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  1. Jun 4, 2013
    Marvel Heroes is an action role playing/ hack n' slash style game, very similar to games like Diablo, Titan Quest, and Torchlight.

    I'd like to start off by saying that the heroes themselves are great. Each has an array of unique super powers that really fit that particular hero, and the animations on them are generally excellent. Hulk leaps into the air and comes down with a thunderous
    smash which sends enemies flying, Black Panther flips around like a ninja slicing through villains, Ms. Marvel blasts foes with photon beams, etc.. You really feel like you are playing Wolverine, or Iron Man, or whatever hero you picked. They did a really great job with the super powers. Unfortunately though, that in itself doesn't make a great game, and I don't think there's enough of a game here to keep people around for very long.

    Marvel Heroes right now only has about 20 hours worth of content or so, which is enough to get you to about level 25 out of 60 levels. By around that time you'll be at the final boss of the game, and then after that there is no 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ play through. So in this way Marvel Heroes deviates from games like Diablo 2/3, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2, etc., who all offer more challenging or higher level game modes after you beat the game. In Marvel Heroes the "end game" (which apparently begins around level 25), consists of doing "daily-quest" style missions, many of which feel designed for groups. So, after you get to around level 25, the main story will be over, and you're going to be doing these daily missions all the way to level 60. Again, some of these missions are designed for groups, and there is no grouping tool instituted into the game. So, unless you've got some good gaming friends who can always play when you do, you're going to be spending a lot of your time looking to form a group to complete these missions, for about 35 levels.

    I gotta say that it just feels like there wasn't enough content ready for the launch of this game, so they released it with only enough to get you to about level 25. Once you beat the final boss, the only option you have for leveling your hero is doing these daily missions, (which basically just consists of killing bosses you've killed before). After about level 30, the experience rates slow down considerably, so you are going to be doing these daily missions for a very, very long time. In fact, the main story of the game, (again, about 20 hours worth), is a mere drop in the bucket compared to how much time you are going to be doing daily quests to get to level 60. Why they choose to go this route, (the daily quests), instead of having players play through the story again on a more challenging setting is a mystery to me. Of course the game has a cash shop, where they sell +experience rate potions for $1.80 a piece, (they last an hour). These potions will stack up to four or five times, so if you're willing to spend $7-9 an hour playing Marvel Heroes, the grind to level 60 probably won't be too terrible.

    Another big issue with the game is the fact that the gear is incredibly boring. In games like Borderlands 2 or Diablo 2, all the players know exactly what awesome items they are hunting for when they play, and they can refer to them by name. In Marvel Heroes, there are no iconic legendary type items that everyone talks about, all of it is just the same generic mask or boots but with some added stats. I don't think there are any item sets to collect either. Also, none of the gear you find will change your character's appearance. No matter what you equip in your gear slots, the heroes will always look like they have the exact same gear on. You can buy new costumes for them in the cash shop, some for like $12 a piece, and there are certain crafting items that will add a small visual effect to a costume, (a glow or an aura). I went 25 levels without ever finding one of these visual effects, so my hero looks the exact same way now as he did at level 1.

    Other issues i have with the game are almost too numerous to mention. The content feels like the biggest design motivation was coming in under budget and on time. In Marvel Heroes the side "dungeons", which in other games might be multiple levels, are generally just a room with 3 bad guys and a loot chest. "Elite" enemies are just glowing bigger versions of regular bad guys, with really no new mechanics or abilities. You need to "donate" junk items to the vendors and crafter to level them up, so you literally have to pick up everything. Crafting materials don't stack, med kits only stack to 5, so your bag is constantly full. Having to stop playing and empty your bag every 8 minutes really interrupts the action. The map is horrendous and doesn't serve the player well at all. The game does a terrible job letting players know what content is designed for solo play vs. what content has grouping in mind, (some boss fights and missions are extremely unfriendly to solo players). The game is riddled with serious bugs.
  2. Jun 4, 2013
    PoE and grim Dawn are what you want in an arpg imo. I play this. I even bought a pack. 60$ spent and i got 300G. I can buy 2 characters i hate or 1 i like. You do get 1 starter character free. But you can only choose Storm,Thing,Hawkeye, or DD, Oh and Scarlet Witch. 1$=100 G. Spidey is 2000G. The gameplay is ok. The powers and characters are better. They sadly fall into the 3 archtypes, Tank,Rdps,Mdps. I play as colossus. I get killed by Pyro's on the regular, and Bullets wear down my armor....Wolvey's Healing Factor isn't close to being right. The Stats on the bio sheets don't even match the Marvel verses. The worst for me is how it seems on any map I am affected by other peoples lag. Even in the Avengers Tower Hub or X-Mansion, It only takes over 20 people to be in there and the game will hang up in these .4 second burst of stutter. It's F2p so if you like arpg's or Marvel you should try it. I'm just going to pretend like they have a LoD type patch/dlc for us later. Expand
  3. Jun 4, 2013
    £64 for a dlc with only 4 characters and 8 skins? I don't like the fact that everyone was running around as the same characters and found gameplay to be bland it got very repetitive very fast. I won't be picking this game up again. Disappointing as i wanted it to be so much more.
  4. Jun 9, 2013
    The beta and official launch of the game was a shining example of Gazillion's lack of experience in the industry. If you're not interested in seeing anything ground breaking and are merely looking for something to play to pass the time then it's worth it, but if you're expecting a high quality AAA product then you're better off looking elsewhere. The following are a few key points:

