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  1. Jun 7, 2013
    This game should not be sold on Steam, it should be for free on Newgrounds. If it were for free, I'd give it a higher score. I say this because it lacks many things that make a it a full fledged game.

    Long story short you have to send this little moon guy (who falls from the moon) back to the moon. There are many ways to get to the moon. One way to get to the moon per the game is immediately next to the place you land after falling from the moon. What I mean is you can beat the game (one of the ways) within seconds after you begin to play.

    Also, the game is buggy. Mostly that it won't play on most computers. It plays very slow, even on really fast machines. Not sure why, considering it's a simple 2D game, although with much post effects. No way to turn off these effects without editing the .ini in the game. I had to turn off post effects and was unable to play full screen without getting lag. The lag is so bad, and at first you'll think that's how slow the game is because you'll wonder why it'd lag on such a simple short game.

    Things that cheapen the game are seemingly unfinished portions of the game. For instance there's a rocket ship connected to the flying island you land on. You jump at it, and it has no landing area, it's simply a flat 2D no design piece of real estate... you fall through it all the way past the map, and then you fly upwards. Why? This makes no sense... maybe if you landed in the spacecraft and it took off... not sure. Incredibly odd and not in an artistic way.

    Also, there are puzzles to solve to take you back to the moon, and the presentation of these puzzles aren't the most appealing, the eye is drawn to the puzzles. The puzzle pieces in the game lack a "Hey Look At Me" aspect. There are also things to collect that make absolutely no sense, the presentation of things you collect need more work.

    This game has a lot of potential. I like the concept, the atmosphere is catchy and mysterious. I hate how this is compared to Metroid... I find that sort of arrogant on behalf of the developers. This game isn't any where near a comparison to Metroid. The concept they were going for can be successfully found in a game (free) called "Soul Brother" and that had elements of Metroid.

    There were many things that lacked a reasoning. Add to that, cheapening things such as the credits of the game written throughout the map took me out of the fantasy and imagination of the world.

    The music was absolutely amazing. A+
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  2. Sep 14, 2014
    Obraz vypadal jako bych se na něj díval přes tlusté umaštěné brýle. Ovládání se taky nepovedlo. Optimalizace špatná. A to samé platí i o hře wake. Full Review »
  3. AWG
    Aug 2, 2013
    This "game" (SO indie and obscure it does not even have a menu) is absolutely horrendous and I'm pretty sure North Korean Army uses it to torture dissidents and protesters. 3,99€ for this on Steam is nothing but a thievery. Full Review »