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  1. Dec 1, 2011
    If you had trouble with the original campaign and are looking for something easier, this DLC is not what you are looking for. The Stars are Left is freaking hard. And also very, very fun.

    Taking a still humorous yet somewhat darker tone than the original campaign, The Stars are left is an almost perfect blend of action, frustration, and some puzzle solving. For only 6.99, it provides 2
    challenge maps, 7 new magicks, a whole lot of new items and a new campaign extending three very long levels and four boss fights (The last one of which eventually leads to two boss-level enemies being fought at once, hellishly difficult in single player). Most old magicks are unavailable for the campaign, meaning that players who rely on minion spawn or lightning bolt will have to create new strategies. The new Lovecraftian enemies especially provide some interesting challenges and make you think on your feet. Although very possible, the new campaign steps up the difficulty for single player mode, and I can imagine that even with co-op things can be rather difficult.

    The challenge maps are both good, with the outsmouth map forcing the player to begin with only the life element. There are a couple of minor flaws, however. While for the most part not plagued by the horde of bugs that accompanied Magicka upon its initial release, there are a couple of minor glitches in the boss battles that occasionally force your enemies into suspended animation. Moreover, the cultist robe especially is in need of nerfing, especially for versus mode, with the spawn staff carrying the ability to summon flaming trees of death. The campaign is a touch short, but very good value.

    Still, as a whole this DLC is fantastic. Go buy it now.

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  1. Jan 26, 2012
    As a parody of Lovecraft, The Stars Are Left is a deeply under-baked adventure, and only the most hardcore need apply to take on this single-player campaign. [Mar 2012, p.77]