    Story campaign is very short (8-12 hours max to complete)

    - End game is extremely repetitive (same missions over and over with slow experience gain)

    - Heroes don't differ much. The mechanics are very close from hero to hero they just change the graphic/name of skill.

    - As expected Hero balancing is off the charts bad. Many useless skills resulting in very one dimensional builds. PvP balance is non existent. The developers work on the game much like an amateurish mod team with each developer making changes individually without any extensive thought process or collaboration with the other hero developers.

    Essentially you'd play this game because you enjoy the idea of playing of one of your favorite comic book/movie heroes; however, what you have pictured in your head and what will transpire in game in terms of your heroes power are drastically different. Iconic heroes are beat up by common thugs late game. Range heroes are king while melee heroes litter the field with their corpse. However, the game is free so what do you have to lose?
  5. Jun 10, 2013
    If this game had launched with anything but marvel in its title. everything about it would have been trashed. That being said, the only redeeming features of the game are its playable characters (almost all of which are buried beneath an insane cash shop) and the stylized comic cutscenes.

    Outside of that, you have a poor mans diablo which costs nearly 300% more to unlock the basic
    features of the same game. Expand
  6. X0R
    Jun 11, 2013
    I played the beta, and should have known better than wasting money on it but I did. Ah well. It is not my cup of tea. There are 100 reviews here on this game, so I won't repeat other than commenting that personally, there isn't a whole lot of thrill/fun/excitement to keep me logged in for longer than 15-20mins.

    Sure I knew in advance that there is no customization of characters to
    make yours unique, the AI is pretty predictable, the missions are predictable but I thought it might have some entertaining value. Nah zero value for me. Expand
  7. Jun 4, 2013
    the game is a direct clone of the original Diablo series...but lacks any amount of depth in most areas. Though they have done a great job of capturing the look of the Marvel Heroes..thats pretty much all this game has done. the core game has enough content that you will complete it within your first 20-22 levels... then it becomes a tedious grind as you work your way to 60 using not the open world you level in...but standing around running your short repeats of boss fights at mission terminals.

    Skill trees are shallow, and odds are every person playing the same hero, will have the exact same setup. This is because Gazillion decided to lock re-specing your hero in their cash shop...making the idea of experimenting with builds (one of the main hooks in the Diablo series) an expensive one at $5 bucks a pop. The "retcon" as it it is called does have a very very small chance at dropping in game, but checking in the forums, many, many people have played up to level 30+ already, and never gotten one...not that a single one would be much good anyhow. And since you can only have one of each hero...and their is no re are stuck with any skills you chose, or you must pay them.
    And speaking of the cash shop...

    People like to say "But it's free..." Well, yes..but no it isn't. Of the 20 available characters, you get to choose ONE of 5 starters (Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, Storm, thing and Hawkeye). You also have 2 chances between the start and story finish where you MIGHT get another of the starters (I say might, because they have made it you could end up with copies of the one you already have... thats right.. you can recieve duplicate character tokens...but you can only have one of any the duplicates must be used post level 30 to upgrade your Ultimate Power.... Lame.

    Characters average about between $6 $20 each. Costumes from $10- $15. Mind you, this is to repeat the same content, and costumes add nothing but an appearance change...yet they charge as though you are getting a new game each time. Tie inthe fact that these are also supposed to have a chance to drop in game...but it's purely random. so if you have plans to play a specific hero, you're encouraged to buy it in the store, as your chance of getting THE ONE YOU WANT are slim to none. Again, drop rates are tweaked t be under 1% chance..from ANY mob (no place you can farm for a specific's all random, and from anything). And of course it's because they are pushing their overpriced cash shop. How overpriced you say...well, at last count, the Ultimate pack, which was pre sold for 200.00 (already ridiculous) wouold cost you close to $1,500.00 after launch, if you tried to buy what all was included (and that wasn't including the missing 5-6 characters that didnt make launch.

