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  1. Yax
    Oct 26, 2010
    I've been playing this game for a while, and no, it's not just a mod. The graphics are a bit low poly, but when 10 people are fighting each other onscreen at once with lots of particle effects you don't want to be chug because of the trees, terrain, or mobs being too high res.

    The game runs very smooth and that's what counts with a PvP game or a MOBA.

    There are tons of champions to
    choose from and half the fun is learning all of them. I highly recommend this one. Expand
  2. Dcy
    May 30, 2012
    When this game started, it was good, but since a few months it changed a lot. The champions are now very OP (overpowered) and totally unbalanced. Also, the people (the community) has changed a lot, there are more people that disturbs and they don't play friendly and teamplaying.

    I used to enjoy this game a lot, but now the community and the creators (RIOT) doesn't do the same, for
    example, the prices have changed a lot, from the minimum price to the maximum price to all champions. Now, all the "new" champions cost the maximum money possible Expand
  3. Dec 19, 2012
    Repetitive game-play, horribly imbalanced and homogenized champions and a toxic community. I had more fun watching paint dry than playing this pathetic excuse for a video-game.
  4. Oct 10, 2010
    On the surface this game seems good but there are a number of horrendous issues. Firstly, the game is technically laughable. It crashes regularly in many and various ways. Sometimes you can queue for a game then have it crash right before the map loads. There is a "reconnect" button when you reload but it rarely works. The performance of the game is a joke. It consumes so much memory I had to turn the settings down to low to stop it from crashing my computer (which can normally run graphics intensive games at 1900X1200 on high settings - for example team fortress 2) Secondly, the game lacks even the most basic of features that are required. They only recently introduced a draft system which is a basic requirement for this genre of game. There is no built in voice chat so you have to use ventrillo, There are only two maps.

    Thirdly, the pricing structure of this game is absurd. Sure you can technically play for free but you only have access to a random small selection of champions. If you decide to spend some money you can unlock a few more but even having spent 60-70 dollars you still do not own all the available champions. Add to this the fact that new champions are released every two weeks and you end up with a buggy, unfinished, imbalanced borderline scam of a game. Riot's business model seems doomed to failure as I can only imagine it revolves around housebound man children with too much disposable income who are notoriously fickle and will soon be moving on to the next shiny thing to waste their money on and children who beg their parents for mom's credit card to keep feeding their addiction to new champions and new skins.

    In short the game looks fun and feels fun after a couple of games but it has no depth and even in it's shallow waters there is nothing but technical issues, balance issues, and a development team so incompetent they managed to make a game that is less reliable than any other pc release of the last 10 years.

    Overall, this game is a waste of time and has left me regretting the small amount of money I spent on it for such little reward.
  5. Jul 16, 2013
    I was initially excited about the game, having been a veteran of Warcraft 3 maps such as Tides of Blood or Defense of the Ancients, the excitement didn't really last however as the game ultimately molded into something unpleasant. Core gameplay elements were cut out, either for lack of effort or to dumb down the game such as attributes, creep denying or multiple unit control, while only a couple were added in that I don't even like, such as bushes or spell vampirism. Many early champions are cut+paste chimeras of old DotA heroes, such as Ashe or Amumu while newer heroes follow a rather straightforward formula of gap closers, auto attack buffs and defensive skill.

    The worst feature of the game is the carrot and stick MMO incentive system, where you must play to earn persistent stat bonuses, new champions and other such bonuses. The reward treadmill these offer help to mask the shortcomings of the game for more casual players who can feel a sense of progression not by becoming a better player, but by having stronger bonuses or champions.

    Ultimately, core weaknesses in the gameplay and grind system can make the game feel dull after a while, when playing I only play with friends and they've turned to only playing ARAM in order to spice up the stale gameplay. I'd say the game might be worth playing just to try out various champions, but with the hero rotation and unavailability of heroes to the average player it might be too difficult to. League isn't as weak an entry into the genre as say Rise of Immortals, but is overshadowed by more complete or compelling MOBAs such as Smite or DotA.
  6. Sep 16, 2011
    Very poor optimization despite having 10 players on a map with lower poly counts than Halo 1 - Graphics hurt your eyes, are cutesy, kitsche, and highly generic, its unappealing to anime fans or hard fantasy fans - Imbalanced to the point there is a Hero-banning option every match to voteban upto 4 broken heroes - Multiplayer consists of a couple maps and 3 game modes - Requires 30-60 hours of gameplay to buy 1 of the +70 heroes - Heroes frequently get nerfed or OP buffed - Gameplay is very basic to an RTS player and tons of needless non-strategy complication in order to win - You can be player-reported and permabanned for quitting a losing match, getting angry in game, and being a newb - Exceptionally unstable servers, random patches, frequent random downtime, despite making millions from its freemium platform - Incredible lack of content in spite of having more employees than WoW's original team - This is all inexcusable even for a free-to-play game, its popular because it has a MMO carrot-and-stick system with almost no content to speak of and no plans for major updates despite making millions per day. Expand
  7. Sep 28, 2011
    An honest review. This game has a high rating, im not sure why, I will state the flaws the game has first and formost. #1. Repetative, even though dominion came out recently its still the same issue, one map, multiple champions, no new gameplay mechanics, same tactic over and over. #2 lack of maps. #3 no balance what-so-ever their nerfs are like they want to slide off the hairs from the champions legs instead of an overpowered arm or leg. #4 lack of variation to the best champion combination in the game. While you can say yeah you will only win if you know what you are doing, this is not always true when you have 4 stuns and 2 massive AoE attacks which will shred an entire team in the "way you are supposed to play."

    Riot is an amateur development company that has little management sense. This game is not meant for "REAL" gamers, its meant for casual and amateurs. Under no circumstance should any "HARDCORE" or "REAL" gamer, try to play this game.

    If you are just getting into gaming and do not know anything about gaming, please play this game or wow and stay away from the games that "real players" play. It is a pathetic excuse for money. Worst part is, one of my best friends was dumb enough to spend 1,300 usd on the game itself and his comp can barely run it at a steady 9 fps (e.g. the average player you will find in this game).

