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  1. Apr 15, 2014
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious gameplay flaws.
    I hate the camera pan and no real autoattack. Diverse hero pool is diverse which is good.
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    I've been playing this game since mid December, and I've enjoyed it very much. Although the map gets repetitive, the game-play inside the maps change highly between games, depending on what champion you play, what role, and what lane. Although the community can be toxic at times, my best advice would be to just try to not to talk if you can avoid it. In most situations, what you want to say can just be said by using the ping system. Out of a 100, this game gets an 86 from me. Expand
  3. Apr 10, 2014
    Some friends posted about this on Facebook, so I decided to to download it.
    Its not terrible but I just can't get into it no matter how much I try. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the many other much, much better games out there...
  4. Apr 10, 2014
    Another DotA with expanded and...dulled gameplay. No denies, no easy/hard lane, middle is not fun at all - no reasons to roam without runes and 2-1-2 laneup, jungler is mandatory, no courier. etc. Instead of deep mechanics DotA uses, you get some doubtful gameplay expansions like runes, masteries and additional passives on heroes. Most of items do not have active component at all, graphics whistle and fart, i can't recognize any action heroes do during teamfight. It's just a prolonged tutorial to Dota, with some stuff missing for easier understanding. Expand
  5. Apr 3, 2014
    I have played this game for almost 2 years and I never got bored. To be serious, I once played lol for more than 10 hours in a day. I am sure that this game is way better than DOTA2. This game is way easier to play and also everyone can play.

    To improve on is that, some people are disturbing the game, playing unfriendly (we call them trolls). The RIOT has to manage people, for example
    forbidding people playing who had played unfriendly Expand
  6. Apr 3, 2014
    A pay to win oriented game, as runes give so much more early game advantage, not to mention the expanded champion pool.

    And plainly, the anti-competitive attitude by the developer makes me sick.
  7. Apr 3, 2014
    -expect thousands of hours of grind before you're given the same tools as other players (base stats, champion and spell selection)
    -you can "bypass" the grind with the use of a credit card
    -an incredible amount of daily advertisements every time you try to log in
    -inability to play the main game mode (ranked) before you've reached level thirty (takes approx 500 hours of
    -a strictly enforced way of play; differing from it will get you banned (no refunds)
    -no single player; always on
    -the graphics were outdated when the game came out several years ago
  8. Mar 29, 2014
    So to start off, I've played this game for well over 2 years, maybe even 3. 2 years ago, I tried this game because I had a friend who's been playing since closed beta, and raved about it saying how awesome it was.

    I started playing, and yeah, it was okay. I got better, and had some fun because I had friends to play with, but once I started doing solo matchmaking, the game started to
    show it's true colors. Riot has to be by far the worst company in terms of game development that I have ever seen people take seriously. I got a DotA 2 beta key, saw what a real free to play game is, and going back to LoL to try and have fun like I did back then is near impossible. Just to list some of the reasons:
    [1]Riot's paywall: every character in the game costs a large amount of in-game currency, or about $10 in real money
    [2]Balance: it's non-existent. I see the same set of champions every match, not because people have fun playing them, but they're the easiest to stomp the enemy team with. Every major patch changes the balance, and Riot always has at least 1 champion that's not played very often, made overpowered so that people will buy them with real money.
    [3]Bugs: they're everywhere, the biggest LoL tournament in the world had a champion banned from being played because they found a game-breaking bug on him (Aatrox)
    [4]Bandwidth use: it uses Pando Media Booster, which is basically a torrent application that runs in the background. It eats up bandwidth like a starving rodent, and it has to be uninstalled or it will always run without you knowing.
    [5]It uses adobe air: That's right, the client runs adobe air. It's 2014, and a platform that should have died almost a decade ago is still used by these people. It looks bad, it runs slow, and it's some minor bugs that are still quite annoying.
    [6]EXTREMELY limited game engine: if you've ever played an RTS, or DotA, you'll notice some of these issues right away. You can only move your hero, and no creeps or pets have abilities that are castable. And the game has no pause function, or voice chat system, which are really importand for communication and waiting for someone to reconnect (their servers have connection issues, and they blame them on Comcast for the American ones regularly)

    These are problems with the actual game, I'm not even going to bother with talking about the community, or Riot's dealings with people in the past because that's not really related to how the game plays, mechanics wise. Avoid this game like the plague if you're looking for something that has anything good to speak of.
  9. SCV
    Mar 27, 2014
    Stupid game circles map.
    Abominable press play.
    This seems to mimic the characters somewhere.
    Riot foam company that came up overnight.
    Game industry's disaster.
  10. Mar 26, 2014
    Its fine copy of DotA but nothing more. Popularize MOBA genre but this is just not bad game.
    + Community is full of annoying kids so this game is unplayable without someone to party.
  11. Mar 25, 2014
    This game is poison.

    Unoriginal? Check. Cash grab? Check. Fan service? Check. Watered-down? Check.

    Say what you will about DOTA, but at least it's an original game with sophisticated game mechanics. League of Legends successfully cashes off another game, but it does so by reducing its original to a mind-numbing state fit for consumption for elementary and high school kids (its main
    player base). Expand
  12. Mar 25, 2014
    Overall, i would probably say its one of the best free-to-play everything game. ( except for skins). The gameplay and strategy in it are pretty good, and most of all, the co-op aspect is pretty amazing also. However, my biggest ( and really only) complaint is the community. Some games, i get extremely nice and cooperative players who want to win sooo bad, and some games i get straight up trash talkers that are just in the game to make fun of kids, and don't even care if they lose or not. Yeah, but whatever i mean it really was bound to happen in any free game cause theres so many types of players. Other than that, everything is really good. Characters and items are as balanced as it gets, and the competitive scene is huge. Expand
  13. Mar 24, 2014
    Just another DotA rip-off, some stuff changes but the core gameplay is still the same. The only merit of this game is it's huge playerbase; being highly casual, it's easy to start playing, which in turn attracts the masses who never played a DotA game before and don't care about the childish graphics and poor game mechanics. I must thank Riot though, for taking the children away from Dota 2.
  14. Mar 22, 2014
    League of Legends is a great Action RTS, one of the best examples of the genre, and a great game for people who want to get into the genre and either didn't played any kind of RTS before or don't have time or will to go for something more complex like Dota2 or Starcraft 2. But its not completely simple, and if you didn't managed to get into LoL you might wanna find something even simpler first.