    Early access was a mess, with many many people still not able to logon to the game as late as yesterday. Bugs abound from sounds to graphics. Characters have zero balance, abilities not scaling, or working, what they call PvP....uuugh. Lets also not leave out, that once you clear the story mode, that their is no additional content to keep you leveling to 60..other than the mission terminals I mentioned. Which is simply bosses with their powers boosted in a cheesy way...oh..and characters made WEAKER as y ou add people to your group. Made weaker so that the boss is "more challenging"... but it's more like broken. And also, another item, cosmic keys, you must pay for (or hope the RNG gods are good to you) to enter special content. Content behind a pay-wall...again.

    So if you are into Marvel comics, then this game will cater you you visually...but if you are looking for innovative, fun gameplay, and fair pricing this is not the game you're looking for. If you are looking for an MMO (as they want to call this, then this is definitely not for you.
  8. Jun 8, 2013
    For an honest, accurate and complete review check out the review on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They were given 10,000 G credits in game and still hated it.

    Personally, i would much rather pay $60 for a polished single player game with access to any hero I want, that i can customize anyway I want, rather than this blatant cash grab FTP model. Lots of comparisons to Diablo 2 because one of the
    devs for that game also worked on MH. However, D2 is the epitome of a loot based, fun adventure game. MH is just boring. I defeated the final boss, Dr. Doom, at level 24. After that you have to do the same daily missions over and over to get to max level. There is no endgame content at all!!! I never had any hero or costume drops from levels 1 to 24. Apparently those dont drop until you are at max level.

    Really disappointed in this game. After I defeated Dr. Doom I felt no satisfaction or accomplishment at all. I uninstalled the game after just a few days of boring gameplay.

    All of the people claiming that negative reviews of this game are biased just because its FTP are totally missing the point. It's not necessarily the FTP model that i dislike, (although in this case it is a pretty bad FTP model) ITS THE GAME I DISLIKE!!!
  9. Jun 5, 2013
    the games combat system is boring and i mean boring its so uncreative and a lot of your hero skills are uselss to be honest. id rather have paid 50 bucks for a game were i dont get nickled and dimed for each super hero i want to play as. the super heros themseves are over priced as hell. people are way to forgiving about games now days just cause a game is f2p or just released doesnt mean its an excuse to make something halfed asssed. this could of been a great game but it just isnt to be quite honest i feel bad for the people who bought founder packs. the in game currency is useless the only thing i found myself buying was med kits but after a couple of hours i found those useless as well. id give it a 4 out of 10 could of been higher but its just less then average game out there and feels very bland. there are much better f2p choices out there Expand
  10. Jun 4, 2013
    This game has a lot of potential, sadly it is unlikely to improve given the history of patches Gazillion has put out over the last 6 months in closed beta. The game has hundreds of bugs, runs very poorly on a Radeon 7950 gaming desktop, and there is very little depth to the game. Most of the skills don't work as described, synergies aren't working correctly, critical hits don't work on certain types of abilities, etc. There's just so many things that don't work and for them to release this game as "Final" is all the proof you need that Gazillion is not a developer you should give money to.

    Again, the game itself is great. The execution is awful, I'm so disappointed and wish I hadn't spent $60 now.
  11. Jun 5, 2013
    I REALLY wanted this game to be good because I grew up watching the X-men cartoons and I'm a big fan of ARPGs and MMOs. Unfortunately, after a couple hours, I was extremely disappointed.

    Here is how Marvel Heroes works: I run into a room, right click every enemy once (because they all die in 1 hit no matter what they are), pick up my loot, and move on. I know that ARPG games are
    generally easy at the beginning, but I could play this with my eyes closed. After leveling for a few hours, it didn't get any harder. Bosses are the same except they take more than 1 hit to kill and I might have to use a health kit. No strategy needed, just face tank and right click.

    Aside from that, there are tons of little things that just bother me about this game. Gear does not affect your appearance in ANY way and there are hundreds of characters running around that look EXACTLY like me. Throwing wooden crates at an enemy seems to do more damage than shooting them with lightning (wtf?). Many enemies drop "experience orbs" and I just do not understand the purpose of giving players exp in orb form. The Thing's charge ability appears to be broken and he ends up on the other side of enemies instead of charging into them (would make more sense if you saw a video)

    Maybe this is one of those games that only gets good towards the end when your character(s) is developed a little more. Sadly, there is not much incentive to play that far for me.

