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  1. Jul 4, 2014
    It's not perfect, but the gameplay is addictive and smart... it's an hard game, but in the good way, it takes time to master it, and you need to think about what you're doing. Really fun!
  2. Jan 31, 2014
    Combine your 8 elements into powerful magic and unleash an enormous number of combinations upon your enemies !!!! ... or your friends.

    I think I never laughed so much playing a game (probably only Monkey Island made me laugh harder, but that was single player), so this is the funniest game to play with your friends !!! This is the funniest game where you can KILL your friends.... and
    laugh about it. Frozen in an ice cube, incinerated, electrocuted, crushed by giant stones, exploded by the electric ice wall of death... yes that's an actual magic combo you can create.
    This game offer so much possibilities you will not advance a single chapter in the story until you have killed your friends (or yourself ) at least 30 times, you'll enjoy hours of experimenting with magic combinations, trying to find the deadliest spell or the safest shield.
    The game is also full of easter eggs and references, I can assure you there are a LOT of them, from Star Wars to The Lord of The rings, from Castelvania to Tomb Raider, from Reservoir Dogs to Zelda, just play it and find them !

    Magicka is one of the funniest, brilliant and enjoyable games you will ever play, the Swedish-english gibberish of dialogues will make you laugh for hours.

    The only cons about this game is that it's often buggy and the graphics should, and could, have been done better.
  3. Jan 22, 2014
    El juego esta muy bien, es de magos y mezclar poderes es divertido, sobretodo cuando matas a tus amigos D Bueno, lo malo es que debes hacer el capitulo entero para que tu partida se guarde, algo que me parece muy mal. Lo recomiendo solo si vas a jugarlo con amigos y te gustan los juegos de magia. La duración puede ser variada, de 10, 15 a 20 horas, es muy innovador pero se repiten algunas misiones. Expand
  4. Jan 3, 2014
    Highly enjoyable, mostly. The steam store and videos don't really do this game justice, I myself was deterred by the lack of any real HUD and the potentially featureless environments shown in gameplay videos across then internet. When I bought it in the Humble Bundle, it sat at the back of my library, ignored for a few weeks.
    Due to my impulse that I shouldn't buy a game in a bundle/pack
    and then never play it, I launched the game and discovered the amazing gameplay style. With the element-cimbining gameplay, this game offers a whole different perspective on "Magic" games. As opposed to casting the spell at the right thing at the right time, the focus of this game is the actual creation of the spell and the execution of it. While there are literally thousands of spells created by combining elements to give effects influenced by what the spell is made up of, there are "Magicks" that are particular combinations of elements that can be executed in a different way to create very particular results.
    The above forgives the minimal HUD (which, after a few breakings of the 4th wall, turns out to be deliberate) and the fact you don't seem to be able to translate the audio in the cutscenes from German, only read the subtitles. The infinite references to internet events and real life occurances are hugely amusing in parts and the characters in the game break the fourth wall constantly.

    A successful effort from Paradox to show that graphics, HUD, a serious storyline and coop gameplay are not necessary in a game. A hugely enjoyable experience with only a few blips, strongly recommended.
  5. Dec 23, 2013
    The game is great! it have a very cool and funny history, the combos and magicks are fun to use and make a lot of sence too the only thing in this game that someone can complain about is the mechanic wich tis kinda of hard to learn at first
  6. Dec 17, 2013
    This is still the best PC game to come out in this decade.

    It's not your average dumbed down handholding power fantasy, but you must be very incompetent at playing games and learning things for it not to click.

    We need more games that don't treat the players as if they're all mentally challenged kids.
  7. Dec 11, 2013
    absolutely great game, it has a pleasing art style, unique magic system, it also has its moments when it comes to humor, I am wondering why its metascore is not higher to be quite honest.
  8. Nov 21, 2013
    Magicka um jogo ao mesmo tempo dramático e engraçado. muito divertido! A variedade de magias e o sistema de conjuração delas faz do jogo um item essencial para quem adora jogar entre amigos. O único porém o seu limite de jogadores online: 4 magos.
  9. Nov 19, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (2/2) Visuals/Story (1/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

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    The review score is based out of 10 points. There are no “half” or 0.5 increments. It is impossible to have a score above 10 or below 0. The review score will change as the game gets new dlc, drops in price, or if more secrets are found through the game increasing its appeal.

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  10. Nov 12, 2013
    This is a really fun game with unique mechanics and a great sense of humor. Its a challenging game that does not take itself too seriously after all dying and being killed by friendly fire are DEFINITELY part of the game. I highly recommend cooperative play but it is still fun in single player mode.

    The graphics are great, the pace is quick and the sound is well done. Grab this when
    its on sale and you won't be sorry. Expand
  11. Oct 28, 2013
    Lots of fun with other people. Single player... not so much. Because the bugs and roughness of the system is more noticeable. At least from my experience (although I believe they've fixed it since I played it).

    Interesting and innovative spells system that makes sense in terms of how elements make up each spell. I thought it was rather tedious though, particularly when you're trying to
    cast as many spells as you can to keep up with the number of enemies... but perhaps part of that is because my strategy needs more work in terms of keeping enemies slowed or at bay.

    Didn't really care much for the story HOWEVER, I do have to say that lots of scenes were highly entertaining and are clearly drawn from pop culture and the media.

    Overall, a good game, especially in multiplayer, but I honestly wouldn't play it again after the first run through of the whole campaign.
  12. Sep 17, 2013
    Magicka is a fun game with an innovative magic system and hectic action. It can get *too* hectic with several players in co-op, to the point where you're killed inadvertently by your friends more often that you're killed by enemies, but that's half the fun, and frequent use of the revive spell is needed. The game has almost Monty Python-esque humor that works well with the style of fun in the gameplay.

    In the magic system, various elements can be added to a charge and then used in one of various ways, meaning you can make hundreds of custom spells on the fly. On top of this there are unique spells that require specific sequences to activate with special effects that must be found in books before they can be used. Using beam attacks feels amazing, and the mines send enemies flying in a very satisfying way.