    The free to play isn't unfair at all, the game is perfectly balanced and the feeling that theres always an OP champion is intentional and genius, even if many don't usually realize that.
    The graphics aren't great, but the game looks good, colorful, and has more character to it unlike something like DotA.
    Don't listen to the idiot haters and funboys of other games, what they basically want is less people getting into their favorite games and genres. Unfortunately loud idiots exist everywhere, especially on the internet (look at some of those reviews) and multyplayer games, especially more competitive ones like MOBAs, and LoL is definitely not an exception. You can ignore them, but communication is a helpful thing in a game like that. You WILL run into them, but knowing that before coming into the game, I haven't seen as many as I expected to see, unlike Smite where in over half the games Ive met these kind of people. Thats the biggest flaw.
    Also, especially a problem for newer players, many end up giving up in the middle of the match, then theres the fact that different people need different amount of time and practice to get better then others, and often rather then being helpful the better players just yell and hate on others, while the worse players hurt the team more then help, but again, thats not a problem specific to LoL.
    Theres also the annoying problem of how long it takes to get into the match, and often in the process someone leaves and you're forced back to the queue, but its also common for other DotA style games.

    So like I said, if you want to get into the style or you don't have time or want anything too complex, LoL might be the thing for you, but if you're already big into RTS or just DotA clones, League of Legends might be too simplified for you.
    Its a little overrated, but also doesn't deserve the hate it gets, great for what it is and what it tries to be. And the genre has some serious issues with its name... seriously, 'multyplayer online battle arena'? 'ARTS'?...
  15. Mar 17, 2014
    I love League of Legends and have been playing it since S2. S3 was the best for me because I was doing great and the best thing about S3 is no lag or random crashes or dcs. I am SO irritated by losing my promos and LP while in champ select by dcing or crashing. I don't know why you guys are using the DDoSers as an excuse to all this. What does crashing have anything to do with this?? Also, why don't you shove the millions you make from us and change your stupid ISP to another company instead of "saving money"? I've had enough of your **** and I'm currently transitioning to HoN and maybe even Dota 2. In only a few days my K:D for fizz dropped from 12:4 to 10.7:4 because I keep disconnecting. Fix your **** Expand
  16. Mar 15, 2014
    Un très bon jeu, j'ai du y jouer plus de 1000 heures. Il est vraiment addictive et malgré les 3 maps qu'il y a dans ce jeu, il y a une infinité de gameplay possible grâce a plus de 115 personnages différents. Et parmi ces personnages vous en trouverez au moins qui vous correspond le mieux, il y a des personnages plus facile a jouer que d'autres mais tout aussi puissant.
    De plus, vous
    n'avez pas besoin de payer pour gagner mais vous aurez du contenu additionnel qui vous permettra de choisir une meilleur apparence pour votre personnage favori.
    Pour finir, je dirai que le matchmaking et vraiment bien fait, et vous tomberez forcément (à 95%) sur des games équilibrés, plus un tribunal très bien fait qui punis les joueurs qui s'absente trop souvent ou qui ont un mauvais comportement.
  17. Mar 14, 2014
    I've been playing this game for 1600 hours give or take, and it's a daily game for me, i never had any complains about the game myself other than the champions they add to the game are kinda "overpowered" at start, but they'll fix it, problaby the most negative reviews here are because they couldn't understand that it takes time to learn the game basics. You have to learn to play the champion, you have to learn the map, and you have to communicate with your teammates to win the game. It's a teamplay game, not a game you just can play without saying sh*t to anyone in your team.

    Be nice to your teammates and they'll be nice to you.

  18. Mar 13, 2014
    Unbearably convoluted and poorly structured, this game has absolutely no player balance, and suffers from multiple glitches. A few prime examples of this abhorrent failure would be: When you cast something at a mob (because you literally have to farm pve mobs, really?) the turret will kill what you've already casted towards, negating your cast and placing it on cooldown (GREAT JOB). It doesn't help Physical damage casters have Mana (REALLY????). I digress. Overall, this game is a failure. Avoid it. Expand
  19. Mar 8, 2014
    I played League of Legends for a while and never stopped! This awesome game is addictive and is surely
    one of the best free downloadable games I've ever played!
  20. Mar 1, 2014
    ulan sen 30 yaşında olsan ne olur 9 yaşında olsan ne olur o 1 ay önce başladın dediğin oyunun türkiye sayfasında adminliğim var yavşak kim senden yardım istedi amk dingili baba parasıyla sikindirik bi oyuna dadanmışın banamı laf sokmaya çalışıyon godoş çok konuşma sen git yeni hileler indir zombi falan kes götüne yapıştığın kuzey abinlen tamamı canım sikindirik bi oyunda götüne bi ok yedin diye egona yeniliyosan seni kuzey abiciğin ve egoistliğinle başbaşa bırakıyorum bana realden ulaşmak istersen balıkesir-burhaniyedeki sporium sahibiyle görüşmek istiyorum diye söylersin arkadaşlara gerektiği gibi veririz ağzının payını konuşturma beni işim gücüm var. Expand
  21. Mar 1, 2014
    They have the worst matchmaking. I can't believe any company would do such a big mistake to allow duo q option into a solo competitive mode. I'm talking about their ranked matchmaking. It sucks so much when you see high elo people carrying low elo friends through duo q.. ruining the fun for everyone.
  22. Feb 26, 2014
    Played HoN. Play DoTA2. Played League. League may have filled a niche at one point, but that niche is withering. Until they update their engine, drop pay to win and break the mold on their hero/play concept, this game deserves to be left behind as a one time Star that has age very poorly. Really, I think a LoL2 needs to happen to save this franchise over the long term. And Heroes of the Storm may be the bullet that kills this game (Especially in Korea and China where it is still holding grip) Expand
  23. Feb 24, 2014
    Mkay, not sure why there is so much hate on this game. I have a dependable ISP in a major US city and and i5 laptop, and rarely experience connectivity issues.

    That aside, the game itself is really fun! It reminds me of the PVP competitions on Diablo II back in the day. This game is really just a cleaver revision of PVP combined with the dota mods from WC3. The cooperative aspect
    reminds me of online play in D2 as well, but it also reminds me of a modded mode in Starcraft where friends and myself would play 4v4 and give each player a unique 'avatar' unit with huge states and self- healing abilities. Sound familiar?

    And for those who claim that DOTA is better b/c it's original; in 2002 I played a modded game on Starcraft: Broodwars, called BunkerWars. The concept of the game was that you had continuously respawing soldiers in or around a terran bunker, and your enemy had the same. The goal was to destroy the enemy's bunker before yours was destroyed. So don't get too upset about DOTA being copied. The MOBA game concept was around long before WC3 even existed.