    I truly feel sorry for any die-hard Marvel fan that dropped $200 into this game for a founder's pack. It just isn't good.

  12. Jun 6, 2013
    Even if this game was ready to launch, and didnt have tons of coding and optimization issues, it would only be an ok game. The gameplay is fun when you arent crashing due to memory leaks, but there just isnt much to do after your first playthrough. The crafting is lame and a money grab (seriously, the mats dont stack? better buy some stash space) You even have to pay for daily missions. They should have used the LoL business model they originally said they were going to use, but they realized this game would not have the staying power of LoL and had to make it a money pit. Play for free after they fix the game, maybe a months from now. Beat the game with a free hero, then move on to something else. Expand
  13. Jun 4, 2013
    Marvel Heroes is a free-2-play hack and slash game, much like the Diablo franchise by Blizzard. When you first start off, you are given a choice between a small handful of heroes. I am told that as you play the game, you can unlock more heroes, but after playing two hours, I have only unlocked one other hero, one I didn't even want.

    In order to buy new heroes, you'll need to do some
    sort of stupid currency conversion like all stupid new free-2-play games go. Right now heroes go for a little over $10.00 a hero, which is really unreasonable if you ask me. Some heroes are "worth" more then others and I don't really understand why.

    It's your standard fare hack and slash with some hero elements thrown in. For the most part you will be sharing zones with other players, which is really annoying. When you participate in group fights, instead of allowing each person to have their own private loot, it all hits the floor, making you fight for loot drops.

    Equipment is pretty shallow, there's nothing really "epic" about the equipment you find in the game. None of the equipment changes how your player looks, instead, once again, you need to buy stuff in their cash shop and the new equipment designs are pretty expensive, around $10.00 a costume swap. This causes the game to have hordes of the same looking characters, which really ruins the experience of the game.

    I am told it's actually possible to find everything just by playing the game that you can buy in the cash shop, I am not sure how much of that I believe, after all, after two hours I haven't seen anything like that drop. If you are criminally insane, you can pay $200.00 to unlock everything in the game, I am not sure why people consider this acceptable and the people encouraging that kind of blatant cash grab should be ashamed of themselves.

    It's nothing amazing, it's nothing new and for people wanting to spend money, it's incredibly expensive.
  14. Jun 8, 2013
    Fun game, when you can play. With each new update Gazillion makes you RE- download the entire game. Waiting for hours on end to play is irritating at best. I feel bad for the people that paid for this. The heroes are fun, and vary which helps to keep it interesting. Its just too bad they wrecked the delivery system, this could have been a blast.
  15. Jun 7, 2013
    Welll what can I say..... This game is a lot like a Diablo type hack and slash game, but reallllly boring. The level design is so bland. The enemies are like attack of the clones, there is very little variation. I almost fell asleep after 1hr of playing. Do yourself a favor and save the 11 gig download for another game.
  16. Jun 15, 2013
    The forced multiplayer for the end game, especially if you are playing one of the poorly balanced heroes that can't take down a boss, really hold this game back. I can understand the developers wanting people to play together, but people who want to play alone, and be able to actually take on the red or purple terminals, should be able to with all the heroes. They shouldn't make it harder on the solo player. If grouping is "fun" people who like that will go do it, and the people who want to solo or play maybe with one other person should be able to do that without these ridiculous pumped up bosses at the end, sometimes with powers they shouldn't even have. That ridiculous self heal is horrible game design, or ignored defenses. Pricing of the heroes in the store is really awful too. Expand
  17. Jun 9, 2013
    Fun free to play game to play BUT normally a new game would cost around $60. Nobody wants to pay $250 just to be allowed to play all the characters in the game. And will have to spend more for storage space. I will give 2 points for a fun game and a -8 for most expensive game.
  18. Jun 13, 2013
    This game is a chore.

    Marvel Heroes is an endless grindfest of hundreds and hundreds of creeps. This game has no RPG elements, so think of this as an MMO action game. It's an attempt to utilize the Diablo model but reskinned with Marvel comic book elements, but in the process, it takes the worst of both and then packages it together with a blatant attempt to use comic book fandom
    against them to make money.

    In terms of pros, I have none. This game fell completely flat for me.

