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  • Summary: Get ready to jump in the agua as you run an exciting and wild Marine Park in the latest and greatest sea-life simulation, all in 3D. Control every aspect of your Marine Park, from caring and feeding your animals to hiring and firing employees. Grant your visitors the thrill of a lifetime by providing attractions, rides and shows for them to whet their appetite with. Maintain your checkbook balances afloat, keep your denizens of the deep delighted and the visitors flowing in your park. Then dive in for wave after wave of aquatic fun. Expand
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  1. A nice little sleeper here that’s destined to find fans among those who crave a fine blend of construction and financial simulation.
  2. Without apology, this is a good game that most any sim player should enjoy very much. Enlight deserves praise for not wasting time making the game look a certain way — and neglecting good game play.
  3. If you already have any zoo games, you can just skip this one, as it does little to add to the genre so it is not a “must have”.
  4. The game's definitely enjoyable but it does spread the player thin, and in all honesty it comes off feeling like I've done this all before.
  5. Patience pays dividends, but won't cover these clubhouse fees. [Feb 2006, p.49]
  6. Editing terrain can be an absolute beast, particularly since configuring certain animal enclosures requires painstaking detail. [Feb 2006, p.66]
  7. There are way too many game elements that hinder the game's overall fun factor – and without a patch, you may have problems with a variety of bugs - including the ability to save your game.

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  1. EnlightOwesMe$20
    Oct 27, 2005
    Watching algae grow on your fishtank was more entertaining than this piece of trash .. Don't waste your money.