    As for the toxic player community. That just comes with the territory. Being anonymous means not giving a **** Play some Club Penguin if you want a nice social atmosphere.
  24. Feb 19, 2014
    I have been playing this game for 2 years now 6+h a day probably all-thou game it self deserve 9/10 all parts of the game has to be included witch goes to a problem with Riot-player and player-player interaction.. they are negative about 2/10 so if u don't have a bunch of tolerance towards idiotisam don't go near it... i don't have any but i still play it till i get baned... full of flaming kids who will which u cancer,death,rape and call u all different names it lacks any for of communication except for pining and chat with is annoying when Team Fights (tf) last for 5 sec and many of needed team plays relies on team... which is nonexistent so yeah 6/10 Expand
  25. Feb 16, 2014
    I have been playing this game for nearly 3 years now, and I have to say that I don't like the state that the game is currently in and the way it is going. LoL had its best times in season 2, but since then continually got worse. I was deep into the pro scene and ranked at high platinum, so I do have some insight into the game.
    First off, this game is rather easy to get into if you compare
    it with other MOBA's. The reason why most MOBA players consider LoL rather "easy" is because the gameplay is very straightforward. It removed things like denying (killing your own creeps), destructible environment (trees), different shops etc. compared to its spiritual ancestor "DotA". Which is not a bad thing at first. The problem however is, that the developers removed every other demanding tactical element of the game one after one:
    -New champions and reworked older champions become one trick ponys; almost no champion allows different playstyles anymore because there is one way of building/playing him that makes all alternatives pointless. Players call this "meta" and Riot (the developers) more and more enforce said meta, which I consider a bad thing, since it strongly limits your playstyle, forcing you into roles, itembuilds, etc.
    -The itempool is extremely limited at the moment. Compared to DotA, the items in LoL lack some form of uniqueness. Over the past seasons, the developers continually removed items that were out of line or too weak. Newer items were useless in most cases. There are items that simply do nearly the same thing, with one item being superior however. There are items that just fit certain roles and types of champions too perfectly. All this leads to a poor diversity in itembuilds: You will see ADC's build the same items in 9/10 cases, you will see midlaners build one of two itemcombos 10/10, you will see toplaners get the same 2 items in 9/10 cases. Junglers and supports get enforced on specific "support" and "jungle" items, as even the developers call them. And at least 30% of the items you will almost never see built by any semi-experienced player.
    This combined leads to overall very thin item diversity between all players that played enough games to understand at least a bit of the meta, and increasingly thin champion diversity the higher the level of play is. As an example, within a typical week of LCS, the eSports league of the game, you will see (from a pool of 120 champions) around 60-70 of them being not picked at all, 30-40 of them being picked 1 or 2 times, and around 20 being picked or banned almost every game. This differs between roles aswell, midlane and jungle have the most "viable" champs, while there are at the moment only 3-4 viable toplaners and marksmen. This is because of serious issues in balancing. The game designers fail at balancing at a reasonable level, which is why you will see certain champions being catapulted up and down in strength on every patch, which happens way too often. Why spend money on a skin for a certain champion when he can become completely unviable or reworked within the next month?
    Also, the developers flattened out the champion power overall compared to "DotA". You wont see any gamebreaking abilites, extreme manacosts or 1vs5 hypercarrys when extremely fed. This is at first not a bad thing, as it leads to a higher need for teamwork, but it also has disadvantages: The game is sometimes too forgiving, and a vast portion of tactic in laning phase is removed, often reducing it to pure mechanical skill. Especially the current meta in pro play is extremely boring, super safe lanes that do nothing but farming gold from minion kills until the 20 min mark, and then the game breaking down in 2 or 3 importan teamfights. (for example the developers made it unworth to get objectives (epic monsters and towers) in early game, even when most of the community and pro players told them it was a bad idea)
    All this champion and item problems lead to the developers only being able to balance the game by numbers, which often results in said meta enforcing and poor diversity.
    Other aspects of the game:

    + paying model is fair and functional
    + runes add to strategy and diversity
    + the eSports scene is big and accesible
    + the game is especially fun with friends and has some different gamemodes for casual players
    +/- graphics look more and more stale, being mostly unupdated since 3 years, but the game runs very smooth as a result
    - the community is at least 50% immature flamers that all want you to get cancer on doing a mistake, report you if you play bad and all did your mom
    - the developers dont really care about the community, especially on the EUW shard. The forum has almost no developer communication at all.
    - the servers have frequent problems
    - more and more players consider the game to be on a downhill trend, also some retired pro players
    - event content is more and more often effortless
    - the banning system is poorly functional
    - the air client is outdated and unstable
  26. Feb 13, 2014
    League of Legends is a MOBA style game and is one of the best online competitive games I've played. It requires lots of strategizing and planning, cooperation with your teammates, quick thinking and ability to time and place actions accurately. It's free to play, and everything gameplay-wise can be earned without paying. It requires a rather fast computer to be able to play effectively, and games tend to take a while, so don't play if you can't finish the match. The game is rather difficult to get into, as there is a lot to it to learn and get better at, and it's rather slow going when it comes to unlocking new champions to use. There is a lot of customization involved, so you can definitely use your own play style, but this is also dangerous if you don't know much about what you're doing. Overall, it's a fun, well-designed competitive game, and I highly recommend it to those who have the time. If this review was the most helpful source of information on this game you've found, please refer Tempestrie. Expand
  27. Feb 12, 2014
    The game itself isn't bad at all, it's actually very fun. However, the community that ruins it completely. Seriously. It makes the game unplayable!!!!
  28. Feb 11, 2014
    I've made another review about this game (probably on page 2 by now), but I'd like to add another thing that I noticed recently. The game doesn't have a competitive ladder. You can't really call duo-queue a competitive game mode ( I know it's called solo queue, but let's be honest, there's always a duo queue in every game). There is obviously a problem when 2 friends team up and queue for ranked with Skype, while the other team just has 2 random players that just met each other in the previous game and are not willing to play in the same lane (bot usually). The first team obviously has a huge advantage.

    This, plus the fact that the mmr gets really messed up when there are duo queues involved, often make games really pointless as they just turn out to be one-sided stomps. Not fun at all. Therefore I'm reducing my initial score to a 5 instead of a 6.
  29. Feb 10, 2014
    I've read many other terrible reviews all scoring 10 or 0. For some reason outdated reviews for a constantly updated game still counts? This game is updated at least every month and ads 3 or 4 new champions a year to spice up the game. Not only that but occasionally add new game types as well for players to go crazy. It's not that this game is unfair, its played at tournaments, its just that its hard to get good. this game can be quite hard if you aren't fully equipped with a good PC often leading to the many misleading user reviews. this game is amazing and if you're always looking for something new try playing a different champion. the gameplay is very addictive and fun when played right and can also be frustrating learning to play well can be quite a challenge but is worth it once you mastered your personal way of playing. Keep in mind that riot's only form of income is its riot points that are only useful for buying skins, everything else is a waste, because its free to play which means you can play it now! So go play and judge for yourself whether you enjoy it or not. Expand
  30. Feb 5, 2014
    Not many possible spells to cast, is much more fun when playing with friends. All around a great game that challenges the summoner to gear the champion and use strategic spell combinations in order to survive.
  31. Feb 5, 2014
    Amazing ! I just got 3500 RP code for totally FREE ! Come and download code too


