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  • Summary: Set in the zombie apocalypse, Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Left 4 Dead. This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns. Play as one of four new survivors armed with a wide and devastating array of classic and upgraded weapons. In addition to firearms, you'll also get a chance to take out some aggression on infected with a variety of carnage-creating melee weapons, from chainsaws to axes and even the deadly frying pan. You'll be putting these weapons to the test against (or playing as in Versus) three horrific and formidable new Special Infected. You’ll also encounter five new "uncommon" common infected, including the terrifying Mudmen. Helping to take L4D's frantic, action-packed gameplay to the next level is AI Director 2.0. This improved Director has the ability to procedurally change the weather you’ll fight through and the pathways you'll take, in addition to tailoring the enemy population, effects, and sounds to match your performance. L4D2 promises a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience every time the game is played, custom-fitted to your style of play. [Valve] Collapse
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  1. When the storms kick up on Hard Rain making it really easy to startle a wandering Witch, escaping the mall in Dead Center, running around a rollercoaster track in Dark Carnival, running a gauntlet of abandoned vehicles across the bridge in The Parish, reviving a dead Survivor in Swamp Fever as a Tank could be heard somewhere behind me and managing to down the Tank with the guy I just saved. Even just writing about it makes me want to jump in and play some more.
  2. Gory, thrilling and this year's essential play. [Christmas 2009, p.84]
  3. With five campaigns, more enemies, better weapons, and plenty of challenges, you will probably still be playing this game well into 2010. There are a few issues, but these are easy to overlook when the gameplay is so fun and satisfying. Once again, Valve has made the zombie apocalypse one of the best experiences of the year.
  4. Left 4 Dead 2 takes the best from the first game and improves it. Despite the few technical advances, Valve has make the most of its time these months and has improved, when possible, every aspect of the original game.
  5. With exciting new content across the board and plenty of it, Left 4 Dead 2 outdoes its predecessor and makes the zombie apocalypse an absolute blast.
  6. Left 4 Dead 2, like the first one, is a fun and replayable co-op experience that can be tons of fun with a group of friends. Unfortunately somewhere during the drive to add more and more weapons, enemies, maps and game modes, that magic Valve iterate-polish-polish cycle got cut short and the end result, while still good, is not quite as magical as the first one.
  7. Left 4 Dead 2 may have lost some of that new zombie smell, but its cooperative play is still among the best.

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  1. Nov 2, 2011
    Awesome coop game, the value of the free dlcs and the game itself make it a masterpiece.
    **** to the ones saying that it's the same old ****
    if the game has changed the same guys would be the first saying "oh no, ****ty game, those dubass changed everything and now is totally different, why would they did that? Vote: 4, 0, 2". Buy it. Expand
  2. Apr 16, 2014
    An amazing game, I could play it all day (but I don't have the time, lol). This game kicks ass and it has humor in it too! I recommend getting it on Steam for full experience! Expand
  3. Aug 24, 2010
    All I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! The gameplay is awesome in multiplayer, had tones of fun, the new infected are fun to kill and are fun to play as! Very very verry good game :D Expand
  4. Jul 30, 2012
    Awesome game. I don't know why you would pay full price on this. It's a Valve game, it goes on sale A LOT! I got this as a 4 pack to share with some friends. it was 14.99 for all 4 copies. We played Dead Center the first time we played and had some Co-op fun. If you can find it on sale it's a great value especially with the new free Cold Stream DLC. Expand
  5. Jul 14, 2013
    Where to begin...
    Left 4 Dead 2 Is a Co-op zombie shooter like no other.
    It involves elements such as: forcing the player to make a hard
    choice using the last medical kit on yourself or a teammate, both of you are badly wounded, going back for a player that was downed right when the escape vehicle arrives.).

    An A.I Director that places the zombies, health items and weapons, Based on how the survivors are doing. Last stage felt like cake-walk?
    The A.I Director makes sure items are harder to find and increases the amount of zombies spawned.

    Unique zombies called "special infected" are also waiting for you in the shadows.
    Ranging from the long-tongued "Smoker", to the large-armed "Charger", to the hulking mas of muscle known as the "Tank".

    The weapons have 2 to 3 tiers of effectiveness, (damage, mix of the two, accuracy) and in the vast weaponry of Left 4 Dead 2.
    You'll be able to find assault rifles, pump and full auto shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs and even grenade launchers and M60 machine guns! There's also grenade-like weapons such as the molotov.

    There's lots more to talk about, like the ability to modifiy your game so that you're holding sliver M1911's instead of a glock and USP45 or playing on an entirely user-made map. But there are some things to find for yourself..

    Overall, this game gets a 8 out of 10.
    The game is innovative and full of modifications, but as you play into your 100th hour.
    You can memorize events, event triggers and Tank spawning positions. As well as the shortest route on a stage and where all the weapon and item spawning points are, so that destroys the scavenging aspect. So online Co-op with random players and the random horde events are the only thing you can count on being unexpected.
    These are only my thoughts, try it out for yourself at a friends house or when a steam free weekend event occurs.
  6. Oct 27, 2013
    Doesn't do anything that couldn't have been achieved with a Left 4 Dead Expansion.

    Hopefully, Left 4 Dead 3 will actually add something new
    to the series. Expand
  7. Sep 25, 2010
    It is the best game in the world! In it there is all - Replaying, fascination, she class, interesting. I say thank big to developers! In Russia game costs 600 roubles - the real price for such game! First a part of game much more interesting - she interesting and characters is more attractive than the second part better...
    All I shall advise to get this game, you will not regret cent, you will be keen in this game for a long time and if you have friends - that tell and let they will buy it, they will not regret!

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