2. The makers of Kane & Lynch 2 cite homemade videos as their main source of inspiration for the game. Well, their mimicry of YouTube is really perfect. This game is just as empty and pointless as pimple-faced teenagers droning on camera about the meaning of life, as millions of touchy-feely videos starring kittens and puppies, and endless fan-made clips sliced from popular movies. It is, indeed, the white noise of the Internet.
  3. The best advice i can give is to trust your own instincts: even after reading this, if the concept and setting still appeal to you, definitely give it a chance. Just don't expect to feel the same way when it's over.
  4. I can't say I disagree; while this game serves up some very unique and gritty visuals, the story and action just don't come together like they should.
  5. Though Dog Days wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I enjoyed its arcade approach. Unfortunately, the design and breadth of content don't come close to justifying the price.
  6. So if psychotic thriller shooters aren't your kind of game, Kane & Lynch 2 will not make it on your shopping list. For the rest of you out there, it offers too few hours of fun, so the price/quality balance might not be that attractive until you find a sale.
  7. In summary, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a missed opportunity.
  8. If you liked the first Kane & Lynch you can give a chance to Dog Days, but the game still suffer from a clumsy gameplay and inaccurate shooting mechanics.
  9. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is an interesting beast because it really shouldn't exist. Outside of a unique art style it brings nothing new to the genre and does little to improve over the original game, which I might add, was far from a good game.
  10. It is not a game that you play to enjoy the single-player story--or even, for that matter, the offline mode. If you can reconcile yourself with that, though, the multiplayer "Fragile Alliance" mode is incredible fun and incorporates a dynamic that I wish others developers would try to imitate.
  11. A visceral, action-packed experience that makes players embody its characters and sink into its virtual reality. With mostly standard pulp-action shooting, though, the game is high on style and short on substance.
  12. The Story may end a bit disappointingly and the level design is far from flawless, but nice gameplay-ideas and (above all) a great multiplayer-experience help to keep this game from being completely unworthy of your time. In fact: as soon as you go for the multiplayer-features (coop!), this game definitely has its moments.
  13. The overall feeling of blandness still saturates the gameplay despite how much the art direction tries to spice things up, and it's a burden that the game never truly shakes.
  14. This gritty cover-based shooter is better than its predecessor, but as a package, it's light on content.
  15. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days provides what the original could not - fantastically gory action over a stunning backdrop of mob warfare and careless violence. There are still a few issues carried over that mar the overall package, but both Mr Kane and Mr Lynch now most definitely have our full attention.
  16. Really Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a failure in just about every aspect. While you can enjoy the game, especially the online or Arcade mode, a good bit there's almost nothing to make this game something that anybody should own.
  17. As it stands, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days proves to be the perfect weekend rental. In that weekend you can plow through the campaign with a friend in an afternoon, and get as much as you want out of the multiplayer.
  18. 70
    Outside of the story it tells, how it tells it, and the interesting conceit of its multiplayer modes, Dog Days is just a passable third person shooter.
  19. Undemanding and linear shooter scores with stylish movie feel, online co-op mode and great pictures of Chinese surroundings. [Issue#195]
  20. The game is not so long-lived, but an intense story mode and the great attention to the technical features make the gameplay solid and involving.
  21. Dec 25, 2010
    A massive upgrade on the first game, but don't blame us if you get a bit tired of shooting people in the face. [Issue#244, p.106]
  22. Better than the first game, and an amazing technical achievement, but the shooting needs work to fully realise its potential.
  23. You´ll either love it or hate it but there are things about Kane & Lynch 2 that won´t make you forget it. The graphics are refreshingly unique, the characters shine like dark diamonds out of the mass of your-average-videogame-hero and the story will shock you. But please, do not talk about the gunplay, ever.
  24. Kane & Lynch 2 is a decent game, with some fun cover mechanics and tactical complexity, but the visual realism kind of shoots itself in the foot with unrealistic situations and tedious level design.
  25. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is one of the most visually unique titles I've ever played, glossing over a fairly by the numbers third-person shooter. The deranged duo's return is worth experiencing and is far more accomplished than its predecessor, but the gameplay on offer still doesn't match the quality of the characters IO has created.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 210 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 69
  2. Negative: 21 out of 69
  1. Aug 19, 2010
    Look of the game is fantastic and innovative play is terrible and characters/story underwritten. Absolute wasted opportunity. Makes Dead Men look like a classic in comparison. Epic fail as people say. Full Review »
  2. Aug 18, 2010
    much better than the first one. the visual style, the whole grimey feeling of the game is amazing, plus i cant stop playing the multiplayer. recommended!!!!! Full Review »
  3. Aug 17, 2010
    I hate the film grain. I hate the shaking camera... but when you remove both, the silly game just looks like PS2 graphics. I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone. The shooting felt boring and repetitive. After the first 5 minutes, you've seen all. The multilayer modes are basically all the same with little twists. And seriously, I played through the whole game in 2 hours on the easiest difficulty level. Full Review »