    this is one of the best games i have ever played
  32. Feb 4, 2014
    Very enjoyable game. I spend hours playing this game every week. Excellent gameplay. The free-to-play model work fine, as no real money is needed to fully play this game. The ranked game allow to keep a goal even after hitting level 30. Riot put a lot of effort improving the community interaction with the tribunal.
  33. Feb 4, 2014
    Many bugs , Server unstable , Horrible community ,... Only good to have fun with friends other wise forget it ! Then it is a copy of dota where Riot added a way to make money : Lock champions which i stupid but well...At least the game is not balanced at all, you will understand if you play against a Katarina ....
  34. Jan 31, 2014
    I've read some of the reviews others have written and I'd like to address some of them in my own. First of all, someone criticized the fact that although there are a variety of champions, there are only two maps. While this is true, I do not see this as a fault, but rather a feature. Focusing on two quality maps with precise attention to detail (e.g. using the flash works at precise thickness of objects, champion abilities, what have you) allows you to focus more on gameplay and strategy.

    Secondly, someone wrote that they wish there was a way to mute people who rage. Well, there is a way. You simply click on their name and press mute. Furthermore, there is a tribunal system in place which allows users to report negative players, be it that they are toxic or feeding, or afk. Members of the community then review the case and chat and place judgement on the case.

    Someone else wrote that it was imbalanced. I would argue quite the contrary and say that it's probably one of the MOST balanced games out there. You can review statistics of wins based on each champion, and as you'll notice, the community does a great job at reporting champions that are too buff, or fixing glitches, what have you. Furthermore, in ranked games, there are 3 bans per team, so if your team leader thinks that a particular champion (or 3) are overpowered, they can be banned.

    Finally, I would like to close by saying this...League of Legends is a community based multiplayer online battle arena game which is free to play, no strings attached. I love this game and though it does have some minor issues once in awhile, if you take the time to learn about it, odds are you will appreciate it for the work of art it really is.

    PS for everyone who is mad that it's a rip off of DoTA, all I have to say is the developers took an awesome product and made it even better. Get over it.
  35. Jan 21, 2014
    Always changing environment of people characters and new game modes. Great community of youtube streamers and helpful forums. able to be run on most any computer. Fun multiplayer, or solo que modes.
  36. Jan 11, 2014
    A cheap 3D remake of Pokemon from GameBoy Color. No actual skill required for playing, just choose the strongest hero. There are many games in this genre that are much better. Have seen worse games though.
  37. Jan 6, 2014
    This game is the best game i have ever played online I think the people who gave for lol 0-4 they don't have play lol never in there life and they do this because they think it's bad game so when you are read this text and you are one of this peoples give him one more chance
  38. Jan 4, 2014
    I would highly recommend this highly popular moba that is driving forward the genre overall not Dota 2. The game is fun to play with friends and is a blast if you decide to play it competitively thanks to ranked que. Yes the games community can be frustrating but that is not from the games fault. The amount of hours I have played on this game is insane and the best thing? Its free!
  39. Jan 2, 2014
    awesome made game...nice graphics and not too much requirements i give 10 because i like it DOTA is nothing compared with this so i recomend this in order to enjoy playing some MOBA games
  40. Jan 1, 2014
    A very good game with good mechanics and very good carater design !
    But totaly ruined by the pathetic servers ever full and with lags or just crash !
    Do not give money You will regret it like me ...
    Simply play for free
  41. Jan 1, 2014
    The game is pretty good but it has a terrible community. Every step you meet a flamer. The graphics are a bit childish. I admire Riot Games for the fact that with the number of characters they managed to keep the balance. Of course there are bugs but the MOBA game does not? Overall I would recommend and I wish you well for the future.
  42. Dec 31, 2013
    Worst game EVER!
    -The community sucks, there are flamer in ever game!
    -The game is buggy, it crashes ever thrid time i try to get into a match. Seems to be an issue with win8 or something.
    -Its laggy! The EU West Server laggs horrible. There are days where u have to wait more than 90 minutes in the login queue
    -Its unballanced! Every new champ is overpowerd when its released and gets
    nerfed after a few days or weeks. So that everone buys him with real money
    -It kinda "pay to win" (not much, but a little bit). There are champion skins (which u need to buy with real money) that have animations on there spells which are neraly impossible to see. So an enemy cant dodge them.

    Sorry for my bad english, iam not from an english speaking country.
  43. Dec 30, 2013
    By watching live streams on twitch at the game competitive side i see that it has a big potential to climb even higher on the e-sports scene
    The tribunal is a good system to keep the toxic players at bay unlike it's competitor system....I had a better experience with the community so far and the game requires you to actually play and unlock a number of champions before even trying to play
    competitively on ranked matchmaking level your summoner also it's the perfect place to defy the meta
    The game has more accessibility and more ways to play with your chosen champion it has variety and good mechanics and abilities
    League offers a lot more to players which seeks a competitive game and also a casual ,relaxing and fun experience
    It's a pleasant game for newcomers and the tutorials are good
    Rotating weekly free champions are a great way to play other champions rather than 1 or few over and over again also new champions released once in a while
  44. Dec 30, 2013
    This is an honest review of the game. From what I have read, most of the reviews on this site are mostly people who hate the game because they have not played it that long/people that are raging because they don't know how to play that well or people who have clearly not played that many other games and think it's the most amazing game in the world. (There are some decent reviews though, Hint: Most of the 10/10s are the ones I was talking about being the ones that have not played many other games)

    This game is not bad, but it has a low metacritic average *for a game this popular* for a reason: because it's not that good. No, it isn;t because of graphics, yes there are a few broken champions (Not that many though. I don't overuse the word few. There are hardly any, but they are still there.), but this isn;t why the game is overrated. The combat in the game could be so much better, but it isn't. I'm not trying to sound biased, (not invoking a Dota vs League argument here, just using this as an example) but play Dota 2 for a while, learn how to play, and compare the 2's combat system. Ever notice how League's combat system is not as satisfying? Ever notice how League of Legends is based more around how good you are with a champion than actually being good at the game? This game is also not that hard, anyone who tells you that is lying. I have no difficulty in fighting 4v5s and winning or being ona feeding team and turning it around when the enemy team has the advantage. This game is incredibly easy once you learn the basics.

