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  • Summary: A defeated Rocket Racer has gone away to practice his racing skills on planet Xalax. There, he meets the Ramas, car-crazy creatures that race all over the planet and even have a huge racing arena called the Dome. Not wanting to accept his defeat, Rocket Racer issues a new race challenge and summons the greatest racers of all time to the Ramas's dome for the Galactic Racing Championship! Expand
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  1. 78
    A few more tweaks here and there, and a little more in the way of multiplayer and this could have been elevated from pretty darn good, to bleeding damn excellent.
  2. Short Adventure and limited two-player mode aside, Lego Racers 2 is an excellent game.
  3. Though winning isn't an easy feat, there is enjoyment in the pursuit. Whether racing against the computer or a friend, kids who enjoy the versatility of LEGOS will enjoy this game and the competition.
  4. The adventure mode is quite intriguing, the ability to build cars from scratch and watch them disassemble is entertaining, and the split-screen competition is a blast. However, there is not enough substance in the racing options, track challenges, and audiovisual polish to set this offering apart from the pack.
  5. 48
    Has a great character and car building system and the graphics are nice in places. Unfortunately the frame-rate is below average, the sound effects and music are often horrible and the racing, the biggest part of the game, has not been executed well.
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  1. [Anonymous]
    Dec 11, 2004
  2. Apr 5, 2011
    Despite the general excitement of travelling to other worlds and competing in lego races, the races lack detail, there is not enough variation and there is too much 'waiting around' for races to begin. It simply does not compete with other racing games. However, it is a game aimed at the younger generation and I can picture younger gamers really enjoying the excitement of seeing lego brought into life in colour and pace. Expand