    This game is not for people that get frustrated by exploding in inexplicable, almost cartoonish ways, but rather for high-energy low-seriousness fun, alone or with one or two friends.
  13. Sep 5, 2013
    This game is very innovative, brings a fun magic mechanic. But this game have countless gliches, and the controls don't give you the best experience. There's better games to waste your money.
  14. Sep 2, 2013
    this game is hard cuz the screen is stack in some place and you just can't see your character and about that u can combine element is a joke, they all was designed by the developers, and in many level u must use them or u can't go forward, and some times u can't key in the right element, and u can't cancel that. and ur enemy kick u like a ball all a round the screen WTF is that.

    it's playable but suck in every single part, control is so bad cuz the combine element and camera is so bad.

    even it gives a 75% discount it's not worth ur time in this
  15. Aug 22, 2013
    I'm trying to warn people against buying this game on Steam sale, too late for many of you I know. Magicka is a $1 indy game with production values way back from the age of the original Playstation. You will see it offered 'on sale' for about $7. Don't be fooled this is a low quality amateur affair. The game actually has a GREAT magic system at its core, its not ALL bad. If the developers had any idea about graphics or programming (or humour) they could have gone on to build a good game around the good magic system. But they DIDN'T. PVP maybe ok. dunno. The single player experience however is simply TERRIBLE. The maps are bad, the core gameplay is bad, the writing is dreadful, and the 'humour' is tragically NOT FUNNY. There is no quick save system, so once you get to a tough boss be prepared for unlimited frustration as you die and then have to play the ENTIRE level to get to the boss again. Pure amateursville. If you are reading this you probably got suckered by me into buying it 'cheap' only to find out that it's not cheap. It's a rip-off. Probably one of the most effective Steam scams out there. You have been warned.

    THE GROT REVIEW CRITERIA: After a long time writing reviews like an anus, think its time to set a few bad habits straight: Stop insulting designers. Show some respect for the design process and getting games in circulation. Hence (1) No Red scores. (2) Game scores as follows: Bad Game 5/10. Poor Game 6/10. Mediocre Game: 7/10. Good Game 8/10. Great game 9/10. Stella Game 10/10. To get 10/10 it must be a game that can be (theoretically) play-able for 1000+ hours. Not only great but near endless fun. Games may be bad or poor but making them should earn respect. Thus even the worst POS will still be a 5/10. 0/10 no longer exists in my vocabulary. Yellow is the new red. For the sake of accountability: you can reply if needed: Orctowngrot: Tim Rawlins:
  16. AWG
    Jun 25, 2013
    You can't quick save so if you die at the end of a level, you have to repeat it from the very beginning.
    You can't store things in your inventory (I mean, you do not have an inventory) so if you find a weapon you have to drop your previous one.
    You can carry two weapons, but you can only use your primary one.
    But the most important thing is: gameplay is terrible. You have to play this
    game at least 30 hours just to memorize the commands and the main combinations of magics. Unacceptable.
    Humor and graphics are not bad and that's a shame because the rest of the game is really unplayable.
  17. Jun 23, 2013
    Terribly underrated game. Magicka is very fun to play, and eve funner with friends. The game is fun, challenging and exciting, with many different levels, enemies and elements you can combine in different ways to kill your enemies. Magicka is filled with fun refrences to almost every popular movie and game ever made. I recommend playing this game with your friends, it's a lot more fun than playing it alone Expand
  18. Jun 6, 2013
    nice game, but it seems like developers abandoned the game. it still has too many bugs and sometimes it gets extremely hard to pass some places in the game.
  19. May 25, 2013
    Most complaints about this game's controls or the bugs and glitches. The bugs were ironed out a short while after release, and although problems do exist, it's worth fighting through those to play the games (especially with friends).

    The controls seem clunky at first, but that's mainly due to the fact that no other game has a similar control scheme. Yes, there are other dungeon
    scrollers that have spells, but no game revolves entirely about the interaction of those spells (and the lack of a mana bar); and once these are mastered, the game becomes incredibly fun to play.

    It's worth buying at full price, but sales are often enough for it on steam that you can pick it up for $5 or $2.50. I'd recommend picking up the addon campaigns too, as they're cheap, but add large portions to the base game.

    In the end, if the gameplay doesn't convince you, it's fun to play to guess all the references. From the wizards who say "ni" to the sword AND the stone (an amazing sword/hammer thing), you'll be able to nod to something.

    And if you're not having fun playing single player, just play with friends. I've found it impossible to play a game with friends on skype, without bursting into laughter at our own stupidity.
  20. May 24, 2013
    UI for movement seemed really clunky to me. It looks and plays like an arcade game from the 70's. I like the concept of so many spell combinations but I only seemed to use a few of the combos to get the bosses down. The fighting is rather boring and repetitive and I do not recommend this game even at a low price.
  21. May 15, 2013
    This is a really good game plagued by confusing and complex controls. They take a while to get used to and i don't think i ever will as even after playing this game for 3 hours straight I still find myself unable to make split second decisions in combat with the awkward controls. That's this games biggest flaw. I know how to make so many interesting and cool spell combos, but i will hardly if ever end up using them because i wont be able to enter them in combat fast enough. It just comes down to me spamming spells like steam and fireball because it takes two keys and not eight like some others. Using the qwerasdf keys for spells isn't the problem, its the Diablo like controls on the mouse that make this game a clunker and i sadly dont see how this game could have been made any other way unless you wanted to make this an arcade table game with joysticks and buttons (which would be badas*). Still i play this game so much as it is incredibly fun, especially with a group of friends. Its one of those diamond in the rough games that i would very much like to see a sequel of to work out its kinks. Expand
  22. May 4, 2013
    It is not a serious game and the game must not be taken very seriously. Mixing all these elements makes for some very interesting combinations and spells. However, the game executes this very poorly, I always struggle playing this game properly as it is stiff and sometimes I am fighting to control the character. Multiplayer lags out a lot for me and I can never seem to have a good time with my friends with it. There is a lot of potential in this game, I just feel it is wasted with all the bugs and clunky-ness. I wouldn't recommend this game. Expand
  23. Apr 20, 2013
    The game's concept and play are actually quite awesome. I really enjoyed the demo, which motivated me to purchase the game. Unfortunately, the demo is a very pruned down version of the full game. This meaning that I immediately noticed choppy game play once upgrading to the full version. I am playing on a brand new bootcamped mac mini, so sure, its not a haus of a machine, but it runs diablo 3 just fine. Not Magicka? On top of this, the game is rife with bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere. I didn't go a full stage without having to consciously avoid a bug. Now passive bugs, I don't mind, but bugs that get your character stuck constantly are quite the annoyance. I got stuck in a plethora of places and had to restart the levels. Not to mention, I got stuck in a casting bug at least a handful of times and had to completely reboot the game. The coders for this game were likely freshmen comp sci majors with no expertise in game coding at all. If the game wasn't wonderfully cheap, I would be complaining to get my money back. Having paid just around 3 bucks, its not a problem. I had fun whilst playing through the first time, but going back experiencing bug after bug, there is no going back. Expand
  24. Mar 15, 2013
    A great game that has improved greatly over time, whether it be bug fixes, the Zelda fairy, the humour, references, gibberish, the lot! A great game that I love spending time in, this game was made from an original and innovative concept, and with some very worthwhile DLC adventures, like "The Stars Are Left", be sure to it up sometime, preferably the complete collection on a common enough Steam sale Expand
  25. Mar 15, 2013
    Holy poptarts in a pizza box, this is how you make a magic system. The controls are kinda wonky, and it's release was glitched to the point of them releasing a free dlc that adds a new spell, crash to desktop, and a bugged staff, broken sword, and patched robe. Get this game and every dlc, it's just too good. I'm a big magic geek, (Look at my name. I'm leet wizard.) and I know for a fact that this is how I'm going to train my kids to use spells when they grow up. Put them infront of this game, tell them how to play, and one week later, work with them to do... Magic evil things. Okay, time for the review.