    The main reason why this game is not so great is because it tried to be an improved Dota (which it could have), but the changes they made thinking they were improvements are what makes this an overrated game that and the combat system is barely above average. Is this game addicting? Yes. Is it great? No.
  45. Dec 29, 2013
    Great game, not p2w nor as easy as same others say. The recent changes to the meta just made it better so that even supporting can net you a lot of gold.
  46. Dec 29, 2013
    LOL is the best MOBA I have ever played. It is very interesting with wide choice of heroes and great matchmaking. There are a few mods in the game. All of them are awesome.
    Some mods, like ARAM, brings to you a lot of fun. Playing LOL with friends is a great choice hoe to spend your free time when the weather outside is awful.
    Every month Riot Games makes new interesting champs with
    their unique abilities. You can customize your champ with the help of a large amount of items in the shop, masteries and runes. 2 same champs can become absolutely different after putting marks, runes and buying items. Also there are 2 additional abilities, which you can choose before every game.
    Play and enjoy!
  47. Dec 27, 2013
    MY SCORE 49 The game is good, a good revolution of MOBA's This is a good game and I played it recently and at its release even if I didn't have much interest in the game. I prefer DotA but even that can be insult to LoL players but we have to consider this 5 was a 6 if the review was made years ago but the games get decayed, games can be compared to life, not all games can be the most popular game ever and players should get used to it. This game has great mechanics not focusing not that much being a esport, but their hurry in making new content ends up in having some inbalances and nerfs. LoL can't be a "full esport" because some mechanics are fully recostumized I mean new items that influence game. This is a very good game to play casually and if you want esport and more dificult and dedication you will probably end up in DotA. Expand
  48. Dec 26, 2013
    In the battle of DOTA2 v League of Legends League of Legends wins my vote.

    The game looks nice, runs great on a wide variety of machines. The tutorial sets you up nicely knowing how to play a basic game. The leveling and leagues are fair, although a little dragged out to get to "Ranked" matches. HOWEVER...

    The community on this game is VERY bad and VERY abusive. Example, you finish
    the tutorial, go in a game against bots, so it is just you, 4 other humans vs team bots. These games a usually full of people who are claiming to be "top level" and basically just want to show off that they can try and win a game on their own, getting a massive kill streak. They abuse new players, offer no help and just constantly moan and complain. It gets even worst when you play in the real online matchmaking. If you played this game with 4 other friends, constantly together on the same team, it would be worthy of maybe a 9 or 10/10! but seriously, go see for yourself how bad the abuse and community is. Expand
  49. Dec 25, 2013
    awful game.. wasting time. This game is suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck
  50. Dec 25, 2013
    This game is fun but the community is just bad and you have to pay money to buy all the champions unlike Dota which cost 60 bucks you don't have to pay anymore but for League Of Legends I spend about 200 bucks and I still don't have all the champs. I would just stay away from this game!!
  51. Dec 25, 2013
    gamae extremely fun ****nkwhndlnf wkwlakfnklwnfla wjlkwal

    Amazing I just got 3500 RP code for totally FREE Come and download code too

  52. Dec 24, 2013
    Garbage game. Terrible in game graphics, frequent lags, server downtime, and crashes often even on new computers all of which you can easily get banned for, even if you're a paying customer!
    Further plagued by horrible tech support, very rare refunds for purchases (even if it's their fault). The game is repetitive, boring, and unfair for newer players. I played until level 30 (the max
    level) so I can say that.
    Don't play it.
  53. Dec 22, 2013
    I love this game, I made ​​my above lives I touch it with pennies. Expenditure riot I developed for myself and my son. We love this game, because it is interesting.
  54. Dec 22, 2013
    Worst free 2 play implementations of any of the mobas. You will never be able to afford more than a color swap for a single champion unless you buy skins for the ridiculous price of about 10$ each. Some of them cost as much as 20$. You also only get to pick from the 10 free champions of the week until you play A LOT of games and manage to buy yourself more.

    The game also lacks the
    diversity, balance and depth other mobas have with people picking out of the same 20-30 champions every time. Also the meta is stuck that if you do not have 1 tank top, 1 ap carry mid, 1 ad carry and support bot and 1 jungler, someone's gonna get reported. Expand
  55. Dec 20, 2013
    A great game, very fun and addictive. It's hard to get the hang of when you start. A very complex game that requires dedication. The ranking system however can be frustrating. Ranking is based on your skill level but also the skill of your teammates. Matchmaking is extremely unbalanced so many great players are left not being able to progress. Many new players have to deal with high level players making new accounts to play on called 'smurf' accounts, which can be frustrating. It's a rewarding and addictive game once you get involved. I've been loyal to it since 2009 and can say it has come very far and continues to impress. Other than it's extremely toxic and childish community, the game itself is rich and complex and very well design. Expand
  56. Dec 16, 2013
    I've been playing for awhile, and it get's boring easily. If you want to start playing this game, my advice is to NOT. This game is absolute crap, and is horrible.
  57. Dec 16, 2013
    First off, this is actually a very good game, good mechanics and diverse gameplay from over 100 unique champions. There are champions to suit every skill level. Graphics, sound, in game shop and the completely viable option of playing this game without spending a single cent makes this game great.

    However, what brings this down is the ever present lag and awful community of trolls,
    noobs who act pro and those annoying people who try desperately to steal your kill and call ks when they fail miserably and then report you. In the end, you get warned for not letting people step all over you. It is the community that really drives people away. What with leavers, outright A-holes and just trolls all over, it is no wonder all my friends left the game. Expand
  58. Dec 15, 2013
    This game despite what the people who have played for 5 minutes and have dismissed as terrible is a well balanced and fun game, people seem to be stuck on the fact that there are powerful champions that always get picked but every champion has its weaknesses and its strong points and you can easily win against someone who counters you with a little bit of skill. It seems like people are put off by the first game because of someone who can 1 hit you, I can assure you there is not a single person in league that can just outright beat anyone from level one. My advice is to play through the first couple bad games you have until you start understanding how its played and then give your judgement on it unlike the rest of the people who give this game zeros. Also everyone seems to be comparing this to DOTA2 and HoN but these games focus on different aspects of the genre. Expand
  59. Dec 15, 2013
    Giant playerbase Giant TOXIC playerbase. - generic art style. - Bad graphics (it even uses cel-shading) - It has simplified mechanics, making it very easy to win (or to lose) - Most of the 'champions' are direct copies of DotA characters. - You have to earn in-game money to buy characters, you can earn enough of that money playing (and winning) A LOT of matches. Or you can simply buy them with real money.
    - You can also buy runes, which are used to build your character. This makes the player win a match with no skill at all.
    Sorry for my english, but I hope you can understand that this game is
  60. Dec 13, 2013
    This game kept me wondering for a while if I liked it or not. My first impression was good, in my opinion it has a big potential, the F2P model applied here is simply one of the best I've seen in a game. The game itself is fun, even in it's repetitiveness. There's so much content in here to keep you around for days.
    I played it for quite a long time but finally I ended up hating it. Now
    it makes me sad to say that I really hate this game. I do not think it is the game itself that is not good, I do not believe it. It's the community and the way it is managed that is horrendous. Players are just bad people. When I quit playing I decided this game just takes out the worst of everyone who plays it. And that is sad, 'cause the game was sometimes funny.

