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  1. Jan 24, 2014
    Giving you free frustration right here.
    disappointments and total unrespection to gamer scene missingcommon features like quest progression indicators, and quest map navigation. I stopped playing when quests seem to got activated out of order, and the NPC that the quest text directed me to would not talk to me about the quest...
  2. Jan 19, 2014
    Well. I think sometimes we have to accept that game design is a very complex and demanding science. This is a young and inexperienced team learning the ropes the hard way. They have about 30 years of accumulated programming wisdom to absorb in a short amount of time. Patches suggest that they ARE learning, and this lesson in 'how to make a game' IS being learned. Buy it on sale and don't expect too much. We can all of us learn something new. This game has been an interesting window on the steep learning curve faced by a new development team. Buy the game and support them. Where the game is underwhelming find why and offer constructive criticism. Support developers and there is every chance this team will later surprise you by making the game we all really want to play.

  3. pid
    Jan 19, 2014
    Huge disappointment. It isn't even worth my time typing here more than that. You may waste money on it, but please DO NOT waste your time. Go play any free MMO out there or whatever. You'll be better off!
  4. Dec 28, 2013
    Do not buy this game, no matter what they say!
    All the pictures you see on Steam give you a impression that the game is good, but it's not. The story is bad, the design choices were bad, controls are bad. Even if it weren't bad, it would still be boring.
    There are no pros, only cons. This game shouldn't ever be released. There is an infinite number of patches, which means the game wasn't
    ready when released.
    This game is not worth it even if it were free.
  5. Dec 23, 2013
    Diamond in the rough. My real score is probably around 7 or 8 but with room for improvement with a few patches. I gave 10 to counter weight those clueless punks that give really low grades without having a clue what they're doing.
  6. Dec 1, 2013
    Posting a revised review, since the 7 I had previously given was, frankly, kind of embarrassing.

    The game is flawed to the core. Once you get past the terrible bugs and such, the game just doesn't offer that much, or do it that well. Shallow combat, bland world, etc. etc. Shovelware.
  7. Sep 16, 2013
    I would have liked to give a nice score to this game, as I was pretty eager to play it. But in the first couple of hours I couldn't enjoy the game, no matter how hard I tried to.

    Moving is not so easy (a bit unpleasant I'd say) and the camera doesn't help. There is no autosave (if there's, I couldn't find it), such a bad move with all those glitches and bugs It kept crashing and I had
    to redo things again and again, not very fun.. in the end I closed the game and never opened it again.

    I really hope they'll fix everything one day so we can play this title at its full potential, a very big one.
    5 because it can become a great game but it has a long way to go.

    Waiting for patches guys!!
  8. Sep 1, 2013
    This game is flawed in every possible way. The game crashes and glitches all the time, freezes, FPS drops and a brown screen are just some examples. The camera in the game is simply horrible, not enough, they made the game rotate it by itself whenever you examine anything. The controls of the game are ridiculous, you have to click with your mouse 4+ times per second to keep your character walking.

    The game looks really complex, but actually is just a compilation of several good ideas, all of them poorly implemented here. It promises to be a "sandbox RPG game", but all you actually do is clicking spiders to death. There are 3 different races that really are not that different.

    This game is not at a releasable state, despite the fact that it was released 7 patches ago. It is not worth a penny, nor a minute of play time. Even less, the time and effort that it takes to run the game properly!
  9. Aug 22, 2013
    I bought this game and immediately regretted it. It's in Alpha state and definitely not worth a buy. Under the new review system it gets a yellow score but that is code for BAD. Really bad.