    Things I like-
    -Four player co op throughout everything.
    -Three great game modes to choose from.
    -Best. Magic. System. Ever.
    -Good music.
    -Good graphics.
    -Hilarious humor!

    Things I don't like-
    -It's still kinda glitchy, but it's tolerable.
    -It's so easy to die!
    -Level 10's boss is too hard singleplayer, but multiplayer, it's easy.

    In the end, Buy. This. Game.
    And buy all the dlc's.
    For you and all your friends.
    9/10, if it's less buggy, solid 10.
  26. Mar 7, 2013
    Magicka is a humorous adventure game in which you guide a wizard (with up to 3 friends) through a parody fantasy world where everyone speak bad swedish. The twist is that you combine different elements (fire, ice etc.) by yourself and then launch the outcome towards your enemies and/or friends. This leads to a huge arsenal of different spells and together with staffs and weapons make your character feel charmingly random. Problem is that playing this game with a gamepad is not recommended since the joystics are used to combine the spells and makes it slow and clunky in comparison to keyboard. And as the game offers an option to play from one computer you should plug in 4 keyboards for it to be at it's best...

    Another issue is with the parody side of the game; it makes the game so much better but if you're in search for more serious adventuring then getting constantly killed by your teammates might not be the thing for you.
  27. Jan 28, 2013
    The game simply does not stand my expectations!The concept and the gameplay are nice but this game is full of bugs!Low FPS bug,crash bug,not connecting with specific people bug and a lot of other bugs.I can connect with my brother and I can't connect with my friend OMG!I reached Chapter 11 and I am stuck there because of the bugs!The developers simply don't do anything about the bugs.They just release DLC for an unplayable game.I am sad that Paradox Interactive released it because I like Paradox Interactive.Stay away from it until they fix the bugs. Expand
  28. Jan 27, 2013
    This is an amazing party game to play with 2-3 friends and a mediocre single player experience. If you realize that you're buying a multiplayer game to share with your friends either online or at a LAN party you won't regret this for a second, but if you were misled into believing that this is some kind of single player RPG with in depth statistics and character customization you will be disappointed.

    Taking it for what it is, a hilariously entertaining party game with a unique spell casting system and slapstick deaths as your more aggressive party members frequently kill their own friends, it deserves a 9/10.
  29. Jan 21, 2013
    The most fun I have had playing with friends in a long, long time. Would recommend if you are able to play with mates. It's a fun and creative game, with many clever references and a good sense of humour overall, and it is good to find a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.
  30. Jan 20, 2013
    The very battle of the elements, the bathrobe wizards control absolutely anything, no one is safe and easy to fall into the trap. The game feels like an old school game from Snes,but for PC.Its a hardcore game,you have to be on your toes, but it feels casual the way you can control the enemies and how you solve the situation. Recommend mouse+keyboard.
  31. Jan 18, 2013
    O jogo mágicka é um excelente jogo indie. Você pode curti-lo de várias formas. A mais prazeroza, sem dúvidas, é jogar com os amigos. O que não impede de jogar sozinho, onde o desafio é bem maior.
    Após ver este video , comprei-o e me juntei com amigos para gastar horas aprendendo novas
    combinações de elementos, e formulando estratégias (que na maioria das vezes falharam rs).
    O unico defeito, é consumir muito recurso do seu computador, o que não vejo motivos.
  32. Jan 18, 2013
    It's fun and logical rpg game. But it has many critical errors. For example, I open the box door to get new items, then my character fall to the out of sight. And then it is dead...
  33. Jan 17, 2013
    A brilliant game almost entirely ruined by a botched launch. I can not stress this enough: if you have not tried the game, TRY IT! There are hours upon hours of story and multiplayer to be explored. The combat is truly unique for a game of the fantasy genre. The humor is plentiful and often on point. This is a game made by people who love to play games and it is obvious.
  34. Jan 13, 2013
    I must admit, playing this alone is a waste of time, but if you get together with some friends, this game is a mass of fun and chaos, with unknown spells flying everywhere, and a nice long campaign to keep you entertained for quite a while.
  35. Jan 3, 2013
    I really wanted to love this because it was a unique game,the first hours i really liked the game and how you combine spells to create entirely different spells but when i tried to connect with 2 of my friend the game just stopped to work into the loading screen and we had to restart it,so if co-op which is really a important part of the game is bad with many glitches makes it unplayable.In my opinion the game without the bugs and glitches worth at least a 8/10 but with the problems it has will take take a 3/10 from me. Expand
  36. Dec 30, 2012
    Strategic and funny when playing with friends. But there are a lot of bugs.
    It also has some good humor which is also sometimes stupid and ridiculous (internet memes).
  37. Dec 28, 2012
    Interesting concept, quite funny, enjoyable multiplayer. But this game is broken, very broken. I experience bugs (no, it isn't because of my PC) about every 15 min of online play. Either my screen turns black or i disconnect... Since yesterday I even can't join a game no more... Almost 2 years after release this game still is just one big bug with some fun parts in between it...
  38. Dec 23, 2012
    Magicka is a brilliant game! i think it's important to say that its is a very difficult one too, however they should have made an option for the difficulty. In my opinion the game starts with a great and also funny story in which everything makes a more parody impression than a serious story normally does. Along the game you have to create strategies to get along a lot of enemies or strong ones, that's also in the coop mode great. Playing the storyline togheter is also working better than expected but the friends often get accidentaly killed. Expand
  39. Dec 19, 2012
    There is a solid reason why this game has scores all over the place: When it worked it was one of the most dumb, enjoyable experiences I've ever had in gaming, but when it didn't I wanted to tear my hair out because I couldn't wait to get to the fun part when it worked again. It is quite sad considering that the game was so amazing that it fell on faults that have nothing to do with gameplay or story, but the bugs. OH THE BUGS. These are bugs of "Alien"-proportions, huge, gamebreaking, annoying, all of it at once. If the game was released later it would have been even more of a smash hit than it was, and hopefully Arrowhead and Paradox both learns their lesson to not push promising projects out the door.