    The game itself, nontheless, has some really big defects that I just cannot explain to me:
    - why keep playing in just two or three maps? Why can't we have some more choice about the battlefield? We have so many heroes to choose between, why do we have just a single map to play a certain game mode? Do not tell me this is the MOBA style, because it seems to me it's just an excuse to develop less game content...
    - why developing the ingame chat? What's the use of it, apart from insulting team mates and distracting from game action?
    - what's the meaning of the really overabused surrender option? Why is there?

    I just cannot understand these aspects of the game and I think they just make the game bad.

    My final response: if you're a kid that cannot stand a defeat in a win/lose game and you enjoy insulting everyone who plays with you, this game is just for you. Enjoy.
  61. Dec 13, 2013
    This 16-bit copy of DotA is awful, unplayable thing! It was made for donate and making it popular by advertising it. It's very slow and too easy to be eSports! I can't even give it 1 point of score!
  62. Dec 9, 2013
    Not sure I understand the appeal of this game, aside from being free (well, mostly).

    At first, it seemed really fun. Hundreds of champions to experiment with? Awesome! Strategic multiplayer battles? Fun!

    Then I realized after playing for a while that all of the champions were pretty much the same damn thing with different colored lights coming out of their hands/swords/guns/etc. The
    only real difference is that some are stronger/weaker than others, so they're imbalanced, which shouldn't be the case in a game such as this.

    Also, the same two maps over and over again? Grinding the same map(s), with similar characters, over and over again, for weeks, in order to level up, in order to do the same thing again, endlessly, all with a bunch of whiny, immature brats? HOW can anyone play this game for more than a few weeks? *Boggle*
  63. Dec 9, 2013
    Definetly not the best of games out there today ,cant complain to much about them graphics as I enjoy alot of older games with even worse graphics but some heroes are overpowered and this is like a BAD dota 2 copy. Its a game idea stolen from Blizzard and Blizzards alternative is more fun and better game.
  64. Dec 8, 2013
    This game is really fun for little kids, aged 12 and under. This game is very boring and holds your hand all the way. You wont feel the excitment while playing. There is no challenge!
  65. Dec 7, 2013
    very very fun to play, easy to pick up. that is if you don't come across anyone else. (wait, you just might!). Almost everyone in this game is going to have a go at you for no reason, and you might go ahead and do the same thing yourself. This games community is the main reason we all have grown to despise playing this game (without friends?). That being said, the gameplay is straightforward right click to move your single character. last hit the minions ,destroy structures then the enemy nexus. (in that order) the game is easy to get used to and has many champions(characters) to get into. just avoid the toxicity of this community and you'll do aight. Expand
  66. Dec 4, 2013
    There is a reason this is the most played game on the planet.

    League of Legends provides a gameplay experience unlike any other game available. If you are looking for something new and don't want to spend money, this game is perfect. League delivers where DOTA 2 fails, where DOTA is unbalanced and (in my opinion) ugly, League is balanced, with its own unique art style. All you need to
    join the fun is a decent computer and a semi-stable internet connection.

    In its defense, there is no pay to win features in League of Legends. All items that affect gameplay can be bought through IP, the experience currency. Runes that strengthen champions can only be bought with IP, while RP is only used for skins and champions.

    This game is definitely worth trying.
  67. Dec 4, 2013
    Started as a copy of DOTA? Yes, but the conception of this game is different. Firstly, it has a constant of makeovers, new champions, modes which completely remove the thought of a simple copy. Addictive, extremely fun to play, offers a good competition mechanic. Excellent game. Whatsoever, as much as RIOT gaming works hard so do they disappoint us with lags and errors which completely ruin the competition gaming. Moreover, the community of this game is the worst community ever existed on planet. So much verbal abuse, childish behavior and much more negative attributes seriously damages the gameplay. But, to play with your friends, best game ever. Expand
  68. Nov 29, 2013
    I tried picking up the game multiple times with my buddies but we always lose interest. Like many other moba's the community is atrocious. For people new to the game League of legends is essentially a pay to win game. Graphics wise things looks great and the game would attract a much more diverse demographic if they get rid of the majority of NSFW aspects of the game.
  69. Nov 28, 2013
    I've read old reviews saying how crap this game is (graphics, repetitiveness, bad community, etc), so here's an honest review with an honest rating from an average player.

    I have been playing League since early Jan 2011. I hadn't played any Moba games previously which made it hard to pick up. Each week were new champions I hadn't played, and it took awhile til I found a champion that
    I enjoyed. Champion Guides were what helped me each game and I basically played by them. I only really got into the game after hitting level 30, being able to have a full mastery and rune page.

    The community has become more positive (in-game at-least) and players communicate more in order to help their team. The normal matchmaking system is better (e.g 4 man premade of silver/gold vs 2 man premade of silver/gold with a plat player) and a-lot more depends on your teams attitude than the champion picks. There are over 100 champions to play, all with unique and awesome skills. There are also 4 maps now, all with various game-types to make the daily experience more enjoyable. All the visuals are updated, and all the original/old champions are being redone to accompany the changes. There are loads of servers now too so the only restrictions are your internet or PC.

    If you've never played and want to give this game a go, be warned it will not be easy. Play with a friend, and aim to have fun each game. Learn from your mistakes, listen to your teammates and communicate with them. Watch tournaments, streamers and videos to give you ideas, and improve your skills. You will get better the more games you play.

    Good luck, and thanks for reading.

