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  1. Justice is Served is, by far, the best in this illustrious series. It's excellently written, bigger in scope, longer, better looking. It gets my highest recommendation as a must-buy for any fan of the show and really any adventure gamer looking for an involving and entertaining mystery to be solved.
  2. If you are even an occasional fan of the series, Justice is Served is an absolute must-play. Even if you have never watched an episode but enjoy mystery/detective adventure games (or those few legal/trial-based games that are out there) then I can pretty much assure you a good time from Legacy’s newest offering.
  3. 90
    What I didn't realize, until I started to write this review and looked in the box for some details, is that you get another whole game along with the Justice Is Served game…"Law & Order: Dead on the Money."
  4. Cheat Code Central
    Fans of the show should not be without this game. It's like being in one of the episodes.
  5. 84
    It contains a really interesting case to solve and an involving story, along with some great game mechanics. It is a little short, as most of these games tend to be.
  6. This "episode" is much improved from previous games. The puzzles are much harder than the last game, and there is more to do this time than just click each screen and pick up everything around you to submit to the labs.
  7. While it hasn’t converted me into an adventure game lover, it has made me want to play the other Law & Order games before it. To me that says the developers have done something right.
  8. It's not a hard game, but it is a thoughtful game, and you will need to consider everything you know and review your material more than once if you are going to get a conviction.
  9. 80
    The graphics aren't all they could be, and the game suffers from a few crashing bugs, but it boasts a solid story, interesting characters, and diverse puzzles. You even get the first Law & Order game, "Dead on the Money," free in the package.
  10. If you can turn your mind off for a couple of hours you'll have a great time with the third Law & Order installment.
  11. Computer Games Magazine
    The detective work is a blast. [Jan 2005, p.79]
  12. PC Gamer
    This third Law & Order game is not only the most faithful to the atmosphere of the TV show, but also offers an engaging story. [Jan 2005, p.90]
  13. The puzzles are still really easy, and they still only account for maybe 10% of the game’s playing time.
  14. The solid presentation, excellent voice acting, easy to use controls and original story line will have Law & Order fans looking to overrule all objections. However the repetitive responses to questions, questionable warrant system and lack of personalization might have other gamers looking to overturn the jury’s verdict.
  15. It does not tax the brain too much, and it is also a fairly short-lived ride. However, it manages to take the franchise, and deliver an experience that feels every bit as compelling as the source material.
  16. netjak
    This review was originally written before Jerry Orbach passed away. As a longtime fan of the series, I would like to add that he made the show truly great. He will be sorely missed.
  17. For all intents and purposes Law & Order: Justice is Served is a cookie cutter sequel, just more of the same with really marginal improvements.
  18. It's a short and generally simple game with only a few difficult sections, but it emulates the show's style of criminal investigation almost perfectly, and you can't really ask for much more than that from a game called Law & Order.
  19. 72
    The puzzles all have a reason for being there that is directly related to the story, which is definitely a major plus.
  20. The gameplay is inherently slow by design so those of us that have short attention spans should be wary. If you like the TV series however, Law & Order: Justice Is Served offers an entirely new way to enjoy the show.
  21. With each game, this franchise keeps getting better. Justice Is Served is entertaining in the same way as a TV show. You'll enjoy it while it lasts, but when it's over, it's over—time to flip the channel and find something else.
  22. A fun, yet brief detective adventure that will occupy several evenings of play, but like a watched episode of the show, will probably never be picked up again after completion.
  23. Now I’m not going to lie here. It took me about 5 or 6 tries to get that guilty verdict. Hey I’m not a lawyer ok! But the challenge did make it interesting.
  24. Legacy Interactive has done a marvelous job of not only immersing the player into the mythos of the show, but also allows them to see if they have what it takes to be a real-life crime fighter.
  25. An intriguing mystery, but more mental challenge and lasting appeal would be welcome.
  26. A game that would be closer to an interactive episode of the show rather than a proper video game.
  27. Legacy needs to sit back and create a real GAME using this enterprise as opposed to an interactive episode.
  28. Diehard Law & Order fans will find Justice is Served to be a great way to spend a little time with some of their favorite characters from the series. If you’re not in that category then the game will have a tough time challenging you and holding your interest.
  29. The necessity to move between labs to drop off every single new clue and pick up results is more than a little tiresome. [Feb 2005, p.92]
  30. Fundamentally this game just probably wasn’t a plausible idea, and I don’t think that anyone beyond a Law & Order watching point-and-click enthusiast who happens to be entranced by the mystery of a good storyline will become that excited about this game.

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  1. MikeP.
    Oct 4, 2005
    This game had a great story line, as well as a few improvements from the previous one. Fun game, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching This game had a great story line, as well as a few improvements from the previous one. Fun game, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching the show. Full Review »
  2. ChisP.
    Apr 26, 2005
    This gamed sucked i dont know if it was just mine but it froze every so often and the speech stuttered i don t remember how much i paid forThis gamed sucked i dont know if it was just mine but it froze every so often and the speech stuttered i don t remember how much i paid for the stupid thing,but now it is beingd to level off a chair at my kitchen table. Full Review »
  3. JeanH.
    Oct 25, 2004
    This is the best one yet!