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  • Summary: Get ready for a dose of bone-crunching football action on the PlayStation 2 with Madden NFL 2001. Madden NFL 2001 features an all-new and exclusive NFL Coaches Club license, which means you'll see coaches on the sidelines and hear them yelling encouragement, comments and criticisms. Madden 2001 also features individualized details, easy-to-use interface, dynamically enhanced audio and play-by-play recorded with John Madden and his broadcast partner, Pat Summerall, and more! Expand
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  1. It really is an awesome game that is getting better with age, unlike John Madden, who is heading in the opposite direction.
  2. Even if Madden NFL 2001 wasn’t the only game in town, it would still be one of the best football games ever.
  3. 87
    For God's sake, what is that crappy music? There's only one kind of music that should ever be associated with professional football in America, and that's the NFL Films soundtrack
  4. A great game that perpetuates the tradition of quality games with the Madden nameplate. If you like football, you will love this game.
  5. Far from perfect, but it still provides a decent football experience.
  6. An attempt shagged to the left that lands just inside the uprights.
  7. There are times when it plays like a dream; conversely there are times that it plays more like the Arena League rather than the NFL.

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