    P.S. I did not include graphics in this review for a reason. Any "Real" gamer knows that graphics do not make a game,
  8. Mar 30, 2011
    Probably one of the most boring games I've ever played. Almost fell asleep playing it. I had more fun watching the news. Big waste of my time trying out this game.
  9. Aug 27, 2010
    I'm not a very big fan of this game. I stopped playing DotA and got my friend to also stop playing DotA to come play this game. I was very disappointed with the graphics - I cannot stand them at all! The game requires almost no skill to play. If you are really bad at DotA, then this is the game for you. Dying accounts for almost nothing in this game - you can die as much as you want and it barely affects which team will end up winning. That is good in the aspect that there is no such thing as "feeding" in this game, since dying doesn't do anything. But that also means you can't get "fed", which is something I enjoyed about doing in DotA. Graphics are terrible. My friend and I played it for a whole week, then went back to DotA, since LoL is terrible. Now, we both play Heroes of Newerth. The game is free, which it should be since it is so bad. I wouldn't expect anyone to pay for something like this. And the graphics in LoL is terrible, in case I haven't mentioned that yet. If you look for the word "fail" in the dictionary, you will see the League of Legends logo next to it. Expand
  10. Sep 28, 2011
    This game have a problem, and not just one. League has great potential, some times when you play you had so much fun, that you don't mind not about lousy crashes at servers, not about huge balances issues in champions design and mode challenge, not about moron(s) with you had to play previously game, not about over priced content that offer this game. You just play and have fun, true fun. But when you start new game, and all these issues comes back, and you haven't getting fun anymore you wanna stop this for god sake. Another think that developers almost every week make some change in balance, that comes in increasing and decreasing champions and items stats, some times changes is good some times it's can make your favorite champion just useless. All league players know such pains in ass who fall down so much that become just not a "good" choice to play at all. One more think is community, is not growth enough, and i mean not only by the age in my point of view, too many rage, crying, and morons you meet, some times not. I know that in almost every online game, but still. So game is worth a 10 from 10 point, but the issues of the League keep me from that score. Expand
  11. Jan 22, 2012
    Almost every game matched against way stronger opponents. Most of the time they have played tons of more games than myself (100 wins against people with 1000's of wins). Also a solo player does not stand a chance because you will be matched against full premade teams (4-5 players) most of the time. Without friends to play with this is a game that should be skipped.
  12. Apr 11, 2012
    Simply put, this is DotA for children. Poor heroes balance, horrible gameplay, childish graphics and permament perks kill the purpose of the Defense of the Ancients genre. It might be interesting for gamers who never played the genre, so they can learn the basics before starting to play real games, such as DotA, DotA 2 or Heroes of Newerth; this game's community is full of newbies and having a bad player on your team doesn't really matter here; teamplay and strategy have been completely forgotten. Expand
  13. Nov 13, 2011
    I used to play DoTA all the time and tried LoL several time over the years. The game has stayed the same easy and boring game that it has been. Leveled 3 different accounts to 30 without losing a single game. Riot has made it obvious that they don't care about hero balance. HoN on the otherhand is pretty fun with friends while LoL is just full of trolls and BRs
  14. Dec 21, 2011
    I have nothing against this game in particular, but rather the DotA genre as a whole. The game is built around long matches of grinding as fast as possibly to get to a higher level than your enemies, at which point you'll win because of your stats.

    If you die then your enemy gets lots of experience, which gives your teammates lots of reasons to hate you, and the actual combat is boring as

    The one positive thing I has to say about this game is that the graphics are nice.
  15. Jun 10, 2012
    This game is too easy and by far the worst DOTA remake of all time. I mean yeah early game and mid game is fun, but late game is just a massive waste of time. It just depends on whether you can kill the whole team in one fell swoop, not items, not carries, not skill, just luck. It is a massive waste of time.
  16. Jan 22, 2013
    Save yourself the pain of helplessly watching your champion get destroyed by max-level exploiters. There is no strategy, there is no fun, all there is is a **** of rape waiting to piss you off until you rip your hair out.
  17. Oct 13, 2010
    Easily the most fun I've had in a MOBA ever. The lore, the champions, and the community are all great. There are frequent fun updates and the developers really know how to keep contact with their community.
  18. Apr 4, 2013
    To start with. I've played this game for about two or three years now and I must admit that I kind of liked it In the beginning.

    At this time (beginning of 2013) League of Legends is one of the most popular online games. It has millions of players all over the world, and it just seems to be more and more popular. However, in entirety, this game is not that awesome as everyone thinks,
    and I guess many of the players know this, but dont admit it.

    It's actually quite funny because this game consists of 50% "one kind of person", because in each match I play, there's always someone who thinks he's best or is rude because someone else aint as good as he think he is and so on. Childstalk: each time he dies, its not his fault. Either it was a teammate who did wrong or it was because of lag. Silly.

    The game itself is great, but you might get tierd because of the players playing it, being so rude. It's not like any other DOTA-based game. (atleast not what I've experienced)

    However, enough of this, now to the actual game.
    League of Legends is considered as a DoTA-clone, but it not as much of a clone, as most other DoTA cones. You get what I mean? Both HoN, DoTA 2 and RoI are more DoTA-clones while LoL being a bit less.
    Why? Well the feeling is far from what DoTA was. Not in a bad way though. You have the same map, you do the same thing, but it's still not an exact DoTA-clone.

    What are the differences? Well here they are!

    - It's easier because it's not as fast phased as it's concurents.
    - Easier to learn and play.
    - Bigger difference between spellcasters and non-spellcasters.

    - Too many people are being rude (not the game's fault I guess)
    - Easier (Being easy can be a consequence for some.
    - Bad balanced champions. Some champions can be way more overpowered than others.

    What LoL have that differs from what any other DoTA Clone have, but is positive or negative deppending on your own opinion.
    - ...have smaller map
    - ...summonerspells, runes and masteries (like talents and gems in WoW)
    - ...much more fancy graphics

    I actually dont have the time to count everything up but if you are intressted in the game anyway, look it up and make sure you like it. Else you should not waste your time on it.

    At the launch of the game, I found it very enjoyable (I would have given it a 7/10), but now it's far from the same thing. If you're intrested and want to get into a DoTA based game. I recommend you to check this game out, (it's free!), but I would recommend you to try out the others first.

    4/10, because it's far from what I expected in the beginning.
  19. Apr 8, 2011
    League of Legends is a fairly well polished game in that it optimizes team gameplay and coordination. Every aspect of the game requires you to cooperate with your team, meaning that this game requires you to rely on your teammates, however there is enough room for individuals to "carry" their team to victories.

    Many of the champions are fun to play, and have a broad range of abilities
    and style. However, Riot spends too much time creating new characters, which are no longer as unique and are not balanced properly. There are much bigger things in the game that can be worked on besides new characters, such as balancing issues and the matchmaking system for ranked games.

    Overall, this game is fun and sometimes it can be a blast, but many times the game can be flat out disappointing. Riot spends way too much time creating unnecessary characters, which are released roughly every two weeks, instead of balancing current characters. Many characters lost their uniqueness because of Riot's overwhelming creation of new champions.
  20. Jun 30, 2012
    This is a very poorly designed game with many balance issues and developers that don't give a **** about anything but making money. That is what this was solely created for; making money. I'd say its money well spent; $10 for a re-texture that changes your hero's color! That's a great price! You're going to have to pay twice as much to get new particle effects!
  21. Aug 17, 2012
    This game is the most overrated and boring game I've ever played. Ever. The graphics are ugly and generic as **** there are so many keys to memorize, the character names and appearances are absolute ripoffs of characters from other games, (i.e. Garen sounds like Ganondorf and looks like him too, except Ganondorf doesn't have as much armor) the characters are unbalanced, and the patches are awful! It's hard to believe that over 30 million people play this game! Why? Why do people play this piece of **** I don't know. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game at all costs. Expand
  22. Jun 24, 2011
    I give it 3 coz I really love this game. It has rather poor graphics, but it's free, has addictive game-play and doesn't destroy it with micro payments that are not a must to have fun. But what's the point to like game when you actually cannot play it? The only time when I'm able to log into without much of a problem is around midnight. Trying to log late afternoon/evening takes hours and most of the time you will fail anyway. If it would be game deserving 6-7 rating I wouldn't mind it, I would just stop playing - but as I really like it, and really want to play it, I waste a lot of time coz of this. Because when you're asked to wait hour to log you have to waste this hour for smth, and in most cases after like 55mins of waiting you will get server disconnected mssg anyway and will have to start all over again. So even as this game is 8, maybe even 9 for me I gave it 3 - for all this wasted time for waiting. Expand
  23. Jun 19, 2011
    It was good, untill The login quoues gets up to 3 hrs... and then it loggs out and the servers are not avaible, and when they are again you are put back in 3hrs quoue. Sure, I dont pay anything for the game soo no need to complain, but I know there is ppl paying for it and still are not able to play couse the servers dosnt work.
    While writing this I had sit it quoue for about 2hrs to log
    in and was not long left. But I got this messege, "server is busy try again later" And I have to wait another 2 hrs to log in.