    Question for the developers: WHY did you try to make your own engine? The original NWN engine was so much better than this and that is over 10 years old. Legends of Dawn is a bad beta of a mediocre
    game using a HOPELESS engine. At present my version freezes when you attempt to quit out. So it is also BUGGY software. DO NOT BUY! at this time. Wait for some updates and a further price reduction. The game appears to offer some potential. The writing looks promising the graphics are passable, and we can sense the desire to reboot something like the old isometric RPG feel. Crafting looks good indeed applause to the developers for clearly having lots of good ideas. However, beyond that the programming appears to be hopelessly amateurish. The camera is poor and lacks sufficient zoom out. WASD controls are ABSOLUTELY WRONG for this game which should use mouse clicks for movement. Race options are limited, and playing as a single character seems simply unambitious compared with ten year old games that allowed a whole party. Clearly there hasn't been enough testing and refining of the basic engine mechanics, which will be clear to anyone if you walk your charcter into the water. There is definitely no swimming in the game, and your character will continue walking on the bottom of the lake until drowned. Since we can play ALL the classic isometric games from GOG and THEY all work properly and have sterling engines, why waste out money and time here? DAO, Skyrim and Witcher 2 all have wonderful engines, why would anyone want to endure this one? Suggest that the developers use another engine as the vehicle for their grand ideas. Unistalled this POS and won't reinstall it unless I hear things have improved a LOT in the near future. We all understand that it's hard being indie. That's life though guys. I'm gonna give you my honest score now.

    THE GROT REVIEW CRITERIA: After a long time writing reviews like an anus, think its time to set a few bad habits straight: Stop insulting designers. Show some respect for the design process and getting games in circulation. Hence (1) No Red scores. (2) Game scores as follows: Bad Game 5/10. Poor Game 6/10. Mediocre Game: 7/10. Good Game 8/10. Great game 9/10. Stella Game 10/10. To get 10/10 it must be a game that can be (theoretically) play-able for 1000+ hours. Not only great but near endless fun. Games may be bad or poor but making them should earn respect. Thus even the worst POS will still be a 5/10. 0/10 no longer exists in my vocabulary. Yellow is the new red. For the sake of accountability: you can reply if needed: Orctowngrot: Tim Rawlins:
  10. Aug 4, 2013
    LoD is a classic case of promising more than could be delivered. The marketing implied a more robust RPG with better graphics with a classic feel. Instead, the play is presented with something more at home in a PS2 or Xbox than a current PC. The game was released at a what most developers would consider alpha, bugged, not even close to optimized and horribly executed in terms of gameplay and fun.
    I put in over fifty hours (mostly to try and provide feedback) and tried to suggest improvements, as did countless others, but the small dev team just couldn't deliver and is still trying to patch this nightmare together. Looking at the positive reviews, it is clear that many are simply there to skew the score. Look at the critic side of metatcritc and LoD Steam forums, and you'll get a clear picture that this game is not worth the money. I will say the quests were fairly bug free, but with all the other problems I had to go back into Skyrim and Witcher to cleanse my mind.
  11. Aug 4, 2013
    Underdeveloped game, missing common features like quest progression indicators, and quest map navigation. I stopped playing when quests seem to got activated out of order, and the NPC that the quest text directed me to would not talk to me about the quest....
  12. Jul 30, 2013
    Legends of Dawn did the right kind of advertising to attract RPG gamers. They hired talented marketeers. I was one of those who bought and started playing. Be advised, however, It’s a VERY buggy game they have released a lot of updates since its release just a few weeks ago. This is the good news about the game. Now for the reality.

    I must admit that I cannot continue to force
    myself to play this game. It is just too painful I hate the clumsy combat the boring quests and the poorly implemented graphics. I am a diehard RPG guy been one ever since RPG’s came onto the gaming scene.

    I do not understand what convinced the developers that this game was worth putting on the market. It appears they do not understand what makes an RPG great. I know that this was developed in Croatia. I suspect, then, that the engine used to develop this game was out of a YUGO. This would explain all and Hey a lot of my friends are Yugoslavian/Croatian.

    I give this game a 1.0073 out of 10.
  13. Jul 13, 2013
    I want to give this game a 9 out of 10 because I know there are updates coming that are going to improve things, but if you have been playing RPGs for the past 10 years or more and don't want your hand to be held, you might want to check this game out. There is just something magical about this game that happens when you get past the first hour of low-end graphics and how there is very little help with understanding how some of the systems work. One system is the runes. I've played maybe 10+ hours and there is a sub set of runes that I still have no idea what they do!
    Anyway, the levelling in this game is very different also. It's not the typical level 10 in 15 minutes. It's probably 1 level every 1 to 2 hours (depending on if you focus on farming creatures or not). Most of the NPC quest speech is voice acted decently, and I wouldn't say this is an award-winning story, but it's definitely not run of the mill RPG story.
    If you enjoy exploring, the map is pretty huge and there are lots of small details you can end up running past if you're not looking closely enough.
  14. Jul 7, 2013
    Legends of Dawn is a good idea that is VERY badly executed. Do not buy this game unless it gets thoroughly patched, and the price drops below $10. At this point, the game is a mess, and not worth buying.

