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  1. Aug 24, 2010
    All I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! The gameplay is awesome in multiplayer, had tones of fun, the new infected are fun to kill and are fun to play as! Very very verry good game :D
  2. Aug 23, 2010
    Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game that is probably the best FPS that i've played in a long time. I recoend this game to everybody. Its pure Great. This game has new levels, zombies, weapons, and chracters. anybody who likes First person shooters should get this game.
  3. Oct 17, 2010
    People, you can't downgrade a game meant to be coop because the Single Player is lousy. It's also not clear if you should be rating L4D2 relative to L4D, since that rating wouldn't matter to someone who doesn't have either. Rate L4D2 on its own merits, for how it's meant to be played, and if you do that, the game is practically flawless.
  4. Nov 8, 2011
    Just because you added a "2" in the "Left 4 Dead" title and also made some additional zombie characters doesn't make a better game. I'm not saying it's bad, but its just the same thing I played a year ago. I still enjoy it and I'm thankful for Valve making this epic **** but the next L4D's gotta be more innovative.
  5. Oct 2, 2011
    New zombies, new weapons, pretty much just dlc for the first game, i found little differnt and i am insulted that the devs would make basicaly the same game a year later? Well they realy want our money realy bad for the greater good of the future or has the first game done poorly for profit? Just like most franchises, their predessors in sequals are far to repetative for their own good.
  6. Aug 9, 2012
    Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that should be looked at entirely separately from its predecessor. Yes, it was released one year after the first one, yes it is the same game mechanics but with different characters/areas. Those however, are what makes it a new game. Many people thought they should have released dlc for the original and been done with it, but if you look at both games, you can tell the first one was more of a dry-run at the franchise, a polished beta, if you will. It tried new ideas while doing them well. L4D2 is released, and you can see what they were trying to do all along. They succeeded in creating a very nice experience for friends to play and it provides a huge amount of options and game modes to go back to. It runs on Source, which speaks for itself in terms of performance. The lack of content is what held this game back. If it knew it was only going to be a game comprised of multiple short campaigns, it should have prepared for the desire of the consumer for more, by adding at least 5 more original campaigns. Expand
  7. Oct 6, 2010
    An amazing sequel. While many were worried that the quality of the game since there was such a short time period between this and the original game but I can safely say that Left 4 Dead 2 is amazing! The game is quite unmatched by any other zombie themed game. The addition of mellee weapons and new guns really added to the experience. With "Uncommon Infected" and new Special Infected added, the campaigns could never be more fun. The enw characters are colorful, interesting, and funny yet still insanely realistic. This game is gleaming with Valve's polish and it shows, it really does. Expand
  8. Oct 31, 2010
    I was terribly disappointed when I realised that the hype was just a hype. This game qualifies as a mediocre, run-of-the-mill first person shooter, with the exception of the infected.

    The missions are quite challenging whilst playing online against well experience players, which unfortunately is the rare exception to the average player of this game. It is not unusual to find yourself
    yelling at your own team, for being generally terrible at the game.

    The maps are so few that you grow tired in less than a few hours. This goes for the characters as well. The survivors are all the same, they have no unique niche to them - except for models and voice acting.
    The infected work well together, but that is unfortunately all they do. One becomes terribly bored of them after just a few matches. Not to mention the linearity of them, but at least that makes them very intuitive.

    There is nothing upgradeable; no incentive of playing well.

    The single player is not worth mentioning since it's basically a multi-player map with bots instead of players.