    Other then the login I like the game, atleast when I can play it, wich isnt that often atm.
  24. Jun 26, 2012
    This game is pretty fun when you start playing. However, after a handful of games faulty game mechanics begin to surface making more and more games very one-sided. The matchmaking system is based on a so called 'ELO-rating' which should be an indicator of 'how good you are'. However, this system is only based on games won and games lost. I can safely say that 15 out of 20 games are one-sided slaughterfests, where one team completely dominates the other team (ie. the one team has at least 4 times more kills then the other, leaving that team overfed and the losing team has almost 0% chance to come back from it). Furthermore, if you do get a 'fair' matchup based on the average ELO of your team and the opposing team, you will still be pitted against teams who have way more wins on average than you have. This means that, if the matchmaking system finally puts you against people with around the same ELO, you can still lose pretty badly because the other team simply has more games played and thus way more experience with the game.

    I have been playing this game for 2 years now and it seems like the broken matchmaking system only gets worse. Currently Riot has never acknowledged this problem even with countless treads about this subject on their forums, so it does not look like this problem will be solved anytime soon.

    I could recommend playing this game for the first 10-20 levels of experience, but I will strongly advise everyone to not invest any money in this at all (or at least until this major problem is being dealt with). If you want to keep having fun during the first 10-20 levels you can make new accounts.
  25. Jul 4, 2012
    Only thing good about this game is it's free and you don't have anything to waste except time (loading between games succeeds at that). There are only 3 different maps you can "technically" join a queue for. This mostly applies to the Summoner's Rift map, but when you are at champion select 90% of the time users rage at your champion choice and you have to fulfill a specific role similar to a group in an mmo. If you are not fast at your pick you are most likely stuck with the role that you do not want or there will be multiples of the same role, usually mid, bot ad ranged, or top. I think they need to add more support and jungle heroes or change the style of the roles to make them not just be the gank slave (jungle) or the ward slave (support). Some of the weakest graphics of this game type and its age and f2p category. Movement and attacks feel sluggish at times, interface is rather huge, clunky and only minimal customization available (scaling frames only). Expand
  26. Oct 14, 2011
    It's important to note that my review of this game is from the perspective of a competitive gamer of many years. League of Legends is just a game designed to make money, and boy does it succeed at that. It has almost no competitive viability aside from its large playerbase. Balancing takes a back seat to anything that will drive a sale, overpowered heroes for example. I gave the game a chance but the free to play platform for this genre just doesn't mesh whatsoever for me, I desire a competitive and balanced experience and this does not offer that, indeed it doesn't even try.
    -Update since dominion-
    Now, at least, the game has a redeeming quality, a unique game type 'Dominion' that doesn't attempt to follow the dota genre. Now my review lands in the yellow.
  27. Aug 1, 2011
    So based upon my first review, The balance gets better once u know how to play it (i recommend to get a friend that knows it to explain to you) But the disconnecting penalty system is totally unreliable + they give you an option to explain your disconnects but theres no chance they will lift it (what exactly is the point of it then?)
    Bear this in mind before u read what my experience is:

    -"Q: I just got disconnected from two games! Am I Going to get banned?
    A: Probably not. The system will nail you only for a pattern of doing this."
    -"On December 14th, we launched our automated leaver banning system. The purpose of this system is to dissuade players from leaving games/going AFK. We do this first by giving a warning, and then banning in larger and larger increments when players leave games/go AFK."
    -"Q: How long can I get banned for?
    A: The automated system can ban you for anywhere between 1 hour and 7 days for any particular issue. However, we will be sweeping the records, and will periodically perma-ban people that hit the 7 day ban too many times."
    -"Q: How do I 'work off' leaves?
    A: You can reduce points either through time (having no penalties for several weeks), and through every game you complete in matchmaking that was not a leave or that you contributed to for the whole duration of the game."
    In my experience: i have 3 disconnects, 1st one i didnt know about this system, 2nd one i had to leave because an emergency in real life, 3th one i got disconnected by a a gamefreeze because the server was extremely lagging, took up to 5-6 seconds before my character did what i told it to do and therefore it was unplayable anyway.
    1st: leaving 2 games is not a pattern => apparently leaving 3 games is, cause i got suspended for a day (!)
    2nd: So according to their FAQ they could have just suspended my account for an hour which seems more 'reasonable' if they really wanted to ban my account for those 3 leaves. instead i got a full day.
    3th: I would also like to warn anyone on planning playing this game that IF u leave (based upon my XP) for about 10 games probably, you will get banned for 7 days. And if u do this often you will get PERM banned.
    4th: They claim to send u a warning trough email if your disconnecting level gets to high.
    This is a lie period. I triple checked my e-mail and the only thing i've found was the email they sent me when i actually got the suspension.

    5th: The system is completely unreliable as there are too many variables that need to be taken in account when you enforce this kind of system. for instance: PC crash, modem crash, game freezes and not starting up again, Real life mathers,..

    Its a noble idea but it lacks a lot in execution. If u are a die hard pro this system then i can only say, wait untill ur game crashes a few times or ur power drops out or whatever else can happen to you and u get banned for a couple days because of that and thats the point. There is no reliability Banning for 3 dissconnects, without a warning, without a so called pattern they mentioned, 3times is not a pattern whatsoever. And instead one hour a day = sad.

    Other games require people to be there and participate as well and its very annoying if one of em leaves for any of the reasons i described above but yet its understandable that u can run into situations you dont have any choice.
    Tho these games do not have this penalty system and still work fine without it.
    games like CoH, Starcraft, WC3,.. pretty much any good strategy game out there.
    Yes you will most likely lose games because of this but everyone will encounter that at a certain point.

    Here a part of my useless message to riotgames related to that suspension:

    "First time i read that message i wasn't really happy with something like that, sure if a player leaves that screws up the game for others. But same story with new players who dont know how to play the game yet. The main question raises in my mind is: Is riotgames going to suspend accounts for being new and screw up the game for others by not knowing how to play? Are you going to suspend accounts for people that have to leave because of an emergency?
    This whole concept sounds like a noble idea to prevent ragequitting but there is no way to know the reasons why anyone would leave a game. Some find it a good idea, im one of the people that saying its noble but not reliable at all period.

    regards, Tritrium"

    In the end its no use to send them messages as they wont lift bans.

    3 disconnects -> no warning = a day banned.
    If i didnt know any better i would say this is quite insane for leaving 3 games.

  28. Sep 13, 2012
    Terrible community, no sense of balance, and it's nothing but another example of "pay to win" philosophy. Don't waste your time. Not a single character properly balances with others, and some even go so far as to be so utterly overpowered that it's taboo to play them. The community is so utterly awful, they can't even play the damn game for more than ten minutes before screaming at the top of their lungs like angry german kid about every minute detail. Expand
  29. Jan 2, 2013
    Friends got me into League, but it's so bad I've been actively trying to convince them to stop playing. Every game turns into a shouting match of blame and frustration. The random people you play with in game are the dumbest and most egocentric people you will ever meet in your life. The LoL community is terrible, even by the standards of online games. The item and champion balance is so poorly done that it's a wonder anyone even considers this a competitive game. I know high-schoolers that can do better game design.