    In terms of cons, this game has horrific, perfectly-square levels that are barely broken apart by large square buildings. It's isometric, so you can't move the camera. While playing, you will often find both loot and enemies hiding behind scenery elements that any other game would take away but for some reason are left in place in this game. The bosses are uninspired; you can beat them all by simply running in a circle while they try to get you. The effects are nice to look at, but if you get ten guys on the screen all hitting AOE at once, the game will grind to a halt. If you stand in an empty area long enough, creeps will spawn and aggro you.

    This game is an attempt by Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment to trick thirteen-year-old boys into begging their mothers for $84 to buy four characters they can get in the game anyway if they grind long enough. It is disrespectful to the fanbase and fails most definitions of what a game is. For me, this one was a pass.
  19. Jun 15, 2013
    Shameful, utterly uninspired, generic isometric brawler with Marvel character skins. This is an absolutely terrible game that is blatantly exploiting the Marvel licence to severely gouge its fans. We live in time where gaming has reached a level where this type of shovelware should no longer be able to exist. It takes truly unimaginative people to turn the incredible Marvel universe into this.
  20. Jun 13, 2013
    This game is pathetic. Heroes are unbalanced, and the skill tree is awful. Not to mention it's riddled with bugs, and the most disappointing thing about this game is the fact that I was looking forward to it. Why anyone would spend 200$ on this is beyond me. I feel sorry for those that did, and hope they contact suicide prevention services immediately.
  21. Jul 25, 2013
    There is just no way that the people giving this game a 10 are real reviewers, it looks like a lot of fluff made by people paid to write reviews. The first few "10's" I clicked on have only written one review..hmmm. I sense some dirty pool. I confess I played for about an hour and wanted to like it but immediately uninstalled, it was just the same tired ARPG genre well trodden and more well done in games like D3 and torchlight 2. They slapped some marvel universe on the genre, and then charged absolutely ridiculous prices to try and buy more heroes. The initial 'get everything' pack was almost 200 dollars...., to buy all dlc would be $250. For a game that is this completely average that price point just to play with all of the heroes in this "Free to play game" is an absolute slap in the face. I literally still cannot believe they think this trash is worth $250 to anyone. It blows my mind. I saw nothing innovative, nothing new..even the loot and talent systems seemed poorly and generically done. Stay away from this waste of bandwidth to even download the title. The money grubbing aspect of free to play games has reached new heights. Expand
  22. Jul 26, 2013
    Time to open your wallets people, because this free to play game rivals Neverwinter as one of the most expensive in the history of gaming. To get 4 characters you'll be stumping up a massive £65.00. Yes that is £65.00 for a tiny subset of characters. Don't even thing about buying everything as you'll not be eating for a month if you do.

    On top of that, once you've paid you'll find
    yourself playing something more akin to a facebook game.

    Really, just don't bother. Grab yourself a copy of Torchlight II and have loads more fun for less.
  23. Jun 13, 2013
    A very mediocre action RPG with forced multiplayer and extremely overpriced content that you'll have to buy if you want to get the interesting heroes.

    Do you yourself a huge favor and pick up Torchlight II instead. It's the price of one superhero effectively and you'll have a whole great game!
  24. Jun 14, 2013
    Below average game with lots of annoyances unless you spend big A weak clone of Diablo and Torchlight with a free to play business model that will make you broke.

    The vast majority of this game is locked. In order to get more than one starter character you have to spend as much as $20 on a single character. Costumes? Those are even more. I'm not joking, if you want to look like
    the 1990s cartoon version of Cyclops, that is $15, and they go as high as $20.

    To unlock all the playable characters (more are coming, like DLC) you would spend well over $100. To get the costumes, it's hundreds easily.

    But that's not where the nickel and diming stop.

    Inventory is pathetically small, and costs to expand.
    Cosmic Keys necessary for dailies are over $1
    Respecs cost money
    Unstable Molecules for crafting require money.
    And there is even gambling (fortune cards) for $$$

    Combine that with the fact that the game isn't very good, and it's pass.

    The story is pathetically terrible. You actually get beaten by a lawyer at one point.

    And as far as a diablo clone goes. This one is below average at best. Mediocre boss fights that are mostly just wild spam events because of the number of players, and jumpy game play from the constant internet connection.
  25. Jun 17, 2013
    I cant believe it worse than Diablo 2. Lets talk about what was good : Variety of Heroes. Simple hack and slash, easy to play and learn. The Bad : - Bad Graphic (the entire art direction and quality is very low. not attractive) - Too few skill for each heroes - Kinder-garden Itemization - Multiplayer design is not-logical and frustrated to play with. - Pay to have Fun Exotic heroes USD20/heroes, pay to access to craft )
    (they told you everything for sell is available as a loot, but we knew it wont drop so easily)
    - Pay to Win Money can buy huge advantage and time saving features )
    - Not even Half the D2 content.
  26. Jun 21, 2013
    The game is a soulless money milking machine.
    The gameplay sucks, the graphic is outdate. There is no endgame, no itemization. Everything is just a boring grind (15 players Limbo? most supid thing I've ever seen in a game).
    Also, their customer service is rude and careless. Same for the dev, they don't care about the community and are so busy to censor intelligent posts in their forum
    than to fix the game.