    In conclusion.
    As long as this game cost what it does, roughly 19 euros, I for one would not make the mistake of buying it. If you for some inexplicable reason still is thinking about buying it, get your friends on the train, it is the only way of having any fun in this game.
  9. Dec 26, 2010
    An overall very good game and great co-op experience with beautiful graphics. I only gave it a 9 because the characters are not as original as in L4D1, the maps designs are not as charming (although they're better in gameplay and many other ways) and the atmosphere is more like a mass-killing zombie game than a survival one. I was also deceived as in the first one that they didn't design the menu like a movie. Expand
  10. Jan 30, 2011
    I always have a good time on this game with my buddies, both in this and in Left 4 Dead. With custom content you'll never get bored. You can also make your own maps and skins for it if you take the time to learn. Great game, but make sure you have some friends to enjoy it with, and some free time to get good at the game!
  11. Jan 5, 2012
    It's the same Left 4 Dead! Why deceive people? Why create a CLONE? The creation of games - the art! The art does not make money! If, nevertheless, the game discuss, in the first place there begins to annoy (for some reason, can only me) music (Soundtrack: HL2 - best, L4D2 - fail).
  12. Aug 20, 2013
    Left 4 Dead 2, this game is just awesome, you can even make a model and put it into game and play it with that add-on, just awesome. I really enjoy this game!
  13. Dec 5, 2010
    The only thing different about this game from the first version is, this one is harder. You get a lot more zombies thrown at you. If I want to change the difficulty level, I can do that myself. No need to throw a gazillion more enemies at me at my normal playing level. To get a good rating in my book, you need to make the sequel more creative, not just crank up the difficulty. Certain parts are enjoyable, but many are just plain dumb. I'm giving it a 5 - not a complete waste of money, but there are reasons this one went from full price to discount very quickly. Expand
  14. Mar 6, 2012
    This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made. Firstly, this game is produced in 2009, but the graphic is like before 2005. And with such bad graphic, it runs with 40% less average fps than dead space one in the same setting on my computer. Secondly, the movement is very slippery, and shooting is very uncomfortable either. I always feel that I am playing a skiing simulation game, not a shooting game at all! Although it is a little bit fun to play with 3 other players on line, the overall presentation is too poor to match the score of 89/100. Originally, I want to give it 2 or 3 out of 10, but when I see the score is 89, I was shocked, so I decided to warn people to make the purchase carefully by give it 1 out of 10. Expand
  15. Jan 15, 2013
    Eerily similar to L4D, this game does not deserve to be called a "sequel". A fraction of the updates in TF2 could have created this game from it's predecessor L4D. Regardless, it is rather enjoyable and scary. There is nothing like the feeling you get when a boomer pops out from a corner and screws up your vision. Multiplayer is a veteran's game, so you better know what you're doing before joining ( a lot of people are very rude to noobs, which is honestly the worst part of this game, so if you can get past that you're golden). I bought this on sale for $5, and would have gladly paid $20 for it. The biggest problem with the multiplayer is that gameplay ends up being one-sided. There are 2 teams, and players enjoy stacking a lot. You'll often find yourself with utter noobs or else with extreme experts, in which case the game becomes anti-competitive. You can simply quit when this happens and join a fairer game, so I would highly recommend this 9/10. Expand
  16. a12
    Oct 29, 2010
    this game is absoloute......pathetic! theres nothing good about it.its the most depressing game of all then somebody open the guiness book of records to the most depressing games of all time
  17. Sep 30, 2011
    I'm coming up to playing 300 hours on this game. This game would have to be my favorite game. The only bad thing I can say about this game isn't actually about the game itself but the ****heads who play it online. Other than that I love this game and play it almost daily.
  18. Nov 2, 2011
    everyone hypes it... but why? graphics are bad, animations are bad, music is annoying... the ai is retarded. you cant aim with your weapon, exept for the sniper rifle. (the problem of the source engine) the talking of the characters and the gameplay makes it look like a comedy but not like a good and scary zombiegame. the best thing is the intro video, after that it plays like poop. got it for 6â Expand
  19. May 15, 2012
    This is the BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED. Soon i will have 3000 hours on this game, playing it since the Beta in 2008. Addictive, Fun, Competitive, Fast, Perfect. The MUST-HAVE Competitive FPS !
  20. May 22, 2012
    Simply a fun game to play. What makes it fun is the way you can play the single player mode over and over again, stand back to back with your friends fighting zombies, BE zombies and the graphics are good!
  21. Nov 2, 2012
    The game doesn't really offer much over it's predecessor. The first game was nice on it's own whereas it's sequel seems to be crammed with things that don't really add to the experience a whole lot. Melee weapons are rather pointless and actually cripple you in most cases. All of the melee weapons seem to just be re-skins which all have the same swinging animation and do the same damage except for the Katana, Chainsaw and Crowbar. The new special infected seem to serve the same purpose as the previous. A Smoker, Jockey and Charger all do the same thing more or less. Really the only addition I see as significant is a Spitter which is good for separating the group all at once.