    If you play LoL, you'll most likely end up quitting after your first few games because you'll be fed up by low cooldown teleports, invincibility, and stuns (which are basically in-game bans). Nothing about this game is good or enjoyable.
  30. Apr 2, 2013
    Terrible community which you eventually become a part of. Masks itself as free-to-play when the average player has spent more on it than a regular "full-cost" game Servers are very unstable and often go down on a regular basis. Server side ping spikes are to be expected. The launcher is coded in AIR which is inherently bugged and becomes very annoying to use. Summary: Not an original game, bad community, bad servers, buggy client, "freemium" with a competitive advantage to payers, and finally no part of the game is truly refined, its just a low quality game with the excuse of being free. Expand
  31. Dec 13, 2011
    League of Legends, as all other DotA games, fails miserably in balance. If you enjoy real competitive pvp, you will hate this game. If you enjoy mindlessly killing people, you might like this but would in the end be better off buying a singleplayer game.
  32. Dec 31, 2011
    Horrible game,heroes are mostly bad copies of dota,and aren´t even close to being unique. Hon+dota all the way! I don't recommend this game to anyone,expect if you're looking for a way to waste your time and get depressed at the same time.
  33. Jan 27, 2013
    The game is so horribly written, the game client is constantly crashing, it takes you forever to find a game. Then when you do get in a game it's actually not very fun.
  34. Nov 11, 2012
    This is definitely one of the worst games i have ever played. I've never been into DotA but this is so much worse than any of the other ones i've tried. The balancing is ridiculously bad and the Champions and abilities are unoriginal and some of them are clearly copies (Vayne for example). The gameplay is pretty boring and unrewarding, the community are all raging kids that will report you for anything, and worst of all a single death and your opponent will be so much stronger than you that they'll have to make a huge mistake to lose. So overall this is a horrible game and i would recommend anyone to avoid it. Expand
  35. Jul 18, 2012
    This game has some serious problems. Heroes are completely unbalanced due to the fact that new heroes are usually overpowered so they can sell them faster. Then they nerf them when a new hero comes available. Game mechanics are pretty boring, you can only have one play style (1 tank or off-tank top, 1 mage middle, 1 carry and 1 support bottom, and 1 jungle), don't even bother trying something different as you will only get people laughing at you. It is the same for hero builds, if you not play with exactly the same builds shown in popular guides people will blame you for everything.

    Early game and mid game is fun, but when you get to level 30 the fun stops.

    The LoL community is one of the worst I've ever seen. Don't matter if you are good or bad, if you win or you lose, there are people who won't stop complaining even before the match starts.
  36. Dec 28, 2012
    Really dumb game. I can't believe its so popular. You hardly do anything at all its incredibly simple and uncomplicated. Its like an arcade game for kids 5 and under.
  37. Jul 21, 2013
    This game is the best game ever. 15 year old graphics with cartoon characters that all have same abilities and are released more often than CoD map packs. Also, the rune system is amazing, I mean who wouldn't want to customize their Champion in any way they want, while it falls in the only 1 set role it can possibly have. This game has an amazing community, people never yell at you while they allow you to pick any champion you want despite it being picked 3 times already on the team. Champion design is amazing as well, I like how well developed female chars are and how deep their personality is. All in all, best game ever without any doubt. Expand
  38. Sep 1, 2010
    LoL is a brilliant game that provides a very unique experience to me. Each champion is unique to master, and the battles are always exciting. It's not without it's flaws; it can be frustrating at times, and there are usually balancing issues when new champions and such come out, but the creative team are clearly very dedicated to making the game a fun and challenging experience.
  39. Jan 13, 2011
    I've been playing this game for over a year now (I was a beta tester for this game) and i would like to say it's awesome, i've had very little to no problems with crashes (Like previous people have been complaining about) it takes little memory resources for my computer (DDR3 RAM 4gb) and i have spent absolutely nothing on the game (I have played roughly 1000 matches on this game all together) and i am still playing it. This is the same with many of my friends (I invite a friend every month or so and try to make them a pro). You can play this casually or competitivly. Paying money gains you little to no advantage (It only allows you to get characters faster) all the characters are balanced (You just need to know how to play them) some are easier than others and that's when misconceptions seem to happen, you can't allow these ignorant people put you off trying this game. (Graphics aren't everything). Expand
  40. Mar 15, 2011
    Graphics/Performance(10/10): Graphics are reminiscent of WoW and Warcraft III, that is they are cartoony and artistic, rather than gritty and cutting-edge. Game runs very well even on older computers. Singleplayer(N/A): Non-existent. Multiplayer(8/10): Solid multiplayer marred by a horrible balance team. Game finding interface is easy to use. Good chat system. However, since the game is free and much of RIOTâ Expand
  41. Aug 5, 2012
    what with this game got good rating i played it i got virtually bored in with 5 mins i thought be like guild wars but no some kind of game remind me total annihilation old game i had way back

    but this game i deleted after 10 mins 5 mins of game play 5 mins later deleting it
  42. Nov 28, 2012
    I have a lot of questions around this game. Why people loves as much as they love this game? What´s new in this game? Why people who lost a match gets so angry in this game?
    Well, I don´t have any answer. Is a very simple game, with a few maps, with few rules. The graphics are very bad, and the goals you have to reach are all the time the same. It´s a good game to work
    in groups and to use your brain too, but is not interesting. The matches sometimes get too long, sometimes more than 1 hour... Nah, i can´t stand this game and I can´t stand his players that say it´s awesome. I don´t know why. Expand
  43. Feb 2, 2013
    This game is pretty good, but there are many negative sides in it for me. For example most characters aren't well balanced. For example ranged characters are almost as strong as melee ones in damage which is pretty annoying already in the beginning. The price of the characters not even resembles their effectiveness, and I bet that's what most would think at first. Gold farming can be quiet annoying because the last hitter gets the most gold and kill as well, and these just makes everyone steal the kills which just makes people hate each other in the game. Aside from these the game requires quiet a lot of teamwork and even if only one person is not cooperating the game is most likely lost. Now the good side of the game is there's a function to play with bots (And it's pretty well made up) which can be played with only bots (Beginner only) or with people (Beginner and intermediate). There are runes in the game which seems useless at first look, but they can be quiet a big difference maker in early game (But this most likely happens only after level 20, when you can buy the best runes). They boost your champion's stats and you can purchase more of these while you level up. There are also masteries which boosts your stats as well, but not as much as the runes. The other good thing I found in this game is that you can buy all the champions without giving a cent into the game. The only things that cost real-life money is skins, IP/EXP boosts and such. So I would rate this game 5/10. Expand
  44. Jul 25, 2013
    The one question most actual gamers ask themselves is: "How the hell did this get so popular?!", as soon as I played my first match I was asking myself the same question, that question had already been asked with games like CoD. Like CoD, the graphics in this game are outdated, the text that pops up every time you last-hit a minion looks like its a font from Microsoft Word. The childish fans of this game seem to think it has a GIANT learning curve, however, you can play one match and you've already learnt everything you need to know, simple as that. The pay to win system is terrible as well, many fans may argue that all champions are "balanced". This statement is absolutely false as Riot and one of the most money-grubbing companies I have encountered as a gamer. They have to use incentives to make you want to buy those champions, whether it be better skills or overall better feel or look. Seriously, this game is a joke, if anything. I reckon that DotA 2 NEEDS to take this games place. Expand
  45. Mar 27, 2012
    League of Legends delivers a generally good MOBA experience. Starting with the faults, the game has a rather large learning curve, but that is part of its charm. The developers are slightly greedy, as it takes absolutely forever to unlock new champions for free. The game is generally balanced, meaning it is not pay-to-win, thankfully. The community is pretty bad, but there are plenty of E-Sports events associated with the game, and watching the competitive matches is great fun. The champion roster is huge, and new champions are released quite often. People who play this game are generally very dedicated to it. As a final summary sentence, League of Legends delivers a fantastic online MOBA experience. Expand
  46. Jul 7, 2012
    The good thing about this Defense of the Ancients based game is that it is newbie friendly compared the other DotA spin-offs. But for the "Defense of the Ancients elite" it has little to offer in terms of balance, depth and general skill. For me it's a different version of DotA, based on action and killing rather than teamwork and strategy.
  47. Dec 7, 2012
    This is one of the worst games I have ever played. Can't believe that so many people waste their time on this crap. Especially with so many wonderful games available.
  48. Jul 10, 2011
    This game is simply wonderful. The only downside that I've really seen to the game, is that due to it's free to play business strategy, they release champions at a very costly 6300 IP (Influence Points - earned by playing games and participating in the tribunal). 6300 IP will take somewhere in the range of 50-75 games to get. Games on average are approximately 35 minutes, but can go as long as an hour.