    (Also note a-lot of the old reviews are (obviously) outdated and don't apply to the game now. So don't be put off by them.)
  70. Nov 27, 2013
    This game isn't the best, it isn't the worst. Their engine isn't the best, nor is their graphics quality, or their business model. The engine and graphics can go hand in hand if you wish, the engine is really weak with rendering graphics. With a core i7, GeoForce 650M, and 16gb of ram, it takes about a few minutes or so to load. I question this, as I play intensive graphics games, with very low loading time in comparison to this game. Their business model is probably one of the worst when it comes to F2P. It's simply a Pay to Win game. I can't put it any other way possible. Sure they have 10 free champions a week, but that's near nothing to what they have. All of the pros seemingly have spent a lot of money into this game, but they got there, not only because of their skill, but because of the money they spent. When it first came out, I'm sure it was great. I honestly wasn't there at the time. However, to these standards of today, it simply doesn't reach standards. Sure there are those people who absolutely love this game, but this game isn't simply for me. This game is too casual, unless of course you go to ranked (that's where they teach you how to be douches), for my liking. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, this is simply one of my dislikes. If you want a high quality game, I suggest looking at DotA 2, however it does have it's downsides in Low Priority. Expand
  71. Nov 25, 2013
    This game is in my opinion a bit overrated. It doesn't give anything, that is new to gaming. LoL is free to play, so that's a good point. I had problems with registration though. I had to try like 5 times. LoL is competitive. Too competitive. "That" kind of competition make games less entertaining and that's not good at all because games are supposed to be funny and entertain people. Quite often I hear people blaming other players for allowing them to kill teammates and it's not always true. You can also get banned "for being noob". It's pretty hard to tell whether player is actually a beginner or noob. Graphics and sound effects are pretty good though.
    I'm not into this game too much, but my brother is. When I asked him to stop rapidly clicking, he said he he has to do that. I mean, what's the point of game, if you can break your mouse in month because it's "that" kind of game? Also, the game makes many people really angry and they keep saying, that they don't believe in human race anymore (that's what I've seen in many LoL videos). In other words this game makes people more aggressive.
    In my opinion LoL shouldn't be your "primary" game. Rather a game that you play from time to time. If it wasn't free to play, I would not buy it.
  72. Nov 25, 2013
    League of Legends is a game I have played since around the time it was released. Despite what some people think it is quite balanced once you learn to play it. it is a game that requires one to play it rather much to have a weighted opinion about it.
    one could easily compare it to any team sport. if one just tried out soccer for example, against players that have more experienced ofcourse
    the game is "imbalanced"
    all in all LoL is a great competetive game i would recommend to anyone who enjoys PvP action.
  73. Nov 24, 2013
    Nothing special.........................................................................................................................................................................................
  74. Nov 21, 2013
    What hasn't been said about League of Legends?

    Nothing....that's what.

    So why are you reading this??? Go and play this game, it's fun, free and addicting, what more would you want from a game (except maybe a community that's the worst in all of gaming).
  75. Nov 21, 2013
    Minecraft is one of the most revolutionary games out there. The open worlds are AMAZING. There is so much to do now with 1.7 just came out. It is so worth the cash. Go get it now.
  76. Nov 20, 2013
    I've been playing this game for almost 3 years and it is just getting better each time. New champions every month and repairing bugs and changing things to make the game more balanced. Huge community, very accessible game and the tec need for this game are few, so you can play it anywhere. Excellent game.
  77. Nov 19, 2013
    Al principio el juego puede engancharte y viciarse unas partidas con tus amigos, pero vamos a analizar el juego mas profundamente. >La jugabilidad es muy simple, mala y a veces engorrosa. >Los gráficos son aceptables para este tipo de juegos pero deja mucho que desear aun así. >El sonido es lo mejor del juego, totalmente en español y con buena música. >La Innovación es mínima, siempre trata de lo mismo, matar, defender y destruir torretas, a lo largo de varias partidas se vuelve algo monótono y absurdo llegando a aburrir a extremo de manera abismal. En conclusión: Lo recomiendo para amantes de juegos de Rol, jugandolo con amigos, para el resto es mejor fijarse en otro tipo de juegos que sean mas divertidos y entretenidos. Expand
  78. Nov 19, 2013
    Welcome to Eu servers then you able to play 5 min of 25 min game and other time just froze. It is completely ruins game expirience. So if you want to play it, try US servers at least, or better just not even play this
  79. Nov 18, 2013
    League of Legends is a MOBA and a good one unlike Dota 2. LOL is F2P and the characters are priced generously. (Yes you do have to buy Riot Points and coins etc..) However as you play matches you gain coins and can buy the characters with coins instead of RP. The graphics are cartoony because they have a lot on black lines around the models. This is a really nice touch. They controls are nice and I highly recommend sighing up.

    -Nice Graphics
    -Can Buy With Coins
    -Sometimes Over Priced Items
    Score 80/100
  80. Nov 17, 2013
    Fun game but slightly spoiled by the communi. Even in non ranked games theres way top much pressure that when you get a bad match, others will really make you feel like rubbish. I'd recommend playing with a group of friends though so you can enjoy the awesome game
  81. Nov 17, 2013
    I have played both League of Legends, and Dota 2. They have similar "plots," and the gameplay is very similar, but I believe Dota 2 to be superior in nearly every way; the graphics, soounds, character diversity, etc. There too much going on at any time in LoL for me to really like how it looks.
  82. Nov 16, 2013
    this game is OKAY, in fact it's very average. LoL offers a nice playing experience and a whole variety of champions to play in-game as different roles, but the issue starts here, only half of the champions are the stronger more polished champions whilst the others just rot and are hardly played by players, some of the champions are in serious need of a re-work and makeover. Another issue is the lack or servers, with each region comes are bad, laggy server that we have to live with, waiting queues can go up to 30:00 mins just to log on and a full server results in huge lag issues and disconnections, and guess what, another half a hour to wait to get back on and to try to re-join your team before the report you for leaving. Speaking of people, the community comes to mind, THE WORST EVER community is existence is to be found here gents, it's very bad, so bad it drags the game down with it, toxic players who call you "noob" and words that would even upset london chaffs. the game also isn't very stable, to get onto to it you have to get past a launcher, a log-in window, the game lobby area thing, then the loading screen and then your in the game, and most of the times players have reported crashes and failures happening at the loading screen and the bugs lead to disconnection and so on...