    The level design is very closed in and straightforward. There really isn't much exploration other than some of the building being open but they most of the time lead straight back to your outer, linear street.
    This game only being released a year after the first, feels rushed, has poor level design, adding nothing significantly new over the previous and just didn't feel as enjoyable overall.
  22. Jun 5, 2013
    Worst than first game, silly melee weapons (frying pan, you kidding me?) and lammer items like defibrillators, worst cast, and full of bugs and missed or broken stuff, mainly the animations and hitboxes.
  23. Sep 9, 2010
    This is is trully amazing than L4D. There are lotta improvements ,gameplay, and a bit storylines too.... The graphics are nice too....but i think the Valve company is too rushed about this game bcoz this game release after 1 year making a L4D...... The multiplayers is great but lag can cause the people to go the incoming attack. Bugs and glitches are not much since the updates were released. Expand
  24. May 28, 2014
    Ahh remember when valve still made games? Loved this game and series. Probably one of the better multiplayer experiences I've had, when you have a good and functional team on either side it can be such a rush. Really needed intelligent ranking team pairing though.

    The modded servers are absolutely stupid 90 percent of the time but I made an effort to get banned from them all.
  25. Sep 25, 2010
    It is the best game in the world! In it there is all - Replaying, fascination, she class, interesting. I say thank big to developers! In Russia game costs 600 roubles - the real price for such game! First a part of game much more interesting - she interesting and characters is more attractive than the second part better...
    All I shall advise to get this game, you will not regret cent, you
    will be keen in this game for a long time and if you have friends - that tell and let they will buy it, they will not regret! Expand
  26. Nov 23, 2010
    Don't listen to the haters, this game is better than l4d1. The versus is more balanced and has more special infected, more weapons, more everything, it's just more better.

    They're currently importing some of the original maps, and adding more content to this one so unless you like playing with sub 4k players and waiting in lobbies, there isn't any reason to pick up the first over this

    Overall definitely a solid team based fps for those of you who hate fps.
  27. Oct 11, 2010
    Do not underestimate versus fun you can get from this game. Do not try to play single player. Get out there, find a lobby and aid other survivors against endless horde of zombies. Once you get the point, you can't let it go. Absolutely wonderful on many levels.
  28. Nov 7, 2010
    The game can be very entertaining, especially when playing with friends. If you like just spraying zombies down it can keep you entertained for a long time, but for me it simply lacked the competitive touch. Even versus games just seem more like PvE than PvP. If there wasn't any prequel to it, I would have given it a 8. But what really pissed me off is that valve makes us pay for an other game, which hasn't really changed that much. All the new content in L4D2 should have just been released in a content update, now that I own both I would naturally prefer playing L4D2. But if I had known there wouldn't be more to it, I wouldn't have bothered getting it Expand
  29. Nov 7, 2010
    I never played the original L4D and I must confess having now played quite a bit of L4D2 I dont know why ? Left 4 Dead 2 is an excellent game, zombies + loads of weapons + insane ammounts of gore + multiplayer online chaos = LOADS OF FUN !

    Buy it, you will not be dissapointed (unless you get the censored version which will dissapoint for obvious reasons).
  30. May 14, 2011
    This is an amazing game. Valve has put a lot of effort into balancing the game and improving its graphics, and it makes for an enjoyable multiplayer experience with friends. However, the game has quite a few fundamental flaws. The versus games often end very early due to a whole team ragequitting. This makes it very difficult to actually play an enjoyable game. The single player mode is unplayable, there is no way to work with a team of bots. The ability to restart a chapter or return to a lobby is often abused by teams when they first lose. A game can be lost because a single player will not cooperate, and either rushes or uses his own strategy.There are many greifers. Though many of these issues are beyond valve's control, they severely detract from the experience of the game. I do not recommend you buy this game unless you have at least one or two friends who will play it with you to avoid these issues with the multiplayer game. Expand

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  1. 100
    L4D2 delivers multiple improvements over its predecessor, and I get to keep all my fingers and toes.
  2. 90
    It remains one of the most distinctive co-operative titles out there, and allows for some of the most nerve-searing team-based multiplayer gaming on the market.
  3. Whereas once we treated Left 4 Dead as a stopgap between Half-Lifes, this is no longer a weird little side project with modest expectations, and Valve is confident enough to play around with it, safe in the knowledge that you can trust your players. Left 4 Dead proved it. And whereas that game had a personality, this one is overflowing with it.