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  1. 100
    L4D2 delivers multiple improvements over its predecessor, and I get to keep all my fingers and toes.
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 is again one of the most intense, visceral and violent co-op shooters of this holiday season, but to be honest we were expecting some more additions. The game improves in every area its former game, but this is not enough to justify just 12 months of gap between the first and second iterations.
  3. 90
    Left 4 Dead 2 is – despite the same formula – a big step forward. People who have played the first game, will feel a little cheated, as there aren’t many changes. Following the umpteenth adrenaline rush with your friends however, you will have forgotten all about that. The many extra’s in this second installment justify it being a stand-alone version. Hours of gameplay await that you cannot find in every co-op shooter. Simple but deep, it’s not a given in every game.
  4. Looking back at Left 4 Dead 2’s offerings, it’s hard to call it “just a $50 expansion pack.” All worries and boycotts were in vain; you can’t go back to the original Left 4 Dead after playing this one.
  5. The new weapons, Infected and graphical update is the shot in the arm players were looking for to expand the PvP experience.
  6. When the storms kick up on Hard Rain making it really easy to startle a wandering Witch, escaping the mall in Dead Center, running around a rollercoaster track in Dark Carnival, running a gauntlet of abandoned vehicles across the bridge in The Parish, reviving a dead Survivor in Swamp Fever as a Tank could be heard somewhere behind me and managing to down the Tank with the guy I just saved. Even just writing about it makes me want to jump in and play some more.
  7. With more modes, weapons, health items, special infected - you name it! - L4D2 feels like a massive upgrade from the original L4D.
  8. Left 4 Dead 2 is better and bigger than Left 4 Dead. It’s a sequel that builds on its incredibly stern and ludicrously fun foundations, expanding in all the right places and scrubbing out all the little problems that existed in the original.
  9. The co-op works better than ever, the atmosphere is dense and the scale is more massive than expected.
  10. This is Valve trying to better L4D1 in every way, succeeding but never really breaking away from what did work first time, taking creative risks and really pushing the series forward. In any case play it, love it, it’s one of the best multiplayer games I’ve ever played.
  11. Valve has done it once again. Left 4 Dead 2 takes everything that was amazing about the first installment and puts it on steroids.
  12. If L4D2 is sometimes over-complicated by its glut of small innovations, then it also substantially rewards the player with its few large ideas: confusion gives way to depth and dynamism, grander thrills and starker dramas. We’re still interested in the fate of the original game’s heroes, but this sequel affirms that the way ahead is due south.
  13. Whereas once we treated Left 4 Dead as a stopgap between Half-Lifes, this is no longer a weird little side project with modest expectations, and Valve is confident enough to play around with it, safe in the knowledge that you can trust your players. Left 4 Dead proved it. And whereas that game had a personality, this one is overflowing with it.
  14. Better than the first game in every aspect, not only technically but also in its core gameplay.
  15. Left 4 Dead 2 is better than the original in virtually every way and every bit as replayable. I would say there is enough new stuff to justify it being released as a sequel, but on the other hand I agree with many that say this is what L4D should’ve been.
  16. Left 4 Dead 2 is swollen with action that will leave your controller sweaty and worn, and emerges as one of the most powerful online co-op experiences I have ever had.
  17. L4D2 may be more of the same, but in a thoroughly pleasing sense.
  18. Left 4 Dead 2 may have lost some of that new zombie smell, but its cooperative play is still among the best.
  19. If the player were disappointed by this scenario in the original, he'll probably be disappointed now too. However, with a wealth of new content and lots of other welcome additions and tweaks, Left 4 Dead 2 continues to focus on what it does best, and it's damn good at it.
  20. Although the game's a brain splattering good time, we still don't understand why Valve refuses to allow users to aim down the sights of a weapon, instead of always shooting from the hip. It gets the job done most of the time, but we feel everyone's accuracy would improve if they could line up their shots.
  21. Left 4 Dead 2 is a perfect example of what happens when a competent developer takes an existing game and adds just enough to make it better, without subtracting from its initial appeal.
  22. Those of you who had doubts about this being just another glorified expansion need to stop yelling at Valve and give Left 4 Dead 2 a try, as it is incomparably better than the first game by a large margin.
  23. It may have been a close call, but to us L4D2 really did manage to become more, then just a "full-price-addon". It's a definite must-have for fans and the best co-op experience money can buy.
  24. With five campaigns, more enemies, better weapons, and plenty of challenges, you will probably still be playing this game well into 2010. There are a few issues, but these are easy to overlook when the gameplay is so fun and satisfying. Once again, Valve has made the zombie apocalypse one of the best experiences of the year.
  25. 100
    Left 4 Dead 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of zombie games. The momentum has clearly swung in favor of the bad guys. But also much like Empire, this is clearly the best of the bunch and is a required purchase for fans of the genre.
  26. Left 4 Dead 2 is simply a must-have for all survival horror enthusiasts. The new game modes and the usual mix of adrenaline and co-op gameplay is the living(dead) proof that a sequel doesn’t always have to change its original nature to be enjoyable, very enjoyable!
  27. With exciting new content across the board and plenty of it, Left 4 Dead 2 outdoes its predecessor and makes the zombie apocalypse an absolute blast.
  28. 90
    When it was first announced, I thought Left 4 Dead 2 was nothing more than a glorified expansion. After having spent hours with it -- and many more to come -- I appreciate the sequel's major and subtle differences.
  29. More maps, more enemies, more weapons, more glorious spectacle than the original, and that’s just the co-op. Fresh versus modes and intense violence make this the apocalypse to beat.
  30. On the one hand, this could have been a less expensive DLC for Left 4 Dead, just like it was done for Team Fortress 2. On the other hand, we don’t really care, once we’ve chocked someone to death as a Smoker or hit someone with our fist as a Charger. That’s only possible in Left 4 Dead 2.
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  1. Aug 24, 2010
    All I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! The gameplay is awesome in multiplayer, had tones of fun, the new infected are fun to kill and are fun to play as! Very very verry good game :D Full Review »
  2. Aug 23, 2010
    Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game that is probably the best FPS that i've played in a long time. I recoend this game to everybody. Its pure Great. This game has new levels, zombies, weapons, and chracters. anybody who likes First person shooters should get this game. Full Review »
  3. Oct 17, 2010
    People, you can't downgrade a game meant to be coop because the Single Player is lousy. It's also not clear if you should be rating L4D2 relative to L4D, since that rating wouldn't matter to someone who doesn't have either. Rate L4D2 on its own merits, for how it's meant to be played, and if you do that, the game is practically flawless. Full Review »