    There are champion bundles that can be purchased for similar prices of other, cheap games. This allows you to have a decent collection of champions when getting right into things.

    People need to understand that creating these games costs money. The business requires a method of generating income. Anyone complaining that Riot Games makes it more desirable to purchase Riot points than it is to generate influence points needs to rethink this topic.

    It should be mentioned that no specific benefit is gained by purchasing riot points. They cannot be used to give an advantage over free players. The only benefit to spending actual money is that you do not need to spend the time.

    New champions are released every two weeks. The second week they are out, they put up as Free to play for one week. They rotate champions on a weekly basis, ensuring that all of the roles are filled by free picks (support, dps, tanky dps, tanks, mage, etc)

    Someone who does not have the expendable income to spend on the game, and also does not have much time to play, will need to be content with the free champions until they find one that they truly want to play as their main champion and purchase it.

    It should be noted that most players tend to stick to 3-6 champs that they play most often.

    A great game. A great price. A great business model.

    I recommend this to everyone I talk to that plays video games.
  49. Ty-
    Apr 17, 2011
    Firstly, how can you argue with free. Even if you don't like it, you never had to pay a thing to try it. That doesn't matter though because the game is awesome, fun and easy to play, difficult to master. What more could you really ask for in a game?
  50. Mar 18, 2013
    I've truly given this game several chances due to its popularity. (Just go to a LAN to see what I'm talking about) However it is just far too boring for my tastes. I realize that the learning curve is VERY high and that some feel its extremely addicting but a RTS that involves controlling a single unit most of the time is just too boring. Some say that the multilayer brings more depth to the game but in my experience it just adds more randomness to the players experience. Will you be matched with a balanced team or get steamrolled? Will you sit at the load screen waiting for a match to begin only to realize you've wasted your time? Will half your team quit at the drop of a hat?
    Then there's the visual style which to me is offensive to the eye. Over-saturated colors and a hideously "busy" graphical styles are not aesthetically pleasing to me. Add to this the terrible sound effects (particularly hearing the announcer woman rattle off info CONSTANTLY) and the experience becomes even less pleasant. Worst of all is the games pricing model. Free2play can be done correctly. Team Fortress 2 is a perfect example. Money spent is primarily on cosmetic items and any weapons found in the store can easily be earned for traded for in-game. LoL on the otherhand gives a distinct advantage to players who either spend money or those with lots of play-time. Level ups and the horribly clunky "ruin" system make skill far less important. Don't get me wrong. The tremendous learning curve of LoL means experienced players will win over newer ones time and time again. The devs like to think the matchmaking system works well, but its just not the case and teams are notoriously unbalanced.

