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  • Summary: Konung III is an RPG, based on the Scandinavian and Slavic mythology, the third game in the Konung series (Konung: Legends of the North and Konung 2: Blood of Titans). The new game brings the player back to the legendary Woodland – the unique and spacious fantasy land that combines parts of known history with classical myths of the Slavs, the Scandinavian and the Byzantine, as well as the legends of the Chronicles, including immortal heroes, magical artifacts and ancient sorcery world. Expand
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  1. Apr 7, 2014
    Got this on steam and played for a couple hours to get to the second village and one map past this. In 2014 this game simply does not offer anything new to the genre. Maybe it shines later on, I could not tell.

    Quests are fairly simplistic, there arent many NPCs in the first village, and those NPCs have just a couple lines of text. There were a few options for joining the militia.

    The combat (simple option) involves left clicking on an enemy and waiting for their health to go down by auto attacking. I think there are passive skills, that can proc. There are 2 potions I can drink.

    The game has some kind of alchemy/crafting system where you can make potions, then dilute these potions.