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  • Summary: Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel designed by Four Leaf Studios, released in 2012. Hisao Nakai, a normal teenage boy, has his life turned upside down when a long-dormant Cardiac dysrhythmia forces him to move to a fictional school for disabled children, Yamaku High. Despite his difficulties, Hisao is able to find and make friends and even find something he may not have been looking for, love.

    The game is all about choices. Does Hisao fall in love with the cutest girl at school, or does he choose to be a loner? It's all your decision in Katawa Shoujo.

    *Not for children*
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  1. Mar 4, 2012
    The writing isn't lyrical, but it's warm and honest enough to be carried by the character art, photographed settings, and music that surround it.
  2. Jan 6, 2012
    Katawa Shoujo is more of an interactive ebook than a full fledged dating sim, but by using a faire, smart, and humourous tone in dealing with its disabled characters, it takes by surprise all those who could have tagged Four Leaf Studio as a band of pervs.
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  1. Mar 15, 2012
    First, let me say I don't give out a 10 light heartedly. In my mind, I reserve a 10 for the greatest experiences in gaming that I have played so far... it doesn't mean its perfect, just that its the best I know of. Why does Katawa Shoujo deserve a 10 from me? I'm not new to games, but Katawa Shoujo just touched me in a way few others have. I'm not talking about falling hopelessly in love with fictional characters(although they are all very memorable and beautifully written) but talking about what this game teaches you and makes you feel. If you could bottle that feel, and drink it every day, you'd be the happiest person on earth. KS basically helps you realize what YOU want in life, helps you empathize and believe in love when you're depressed and down on the whole idea of it, gives you profound life wisdom woven casually in its story arc, it gives you a perspective on disability and inner beauty and (I dont know how they do this) make you feel genuine emotions reading through the banal events of its amazing love stories. By the end of one route, as the credits rolled, I found my cheeks sore from subconciously smiling like an idiot for so damn long. My eyes could not contain the happiness/sadness. I haven't cried in 3 years, but I cried when it ended.

    I started running due to KS, the first day I ran 3 km. And this is coming from a guy who can only do 200m if he lays down and pants afterwards. And I kept it up the next day too. And the next. And the next. And I plan to keep doing so. People going into this game for the sex often end up complaining about the lack of 'sex' and 'game', but its so much more, and by the end, you don't even care. I myself took it up as I'd never heard of it and found it beating Battlefield 3(and coming close to Skyrim) on Reddit's Most Played list. That and the fact that a group of **** had apparently gotten together to create this over the course of 5 years and then released it free, no strings attached(actually huge heart pulling strings attached). I've never been more delightfully surprised.
  2. Jan 4, 2012
    I am not one to normally play "games like this" in fact, I can most likely count the number of times I have played visual novels on one hand, and even that hand goes away when I think of the number I have finished. Generally I steer clear of H-Games just on principle, but even then the games stories never capture me enough to keep me going. Until now.

    I started this game, thinking about how hilarious it was that a group of channers made a game, but the moment I saw the story begin I found myself wanting to know more. The production values are amazing, with the story, artwork, and even FULL MOTION VIDEO being delightfully and professionally displayed. Story wise, the player finds himself in a very similar mindset to the hero, trying to look past peoples disabilities but at the same time being fascinated and unsure of them. It is not hard to find a character that makes you want to move through the story with them, as despite their disabilities they are interesting people. They don't crawl all over you in classic harem style, the game strives to beat back stereotypes of the disabled, and girls in anime. While downloading this game you would be forgiven for thinking that it is just one big joke. The file size is 420mb (coincidence? I think not.). But if you play this game, prepare to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful story and game from Four Leaf Studios. Considering this game is a FREE download, and has the option to turn off H-Scenes, you have no excuse not to go out and download this game now. If only out of curiosity.
  3. Oct 3, 2012
    First of all, this isn't a typical adult visual novel as sex is depicted modestly (it can even be turned off, something I don't recommend) in comparison to other titles of this genre and there are few choices which determine which girl your main character is gonna end with. But what shines in this game is the unusual setting, a school for disabled people (hence the name Katawa Shoujo, "Cripple Girls" in japanese) and how it was masterfully handled in a way to not be just a mere visual novel for people with fetish for disabled people. Knowing this was made by an independent group gathered on /a/ board in **** based on a single sketch further amazes me and put lots of visual novel writers through a billion shames.
    Strongly recommended for those looking for a good storyline.
  4. Jan 31, 2012
    A very solid game with an amazing story to it. The characterization and development along the different paths were beyond enjoyable and even carried over to when other path's were taken. This didn't play as a game, but it did come out as a novel. This doesn't phase me at all simply because I don't see a limit on what gaming can entail. I loved the artwork, the music, the emotions, and almost everything within the game. A few areas seemed out of place, but such is only a personal preference, not deterring a 10 rating from me. Also considering the shear amount of time needed to complete just one the paths makes the game last a long time. I recommend the game to anyone who enjoys visual novels, and sometimes difficult decisions. Expand
  5. Jan 25, 2012
    Any shortcomings in the production or the medium are very much overcome by what KS offers, and that is a profound, touching, and deeply human experience. Something like this does not come by often in one's lifetime, thus I cannot recommend it highly enough. You simply *must* play/read/experience this. Expand
  6. Jan 13, 2012
    Usually, I avoid Visual novels due to their being extremely...japanese (I'm not into anime and magas...but don't hate me yet). However, when I heard of this game, I played the demo and It really hooked me in how it's cliche, but with proper reasons! I'll start with technically issues first: I know this game was made from several artists, no problems about it, but I honestly never loved the backgrounds because they totally are in contrast with the style of the characters. On the other side, the drawn scenes are excellent and really high quality, especially the videos; music isn't anything special but it works, but frankly I never actually managed to listen properly, but it does the job done. Leaving out the technical side, I'm gonna explain why this is actually a good story: the MC is actually pitiful, but in a good way. You'll feel his pain and how his life changed by force, you'll see how hard is to live at times in his conditions. That's why the cliche works here: it's reasonable, it's properly settled. And it works! The girls also are great and VERY well detailed in their behaviour, in their issues, in their handicaps: you'll see also their struggle but also how hard it can be to totally pass over it, although after a while I saw them not even mentioning it anymore (probably a choice of the developers?). Some will love some, but frankly all of them must be played in order to see how interesting are the stories, to see how the MC and the girl must go on without being "handicapped" from their problems. Ah yes, about the H-scenes: very good quality imagery, but I still think they are in total contrast with the game, since it's more a romantic game than a hentai game...but i'm just nitpicking. I actually didn't want to give a vote since it's free, but I'll give it anyway and I'll say that it's probably a very good story to play, that will hook you in after few minutes. Expand
  7. Feb 15, 2012
    This is not even a game. Why is it listed as such? The graphics are nice sure, but why put pornographic stuff in such a good story? This is very untasteful and that is a real sorrow seeing the creators tried so hard. Expand

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