    So why give this game a 0? Despite the many hours (for my friends sake) that I've wasted on this game I have never enjoyed myself even for a brief moment. I understand that people love it. It wouldn't be the most poplar game in the world if they weren't having fun, but for me this is an experience I can do without.
  51. Jul 9, 2012
    League of legends is probably one of the more addictive free-to-play games out there. The premise is you and 4 other players face off against 5 other players/bots, the first team to destroy the enemy nexus wins. Simple, right? Well, if you intend on playing with players you're in for a rude awakening. League of Legends is plagued by quite possibly the most repulsive creatures of human society. In a strictly team-oriented game the possibility of one of your members being either a troll or an obnoxious 12 yearold who has caps-lock perpetually on is staggeringly high. Any merits this game may have is offset completely by the quality of it's community and there seems to have been little to no effort to fixing it. This game was amazing in beta and shortly after, since then it's spiraled down the drain. Top this off with developers that lie(They pride themselves on being transluscent but I've witnessed first hand them deleting an entire slew of red posts(red=riot staff, the developers) to cover up things that would ignite their playerbase. I would, under any other circumstance give this game a 9 or 10, but you will not believe how badly the community actually influences this game and I don't think I can properly express it in words as to why this game earned a 3 instead of a solid 10. You'd have to pick it up and play for a few weeks to understand just how impossible it is to play a team-centric game like LoL with the players it has. Expand
  52. Mar 31, 2011
    League of Legends got great potential, its really addicting game, but the lack of balance is really great problem.There are still champions that are OP like leblanc, annie, etc and champions that are UP like ezreal, cassiopea, kennen, which Riot seems not to see.
    Also if you want to share this at the forum you will be just downvoted and your thread will be closed.
    Other thing is that Riot
    fails to free the game from leavers/feeders.
    I really enjoyed this game before, but i cant play it anymore, because its only making me nervous.
    Every game 4vs5 or got feeder or noob..
    Riot really must think about that and start concentrating on the problems of the game,not the content.
  53. May 27, 2011
    This game successfully follows up as a more casual form of the all time favorite DOTA, providing a plethora of champions to choose to fight as. Because of the DOTA roots, its shares its troubles, but improves upon the system and creates a fun game to play. Because it is free to play, one must remember that the first few levels are filled with more trolls or quitters than at higher ranks, but their new tribunal system which allows players to vote on the guilt of those reported will do much to combat this. Overall, a fun game, especially at the price of free. Expand
  54. Jun 1, 2011
    A truly, worthy successor and standalone of the incredibly popular Defense of the Ancients. League of Legends is by far the most highly addictive MOBA game to date and this is due to the fact that LoL game be played by both Casual gamers and Hardcore gamers so equally without much rabble like that from DotA and HoN. Riot Games went with a more cartonny approach which not only looks great but makes it possible for low-end computers to play as well. The balancing is very good with only minor balance issues but really, its impossible to have a completely balance game with 70+ indiviually unique champions. Overall League of Legend is a remarkably excellent game and is the current dominator of the fued between LoL and HoN. With new champions coming out every 2 weeks, its hard to see this game falling apart. Expand
  55. May 5, 2013
    If you are a fan of this new so called MOBA game genre then perhaps you alright with this game but for everyone else keep away from those kind of games since are completely broken in matter of game balance and game mechanics also totally brainless in matter of progression the one that taking the last hit is rewarded with almost all the money of the kill even if you were there and did all the job).
    And of course since this game has the "free to play" tag it has a community of kids and nerds that they are enjoying to be rude and leaving or going afk in almost every single game.
    However this game is fun if you are playing with friends in any other situation this is a stupid game that has one map (actually it has 3 but there is no interest in the other 2) that people playing it repeatably all the time.
  56. Mar 24, 2014
    Just another DotA rip-off, some stuff changes but the core gameplay is still the same. The only merit of this game is it's huge playerbase; being highly casual, it's easy to start playing, which in turn attracts the masses who never played a DotA game before and don't care about the childish graphics and poor game mechanics. I must thank Riot though, for taking the children away from Dota 2.
  57. Apr 14, 2012
    the game was adicting for a few hours but then i figured that it sucks. not as much as fantage because its the worst game ever. legends had okay graphics but bad gameplay
  58. Apr 7, 2012
    League of Legends is a game that has been created from Riot Games, who were a part of the developers of DotA. With an easier concept and more rookie friendly elements, they started League of Legends. Once you started you cannot stop playing it. I cannot tell exactly what it is that keeps me playing it, maybe this: -A Lot of players -The Community is great (regular patches, new content, events, tournaments).
    -Very good f2p pay system(everything that has influence in a match is buyable with ingame cash)
    -Price of a champion is independend on their power. Every champ has their up and downs.
    Well here come the down sites:
    -Graphics are too comic like. At this point I prefer the current DotA 2
    -A LOOOOOT of flaming kiddies (like in CoD) that will desttroy your fan at the game.
    -Many experienced players create new accounts for 'pwning noobs' which makes it a little bit hard for newcomers to get into the game.
    -Bad reconnect system (if you have a broken connection like me)
    -Too many changes in a short period(in the last 6 months almost every champion/item/mode has been changed) which also makes unbalance the game even more.
    -Elo system for ranked matches in the leaderboard system (you are a good player and always get bad teams....then you are stuck in elo hell like me)
    So overall i really like this game and play it a lot.
    It qualities are not visible in the first view.
    You should at least try it for some matches out because its a free 2 play title.
  59. Apr 8, 2012
    Free 2 Play! And properly! I played it for 200 hours + and never had a disadvantage for not paying! But there is loads of stuff to buy! My friend already spend 150 bucks and is happy too. Since dominion it is one of the coolest and freshest DoTA child's out there. Its properly balanced, has a lot of different champions. If you want to take it to the max its awful complex but its easy 2 start with. And if you are not happy with the community stop whining be nice and reports all blockheads and you will find a loot of cool players =) Happy LoL'ing everyone! Expand
  60. Jul 27, 2012
    The graphics suck and were clearly thought out by amateurs. The gameplay is fantastic as it is a copy of Dota, one of the best multiplayer experiences ever. However, they have taken what Dota was and actually made it worse, downgrading it in many ways. The balance is awful for this type of game, with half the characters being unplayable in tournaments because they aren't as good as the other half. Every character feels the same and plays the same as the other. You can only play 10 of the entire pool of heroes per week, unless you pay them money or play excessively long to unlock some. Invisible and different heroes are the awful, because they are so weak as to be made completely useless, to protect the noob players. The game is also so stale and predictable with as few possible elements to make the game complex. In Dota, the game is more about thinking than simply repeating the same maneuver from game to game. You will get bored of this bad downgrade of a warcraft III map. Expand
  61. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the only game I'm genuinely rating flat out 0, It's a horribly unbalanced, The best champions are pay2win, you get 40 point's if you lose, 400 if you win, This game is Unfair, ugly and a terrible throw off to dota. If you like lol, you will LOVE dota 2, because it's 100x better, Screw this game, screw it's community and screw the lazy developers. NOT worth playing, the amount of time you'l spend just trying to learn how to play the game, will be wasted when you actually start playing a bunch of second accounted players who will rip your team to shreds. This game stinks. Expand
  62. Aug 13, 2012
    Fun game but the community makes the experience miserable most of the time. Teammates excessively bicker and people purposely lose. Go in with a full team or expect to be frustrated.
  63. Apr 29, 2013
    Fun game, however the lag has became unbearable after a recent patch. Too bad the developers decided it's fine to leave it alone and let players deal with it
  64. Jul 11, 2013
    League of Legends is an interesting game down on paper, with some neat concepts and re-hashed ideas.
    The first great thing about the game, is it's basic outlook but complex and indepth potential you can literally just play a champion how you want, and it can potentially work, but if you want to be the best, you can follow some really indepth guides and learn some neat tricks and tips
    and I think it's good for a game to have this potential. On this point, I do feel that some champions are a bit too 'cookie-cutter' and that there is only one way to build them, for example you could never take attack damage on LeBlanc. In terms of gameplay, I feel that champion/character balance is somewhat off, and the way in which Riot brings out overpowered champions just so people will buy them, is highly off putting from the start. What's more, is that as new mechanics are added to the game, and new items, we see that older champions become severely broken with bizarre builds and potential ways of playing them, or they just become outright useless (Ie. Old Karma). The game is regularly updated, but there are still several key issues that need addressing, and it seems like they are negating the quality of life changes within the game, simply to push out more 'new' profitable content. Furthermore, I feel that the games community is the worst I have ever seen, and makes the CoD community look like a bunch of flower-sniffing hippies, simply for the fact you get some really nasty abuse even before the game starts, you get people who go AFK and you get people who feed and troll and it's really an unpleasant experience.In conclusion, League of Legends is a game that really requires a lot of practice and patience, and the ability to deal with people who could be toxic follow those rules, and you will have a decent time. PS: NERF IRELIA. Expand
  65. Jul 16, 2013
    LoL is a god awful game, The graphics are just terrible, I played this game just before it released and I could not tolerate it for longer than 5 mins before I was forced to quit. On top of that the Play for Free, Pay to Pwn scheme that will end up from their micro transaction means the game will be a great success in the Asain market but will flop and be bad in the US. If you want a REAL game in this genre not some F2P piece of garbage Play S2 games HoN Expand
  66. Jul 20, 2013
    Fun and decent game overall, although it is plagued with poor balancing, graphics, and toxic community.
    The League client is also extremely buggy and unresponsive. Overall doesn't feel like a high budget game.
  67. Jul 30, 2013
    imbalanced, horrendous graphics and you don't even have access to the whole game for weeks.
    That last one is what I really can't live with.
    You start the game with around 10 champions.
    All the other ones have to be unlocked by either winning a TON of games (and I mean hundreds) to eventually gather up enough points to unlock them 1 by 1 which can take weeks or months depending on how
    much you play/win.
    Alternatively you can use real money to unlock them as well which is borderline retarded since the game severely cripples new players' champion selection.

    Secondly, you need to unlock runes as well which make your character stronger and those need to be unlocked again by playing a lot of games.
    So not only do you have VERY limited champion selection, you also have weaker champions than everyone else.

    How exactly am I supposed to enjoy a game that deliberately makes me weaker and only allows me access to a few champions ?