    This game is terrible, it is basically a broken alpha and it's going to die very soon. Do yourself a favor and avoid it.
  27. Jul 4, 2013
    I played the game for about 3 hours and then promptly uninstalled and deleted it from my computer. It's not bad but it's not good either. in the end you can tell it's just one more cash grab in an ocean of games. I knew what to expect from this game going in though I didn't have that high of expectations for it. If it wasn't for the fact it had Marvel heroes in the game nobody would be wasting their time with this game. For me it was just plain boring I was actually forcing myself to keep going in the hopes it got interesting but it didn't. Expand
  28. Jun 21, 2013
    I have a hard time finding anything good to say about this game other then "it's not terrible".. This game has very little that makes me want to keep playing, using the marvel universe only takes it so far. And other games does that far better then this. The free heroes they give you are the ones hardly anyone wants to play, and the popular ones are priced something stupid. Same goes for the costumes, they are ludicrously expensive. The combat is uninspired and boring and the skills the heroes get are just "meh". It's OK for what it is but apart from the universe it uses even Diablo 3 is better (i think i just barfed in my mouth a little saying that). Marvel Heroes is one of the few games that makes me feel cheated. It promised so much but delivered on so little. Expand
  29. Jul 23, 2013
    Nothing to see here, move along. Boring, repetitive, derivative game-play, uninspired graphics and, most importantly for a free-to-play game, little value for your hard earned dollars. The fatal flaws are all well covered in other reviews. It is doubtful this developer will survive long enough to build out a devoted community.
  30. Jul 23, 2013
    No one is more disappointed than I am with Marvel Heroes. Thank you for making my favorite comic characters prostitutes.

    SPOILERS Follow.

    No one. Maybe equal, but not more. I was basically preaching to friends about this game during the early stages. A Marvel online game, where I can be my favorite comic character? Check. Free to play. Check. Story by Bendis? Skeptical, but check.

    Then I played the beta. I was worried. My laptop runs nearly all games, some at low settings quite well. These include Torchlight 2 (high), Bioshock Infinite (low), TF2 (high), Blood Dragon (medium), Borderlands 2 (medium), etc.I admit, I haven't played any large sized MMOs, but regardless of what the developers say, Marvel Heroes is NOT a MMO. It is an ARG, with heavy online hubs. This is issue one. Issue two, is the pricing. Issue three is the story. Issue four is just gameplay. But first, let us talk of issue one.

    1. The online component of this game is broken. Marvel Heroes was delayed on several occasions. When the open(ish) beta happened back in April/May, you would not have been able to find any individual of the thousands of testers, many who had little experience in beta testing or are even less likely to game heavily, who would say the game was ready for release. A month later it was released, and it was worse. Several zones are STILL broken, with such framerate drop and lag occurs you have to leave the zone and skip it (if you can). There are several loopholes you can find online to modify a few game files, and in one case disabling a graphics card, but those make the situation worse in proves the game is broken. Next, finding groups is just awful, as most people don't really want to use the message function. Then, the default settings have instance auto-grouping, which is fine at first. Then after, if you're lucky, the first instance you WILL be grouped with someone who either runs or 'clips' their way through the map to the boss, kills them, zones out. You will get nothing.

    2. The pricing is laughable. I understand, Gazillion made a game and should be paid for it. But the hero and costume prices are outrageous. For example, Deadpool, Wolverine, Spider-Man are $20. Costumes are $15. Yes, these items do drop, until their major 'patch' with an equally broken incentive system, but they are so rare to drop it has, and will continue, to drive players away. In my game, for the first month until I decided to take a break and evaluate my position on this game, I earned 1 costume and 1 hero, oh and 1 duplicate hero. Even their sales were disgusting. The many individuals who bought 'Founders Packs', with the Ultimate pack at $200 are already crying foul as they are STILL missing content that was promised (costumes and I believe 4 characters). No Squirrel Girl or Nova, for example.