    It is a clear 10/10 when it works, and a 0/10 when it doesn't. These days it's however patched up and working, the game it was supposed to be, which earns it an 8/10 from me. The fun to be had can simply not be ignored, especially now when it is fixed up. If you are looking for some cheap, stupid fun with preferably 3 friends over the christmas holidays I can warmly recommend this game.
  40. Dec 11, 2012
    A parody of every stereotype (both east and west) and bad meme that they could cram into one game. Gameplay is similar to Gauntlet or many other older arcadey RPGs where you progress through a linear isometric battlefield with a boss at the end. You have 8 base spells (which are mostly elements) that you can combine into larger spells for the majority of your attacks. These self-formulated spells can be then either cast normally, imbued into your sword for a melee/line-strike, PBAoE, or self-cast. This results in a lot of chaos when you miscast and kill everything on the screen... including your friends. There is full friendly fire in the game which means a lot of hilarious deaths both from the AI exploding itself and from you lightning bolting your friends. More spells come from collectable spellbooks used to cast Magicka; real pain in the ass combos that are generally more effort than they're worth. Good multiplayer or solo but not much longevity to it and full of DLC; try to pick it up at a reduced price with friends if you really want to play it. Expand
  41. Nov 23, 2012
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥It's a great game u must buy it ^^ I am downloading the game now ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  42. Nov 23, 2012
    This game is fantastic, despite technical limitations (the game could run more smooth and have more video options) this game is EPIC, endless fun and very cheap. Just buy it, worth every coin.
  43. Nov 3, 2012
    Magicka looks like a good game, the old school graphics and humor are the pillars of an epic adventure, but you can cast a spell using only the sequence of elements -fire, air, earth etc- and some combinations reset each other, causing a big mess.
  44. Oct 14, 2012
    I found the game to be boring and a little stupid. although i may understand how others might enjoy this game i found it to be pretty annoying and quite a disappointment.
  45. Aug 29, 2012
    This game is incredibly fun with multiple players. The people complaining about it being unplayable are the people who INSIST on playing it on a laptop. This game will not work well on a laptop period and they should clearly state that on the store page. It does have some bugs and issues but it's totally worth it for it's unique game-play and replay-ability.
  46. Aug 6, 2012
    3/5 (Ok) Am I the only one who does not appreciate it when something does not take itself seriously but is NOT particularly funny? Where do I stand? Am I laughing? No. Am I focused and serious about it? No. You're just playing because you have nothing else to do and mixing up the elements lets you try stuff. But seriously, what is the point? Having fun? That's not my kind of fun, so I feel the game is "ok".

    Try it if it looks interesting to you.
  47. Jul 25, 2012
    Online is broken in a game all about co-op. Don't waste your time or your money on this game. This review will stay up until they fix it. It does not deserve the following it has with so many issues.
  48. Jul 24, 2012
    Magicka is a funny and awesome game. For ten dollars you can have lots of fun, and more than 10 hours of gameplay. Its very rare to find bugs because the game is getting more and more updates with new maps and robes. I recommend it (and, if you have money, but the complete pack, DLC´s are awesome).
  49. Jul 22, 2012
    Funny Game mit sehr lustigen Zauberspruch-System :) aber es hat leider Perfomance Probleme ... :(
  50. Jul 20, 2012
    The idea behind the game is quite good and the basic magic mechanic can be entertaining (provided you find the best combinations). The game has some serious flaws though since the single player experience is simply too random and too difficult. You will find yourself waiting a long time after every single death while staring at the "defeated" message on your screen. I enjoy a good challenge (Demons Souls and what not) but Magicka is just frustrating. NOT WORTH A BUY if you are going for the single player - unless you are prepared to spend hours upon hours perfecting your skills. Expand
  51. Jul 12, 2012
    Magicka, the way Magicka played out for me was a amusing surprise. You know that feeling you got when you found games by checking the covers in the store and deciding to buy them because of the look of it, and then the game turn out to be a gem. This was sort of the case with magicka and me. I hadn
  52. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. worst game i have seen ever,cant belive this crap score high at game sites,what the h... is going on ?
    i do not what else to say or tell it is crap again,no no this is not good.
  53. Jul 4, 2012
    This game is great, because there are thousands of spell combinations and robes, and the game is really funny. It's even 4 player co-op, so you can play with your friends, and troll them because PvP is on. Multiplayer gamemodes also include survival and PvP. This game is definetly worth the $10.
  54. Jun 23, 2012
    This game has the potential to be extremely entertaining, varied, and pretty to look at.

