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  • Summary: Joe's Adventures offers an engaging narrative and allows players to explore new locations, including a train station, the cathouse, a boat yard, a seasonally changing lakefront and some never-before-seen buildings in Empire Bay. This exciting new chapter in the Mafia II saga includes new clothing, collectibles and even more classic 40's and 50's music. In addition to the story-based missions, Joe's Adventures opens up a slew of optional city-based quests packed with arcade action gameplay and a points-based system that allows players to move up the ranks on the online leaderboard through combos and multiplier bonuses. Deadly executions by head shot or charged explosives rack up points, and precision-timed vehicular power slides, lofty jumps and feats of supercharged speed maintain the adrenaline-charged fun for extensive replayability. Expand
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  1. Dec 27, 2010
    What's new in Mafia 2: Joe's Adventure, as the narration and Joe himself as main character, work just great. The problems are all related to what was already be implemented into Mafia II, as the IA and an extreme linearity of the missions. For those reasons the whole experience is a mixed bag advisable to everyone loved the original experience.
  2. Dec 23, 2010
    Brilliant shoot-outs are dulled by maddening side missions in this inconsistent add-on.
  3. Feb 24, 2011
    While there are "proper" missions, most are plotless busy-work. [Mar 2011, p.87]
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  1. Apr 30, 2013
    Terrible. Let's be honest, the star of Mafia II was the story. The gameplay and the controls were average at best, and frustratingly awful at worst. This DLC comes with all of 4 story related missions. (The story by the way makes no sense) To boost the gameplay "value" the devs added like 20 arcade style side missions (which are actually required to continue to the main missions, so they aren't really side missions at all) None of which were enjoyable in the slightest. One of my biggest complaints for the core game was its appalling save system i had hopes that this DLC would rectify that. What did they do? They COMPLETELY eliminated any checkpoint system in the 20 side mission. On your way to the "safe zone" to finish a 10 minute side mission? Crash? Start at the beginning again! It's immensely frustrating. The good: After you finish all the missions, you are allowed to walk around the city and replay any mission you want, which is nice. There are also like 15 or so new Playboys to find as well. Yeah, that's about all of the good. Basically, it's a bad DLC and you shouldn't spend very much, if any of your money on it. Get it when it's on sale if you really have to have it. Expand