    3. I have been reading Marvel my entire life. I played all four of the 'original' ARPGs on the consoles (X-Men Legends/2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance/2) and still play them. They had excellent gameplay, and more importantly, excellent stories. Enter Marvel Heroes. Which is basically Marvel Ultimate Alliance storywise, but much much worse. Bendis pulled what I am now calling "An Age of Ultron" where it is just an incredibly disappointing story. In fact, after an attempt to follow it, and realizing I had already played through that story years ago, I began skipping the cutscenes. Oh, where is Luke Cage at in the game? He is in the majority of the scenes, but nope, not a playable character.

    4. The gameplay begins quite engaging, but about halfway through the "plot" you will be bored. Especially if you lack the character drops to explore other characters. Worse, if you bought any, or a pack, you still will become bored very quickly by going through the same maps over and over again to level up the other characters. What is that you say, there are daily challenges that increase loot drops? Yes, there are, but those (other than Limbo and one other) are the same story maps with the same bosses. You just play them again and they are a higher level. Hooray. Games like MH are played for the loot. I played it for the loot. I played it for the opportunity to unlock new characters or costumes. There are no visual differences between players. None. There are dozens of Thing's, Storms, Daredevils, etc. that MIGHT have a different costume. The gear you obtain is only equip able, but not visible to yourself or anyone else. For a loot gathering game, it basically makes it pointless to collect look. Furthermore, you have no sense of progression, or challenge. I'm not saying the game needs achievements, but challenge related criteria would help keep interest (such as Borderlands/2 challenges that carry over between characters, etc). Pretty much ANYTHING to make the gameplay worthwhile and progressive.

    Marvel Heroes basically made whores out of my lifelong literary companions. avoid this atrocious game, buggy, unfinished product. Marvel should be ashamed of themselves
  31. Feb 12, 2014
    This game is a sheetload of fock - seriously, all the devs care about is to know how much money they can suck off you. Their 2nd priority is to release costumes and character packs to attend to their 1st priority. Fixing bugs and glaring issues is their least priority. So before you buy anything in this game, you already know in what kind of mountain of rhino poo you are setting your feet into.
  32. Jun 27, 2013
    The combat itself is a bit slow and boring. The game feels uninspired and rushed. Defense is broken and melee characters are crushed as a result. I was a huge fan of the game but fixes and patches are slow, and most of the time make the game worse (Limbo Nerf) They (Gazillion) are a nerf company hero after hero is nerfed. If something is viewed as fun, nerf it.

    Drive up the cost of
    heroes and nerf them after you buy them. Boring, old model. Expand
  33. Jun 21, 2013
    Summary: If you like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, go play it again; its been years, you'll probably have fun. This game is a very pale shadow of that one and brings nothing new to the table.

    This game is a buggy Diablo clone and proud of it. Game creation seems to have followed these steps:
    Step 1: Make a Diablo-clone engine; skimp on QA; nobody will care if the game just doesn't run or
    you have serious problems, its free-to-play.
    Step 2: Populate it with the story and some of the characters from the 7-year-old Ultimate Alliance game.
    Step 3: Release.

    Where are the issues?
    In step 1, they made a decent-looking engine and packaged it with a terrible installer; patching the game has on multiple occasions caused it to stop working, completely aside from the occasional server outages, leading to a frustrating uninstall/redownload/reinstall cycle that Steam users can avoid some but not all of. This points to a lack of a decent QA department; or more likely a lack of paying attention to said department; and/or mediocre programming.

    Step 2 is the more frustrating part, however. This game's plot reads very much like the plot of ultimate alliance. In fact: "Doctor Doom has a scheme involving gathering villainous allies and artifacts so that he can have divine levels of power and reshape the world in his own image; a variety of Marvel-universe heroes combine to stop him." is the plot for both games. While Ultimate Alliance took you underwater, to the far reaches of space, to demon hellscapes, cities, and all sorts, Marvel Heroes takes you to.. mostly boring earth cities and wilderness, along with places you already saw in Ultimate Alliance.

    If you think I'm making alot of comparisons between the games, there's a good reason;
    Ultimate Alliance let you play as the whole roster for one price, was an action-oriented game you could play offline, local co-op, or online with friends, featured plenty of power customization, various costumes, and even some item collection, had jumping, picking and tossing items, and so forth.
    Marvel Heroes is... a 2D version of ultimate alliance with no initial cost and a much higher eventual one if you want to unlock many heroes. The gameplay is incredibly similar with the only truly noticable difference being the tedious effort of collecting and managing identical-looking pieces of gear; items that don't even impact character appearance but just background stats.