    Unfortunately, it is also pretty broken- the developers didn't fix the bugs before they started shipping out downloadable content, resulting in a game that bugs out far too often for even the most patient person, meaning you have to re play sequences that take really rather a long time; die in
    stupid ways that you didn't intend, and someties be unable to move on from a combat scene due to glitches. By all means, try out the free demo version available on steam- be warned though, if you're on a laptop it probably won't work. I spent an hour and a half just on getting my computer to make it run, and ended up with poor performance with fps of around 5. So make sure you have the stats you need first (Nvidia Geforce 8800 or later is recommended). I don't know how the multiplayer plays out, since the demo version doesn't have online play. I assume that's just as buggy as single player!!! Expand
  55. Jun 16, 2012
    This game amuses me. It's a fun filled RPG with basic controls but loads of possibilities. Rather than spoil the story, I'm going to tell you to purchase it for the small price they have for it on Steam ($10). The DLC isn't necessary, but it does make your game more enjoyable and fun! The game design in and of itself is brilliant. Complete experimentation allows you to try new ways to play in Adventure, PVP, or Survival scenarios. For the media savvy, this game contains a variety of enjoyable references to some classic TV shows, Movies, and video games. Silly slapstick humor, endless fun with friends, and pure experimentation. A must in your gaming library! Expand
  56. Jun 14, 2012
    I really felt that this game had the potential to be something great, however with the temperamental game play, lack of support for most laptops, and it's quirky casting system, the game just fell flat. Again there are times when this game has the potential to shine, however they're overshadowed by the complete frustration of the numerous bugs, lack of rewards for progression, and repetitive scenes. If you can find it really cheap, try it, but otherwise, steer clear. Expand
  57. Jun 9, 2012
    It has a nice theme and style. Although it is cheap, you can still play up to 4 players coop on-line.But it has quite a lot of bugs, at the very beginning. The graphics and effects are nice, but you may need a controller instead of a mouse to play the game, the messy control is a problem. A moderate-quality game.
  58. Jun 9, 2012
    The game is fun, once you get the control scheme down but it is amazing that this game is still a buggy piece of sh*t! Very disappointing, although it was cheap on Steam, the random crashes and lock-ups caused me more irritation than my $7 was worth. Avoid.
  59. May 14, 2012
    If you're like me and you bought magicka on launch, I don't blame you for hating magicka. The launch was probably one of the worst for recent games, with it being unplayable for about a week or two. If you bought the game after this or had patience in it like me then you will find the game a very rewarding and unique experience. The skill cap is high while the game is easy to pick up. Magicka is a great game to paly with friends as well, weather you are pvping, doing the campaign or doing the survival modes. The amount of crappy DLC that was released for it at a high price was pretty damn disappointing unless you bought it all on sale (good chance you would have seen it was on sale a lot). Overall Magicka is a great game definately worth buying at this time, it was just a shame that some of its reputation was ruined due to the buggy launch and overpriced dlc with little free content. Expand
  60. May 5, 2012
    Great game idea with really bad execution. Magicka would crash constantly (even after over a year of patches) and slows the machine down like hell during co-op. The single player adventure has very unattractive storylines and repetitive spell play. By tapping the keys rapidly it's very easy to mix up and burn self when not instructed to. The only thumbs up is the friendly-fire during co-op. Mad fun when playing with friends (when it's not crashing). I would not go on and finish this game, but will watch for more titles from this developer. Expand
  61. Apr 22, 2012
    Excellent idea. Good humor. Funny parody on the classics of Tolkien's story-telling. BUT - unbalanced: unbalanced gameplay, several tedious bugs which can be easily fixed (like jumping items), weird camera shift towards enemies which sometime can go beyond the viewable screen area and render you - well - stuck!
    No inventory, no level-upping, no stores, NO BALANCE - all these things
    would make the game 5 out of 5! Expand
  62. Apr 7, 2012
    A pretty original and unique game, but it's not quite amazing. The game's most redeeming quality perhaps is its sense of humour and the way it parodies popular media, which eventually gives forth plenty of inside jokes. The gameplay is fairly straight forward, yet incredibly challenging. It's an adventure game at heart, but it's played from the bird's eye view. It can be played either solo or co-op with up to 4 players in total. Each player takes a role of a wizard, and together they travel through various locations and battle different monsters. The combat mechanic is very unique, because each player is given 8 elements, which they can mix and match in a huge variety of combinations, creating all sorts of spells. One of the most notable things about Magicka is that itâ Expand
  63. Apr 5, 2012
    The game had a VERY rocky start. I bought the game when it was first released and it had a lot of glitches and bugs (crashes, black screens, etc). But after a year, they've REALLY fleshed out the game and fixed the bugs. I love the references to media culture. It makes the game a laugh a minute. The game isn't about button mashing, so people who couldn't get into the game because of that need to learn to actually play a game. The game gives you a lot of different combinations of spells that drastically affect how the spell works and what it does. Mixing in the fact that you can have 4 people playing together AND their spells can combine to make different outcomes with higher levels of destruction make the game very replayable. That brings me to the reason why people probably won't like the game as much when playing co-op, it requires TEAM WORK. Friendly fire is on (which is good, because otherwise the game would allow you spam spells and not worry about hurting your team mate...meaning you could walk through the game). But thanks to the addition to different robes, you can form strategies between your team mates that make you need to think about what you're doing (which means no button mashing noobs). The game is solid and the plot is silly but fun. Play this game and keep your eyes peeled for easter eggs and references to everything from star trek to monty python. Expand
  64. Mar 30, 2012
    Very very cool game, very innovative system of creating your own spells. It felt a bit button-mashy at first, but that soon fades and the appeal of creating your own spells to reflect your play style comes through. Play defensively using the defensive spells, very aggressively with minimal defence, or heck, try to fight your way in hand-to-hand combat if you like (though that's not recommended as you're a wizard). It's amazing and a steal at $10. Just finished the single-player, now picked up the 2nd expansion. Expand
  65. Mar 12, 2012
    Hilarious game in local co-op. If you can get 4 friends in a room with this game hooked up to a nice monitor, the fun only stops when the game ends. Must buy!
  66. Mar 10, 2012
    Even for the price, this game is not worth the time and frustration. I spent the majority of the 10, meaningless hours I sunk into this game yelling at the computer and being furious at the cheap, one hit deaths. Most boss fights required no strategy and only required you to exploit a certain loophole. Moreover, don't expect the controls to save you. Your character is sluggish and the spell combos are buggy. This game is broken in so many ways. It should have never been shipped. Arrowhead studios should be ashamed of itself. Expand
  67. Mar 8, 2012
    Best "gauntlet" type game ever made. Magicka is fun,addictive,innovative and cheap. It cost mere 10 Euros or Dollars. Buy this game! Thats an order!
  68. Feb 20, 2012
    I just picked this game up on steam for a whopping 80p with daily discount and a christmas voucher and i have to say its worth the full asking price, the game is funny, witty and the references to other games/movies are great. well its fun until near the end and then it gets incredibly hard, things kill you in 1 hit and the checkpoints can be far apart meaning 1 mistake or silly death and its back 5 minutes. However all in all its a great game and well worth a play. Expand
  69. Feb 16, 2012
    I can't reccomend this game enough, it's a must for all gamers and don't listen to all the people who say it's unplayable because of bugs because there's been so many updates that it's one of the smoothest and enjoyable experiences I've ever had in a game, if you're interested in pulp fiction this will become even more enjoyable with all the quips at things like Star Wars, Legend of Zelda and even Twilight! The controls and combat are slow at first to ease you into it then by the 3rd chapter the difficulty gets notably more difficult without making it frustrating because it usually makes you blame yourself for dying and not the game. (Although I became quite annoyed in the volcano section of chapter 11.) I've almost finished the game and I love most of the characters like Vlad (who is so not a vampire) and the giant dragon Fafnir and Ygg and finally Jormungdar the giant acid spitting snake. I got this while it was on special for $2.50 but would of been happy now to spend the original price of $20 on this small practically indie game that I've spent more time on than Portal 1 and 2! I'm hitting my 20 hour mark now and am still going! Plus it's amazing fun exploring each level trying to find all the secret areas (and all the dead moose, yes you heard right dead moose) and especially finding probably the best secret of the game the Sword of Masters which fires a sword beam at full health and of course the reviver for single player a fairy that says hey list'n. This is a must have game for anyone who is into pop culture or fantasy or creativity or even games in general! Expand
  70. Feb 16, 2012
    Magicka is a worthwhile game for adults to play with their kids. Casting spells in this game is both inventive and entertaining, you will want to test all the combinations. The game is both nostalgic and fresh.
  71. Jan 4, 2012
    A great game that has kept me captivated for hours. Yet to invest in the DLC but plan to in the future to add to the already amazing longevity the game has.
  72. Dec 30, 2011
    Phenomenal mechanics and more than a thousand combinations of spells. The only game with magic that I liked SO much. But game fully reveals its potential only in co-op. In the company of three friends enemies' genocide becomes maximum chaotic. And don't look on bugs, they are not so critical, many of them may be avoided. Developers works hard and release updates every week.
  73. Dec 23, 2011
    Cool game! When you are player in this game, you feeling "funny" and some "rage"
    Must buy!
  74. Dec 21, 2011
    A hilarious game, with a very creative and well implemented magic-casting-system. The story is fun and humorous but also short. In multiplayer this game is insane when everyone runs around "accidentally" teamkilling and trying their best at remembering a certain spell when surrounded by mobs. One thing I do not like about the game is the isometric viewpoint, which feels very limited in multiplayer. On the other hand, the game is very cheap and is easily worth the money. Expand
  75. Dec 17, 2011
    Magica is a fun combo based hack-and-slash game. Because you can't save your progression through the game you rely on the system saving the game for you when you manage to beat the level. On some levels I've spend 3 hours trying to beat them. Because bugs make the game crash randomly or on zoning moments, you have to start all over again. After 21 hours of magica i made it about halfway the game. Basically bugs make it unplayable. Expand
  76. Dec 14, 2011
    I really don't understand the critic score this game has. It has clever humor and really solid gameplay. It's a very enjoyable game with friends. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.
  77. Dec 1, 2011
    Complete gibberish. I like the qewrasdf keyboard smashing, but I just can't connect with this game. Too many DLCs make it seem like a game that was pieced together.
  78. Nov 27, 2011
    Alot of great concepts but also unused potential. I loved the tutorial, where we had to use right elements to solve the puzzles... but we never saw anything like that in the game itself. This game could be perfect, but ended up being too hack-and-slash'y, linear, and way too short. Its still a good game, but it could be so much better.
  79. Nov 24, 2011
    Magicka is hilariously frustrating, and i say that in the best way possible. I bought this game at a later date, and therefore i wasn't victim to so many bugs, aside from airships freezing in midair and several crashes. The dialogue and humor in this game give you a lot of motivation to continue with the story, and it is filled with countless references to other games, movies, and even some memes. I love how the wizard characters look, and the varying costumes give different ways of playing the game. Combining spells is hilarious, especially when you use your friends as test subjects. Many of the magicks in the game will result in either your death or your friends death, so be warned. This game is simple entertainment, whether it's creating a vortex to destroy hordes of enemies, or blowing up your friends with a lightning bolt, this unique game will keep you playing. BLEIGH! Expand
  80. Nov 19, 2011
    I should point out that this review will be tainted by the fact that I happen to be unlucky enough to be using one of the graphic cards where the game has a very obnoxious bug (the purple flashing anytime I talk to an NPC and even during some boss battles). As a result I will be rating this much lower, and I otherwise would certainly give this interesting game an 8 or so.