    Technically, the game is a joke. OK-ish graphics marred by awful animation and an engine that is just pure amateurism. It taxes even the most high-end graphics cards because of how
    badly it is programmed. This game has actually overheated the GC of various people, it's that bad.

    Other cringe-worthy things: the manual is almost useless. You need to search the web to find several functions of the game. User interface is poor, many keyboard commands that are normal don't work here (like "esc" to close menu's and inventory). Combat is boring and slow, and not because it's old skool. The rolls are just very, very bad: I missed an enemy where you have a 50% chance to hit 12 times! And since the enemy did even worse, battles take forever. People say this game isn't about combat, but why the hell then is the world filled with monster, ey? EY???

    Story and lore are pretty good though, just marred by bad execution. The devs clearly didn't know what they where getting into, and sneaked out a half-finished alpha without even the Kickstarter backers knowing about it. Just that warrants a 1/10.

    Shame on you Dreamatrix!
  15. Jul 6, 2013
    For die hard RPGers this game is a must have!!!
    This game is great in the story/world sense. Its unique and a fresh look at the stale elves are wispy nature lovers, dwarves hate magic and live underground ect typical fantasy world. Its engrossing and I love it. The amount of care put into the world creation really makes this game shine. I love the way spells are created, and unlocking
    chests is really unique as well. Expand
  16. Jul 1, 2013
    Wow, I can't believe I backed this...
    Honestly, I really like to support Indie game makers, and I hate to bash a small (8 people in Croatia IIRC) team that was trying their best, but if their best is on such an epic level of ineptitude, really, what can I do..?
    One piece of honest advice to those developers and others: Folks, if you try to make your own game, for heavens sake, PLAY a few
    of the similar ones that came out the last 10 years or so, and LEARN a thing or two. Try to avoid the mistakes and try to keep what has already worked a dozen times before.
    Really, this games' user interface is BAD on such an incredible scale, you need to wonder what year we have.
    A quicksave button? what for!
    Closing menues by the ESC key? Would only make the game less awkward!
    Useful controls like basic attacks on left and spells/abilities on right mouse button? Nah, Diablo did that 15 years ago, boooring.
    Providing any useful info on inventory items, like, what potions actually DO? Too easy. And would distract from the epic failure that the entire inventory system is.
    Explaing how things (rune stones, crafting, spellcasting, ANYTHING) actually work? Nah.
    Control of movement and camera that make sense? Now, lets be creative here...
    Truth be told, this game feels and plays like a VERY early alpha version, or as if no computer RPG whatsoever came out in the last 15 years.
    Lets skip things like the non-existant immersion factor (like, being able to steal everything from right under everyone's nose), the bad voice acting and terrible balance, endless grinding and catastrophically useless manual and come right to the point: avoid spending money on this one, until at least 5 patches have come out and some reviews confirm that they actually fixed a thing or two.

    UPDATE: The first patch adds some basic functionaltiy like a quicksave and autosave option and instead introduces a gamebreaking bug right at the beginning (getting unrecoverably stuck in a conversation). Taking the score down 2 notches for total ineptitude...
  17. Jul 1, 2013
    There seems to be a large gap between people who hate this game (the majority), and people who like it mostly due to the "old school" feel of the game. The latter often say that since this is an indie game, we can't expect all the bells and whistles of an AAA title. That's true, but neither should be expect a bug-infested game that clearly hasn't been tested. My 2 cents:

    Graphics: For a
    2013 game, even an indie one, the graphics are sub-par. Animations are choppy, there often is a lag (walk around, suddenly a building pops up next to you), and all the NPC's/monsters look like they came out of 2002. The main peeve I have with the graphics is that the devs didn't do any optimization. My GPU can handle the latest games with most options enabled without breaking a sweat, but this game seems to push it to it's limits and the thing gets almost ready for take-off! The devs apparently build their own engine, and it shows.