    once your get past the bugs, picked support role (cause there was a fight for mid which resulted in you getting support), muted the kids and gotten into the game, it's alright. An nice experience sometimes happen in this game, with games sometimes lasting up to 60 mins and end up pretty intense, it's really fun, some learners may find it hard at first, but it's still quite fun to play, with 3 stages to a games, there?s always this sense of strategy and ever changing gameplay, however this game relies on teamwork a ton, and because of the community...yeah, doesn't work out.
  83. Nov 15, 2013
    I don't understand how an ever developing free game can get so many low reviews. The graphics aren't the greatest but with particles being recently updated on a lot of champions some slower computers might not be able to render high def particles at every ability cast. The developers (RIOT) are constantly working on not only patches and balance fixes but fun optional bonus content as well, and their servers, albeit not the most reliable, do hold up most of the time. Some people say that this is a pay to win game despite the fact that 10 champs are free every week and every week the 10 free champ change. IMO that's great because you not only gain skill in every kind of champion due to the lack of your starting champion pool but you also find out which champions you like and which to strive to unlock permanently as your favorites. The community can be toxic at times but as with every MMO there's always going to be picking on people who are less skilled or simply less experienced than others. Overall it's a solid game and with well over 100 champions to choose from RIOT has come a long way from it's roots. Would defiantly recommend trying and if you don't like it then no harm done because the game itself costs nothing. Expand
  84. Nov 14, 2013
    Good for newbies and kids, but not really interesting if you're looking for a quality game to spend you time on. If you like MOBA games, perhaps you should avoid this shallow rip-off and look elsewhere.
  85. Nov 14, 2013
    I can not understand how you would want to play a game that has NO free heros, but simply has a few that rotate and you can not get your own without paying money. "free to play" my butt.
  86. Nov 14, 2013
    Let me start off by saying I played this game for a long time and was in gold S2. The game was enjoyable because of who and how you played it with friends. I took a step back and looked at the actual game as if I was reviewing it without influence. It comes down to the game has really bad graphics and looks, your team forces you (or you can force your team) to go into one lane out of three and sit there for a while doing insignificant nothings and later on if you team feels like it you will group up and go around the map finding the enemy team. The game is geared at a very young audience (pre-teens) and is basic enough to get you little brother into video gaming. You have to buy all the characters you want to play and for most people it can be very expensive to fully enjoy what the game has to offer. The designers fail to realize that the people who express their beliefs on the forums are few and far between, the people who don't go to the forums and just keep playing the game actually have no influence on the game's development because if you like something its too bad because the developers will never know. The game its self and the community is stressful depending on your level of play may not even speak your language. If your pure goal is to find a game that is enjoyable to play day after day, this is not the game for you. Expand
  87. Nov 14, 2013
    Buy to play game, don't be fooled by giant false advertising logo of free to play. This game is like a trial game. The game offers you samples every week, you cannot play other heroes unless you buy them or spend hundreds of hours (days) grinding to earn points to get a hero, OH WAIT, you need to spend those points to buy runes to upgrade your heroes abilities or you will not be able to contest other people who can BUY heroes. Also, the community is full of flaming retarded kids, there's no escape, there are too many of them. Expand
  88. Nov 13, 2013
    A game revolutionizing of it's genre, with countless play experience and great gameplay. It's graphics may be however, rather outdated in the perspective of a veteran gamer.

    As many other critics believe that balance can be perfect in such a game, they obviously live in their own, self-hollowed illusions. The game is balanced for those who know how to play it, inexperienced players will
    obviously find heroes that have beaten them/they don't know to be unbalancing. I can assure that, out of the top MOBA strategy games that I have played, League of Legends is currently the most balanced, as they care more about balance, rather than the minority, pitiful, inexperienced players' demands. Expand
  89. Nov 12, 2013
    This game is bad in every way. Crumby graphics, bad programming and a greedy company abusing the "Pay to Win" BS. Blizzard is making a MOBA: Heroes of the Storm. For the sake of all us MOBA and Dota fans I hope they are the first one's to do the genre some "right".
  90. Nov 12, 2013
    not so bad casual game but donkey competitive, Not for hardcore players
    The mother of this genre is DotA from Warcraft III, If you want to experience the true game of this genre play Dota 2
  91. Nov 11, 2013
    That was complete garbage. I downloaded after playing dota 2 for awhile and wanted to try out another one of these games, turns out you can only pick from 10 characters while others can pick from every character, that is funny. The picking stage is vital to moba games and not having every character is pointless.
  92. Nov 11, 2013
    Fun to play but to many champions to choose from and it's hard to figure out which is your best also has server lag spikes which get annoying after a while. Overall A great free to play game.
  93. Nov 11, 2013
    Horrible balance, slow developers, unfocused updates. Riot dedicates too much time into creating champions and skins to sell instead of balancing the heroes they have.

    When champions have to be individually purchased how can the game be balanced? The playing field isn't level unless you want to drop a few hundred dollars or you play for 2-3 years straight to earn all of them.

    Whenever Riot releases a new champion it now costs even more regular IP to purchase, promoting the use of dollar purchase. How can a game be balanced when the business model is to make appealing champions for purchase? Of course these new heroes will be unbalanced!

    This is a small fraction of the problem, others include: community, matchmaking, terrible client, server latency, trolls, abusable report system, surrender option that ruins attitude of players, EXPENSIVE champions, balance issues, outdated graphics, boring champions (abilities are VERY repetitive and generic), AND WORST OF ALL they have ruined the genre with masteries/runes/and "summoner spells" that give players a free escape 1 ability on a long cooldown.
  94. Nov 11, 2013
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  95. Nov 11, 2013
    LoL still remains as one of the most enjoyable team-playing experiences, especially if you find your own friends to play with. The community itself can be sub-par at times, but the MOBA experience is still well-designed, and Riot is responsive to the community's demands.
  96. Nov 11, 2013
    Pros Easy to play for newbie especially young players, constantly update every 2 weeks.
    Cons Bad graphics, Imbalance hero pool, Bad community, Too easy for veterans,
  97. Nov 11, 2013
    Fun game. They need to rework some champions because they get outdated when new ones are released but many fun unique gamemodes. No OP cash shop items. Seriously none at all! that give a huge advantage like other games MWO/WOT. Games are fast paced so if you come from slow MMO's it might be hard to pickup and play like any skill based game. Most people saying classses are unbalanced end up feeding the champion until they are nearly fully build are scream OP... Thats the way the game is supposed to play. Some champions however are better facing other champions just like pokemon its just not obvious like fire/water/earth/grass. Expand
  98. Nov 11, 2013
    LOL can be entertaining. Biggest complaint from me is the inability to play any hero from the start. You need to pay for heroes or play a lot of games for points to unlock them. This will require a lot of time. There are also full skins that are obtained by paying. Learning curve is smaller than Dota 2, but feel that Dota 2 is more entertaining to play and to watch.
  99. Nov 11, 2013
    Wow this game sucks hard first time playing and you got owned so hard the community was so harsh gameplay was bad and full of bugs the graphics are looking childish and low poly
  100. Nov 10, 2013
    the character roster is large and fairly balanced unlike a few years ago this was my first MOBA and i still play it has a big E-sport following and is great fun to play....with friends the community is fairly toxic unfortunately and i play on the EU W servers which break at least once a week
  101. Yax
    Oct 26, 2010
    I've been playing this game for a while, and no, it's not just a mod. The graphics are a bit low poly, but when 10 people are fighting each other onscreen at once with lots of particle effects you don't want to be chug because of the trees, terrain, or mobs being too high res.

    The game runs very smooth and that's what counts with a PvP game or a MOBA.

    There are tons of champions to
    choose from and half the fun is learning all of them. I highly recommend this one. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Aug 5, 2013
    I find that with League of Legends, Riot has cultivated one of the most unique spaces in gaming history—mostly for good reasons but also for some awful ones, and in the gaming museum of the future, League is sure to have its own wing.
  2. Nov 15, 2011
    League of Legends handles well the worst problem DOTA has: its autistic n00b-hating elite players. Thanks to match making, now we weaklings dare to play. [Nov 2011]
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    Improvements are constantly being updated and although team mates make or break many matches, there is genuine fun to be found.