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  • Summary: In Law & Order: Justice is Served, players are assigned to a murder case involving twenty-year-old tennis sensation, Elena Kusarova, whose body was discovered the day before the start of the U.S. Open. Players will need to search the crime scene, analyze evidence, solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and make arrests alongside Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green. After a suspect is in custody, the player will need to put a compelling case together with A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn in order to convince the jury to return a guilty verdict. New features for this third installment in the Law & Order game franchise include a new character from the TV show, Detective Ed Green; a re-designed, more intuitive interface; increased interactivity and flexibility with more characters and locations; improved performance; and unlockable bonus content from the actors on the show. With many more interviews and clever puzzles seamlessly integrated into the storyline, this third installment promises to be an even longer, more fulfilling gameplaying experience than the previous versions. [Legacy Interactive] Expand
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  1. Justice is Served is, by far, the best in this illustrious series. It's excellently written, bigger in scope, longer, better looking. It gets my highest recommendation as a must-buy for any fan of the show and really any adventure gamer looking for an involving and entertaining mystery to be solved.
  2. 90
    What I didn't realize, until I started to write this review and looked in the box for some details, is that you get another whole game along with the Justice Is Served game…"Law & Order: Dead on the Money."
  3. While it hasn’t converted me into an adventure game lover, it has made me want to play the other Law & Order games before it. To me that says the developers have done something right.
  4. It does not tax the brain too much, and it is also a fairly short-lived ride. However, it manages to take the franchise, and deliver an experience that feels every bit as compelling as the source material.
  5. 72
    The puzzles all have a reason for being there that is directly related to the story, which is definitely a major plus.
  6. A game that would be closer to an interactive episode of the show rather than a proper video game.
  7. Fundamentally this game just probably wasn’t a plausible idea, and I don’t think that anyone beyond a Law & Order watching point-and-click enthusiast who happens to be entranced by the mystery of a good storyline will become that excited about this game.

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