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  • Summary: Magicka is an action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with the ultimate goal of stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his evil creations besieging the forces of good.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 44
  2. Negative: 1 out of 44
  1. May 6, 2011
    The rich, luscious colors somehow make the world a lot more believable than games like Crysis 2 could ever be.
  2. Feb 7, 2011
    The fact that, at the time of writing, Magicka had surpassed 150,000 sales, is just a testament to how fun and addictive the core game really is. Now that most of the major hiccups out of the way, this is definitely a must-buy game, but it really needs to be experienced to get how much fun it is.
  3. Feb 24, 2011
    It's long, it's tough, it's huge fun, and it's cheap. But it will never be perfect.
  4. Feb 7, 2011
    Arrowhead Studios came up with a marvelous game, but the company's excitement in rushing it to the market often creates more problems than they're worth.
  5. Mar 31, 2011
    Exciting to play with friends, utilising a clever, magic system that makes you think. [Apr 2011, p.54]
  6. Feb 17, 2011
    Magicka is a solid action adventure title with a clever spellcasting mechanic that will provide hours of entertainment for gamers, especially if they play co-operatively.
  7. 30
    I started Magicka over from the beginning six times in my attempt to give it the best possible chance I could. In the end though, I can't possibly suggest anyone spend any money on a game released in such a broken state, whether it's ten dollars or ten cents.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 26 out of 173
  1. May 30, 2011
    Remarkable example of a remarkable game. Unique and successful game play and controls that blow you away. Humorous story line with numerous easter eggs. Fun and extremely challenging ( but still possible) single player action packed game play, even better when played with up to 4 friends. A virtual "Hack n Slash" but with spells and "Magicks", the combination of 8 different "elements" which all can create different unique spells by certain combinations add to the fun. Expand
  2. Feb 6, 2011
    So i bought this game without any high expectations at all. But it has turned out to be one of the most fun games i have ever spent money on. It is WELL worth the $9.99 and i would have paid more if i knew it would be this good. Magicka combines the elements (no pun intended) of humor, action, and teamwork into a masterpiece. I have only had it for a week and i've already played about 30 hours of it. There are a few bugs yes, but the devs are doing a great job of keeping the game up to date and patching it. I absolutely love the music, the scenery, the gameplay, the humor, (which has a lot of... "reference" jokes) and action. This is one of my new favorite games, and i expect others will enjoy it as much as i am. Collapse
  3. Feb 14, 2011
    This game lost it's 10 on the numerous bugs/crashes. But since the developers are really trying to fix this and the game becomes better with every update I will put this aside for now.

    The game sports a good multiplayer function which ensues in hilarious chaos when played with enough friends, it is simply impossible to stay alive. This may seem like a nuisance but it causes a lot of laughter when one of your friends accidentally blows you away and is forced to once again revive you.

    The controls start out to be quite clumsy, but every mildly experienced gamer will pick them up within 1 hour of play at most.

    Lastly, the many references to all our favorite geek movies, games, series gave me an extra impulse to keep playing.

    All in all a very enjoyable game that is definitely worth the 10$ they are asking for it.
  4. Nov 17, 2011
    It is a great game with a very humorous singleplayer aspect and especially multiplayer with friends, when you can get it to work, is fun as hell, as you have to not only look after killing yourself but also your teammates; and when you finally get your teamwork flowing you feel almighty. I have not tried anything like this gameplay and it feels very innovative to combine the elements to make different spells. For the cheap price, it is definitely worth it - but have some friends buy it too! Expand
  5. Dec 30, 2012
    Strategic and funny when playing with friends. But there are a lot of bugs.
    It also has some good humor which is also sometimes stupid and
    ridiculous (internet memes). Expand
  6. Jul 3, 2011
    This game seems decent but it is hampered with perhaps the worst controls of any game I've played in my entire life. You have to hold down shift to do any kind of attack other than basic magic so it makes my hand hurt to play this game for a long period of time. You have to repeatedly tap the ASDFQWER keys with your left hand to cast your magic spells with up to 8 keypresses and possibly a shift key hold needed to be pressed to cast one spell. It requires at least three times as many button presses to play this game as any other game.

    If you try to play with joystick it is much easier to do basic attacks, blocking, and so on but all except the most simple magic is ridiculous to cast with the stick. You sometimes have to move the right stick to 20 consecutive positions (no joke!) to cast a single spell. There is no way to customize the controls so that you can use both joystick and keyboard at the same time so that you could tap out on the keyboard to do the more complex spells.

    Much of the difficulty of the game is a result of the ridiculous control structure. You will end up killing yourself and your party members plenty of times because of accidental attacks caused by trying to navigate the controls. That's not all though, there is also a tendency to have things that can just instantly kill you that can be quite frustrating if you are playing solo. You'll be fighting a guy and he launches you off a cliff killing you or you'll have to run up a narrow stairway in midair and if you make a joystick error you fall off and die. You will get trapped in a corner and be unable to move resulting in you dying. If you play multiplayer online this is not a problem since your teammate will just revive you, but solo you may have to repeat a long battle many times to survive and you'll need to reach the end of the level not just the next checkpoint to save your progress between sessions. If you have difficulty a level may take over an hour as you repeat a battle over and over.

    Oh and one more thing... all the text is in English making this appear as an English game but the voice work in the game appears to be in a foreign language (German or Swedish maybe?) or something like that with English subtitles.

    The game is buggy. When I hosted multiplayer a few times when I started the game the music started but the screen stayed totally black and I had to shut down the game. When I tried to modify the joystick controls the game crashed at least 7 times before I finally got it to work. Ultimately I was able to play though and it was enjoyable though clunky to control. There is a good deal of humor in the game. Some is related to references to games, movies, etc that younger audiences might not recognize, but it does add charm to the game.

    I bought the game on sale for $3 and its certainly worth that for a few hours of unique entertainment, but don't expect the greatest game you have ever played. Its not here. I'd recommend other games action RPGs like Titan's Quest, Diablo II, Torchlight, or Dungeon Siege before this one, but this one can still be enjoyable for awhile.
  7. Dec 28, 2012
    Interesting concept, quite funny, enjoyable multiplayer. But this game is broken, very broken. I experience bugs (no, it isn't because of my PC) about every 15 min of online play. Either my screen turns black or i disconnect... Since yesterday I even can't join a game no more... Almost 2 years after release this game still is just one big bug with some fun parts in between it... Expand

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