    Anyway, the
    game mechanics are excellent, and the storyline is silly and humorous. If you can play it with minimal bugs then the game is delightful, it's that interesting to explore the spell combinations.

    My recommendation: if you try the game out and if the bugs aren't too bad, then feel free to buy it. If you get the purple flashing, forget it, it'll ruin the game for you, or maybe you could try it on a different machine. 4 is what the game deserves if you do have the purple flashing, so that's what I will give it, hopefully you won't have this issue.
  81. Nov 19, 2011
    THIS REVIEWS TAKES INTO CONSIDERATION POST-RELEASE CHANGES TO THE GAME. I think an important thing to keep in mind is that many of the reviews here, both critic and user, were written when the game was released with glaring launch bugs and issues. And while that's hardly something they can be blamed for judging the game by, these issues have long since been ironed out at this point in time. What does this leave us with? It leaves us with an indie game whose main gameplay feature of combining various spell elements is highly innovative and whose multiplayer is absolutely hilarious. However, let it be noted that it is very much a multiplayer-centric title; while singleplayer is available, you quickly learn that death comes easily in this game, and you soon find yourself spamming the same 2-3 spell combinations throughout the vast majority of the game in order to simply survive. In a recent patch they have attempted to alleviate this problem somewhat with the introduction of the Fairy, which will revive you once, should you fall, and is recharged at every checkpoint, however the core of the issue still remains; the game is balanced for multiplayer. The campaign itself is somewhat short and linear, but compensates for it with plenty of humour and numerous easter eggs to be discovered. If you have 1-3 friends with an interest in a game like this, it's a blast and easily worth the full price. If you're going for the singleplayer experience, you might want to wait for a sale before purchasing it. Expand
  82. Nov 18, 2011
    The game itself is actually well done, at least, up until the Jormungardr fight. It was difficult to finish that fight, and all fights beforehand, due to the extremely low framerate I was having. After starting the game the first time, the start of the tutorial had a graphical failure so terrible I needed to reset the game. Due to buying this game on Steam due to their -75% off sale, I ended up checking the Steam forums directly after that first major malfunction, but before starting the game again. After I started it again, I was having fun except for said framerate issue. From what I could gather from the game's creator company's posting about the graphical issues MANY others were having, they opted to add features into the game instead of optimizing it for a great number of systems. Considering the low staff level they have, I can't say that I blame them for making that choice, but I still believe that their staff needs to work on fixing those graphical issues before I believe most people should buy this game. With what that same post said about the bugs getting fixed, that'll be VERY soon. Expand
  83. Nov 17, 2011
    It is a great game with a very humorous singleplayer aspect and especially multiplayer with friends, when you can get it to work, is fun as hell, as you have to not only look after killing yourself but also your teammates; and when you finally get your teamwork flowing you feel almighty. I have not tried anything like this gameplay and it feels very innovative to combine the elements to make different spells. For the cheap price, it is definitely worth it - but have some friends buy it too! Expand
  84. Nov 14, 2011
    One of the most abjectly horrible games I've played in a very long time. To play Magicka is to undergo a case study in great concepts ruined by thoughtless game design. An overly-complicated, cumbersome, and clunky control system compounds the fact that the singleplayer campaign is literally impossible to complete on one's own. Bugs and slowdown are plentiful, even after assurances that the game has been "fixed." A little more time and effort in development could have brought about bug fixes and enemy scaling by number of players. That small amount of additional effort could have made this a fun, if not particularly memorable little game. As it stands now, though, Magicka is not worth a second of your time or one cent of your money unless you have someone to play it with. Expand
  85. Oct 12, 2011
    Still a buggy mess. A friend bought a two-pack and gave me this for free. We had so many problems trying to create a multi-player game, we just gave up. I don't care for the cramped play style either, where you're stuck on one screen, arena-like, with no possibility of retreat, while enemies pummel you.

