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  • Summary: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming's most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 25
  2. Negative: 2 out of 25
  1. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days provides what the original could not - fantastically gory action over a stunning backdrop of mob warfare and careless violence. There are still a few issues carried over that mar the overall package, but both Mr Kane and Mr Lynch now most definitely have our full attention.
  2. The Story may end a bit disappointingly and the level design is far from flawless, but nice gameplay-ideas and (above all) a great multiplayer-experience help to keep this game from being completely unworthy of your time. In fact: as soon as you go for the multiplayer-features (coop!), this game definitely has its moments.
  3. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a quite superfluous action game. Except for its interesting multiplayer and "amateur video styling", the second adventure of these two dangerous criminals promises much more than it actually delivers.
  4. Though Dog Days wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I enjoyed its arcade approach. Unfortunately, the design and breadth of content don't come close to justifying the price.
  5. Undemanding and linear shooter scores with stylish movie feel, online co-op mode and great pictures of Chinese surroundings. [Issue#195]
  6. As it stands, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days proves to be the perfect weekend rental. In that weekend you can plow through the campaign with a friend in an afternoon, and get as much as you want out of the multiplayer.
  7. Really Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a failure in just about every aspect. While you can enjoy the game, especially the online or Arcade mode, a good bit there's almost nothing to make this game something that anybody should own.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 65
  2. Negative: 20 out of 65
  1. Aug 21, 2010
    I love this game :) Dark, grimy and awesome gameplay. This doesn't play like MW2 or L4D2 or any other shooter I've played, which is why I guess I like it so much. The enemy AI moves fairly predictably after a couple of attempts to clear a stage, but to be honest, this is not a 100 hour single player game. I didn't buy it to last forever, I bought it for the buzz of the game.

    Each stage requires different flanking techniques and there are several directions to get to where you're going. Could do with more things that go bang I think though.

    Haven't tried MP yet, still getting the practice in. Play the demo, and if you like it, buy the game. I think it rocks.
  2. Mar 22, 2012
    it's hard to believe there are so many idiots out there who just can't figure this game out. don't believe the fools who have given this game poor reviews because it is pretty much great in every way. the artwork is beautiful, the graphics are fantastic (though admittedly i don't really enjoy the look of the shaky-cam or the full screen effects but it is easy enough to turn both those things off). the sound design is among the best i've heard in any video game ever. the game-play is fast-paced, target-oriented-shooting, hit detection is spot on and so is the control scheme, i can be about as agile in this game with keyboard and mouse as i am in any first person shooter. also contrary to what some of these morons will try to tell you, the cover system works perfectly fine, it's exactly like rainbow six. the two-man co-op experience is awesome and works on the internet as well as the lan and the multi-player match is the first innovative addition to online shooting matches that i've seen since the invention of the ctf game mode, it's a shame that people are too stupid to take the time to learn how to play it. the storyline is gritty and the characters are all very easy to hate which makes them real. which also makes me see why they did this game in the third person, because you really don't want to put yourself in these guys' shoes and i wouldn't think most people would want their kids getting too into this role either, kane and lynch are **** people. i would even go so far as to say that this game is not suitable for people under 16 or 17, the whole point and concept of this game is rated R for sure. this is also the only 3rd person game that i've really been able to enjoy because it is that well executed and i am eagerly anticipating the next game in this series! the only shortcoming i can think of in this game is that the interface for pc is a bit kludgey, notwithstanding that, i like everything about it. this game goes on greatly discounted sales, frequently throughout the year and that's how i came to pick it up myself but if i had only known i would have surely paid full price for it on launch day. get this game immediately, on sale or not! Expand
  3. Jul 26, 2011
    Pick it up cheap. Multiplayer is dead, but singleplayer is good fun. Not nearly as bad as the reviews stated. Film grain and shakycam can be disabled, so all that whining is useless. It's like the first game, but with better gameplay and shooting controls. I loved it. Expand
  4. Jun 26, 2013
    The standard 3rdPS deal with a dark and nihilistic tone. The shooting is a bit inaccurate at times (especially when using lower tier weapons such as SMGs and some of the weaker Chinese pistols) but it helps add to the feeling of chaos that runs throughout. Enemies come at you in droves and the AI is reminiscent of FEAR, swarming you and generally displaying a lot of aggression (when the AI doesn't fudge up.) The clunky shakycam can get a bit tiring on the eyes but you can turn it off. Visual design is awesome and the environments are in equal parts rich and dank. The sound is probably the best I've heard in a game, the gunfire is deafening and the timbre changes according to the environment.

