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  • Summary: Tired of cruising the same old mall? Then create a Mall that rules with Mall Tycoon3, the ultimate shopping center simulation. It’s up to you to build trendy stores, delicious restaurants, fun-filled arcades and even a cutting edge multiplex. View your creation in full 3D as shoppers swarm your fabulous retail empire and spend their hard earned cash. You’ve got to make sure you keep your mall totally hot, fun and successful -- or else your shoppers will go packing.Mix and match over 40 unique stores to create a multi-level shopping haven. Host seasonal events and schedule ad campaigns to attract new customers. Manage finances, unlock stores and research upgrades to expand your retail empire. Over 20 Challenges put your economic, managerial, and design skills to the test! Or just do your own thing in Sandbox mode. Hire and manage staff to ensure your mall is running smoothly and free from crime and vandalism. Add your personal touch by customizing your mall, placing decorative items and even moving the racks around in stores. Interactive and expressive 3D shoppers bring the mall experience to life like never before. [Global Star Software] Expand
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  1. The only thing particularly wrong with Mall Tycoon 3 is provided right in the game’s title. After three installments of this series alone, not to mention the gazillion other tycoon games, Mall Tycoon 3 simply doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t been done so many other times before.
  2. 68
    Unfortunately, the game's grip on economic simulation feels relatively loose and a little too randomized. I don't get a sense of shoppers flowing from one direction to the other, and therefore I can't attempt to divert foot traffic to where I want it to go.
  3. The challenges aren’t really challenging at all and it seemed to drag on as I played more. The rewards of playing more didn’t feel that gratifying to earn.
  4. The economics of the game simply feel shoddy. The AI is frustrating. The bleak emptiness of your mall initially and the fact that the best way to build a satisfying mall is by taking out loans seems a little funny.
  5. The only redeeming value this game has going for it is its affordable price tag, under 20 bucks, however that does not excuse a poor game.
  6. The economic model guilding the action is ridiculously off-kilter. [Feb 2006, p.66]
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