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  • Summary: LightFish is a highly addictive arcade game, where the user controls a small fish who lives in the abyssal deeps of the ocean... surrounded by deadly creatures. His objective is to destroy all the monsters who inhabit those dangerous zones by drawing lines onto unexplored territory. However, any enemy who manages to touch the Lightfish will kill him instantly! Expand
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  1. Jul 21, 2012
    Good game! It's got a great soundtrack, amazing design with great monsters who can be very annoying, but hey! What kind of good game has easy monsters? Wait, Half-Life...but that only has one useless monster! This game has a TON of levels in the adventure mode, and it even has a Time Trial! I recommend it, and it's VERY Cheap! It's only $5, if it's NOT on sale! (It's on sale a lot...)

    Get it today on Steam!
  2. May 26, 2012
    Bad, really. First, Game on Steam install each time you launch it, so you wait about 3-5 minutes each time you want to play. Secondly, and this is maybe the really bad point imo.. There is no "restart" possibility before game over... So each time you know you fail and you want to restart level, you have to exit > Go to menu > Launch adventure > Choose world > Choose level.... For a game that require a lot of retry to get perfection mark... how cant developper have thought about this -_- !!!!
    So now about game itself, its fun for about 20-30 minutes then.... repetition.... repetition & repetition. enemies got no logical path, so its completely random to loose or win... you cant even think about a strategy to reach good score.

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