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Mixed or average reviews- based on 67 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 37 out of 67
  2. Negative: 22 out of 67

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  1. Dec 25, 2013
    This game easily qualifies as a contender for the best puzzle game of the century. A brilliantly thought out storyline draws players to spend hours on the log in menu alone. The intricate labyrinth of a login process for multiplayer is simply extraordinary. You can tell from the sleek black window and on screen visuals that the creators have spent months making sure every aspect of it is beautifully rendered and polished. I have tried coop on it and I can truly say that it is absolutely incredible. Although we were baffled by the email verification level on this game, we pressed on and found that it was really actually unsolvable! Truly a must-buy game. 9/10 would play again. Expand
  2. Jul 9, 2013
    Lost Planet 2 is a disjointed mess without style or substance. The developers don't bother themselves with well-designed levels, clever triggers and challenging AI. They just throw you into a hostile crowd, hoping that you'll have fun. Well put Absolute games, but sometimes this is the best way to play a game, look at painkiller for example. I for one love this game
  3. Dec 26, 2012
    Great game and fun to replay. It has great mechanics and enemy's as well as being action packed. People give it bad reviews because it isn't call of duty first person shooter. Don't knock this game till you tried it, you'll either fall in love or you will move on.'s my cup of tea! Can't wait for number 3!
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    Great Game,played it on my PS3 and got it for my pc as well,everything is cool but u cant reduce the mouse sensivility,no matter what you do,,,,,crappy control settings but besides that this is a great a game
  5. Jul 4, 2012
    Even though I liked the original lost planet, this one was better. It took me a while to get going, and the controls were quite a bit different from the original game yet the story and the action were better than ever. Some might say the story is shallow and linear. However, there was plenty of action and it held my interest throughout I would recommend this game to anybody
  6. Jun 30, 2012
    A game Completely focused on a fault. It's a pain to complete the story with a team AI that doesn't really understand teamwork (even after the update). Graphics are very nice and weapons are not too over exaggerated. Very fun overall. The plot is very Japanese. Almost straight manga style with an offensive view of other cultures or females. BUY THIS GAME IF: -You are all about Co-op. -You can turn off your brain to a piecemeal plot or approach it with humor (MST3k fans already have the skill) -You like lots of guns and mechs. -you like to customize. AVOID IF: -You are looking for good PvP. -You want a complete plot. -You are easily offended by stereotypes. -You abhor grinding for weapons/gear.
    OVERALL: Grab 3 friends when this is on sale and have a good time.
  7. Jun 21, 2012
    I'm very disappointed this game. Much worse than the Lost Planet 1. Not really have story, and the singleplayer is bad. Graphics are okay. With 3 AI teammates *****. Can't controlling on pc. Cheap PC port, than the Lost Planet 1, but its worse.
  8. Mar 26, 2012
    my favourite game of the generation. i think it isn't understand for the general public, its a personalÃ
  9. Feb 15, 2012
    In the space of time it took to get from XBOX and PS3 to Windows, LP2 was treated to some of the pickiest reviews I've ever seen. Despite having not played the first Lost Planet game at the time and the almost unanimous negative-to-average critical reaction, the stunning visuals and trailer prompted me to buy this game and I'm definitely glad I ignored those reviews. The design, interface and other issues noted with console versions were (for me) non-existent. I don't have a problem with Lost Planet 2 because of its arcade sensibilities, it's not attempting to tell you a story with the scope and pathos of classic literature, all you need from the premise is to pick up a gun, dash through wonderfully crafted (if at times linear) environments and shoot at some of the biggest and best-designed alien creatures ever put on a computer screen. Many critics picked on Lost Planet for being faceless or lacking engaging characters but that's moot, really - it's not that sort of game. It's fun, which is all that should matter. Expand
  10. Dec 3, 2011
    This game is obviously not adapted to PCs... playing it on PC therefore rewards the game 0 in this scale. However, playing it on a console might be much better. I definitely think co-op on console would be a great experience!
  11. Aug 24, 2011
    I feel like Capcom are consistently releasing games that are potentially brilliant, but full of design flaws. Lost Planet 2 is the greatest example of this. I really enjoy the world and style of the game, but there are lots of niggling problems that ruin it.
  12. May 17, 2011
    Had a lot of fun with this game. While it is pretty much the same game, the massively improved graphics and coop adds a new feel to this game. The chapters can be very short, but the boss battles are fantastic! Overall I would say this is a really good game.
  13. May 6, 2011
    I agree with the reviews: this game has a few glaring faults that really get on my nerves when playing it. Nonetheless I believe it gets the credit it deserves for what it does well, let's go through that first:

    I am absolutely blown back by how well your typical western-styled shooter meets the japanese adventure and arcade elements that is so unique to our asian friends. It is a pure
    and great hybrid and the gameplay mechanics are exciting and very rewarding: an A rating for that I'll tell you.
    Then if that's not enough there's also the graphics and the designs: the japanese flair a lá overman king gainer and other related styles is simply nothing I have ever seen in a game.
    I don't really get the story to be honest but that's a japanese thing: never expect to truly understand the whole story. You either like it or not: but it's not a bad thing.