    I've completely stopped playing. Be careful buying this.
  86. Oct 5, 2011
    Crazy fun-filled spectaular game has me mesmerised from start to finish. I dont think I've ever panicked so much whilst playing a game, nor had as much fun. And the opportunities for friendly fire in co-op are pretty much unbeatable I reckon. Love it. And it's cheap as chips! Great value for money.
  87. Oct 4, 2011
    Should you buy it?
    Definitely, yes. If you're looking for a good game and yet don't want to pay a lot of money, go for Magicka. Even if you're still unsure about the bugs people mention all the time, wait a a month and get it later on - it will improve even further.

    I haven't had that much fun with a game in months, and especially not THIS type of fun.
    Go, try the demo, buy the game,
    support great devoted developers and laugh yourself into oblivion!

    Full Review:
  88. Sep 16, 2011
    Mofoso 10 Remarkable example of a remarkable game. Unique and successful game play and controls that blow you away. Humorous story line with my. this game is mint
  89. Sep 10, 2011
    this is a great original game that take a short while to understand, but when you do it's really fun. The multiplayer options are really fun (especially the PVP). The only problem is the glitches and at times the campaign might be a bit annoying
  90. Aug 14, 2011
    This game seems like it could be a lot of fun, but it's destroyed by terrible technical execution. If you're buying this it's basically a gamble if it will run properly on your system. You might try the demo, but often demos are not technically exactly like the game, so I don't know if the demo running ok would guarantee the game running alright. Personally I just upgraded my system, have an i5 2500K with 8 GB ram freshly installed windows 7 with all newest drivers and with a 5770 videocard. Framerates at native 1920x1200 started out at 40, then tried to lower the res to 1680x1050, framerate went down to 30?! (all in the same starting classroom where nothing happens)... restarted the game, still at 30, go back to 1920x1200, now the framerate hops up and down between 40 and 12 (the game forces vsync on which is why the framerates are so exact). Before I upgraded my system I tried this game and had similar problems but I did get it to be somewhat stable at 30-40 fps, which should be playable although I would still resent the game for giving me suboptimal framerates on a fast system while it's really not doing anything taxing graphics wise, not even close, but despite framerates staying ok the game would stutter randomly. Now, maybe for some people they can look past this, or maybe other people just don't have these problems, but for me it just kills any enjoyment which is a shame because the start of the game at least promises a challenging and very funny experience (although that speech from Vlad gets REALLY boring after hearing it 20 times, that's right, you can't save within a level and if you try to change graphics settings while in game it just goes to hell so you have to restart every time and listen to the intro EVERY TIME you want to check if your changes fixed anything... ARGH!!). I'm just going to let this game lay in my steam list for half a year or so and then come back and see if they fixed it yet. Since the game has been out for like half a year already though, I'm not holding my breath. Oh, and no, switching to windowed does nothing for me, it stays crap despite having pretty damn awesome hardware. Expand
  91. Aug 10, 2011
    What some call the 'Wizard Suicide Simulator' Magicka is a gem of a game from Paradox Interactive. Hilariously good fun and best played with friends while under the influence. The magic combos will have you in fits as you play through the campaign. Unlimited play if provide through the matchmaking and multiplayer system, there's even a PvP system. Unfortunately what should have been a perfect 10 star outing has been marred by a lacklustre multi-player and matchmaking system that has been mostly fixed since the time of this review. I highly recommend anybody to check out the Steam Sales this Christmas if you've gotten this game yet. Expand
  92. Aug 7, 2011
    This game is awesome and way fun. It is a little buggy at times but if you have a great computer with a great processor and video card it prevents a lot of problems. Gameplay is a top down. The coolest thing about the game is mixing spell types to create powerful combinations to devastate enemies... or yourself and friends if you happen to hit friendlies. The game has a helpful tutorial in the beginning that leaves you learning more and more spells throughout the entire game. It is also incredibly funny with lots of references to Star Wars in the text of dialogue. I believe my first hard laugh came when playing the tutorial and my friend who had chosen a strange army character (not very wizardly at all) accidently tossed a grenade at my feet and killed me. I thought I was out forever until we learned a revive spell to bring me back. This game should be played co-op for the most fun as long as you cooperate with team members otherwise it could get frustrating. So, if you've got an awesome computer and ten bucks I'd recommend this game for some exciting and funny entertainment. Expand
  93. Jul 21, 2011
    A brilliantly fun game with a very intuitive, unique and simple yet complex way of casting magic, by using a combination of 8 elements you can create your own spells to attack with, I enjoyed the humor and it's even better when playing with friends, but I would say only play with friends, because while it's fun, it's not nearly as good on your own. When I first got this there were a lot of glitches that ruined it, but I think these have mostly been ironed out now. it's only $10 which instantly makes this game worth trying. Expand
  94. Jul 18, 2011
    Magicka, Hench the name, offers the elements we all know in daily life. And is now implemented in a realistic strategy like game where you have to combine elements in order to cast your spell. This offers space to experiment, but sadly causes frustration when you're in a tight spot or suddenly die. For $10 dollars you get an overall decent game, but not something you would play for hours on end.
  95. Jul 10, 2011
    Has the potential for being great fun, but wastes it. It's gutting, because the magic system is wonderful. Aside from that: there seems to be no difficulty scaling for 4 players compared to 1, so the game is impossible in solo for a mere mortal like me. In co-op, every time you start getting warmed up there's another unskippable cutscene breaking the action apart -- there's no sign of the long continuous Diablo-style creature crawl that the magic system really deserves. And the hard sections are "annoying hard": the game takes control away from you by killing you or getting you grappled, such that some of the co-op players will spend large amounts of time either helplessly hammering the space bar or going "rez plx" rather than actually playing. Frustrating. Expand
  96. Jul 6, 2011
    Magicka has managed to produce the single best on-the-fly spell-casting/wizard dueling gameplay system ever featured in a video game. There is simply no other system like it, nor one that comes close to being as much fun to watch. This simple fact alone makes Magicka one of the most worthy games out there for the price -- and when you throw in great multiplayer, zany and sometimes hilarious references and story elements, good DLC/support, and a rich variety of gameplay modes, the overall package simply becomes that much sweeter. Expand
  97. Jul 5, 2011
    First off...If you have performance issues on newer hardware, run the game in windowed mode and that solves them completely. It's not a big deal.