    Sound: The music is standard for any RPG, and the SFX is OK. Nothing earth-shattering, but not bad either. However, the voice-overs are terrible. Since this is where the lion share of the Kickstarter money is supposedly spend on, I wonder if the devs aren't cruising on their brand new dirt bikes right now...

    General Game play: Movement and UI are choppy, non-intuitive and slow. The camera is just off: instead of a nice birds eye view, it's like you are trapped in a closet, looking at your feet. It makes exploration claustrophobic and negates the open world of the game. Your character movement is wonky, he seems to be drunk all the time, and handling the camera around you can be something of a challenge. This game just feels very SLOW, and would be more suited as a turned-based game. Everything from looting a chest to walking around feels like a choir. Maybe the devs did this to make the game last longer, or to give it an "old school" feel, but in the end it's just lazy/bad programming.

    Combat: Combat is slow and a bit dodgy. It's almost identical to a game like Neverwinter Nights, where you click, miss or hit depending on the rolls the games makes for you, and the enemy does the same. It's real time, but feels a lot like it's turn based. Strange. Fighting enemies feels like a choir, since you spend most time missing the enemy and the enemy missing you. This wouldn't be that bad, but the game is crawling with the same generic enemies. It's just not fun, and certainly not "old school". It's like they wanted to make a cross a game like Diablo with a game like Baldur's Gate, but failed.

    Loot: A major component in any RPG. This is where this game gives some amount of satisfaction. There are A LOT of containers you can loot, and they contain a hefty amount of stuff ranging from ingredients like plants or gems to weapons and armour. Some containers are locked though, and you need to find runes to complete a mini-game for each lock. Interesting idea, but in the end it fails because you need to play far into the game to find enough runes to unlock any chests, plus opening the locks becomes very tedious. I mean, EVERY chest that is locked needs to be opened by the mini-game, yet none of them contain anything really special. Loot is just very random and sadly mediocre. Plus stacking stuff seems to be bugged. Sometimes I can stack an items, yet the next time I play the game I can't. Luckily you have quite the inventory from the start, but that fills up.

    Crafting: A part of RPGs I can either love or not care about. In this game, with it's simple weapons and armour, crafting can be a real asset. So I invested my skill points heavily into skills like metalworking (making bars from ore), armourworking and weaponworking to make some nice items for my level 5 character. However, the metalworking skill DOESN'T WORK, so the other two skills I mentioned become mostly useless also, since many of the recipes need the metal bars you craft. A realy bummer, and basically that ruined this game for me. Sloppy development, very, very sloppy.

    Magic: I'm never heavy on magic, I mostly play melee combined with some simple spells. In this game, you find special runes that you can turn into a magic spell. Fun fact: you can combine most runes and this make original spells! Seems like fun, if you like using magic. I made a healing spell, but the casting is very slow and the effect laughable. But like I said, I'm not about the magic. Fiddling around with ruins might be a lot of fun for people who are.

    Story: The story is of the game is vast! If you like reading tons of text and are into lore, this game delivers. Most of it is quite boring and irrelevant to the game though, it's like the devs had tons of material for which they just needed a game for. So they build a game around their stories, and it seems like they where in quite a hurry.

    All in all I wouldn't call this game just "bad", it's just totally unfinished. It was clearly rushed, and it's a slap in the face of the people who backed it.

  18. Jun 30, 2013
    This game promised a different experience and it delivered. The world is deep and the lore is rich for a new game universe, but this game is not for the casual gamer. The Devs are working on UI and control issues and I am keenly awaiting the next patch. Keep in mind this is not a AAA production house no millions spent on programmers so dont expect Skyrim. I love the fact that the game does not just give you the solutions to its missions, it makes you think so be warned.