    Yes the game may be fun once you've spend months learning the game and unlocking all the champions and runes but I wouldn't know because I don't have months to spend before the 'Start Game' button appears...
  68. Mar 5, 2011
    One of the best RTS games in our generation. It is updated regularly and champions added regularly. There are very many champions currently with different ways of play style such as Attack Damage(AD/DPS) Ability Power(AP/Mage) Tank and Support.
  69. Mar 9, 2011
    Captivating and extremely well conceived title. Free to play but almost immediately merits some kind of compensation. It won't be long before you are wanting to pay Riot Games for their effort and thankfully, their micro-transaction store is second to none.
    Lots of different ways to customize your game with Runes and Masteries, loads of heroes with new ones added almost weekly. I'v been
    waiting a long time for a game like this. Expand
  70. Mar 18, 2011
    Best played in a competitive nature. Takes some time to get used to mechanics but once you do its fun and you lose hours playing. The game is free and you gain pretty much no advantage spending money on this game. (Unless you count skins as an advantage)
  71. Nov 16, 2012
    There is huge issues bugging down this game first off its a pay to win kind of game upgrading you account to buff your in game heroes making the game unbalanced in that aspect. Many of the characters are a poorly done copy paste of Dota heroes. One of the biggest things though, is of all the gaming communities LoL by far has the worst of the bunch. Back to the heroes though the abilities seem really tame, the game is really simple but not in a good way and the heroes are boring to play (and you have to pay to use more then the weekly given) out of all the heroes in LoL there is one that I enjoyed playing while its successor Dota people almost always randomly pick heroes because they are more entertaining and better balanced. Expand
  72. Jul 17, 2013
    Crappy DOTA copy. Oversimplified game play. Limited hero pool and selling heroes unlike in DOTA where they always been free. Balance is not existent due to releasing new heroes few weeks just to make tons of money. Its all about pay to win in this game. Buy some rune pages and own newbies up, they will never stand a chance. Graphics are so terrible they make my eyes hurt. Inferior to DOTA 2 in every possible way. Expand
  73. Jul 16, 2013
    League of Legends is a graphically dated game running on a client with a myriad of problems. Negative notes - No LAN function - No VOIP support - Buggy client - Locked content (champions have to be paid for grinded for) - Lack of an in-game spectator function - Lack of proper game replays support - Generally toxic player base (A LoL player has been jailed due to actions in-game)
    - Server problems

    Positive note:
    - It proved that free to play can work
    - The game can run on older machines

    Although it claims to be "free", players are forced to either grind or pay up to unlock content needed to have a complete experience.

    My final recommendation?
    LoL is not worth the time and money when there are more well-polished alternatives that are truly free to play like Valve's Dota 2.
  74. Mar 29, 2014
    So to start off, I've played this game for well over 2 years, maybe even 3. 2 years ago, I tried this game because I had a friend who's been playing since closed beta, and raved about it saying how awesome it was.

    I started playing, and yeah, it was okay. I got better, and had some fun because I had friends to play with, but once I started doing solo matchmaking, the game started to
    show it's true colors. Riot has to be by far the worst company in terms of game development that I have ever seen people take seriously. I got a DotA 2 beta key, saw what a real free to play game is, and going back to LoL to try and have fun like I did back then is near impossible. Just to list some of the reasons:
    [1]Riot's paywall: every character in the game costs a large amount of in-game currency, or about $10 in real money
    [2]Balance: it's non-existent. I see the same set of champions every match, not because people have fun playing them, but they're the easiest to stomp the enemy team with. Every major patch changes the balance, and Riot always has at least 1 champion that's not played very often, made overpowered so that people will buy them with real money.
    [3]Bugs: they're everywhere, the biggest LoL tournament in the world had a champion banned from being played because they found a game-breaking bug on him (Aatrox)
    [4]Bandwidth use: it uses Pando Media Booster, which is basically a torrent application that runs in the background. It eats up bandwidth like a starving rodent, and it has to be uninstalled or it will always run without you knowing.
    [5]It uses adobe air: That's right, the client runs adobe air. It's 2014, and a platform that should have died almost a decade ago is still used by these people. It looks bad, it runs slow, and it's some minor bugs that are still quite annoying.
    [6]EXTREMELY limited game engine: if you've ever played an RTS, or DotA, you'll notice some of these issues right away. You can only move your hero, and no creeps or pets have abilities that are castable. And the game has no pause function, or voice chat system, which are really importand for communication and waiting for someone to reconnect (their servers have connection issues, and they blame them on Comcast for the American ones regularly)

    These are problems with the actual game, I'm not even going to bother with talking about the community, or Riot's dealings with people in the past because that's not really related to how the game plays, mechanics wise. Avoid this game like the plague if you're looking for something that has anything good to speak of.
  75. Dec 24, 2012
    soooooo overrated. This game is repetitive, boring, and frustrating. This game is only popular because it is free and undemanding (in terms of running on computer).
  76. Jul 16, 2013
    Bad Free to Play Model;
    Bad Rune system, makes you need to play for months before you can go to Ranked games;
    Bad Community;
    TOTALLY imbalanced...
    Riot is one of the WORSE...
    Just go to Dota 2 and Valve...
  77. Jul 20, 2013
    I can recommend you this game with my whole heart if you are below the gae of 12 and are looking for cartoon-ish characters to spend your time. The community is horrible from what I can tell. I managed to play 100 games with a thick skin but I cannot take it anymore.
  78. Jul 31, 2013
    What started out pretty well has become a cluster f of a business model. Their model is to pump out a new toon every two week. It's how they make money, but it's also how they keep the game in a perpetual state of imbalance. They're now up to 115 (01AUG13) each with at least 5 traits/skills. That's over 600 skills to memorize to keep up with their flawed business model.

    DOTA2 relies
    solely on skins to make money. LoL sells skins, but apparently that wasn't enough, so the flood their own market with mediocre toons.

    Their maps are stagnant and new games modes are rare (where's dm ffs?)

    Then there's the weak community. Half the players will spite their own team. If someone harrasses you and you speak your mind in return expect a "report". Since this happens every game and there's no oversight of what leads to "reports" expect regular bans unless you don't ever want to chat during the game (and even that won't help sometimes).