    Secondly...Play with friends and use Steam's voice conferencing/chat functions while playing.
    Failing that, I would ask people around here to add you on Steam to play with you rather than try to join random games. Griefing would be a huge issue
    in a game like this.

    Ok. With that out of the way. This game is so much fun!

    The way you create your magic is awesome, the battles are challenging, the humour is great and the amount and quality of spells you have is actually quite impressive.

    Even if you only have a slight interest in this, I would definitely recommend getting the complete pack.
    I was sitting on the fence about it and wondering if I would like the game. I am very glad I went ahead and bought it. It's a breath of fresh air and has a really old-school feel to it in terms of gameplay and challenge.
  98. Jul 5, 2011
    THE GOOD: The spell system is awesome. Spells are awesome. Did I mention spells are awesome? Good sense of humor. Cheap. THE BAD: Controls are sometimes wonky. THE UGLY: Trolls.
  99. Jul 3, 2011
    This game seems decent but it is hampered with perhaps the worst controls of any game I've played in my entire life. You have to hold down shift to do any kind of attack other than basic magic so it makes my hand hurt to play this game for a long period of time. You have to repeatedly tap the ASDFQWER keys with your left hand to cast your magic spells with up to 8 keypresses and possibly a shift key hold needed to be pressed to cast one spell. It requires at least three times as many button presses to play this game as any other game.

    If you try to play with joystick it is much easier to do basic attacks, blocking, and so on but all except the most simple magic is ridiculous to cast with the stick. You sometimes have to move the right stick to 20 consecutive positions (no joke!) to cast a single spell. There is no way to customize the controls so that you can use both joystick and keyboard at the same time so that you could tap out on the keyboard to do the more complex spells.

    Much of the difficulty of the game is a result of the ridiculous control structure. You will end up killing yourself and your party members plenty of times because of accidental attacks caused by trying to navigate the controls. That's not all though, there is also a tendency to have things that can just instantly kill you that can be quite frustrating if you are playing solo. You'll be fighting a guy and he launches you off a cliff killing you or you'll have to run up a narrow stairway in midair and if you make a joystick error you fall off and die. You will get trapped in a corner and be unable to move resulting in you dying. If you play multiplayer online this is not a problem since your teammate will just revive you, but solo you may have to repeat a long battle many times to survive and you'll need to reach the end of the level not just the next checkpoint to save your progress between sessions. If you have difficulty a level may take over an hour as you repeat a battle over and over.

    Oh and one more thing... all the text is in English making this appear as an English game but the voice work in the game appears to be in a foreign language (German or Swedish maybe?) or something like that with English subtitles.

    The game is buggy. When I hosted multiplayer a few times when I started the game the music started but the screen stayed totally black and I had to shut down the game. When I tried to modify the joystick controls the game crashed at least 7 times before I finally got it to work. Ultimately I was able to play though and it was enjoyable though clunky to control. There is a good deal of humor in the game. Some is related to references to games, movies, etc that younger audiences might not recognize, but it does add charm to the game.

    I bought the game on sale for $3 and its certainly worth that for a few hours of unique entertainment, but don't expect the greatest game you have ever played. Its not here. I'd recommend other games action RPGs like Titan's Quest, Diablo II, Torchlight, or Dungeon Siege before this one, but this one can still be enjoyable for awhile.
  100. Jun 28, 2011
    After the first hour of the game, you'll be thinking that this game resembles Diablo, but not quite. The graphics are definitely not the best, or the better ones, for this era, but the game play is unique and innovative. You'll need to use your left hand (only the left) to come up with spell combination, and your right to cast, move around or to poke the monsters with whatever weapon you are holding on to. It feels like the time when you've first learnt how to type, trying to go as fast and as furious as you can with your fingers. Simply put, you'll think that it's cool. However, after 5 hours of gameplay, you'll think otherwise. Ever heard of the nintendo thumbs? This is much worse than that. 5 hours of left-hand-spell-spamming, your hand will ache so muc h that you won't be able to play your piano or guitar for one whole week. Worse still, it's the same thing from the start to the end. All you really need is a few spells and you can clear all 12 chapters within 3 to 4 hours solo. It's repetitive, and worse still, its buggy. For 10 bucks, it seems fine, but definitely not a contender for something that's worth more than a day of your time. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 44
  2. Negative: 1 out of 44
  1. May 6, 2011
    The rich, luscious colors somehow make the world a lot more believable than games like Crysis 2 could ever be.
  2. May 6, 2011
    Magicka is a game that works especially well in cooperation. Single player experience is a good one but this game shows its true potential only when you play with friends, allowing for some great fun. A patched-up Magicka is most certainly worth getting to know. Even more, because it is a solid candidate for 2011's best game in its category.
  3. Apr 23, 2011
    A game that glorifies the use of fireballs and land mines. #WIN.