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  • Summary: A unique blend of strategy, tactical combat, and role-playing brought to life with full 3D graphics and an epic storyline. As a Wizard, you have the power to conjure terrifying creatures and devastating spells against you opponent. Before each battle, you choose which spells you will bring with you, and then use the spells in real-time tactical combat against your opponent. [Bethesda Softworks] Expand
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  1. All things considered, this is one of the best games to try and merge two genres, and it does so very successfully - despite a few minor flaws that don't detract too much from the gameplay.
  2. 80
    I wasn’t wowed with the graphics or blown away with the gameplay, but it kept me in front of the monitor. If you enjoyed the first you’ll enjoy this one.
  3. 79
    If you love multiplayer, have a speedy connection and the horsepower, or if you really enjoy skirmish battles against the CPU, then it's much easier to recommend.
  4. While gameplay differs in style, developer Climax Group manages to hold the line on the environment and overall fantasy feel of the original title developed by Mythos Games, Ltd.
  5. Aside from the move to 3D graphics and the requisite new spells and characters, changes or enhancement are surprisingly lacking in this sequel. [Feb 2002, p.67]
  6. The unevenness of the campaign and awkward interface may prove to be too frustrating for some players. The skirmish mode can be enjoyable, though.
  7. The plot isn't thick enough to block candlelight, and the cut scenes that litter each mission are somewhat problematic...Thankfully, the strategic elements are far more engaging.

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  1. ULisesA.
    Aug 5, 2003
    It's excellent I like too much and I enjoy the graphics and the story.
  2. PaddyH.
    Jan 23, 2002
    Story line is great, the 3D graphics are ok and gameplay is fantastic. It brings together all of the game genres that I enjoy. My best gaming buy of the January sales so far! Expand