    So I'm raving on and on about how great this game is... then... exactly what's wrong?
    Well everything *around* the game is wrong and drags it down. First off the menus and interface: on PC it is just retarded, convoluted, overly designed, poorly designed, unintuitive, etc. I struggle to remember a game with worse menus.
    Second are the controls which are basically yuck. Maybe they work on console, I don't know: but on PC it requires some tinkering and simple grinding to get used to them and see them as barely decent.
    Third is how little the game guides you when playing. I don't like hand-holding but come on give me a few required headers and tips instead of just thrusting me into a situation with a mission I am not sure how to achieve. Most elements in the game you have to figure out and that is just not fun.

    All in all I praise it for its solid core consisting of a unique take on shooter/japanese arcader with great design and gameplay. But everything around that core is just unintuitive, garbled and more of a nuisance.
  14. Feb 4, 2011
    This game looks great, and is tons of fun when played with friends. It loses one point due to being a somewhat lazy port from 360. When you first start the game you will notice that the dead spots from the console analog sticks were not removed, which translates into the aiming reticule not moving if you move the mouse at slow speeds. This issue is fixed by increasing the sensitivity levels(there are two of them for some reason) all the way up and then you will adjust the aim speed to your liking. One unfortunate thing at least on the steam version, but for which I did not deduct a point for because I do not feel it is really the game's fault, is that for most modes of multiplayer it is very difficult to find a game. I assume this is due to low population, which should not be surprising given the ridiculously low scores from critics. Most people won't even try a game that is lower than 8 or 8.5 metacritic, which is unfortunate in my opinion because people miss out on a lot of great games. Personally I only pay attention to the user metacritic rating because it seems to be a better gauge of whether or not I will like a game. Expand
  15. Jan 11, 2011
    My son and I played this game over a weekend for 15.3 Hours,the multiplayer is very fun.
    The artowrk and camera fx in this game make it seem like your watching a movie The visual quality of the art here in my oppinion as a game developer is extreemly well.All in all this was one of the best 10 games i bought this last year.
  16. Jan 7, 2011
    En effet le jeu se repose presque essentiellement sur son multi, comme c'est la mode en ce moment et le cas d'autres grosses licences qui cartonne, on pourra dire que cette aspect parfois trop présent, l'est au détriment du reste.
    De fait je peux comprendre que les amateurs du premier opus soit déçus, mais finalement Capcom à
    pris le risque de ne pas faire un simple copier/coller de son premier jeu.

    Particulièrement attiré par tout les aspects multijoueurs d'un jeu, je trouve LP2 suffisamment solide et prometteur pour devenir l'un des rares TPS compétitif intéressant sur PC (ne jouant pas sur console, je ne donne pas mon avis).
    Le jeu est atypique, ce qui n'est sans doute pas pour plaire à tout le monde certes, mais enfin ! quel plaisir !
  17. Jan 2, 2011
    All-in-all, the multiplayer co-op campaign offers a fun enough romp around the surface of E.D.N III. Whilst I cannot speak for the competitive online play, the campaign's non-stop action, ridiculous cutscenes, stunning visuals, plethora of weapons and gadgets combined with a veritable mound of unlockables qualifies Lost Planet 2 for a soundly enjoyable experience, perhaps marred at times only by the rather unintelligent AI and awkward controls. Expand
  18. Dec 27, 2010
    Visually speaking, when played on a pc with adaquate graphics horsepower, this game is stunning. The DX11 graphics and cut scenes really are amazing. If you have a nice rig hooked up to a high def monitor this game is worth getting. That said, their are a few issues. The game play in this sequel is a pretty big departure from the 1st in my opinion. I have yet to complete it, but thus far (about 7 hrs in) I have not used the VS's that much at all. Most of the campaign mode has been done in little short missions which do not usually last long. This coupled with substantial load times for missions makes for a somewhat broken up experience. There is also a heavy focus on a multilayer campaign mode in this game. I personally liked the way the first one was done and wish they stuck to the format used in it. But in conclusion, the graphics in this game make up for my gripes in game play. I think this is worth having if for nothing else than to show off what DX11 is capable of with the gorgeous cinematics that are offered frequently in the game. Expand
  19. Oct 23, 2010
    So this stupid platformer, who dont cost 50$ and wasted time! Dont play this oldtimer game, if you dont play this 1 part. +of game Big monsters, Coop
    - Boring Big monster, boring coop

Mixed or average reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 15
  2. Negative: 2 out of 15
  1. Jan 15, 2011
    Lost Planet 2 is a disjointed mess without style or substance. The developers don't bother themselves with well-designed levels, clever triggers and challenging AI. They just throw you into a hostile crowd, hoping that you'll have fun.
  2. Jan 11, 2011
    Great action game including huge boss fights against over-sized monsters. A must have for those who like to play coop games for up to four players. In case you play the game alone alongside AI partners the difficulty level may frustrate you from time to time.
  3. Jan 8, 2011
    The PC version of Lost Planet 2 solves some problems present on consoles, offering some excellent visuals thanks to the DirectX 11 support. Unfortunately, the developers could not remedy to the flaws of the original game (interesting plot but anonimous characters, several short missions in the single player campaign and a mediocre AI), but the combat system is still excellent and there are plenty of nice multiplayer modes. If you loved the first Lost Planet, this sequel won't disappoint you, definitely.