    Check out DOTA2. It's a solid game with years of history and balance and a more mature community. It's got a higher learning curve, but it's well worth it.
  79. Feb 4, 2014
    Many bugs , Server unstable , Horrible community ,... Only good to have fun with friends other wise forget it ! Then it is a copy of dota where Riot added a way to make money : Lock champions which i stupid but well...At least the game is not balanced at all, you will understand if you play against a Katarina ....
  80. Nov 14, 2013
    Buy to play game, don't be fooled by giant false advertising logo of free to play. This game is like a trial game. The game offers you samples every week, you cannot play other heroes unless you buy them or spend hundreds of hours (days) grinding to earn points to get a hero, OH WAIT, you need to spend those points to buy runes to upgrade your heroes abilities or you will not be able to contest other people who can BUY heroes. Also, the community is full of flaming retarded kids, there's no escape, there are too many of them. Expand
  81. Apr 28, 2014
    Overall "positive" remarkable gaming experience like no other. Worst gaming community. Worst publishers. You lose for the most stupidest reasons. You win because they **** their pants. You start right off the bat with the intensifying games. Addicting as **** you can go ahead and waste your time drastically compared to other games as I did. These factors cause you to throw your life away. If there were pills designed to end the League of Legends addiction, I would take as much as possible. 3 months isn't enough to get it out of your system. This pain in the ass takes years. Expand
  82. May 15, 2014
  83. Jun 8, 2014
    After playing this game since the end of Season 2 and all the way till the summer of Season 4. I have not found a more stressful and toxic game in my life and on top of that the game's servers lag all the time. You're better off staying away from this growing fad called MOBA games. If you really have to play a moba play Dota 2 at least they know how to manage and run a game.
  84. Sep 15, 2013
    That was complete garbage. I downloaded after playing dota 2 for awhile and wanted to try out another one of these games, turns out you can only pick from 10 characters while others can pick from every character, that is funny. The picking stage is vital to moba games and not having every character is pointless.
  85. Jun 5, 2012
    I love gameplay, fast and fun. it's free to play and if you want you can shop skins for heroes. you can use a lot of heroes for free. Graphics is ok. League of Legends is an amazing game similar Dota.
  86. Aug 12, 2013
    Ugly, outdated, horrible community, RIOTs record of releasing OP champs and nerfing them after enough ppl buys them, artstyle really not my coup of tea its like playing pokemons which i suppose is a good think since its aimed for 12yo kids with parents credit card...
  87. Aug 25, 2012
    League of Legends, one of the "succesors" of the original DotA map for Warcraft 3. Let's start with the good parts. It's a fun game, it's free to play and it's very customizable. There are many different runes and masteries that you can use to make all kinds of builds for your champions. The graphics are pretty good and have a cartoony aesthetic to them. However it's horribly imbalanced, some heroes being clearly better than others and it requires lots of grinding for IP/XP until you can get into the real core of the game, ranked games. In normal games you will most likely get a leaver/afk-er every few matches, making the game a complete waste of time as you can rarely win a 4v5 game. The community is horrible, full of elitist pricks that will swear and insult you for the smallest mistakes. Expand
  88. Apr 22, 2014
    Poorly balanced, old graphics, rather boring, toxic community, and developers who don't care about the game, but rather about just making as much money as possible on it. Avoid at all costs. Play Dota 2, or any other Moba.
  89. Jul 21, 2012
    Amazing free to play game. It did so well that it forced games like HoN to change to the LoL format. It takes a while to get going and there is a lot of smurfing (its a ftp game, of course people will have multiple accounts). The graphics don't look like crysis, they went with a more cartoonish look for lower specs, allowing more people to play. Overall a very fun game, sometimes it makes me absolutely furious, others I am burning the midnight oil playing Expand
  90. Mar 25, 2014
    This game is poison.

    Unoriginal? Check. Cash grab? Check. Fan service? Check. Watered-down? Check.

    Say what you will about DOTA, but at least it's an original game with sophisticated game mechanics. League of Legends successfully cashes off another game, but it does so by reducing its original to a mind-numbing state fit for consumption for elementary and high school kids (its main
    player base). Expand
  91. Jul 27, 2013
    First i wanna say that im pro of this game. This game sucks epicly! Its like Hitler! Never play this game, better play mount & blade warband. THIS GAME IS UTTER RAAARGGGHHHH!
  92. Jul 26, 2013
    Bad game, bad hero copy paste to this game from the original dota, no denying, no stacks on neutrals, no denying towers or allies this is just a game for kids who cant take the dota learning curve.
  93. Mar 17, 2014
    I love League of Legends and have been playing it since S2. S3 was the best for me because I was doing great and the best thing about S3 is no lag or random crashes or dcs. I am SO irritated by losing my promos and LP while in champ select by dcing or crashing. I don't know why you guys are using the DDoSers as an excuse to all this. What does crashing have anything to do with this?? Also, why don't you shove the millions you make from us and change your stupid ISP to another company instead of "saving money"? I've had enough of your **** and I'm currently transitioning to HoN and maybe even Dota 2. In only a few days my K:D for fizz dropped from 12:4 to 10.7:4 because I keep disconnecting. Fix your **** Expand
  94. May 16, 2013
    Worst game ever.
    The game itself is fun, but the client crashes, nerfing of champions, terrible ranked system, horrible xp/.ip earning, bad community, static gameplay and terrible support means that you should avoid this. And the worst thing of course is Riot itself, which should get an award for the worst company.
  95. Aug 1, 2013
    funny at first, but quickly becomes bad because of updates, up and nerf, poor community in 2013 it is still a beta game.
    Be care it's a Pay 2 Win, not F2P ^^
  96. Aug 11, 2013
    At first, I get a lot of fun from this game. But with the passage of time, I get bored from the game, all the things in the game just like wasting your time, you have to 30 lvl to join ranked. And the game art, skin of the champions is totally very bad, all of the skin is not suitable of the champion.At last the graphic of this game, this game graphic didn't update for years and there are more and more choices for me to choose from, and I am not going the choose this game.

    Some other people said this game add a new hero every month, yeah, really, but didn't you find that each time they release a hero, that is very strong, powerful, expensive, like the Aatrox. And like after 1 week or 2 weeks, it get nerfed, it just like cheating you to buy the hero.

    The graphic, the graphic engine is really really old, it is almost same with WC3.

    The balance. In my view, I don't think League champions is imbalanced, because they are all same.
    But in the other way the rune and they way of purchasing champions is imbalanced, you have to use a lot of time to bank the credit to buy the champion you want, if you want to save your time? Buy it using your real money, this way make the game become Pay to Win. Again example of Aatrox, if you want to become powerful? Buy it, and you will get fake, because it get nerfed after a week, and now you want to buy another champion. Also the skin of those champions, most of the time you can't get a skin without paying the real money.

    As every know that this game borrowed some mechanics from DotA, and "improve" it to a more easy game, as soon you will find that most of the game mechanics and strategies are gone, it makes the game bored, every game is same. One of the reason is because Game not rewarding players for learning advanced mechanics, the players will just keep using the basic mechanics. So every game you will get some team mate which people call them "NOOB" No offence. This is why I gave up this game.

    The players in league is also bad, like they complaint about the game balance, they said that skill is too fxxkin' OP, that is because they don't have to skills to counter it, most of them are not mature

    At last I don't really recommend you to play this game, because its really bored, wasting time to compete with player only know the basic.
  97. Apr 21, 2014
    The only good thing to do in League of Legends is feeding and see little stupid kids get angry. Much better than playing this stupid game normal. Horrible community, unbalanced champions, horrible customer support,... Don't waste your time playing this game normal. You'll have the best time of your life when you see little kids whining and screaming. :)
  98. Jul 16, 2013
    This game is flat out awful. It's imbalanced, has horribly graphics, frequent lag and server downtime, and the developers don't seem to care about their game in general. Stay well clear of this one.
  99. Jul 18, 2013
    I played this game and I feel like this game is for kids, if you want to join competitive scene, you can master this game in short time. The story line of LoL quite weak, there is connected between champions but the reason of why 2 different camps want to fight each other, that is unknown reason, by the way, kids don't bother that. I have no comment on LoL graphics because I love to play 2D fighting game, bad graphics but I quite enjoyed it. For a newbie, they only able to play some of champions, wanna play more? BUY IT or earn the coins slowly by playing it non-stop. Wow there is rune system, want upgrade it to full? BUY IT. Conclusion: For casual play, this is a nice game to spend your time to play, but if you want to become pro? PLEASE BECOME A RICH GUY and YOU WILL BECOME MASTER OF League of Legends! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Aug 5, 2013
    I find that with League of Legends, Riot has cultivated one of the most unique spaces in gaming history—mostly for good reasons but also for some awful ones, and in the gaming museum of the future, League is sure to have its own wing.
  2. Nov 15, 2011
    League of Legends handles well the worst problem DOTA has: its autistic n00b-hating elite players. Thanks to match making, now we weaklings dare to play. [Nov 2011]
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    Improvements are constantly being updated and although team mates make or break many matches, there is genuine fun to be found.