    Give the game a try, if you like classic RPGs give it a chance, very immersive spell making system once you figure it out.
  19. Jun 30, 2013
    I was hoping that maybe this would be a good old style RPG. They took a lot of elements from old RPGs. all the bad ones.
    1: An abysmal camera. It has two, and only two positions. Above and behind you, and slightly less above and behind you. That's it. It's annoyingly buggy to even turn it left to right as the mouse gets stuck in move mode constantly. Going into a building makes you guess
    where you are until the roof fades out at some random point.
    2: A confusing and mindless inventory system. Not only does noting sort itself in any useful way, but nothing has a tooltip. Nothing. You found a rune! Good job! What the hell does it do? You won't learn it in this game! Will this potion heal me or kill me? Guess what! All we are going to tell you is that is weighs 0.5 kg! No other info for you! Nothing auto-stacks. You have to manually click and drag everything to stack the hundreds of randomly generated useless items you take out of the hundreds of boxes in every building. You can craft stuff! It's cool! If you somehow manage to figure it out. There's almost no information given on anything. Spells, items, skills, nothing.
    3: Combat is the most boring aspect of this game. You can right click on things! That's about all it comes down to. Kill one thing. Run away, regen, kill another. Monsters shooting you through walls, traps that either kill you outright with no warning or just cause a minor annoyance. That is, when they load so you can figure out what's going on. And I hope you enjoy Korean MMOs because you are going to grind, grind, and grind some more!
    4: Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. If you thought Skyrim was bad at launch, this takes the cake. I can list a dozen or so before I even get out of the starting town, but the one that stands out is getting stuck. You walk down a hill and get lodged between some rocks and can't move? Guess what. Game over. This character is now stuck. Forever. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to get out besides reloading the game. So save ever 15 seconds or so. Because you'll get stuck. A lot.
    5: The UI has a ton of menus that provide little to no information about anything. They are awkward to work around, stay open when you hit ESC making you manually click every X, and provide almost no help at all.
    6: The graphics remind me of Neverwinter Nights. The original one. That's a good thing for 11 years ago. Even with everything on max, it's so fuzzy that it's hard on the eyes. The voice acting isn't too bad, but bland. My character seems to yell at nothing now and then, too.
    Overall, this should have had another year of polish on it before it hit Steam. Do not buy this unless there are some MAJOR improvements. Completely disappointed.
  20. Jun 30, 2013
    FFS! This game fails on so many counts. The much vaunted super immersive engine can't keep up with the character moving around buildings will be missing, then suddenly appear out of nowhere. The basic mechanism for getting money and gear is the age old "steal everything that isn't nailed down", and the NPC's are basically talking statues. A good trick in the shops is to steal the merchant's stuff and sell it back to him. Leveling is all about grind, grind and GRIND HARDER! And somehow playtesting has missed that a character's faith never regenerates beyond the lvl 1 max if you had 29 faith at lvl 1, that's how much you're gonna get even though you max at lvl 3 might be 50. Steer clear, this game is a total waste of money and time! Expand
  21. Jun 30, 2013
    This is not a perfect game but a really fun one. The graphics and music are ok, but the gameplay does it really for me. Things like the camera and the controls are a bit buggy but ok. For the price I can recommend it.
  22. Jun 30, 2013
    the only peopel who would like this game in any review are the marketing guys for this game or their bestfriends, else who in the right mind would actually give a 7 for this crap? this game should not be even out yet.
  23. Jun 30, 2013
    A diamond in the rough. I am enjoying this game. The more I get into it, the more I like it. Yes there are some issues, and it lacks a lot of polish, but if you can get past these issues the game itself is quite engaging.

    Do not expect this game to hold you by the hand and point out where to go, or what to do. You are dumped into this world and you are on your own to figure things out
    which is not for everyone I know, but this is a part of why this game is becoming more endearing to me the more I play.

    Alright lets address some of the game issues the controls are not what you are used to, for a top down isometric. There is not point and click movement (yet the devs are looking into implementing this), movement is WASD (personally I mapped this to a gamepad using xpadder). The screen rotates by right clicking and holding and it is sort of awkward as the right mouse button is also used for virtually all actions as well. As of right now this is a little buggy if you rotate the camera and pass the cursor over an interactive item or an open menu it gets stuck until you click the mouse again. This is a minor annoyance once you know how to avoid it, and is also one the devs are aware of and are looking to patch.