    This is meat and potatoes action gaming, just killing upon killing upon killing. Whilst the gameplay is not super polished or innovative, it draws you into the world in a way that few games do.

    Biggest problems are it's short length (4/5 hours) and the fact that it crashes like there's no tomorrow. It's going cheap on Steam, and at it's current price it is certainly worth your time and a lot cheaper than going to the cinema.
  5. Aug 19, 2010
    Kane & Lynch 2 is badly designed, linear, reach-next-checkpoint type of game with only one gameplay twist on the way. Hiding behind covers is bugged, shooting difficult due to high 'drunken factor' of weapons. Although I liked the main characters and Die Hard like style, the game is treating them (which makes player wonder, how much they can take), it just wasn't enough to keep me playing from beginning to end on a single run... which is just another flaw, because finishing the game takes 4-5 hours on Medium difficulty. Speaking of difficulty, developers haven't taken any original approach - it's just more and more enemies at once with every level, which reaches it's ridiculous apogee at the end of game, where game throws at player 20-25 enemies at once.
    Graphics aren't that bad, but they fill empty without post-processing, with it the game looks more like a movie recorded with bad digital camcorder - it's kind of beautiful, but very annoying at the same time. Not everybody likes such a style of graphics, but unfortunately everybody will find it annoying sometimes - post-processing just makes the game hard to play. Also the level design is far from perfect - the levels aren't that original! They are flat and even destructible environment doesn't help them much.

    Overall - For the first hour, I had quite a good time playing it, until I've started to realise how linear and finally boring it is... and then in one level the game faded to black and the credits rolled - in the most unexpected moment, I've ever witnessed in video games. I wouldn't call it a bad game (I've played worse), but even with such a greatly designed characters as Kane and Lynch and a cooperative mode, the number of flaws is so overwhelming, that it makes it barely even a mediocre game.
  6. Vex
    Mar 25, 2012
    There are lots of negative reviews of this game and there's a good reason for that. Simply put, the gameplay mechanics are abysmal. Cover system is broken most of the time, enemies can hit you from extreme distances but you won't be able to hit them back unless you get real close most of the time. Weapons feel like cheap toys and the combat itself is extremely annoying. The games throws dozens of waves of enemies at you throughout different levels and it gets old real fast. Simply put, as a cover shooter, this game is fundamentally broken and doesn't deserve to be on the store shelves.

    Onto the more positive sides of the game: The atmosphere is quite amazing and Shanghai feels realistic and alive. Shaky camera effect coupled with bright neon lights of an Asian city make for a really amazing experience and it often feels like you're watching a Youtube documentary rather than playing a video game. The game is quite gory, the characters are extremely believable and that makes for a very realistic experience. If you're into crime thrillers, you're likely to like this part.

    That said, it's a shame that boring gameplay and broken mechanics ruin the massive potential of this game. This game is truly innovative in many aspects and it's a shame that developers didn't fully utilize that potential to create something amazing, instead of creating a 3rd rate bland cover shooter (and a broken one at that).

    Even though the game is pretty bad, if the atmosphere and character development are your cup of tea, it's probably worth sitting through. I personally uninstalled it after a couple of hours and couldn't bring myself to finish it, which - again - is a real shame because the game had so much potential. I got it for $3 on a Steam sale and it's not worth paying much more than that.
  7. Sep 8, 2010
    This game blows. Worth a 3 but gave it a big fat Z E R O (0) to offset positive reviews by people who got paid by the makers. This game blows. Worth a 3 but gave it a big fat Z E R O (0) to offset positive reviews by people who got paid by the makers. This game blows. Worth a 3 but gave it a big fat Z E R O (0) to offset positive reviews by people who got paid by the makers. This game blows. Worth a 3 but gave it a big fat Z E R O (0) to offset positive reviews by people who got paid by the makers. This game blows. Worth a 3 but gave it a big fat Z E R O (0) to offset positive reviews by people who got paid by the makers. Expand

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