    The quest dialogues are sketchy and not well translated or organized, and in some instances confusing. There are some quirks there. For example one very early quest has you fetching beer for a drunken individual. In the dialogue he implores you not to tattle to someone what you are doing. When you hand the quest in, regardless of whether you warn this person or not he tells you off for narcing him out. These are annoyances, yes, but ones that I can look past, and ones that I imagine will be straightened out in time.

    The graphics are not pretty, do not expect eye candy from this game it is not what it is about. It was billed as an old school game, and that is what it looks and feels like.

    I am sure there are a few other quirks I am overlooking such as leaving you to figure out some game mechanics on your own such as identifying magic items (what a joy it was to discover how to do this!), and learning what effect certain foods or potions have by trying them out yourself. I have seen many people also having issues figuring out how to open locked containers, it is explained in the manual, but not in game. Basically there are sets of different colored tiles (runes) with multiple icons on them, when you open a locked container there is a grid of symbols with 2 highlighted, and you need to make a bridge between these highlighted symbols using the runes in your inventory. The catch is that each lock has a certain color associated with it, and you have to use the runes of the correct color on that container. Runes are picked up by looting, and at first your "kit" is quite incomplete, but as time goes on you get more tiles to work with and are able to open more locked containers.

    Creating spells also uses runes, each rune corresponds to a certain effect. For example there is one rune with a symbol of fire on it, and then another with a heart on it. You select the spell type (protection, missile, or ward) and add up to six of these runes into the spell. The more runes you use the more faith it requires to cast the spell (faith is used as you would expect mana in other games). Using a fire rune in a protect spell gives you protection against fire, using the heart rune in the same gives you added vitality combining them gives you both in the same spell. Using the same runes in a missile spell will give fire damage to your foe and lower its vitality, while a ward would do fire damage over time and lower the vitality of the mob in the area covered by the ward spell. The ability to design a wide array of customized spells quickly and intuitively is a great aspect to this game IMO.

    I have not played enough yet to see how vast the world is, but there is joy in exploration, and in discovering things as you go. If you are a game player who likes to explore and check out every nook and cranny this game will be right up your alley. If you are not, then you may want to give this game a pass.

    All in all, I find this game to be a good time killer, getting past the first part of it and accepting its quirks is difficult. This game is not for everybody, but the more I get into it, the more I find myself liking it. Yes there are many things that still need ironed out in this game, but despite this there is a solid framework and a lot of potential here. It is a small indie team that developed this game, and from what I am reading they are working diligently on ironing out the kinks and delivering a product that satisfies their player base. For now it does feel like you are playing a beta version of the game, but if isometric RPG's that do not hold your hand are up your alley, it is worth looking at or coming back in a few weeks after there is some more polish on this gem.
  24. Jun 30, 2013
    Oh dear. I got this becasue the screen-shots liked good. I loved Van Helsing, Titan Quest, Torchlight and this looks similar.
    It's not. It's not very good at all. The screen is the worst I've played with since the mid 2000's. The camera is always in the wrong place the control is terrible (just moving in a straight line is like tying shoe laces while wearing boxing gloves) the difficulty
    curve is naff. I don't mid if it doesn't scale that's good (it doesn't scale BTW) but this forces you to grind and grind and grind in boring circles, the whole timestruggling with the cotrol method from hell and a camera angle that just doesn't let you see what's going on. With Van Helsing out only a few days ago and SO MUCH BETTER then if you want another Diablo like then that's the one to get. If you haven't aleady got Torchlight 2 then that's the best of the lot. Hell even Diablo 3 for all it's nonsense is a lot better than this. At least it's playable if a bit dull. This one struggles to give you any enjoyment at all. Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 6
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 6 out of 6
  1. Oct 16, 2013
    An apology is in order to everyone who fell for the promises on Kickstarter and paid for this ruin of a game. [11/2013, p.76]
  2. 20
    A crappy system, technologically speaking it's an unfinished, irritating, and every now and then arrogant action RPG, with flaws as merits, demonstrating how to not make a game. [Issue#232]
  3. Aug 28, 2013
    In all aspects this is a substandard action RPG that will maybe come up with better evaluation someday thanks to its patches and updates bombardment. But in this very moment the game is just sadly watching its better fellows from below.