    Do not play this game. Do not give these people your time or your money. For the price of the Iron Man and Spiderman unlocks for this game, you can have Ultimate Alliance in one of its many versions shipped to you, and play the same story, on much more interesting locations, with a more diverse cast of characters, still play it with your friends as a team, and not worry about the incompetent programmers at Gazillion.
  34. Jun 13, 2013
    I had such high hopes and was waiting for this game, when it came out and played it for a week to attempt to give it a go...was truly saddened. I pray to god Stan Lee does not ever see this game and is not involed with it in any way. if he is... I lost all faith in comics and died inside.
  35. Jun 12, 2013
    I would have gladly paid $40 for this game if it had a proper single player campaign. The MMO aspect and the insane pricing ($6-$20 for a single character?!?! Are you F'n kidding me?!?!?!) ruin the whole experience for me. I love ARPG's and Marvel so hopefully this will get better with future updates.
  36. Jun 12, 2013
    Steaming pile of crap. Gazillion made a cash shop first, then a game around it. I understand F2P games need to produce revenue but it seems grade D games are getting away with half assed attempts at making something decent. If they would have made a 50-60 game than this would have fell on it's face.
    Anyone that gives this game a 10 has clearly never played a video game before. Combat
    is stale, the environments are boring, level progression and skill trees are weak, the UI is dull and low res. This game is somewhat of a laughing stock. You would think Gazillion would be ashamed but it's clear that this is intended to nickle and dime marvel fanatics but slowly even those are speaking up about how poorly this game was made, marketed, and delivered. Marvel should buy back the rights from this amateur company and give it to another. Expand
  37. Jun 13, 2013
    This game has a lot of potential, but I'm afraid that it won't get there, and will become a sinkhole, if it isn't nurtured right.

    I didn't know about this game until about a week before release, I didn't try the beta. I am an avid fan of the playstyle and game type, however. This game is most comparable to Diablo or Torchlight, but it lacks in many places where those games flourish.

    Firstly, my premier gripe is the MMO style location setup. I simply do not need 50 people in my home base with me while I am trying to shop. It became extremely laggy in these times, and made shopping and stashing tedious and irritating. A F2P that requires a better system than mine to be playable doesn't seem to be a very good premise. This is amplified in the field where you are fighting. On one hand it is good that the creatures respawn and bosses can be fought with an alternating group; on the other hand it is extremely laggy and farming is very simply by simply standing near where a boss will respawn. I sense an easy way to abuse.

    One of my favourite things about this style of game is the customization and building of a character. There is a very limited amount of skills that are selectable for the characters, and despite their being so many characters, it is still incredibly dull where character building is concerned. I don't want to have to pay money to get a new experience with a new character every month. I would prefer to build and rebuild my own character in an ever expanding myriad of ways.

    I don't know much about the Marvel Universe that the normal person isn't already aware of. The costumes may be very interesting for reasons I don't know; but visually and aesthetically, they are boring. They require a level of personal attachment to a particular version of a very particular super hero. This is great for the players who want to pretend to be a very specific super hero that someone else made up. I was hoping for more customization with my own hero, and their looks, and hoping to make a character mine; not play the character designed by someone else.

    A good game for a super fan. But not a game played by gamers in this genre. It is very much a niche idea designed for a particular type of person. Those people, however, will have a great time.
  38. Dec 7, 2013
    I was so eager to play an ARPG as some of the iconic characters I read about while growing up. Marvel heroes aimed to deliver that. In anticipation I bought not only one founder pack, but two! I'm all for supporting game developers especially when they have such grand ideas as this one.

    Then came the release. The level cap was 60 yet they only had content in game up to level 30, and
    some rehashed maps. Still excited nonetheless I bought every hero they had, each one felt a little different than the other. I looked like everyone else so I bought a ton of costumes as well (Gear doesn't change your looks at all). I bought every hero as they were released, yet I started noticing something. For every bug in game they said they fixed, it was either not done at all, or they broke more things in the game in the process. Never have I approached a patch day with as much trepidation as I have Marvel Heroes.

    I started taking my concerns to their official forums, which is always a bad idea for someone with actual criticism of a game. My girlfriend who I talked into playing also did the same. Because we logged in on the same IP address they completely banned her from the forums, and gave my account a warning flag. We both sent emails to their appeals department and never ever received a response. At this point it made her stop playing altogether. I persisted yet one day I started noticing that no one was responding to any of my posts, even the white knighters who defend everything marvel. I signed out and sure enough, my posts were no longer showing up.

    I messaged a moderator about the issue and he accused me of doing things I have never done, such as violating the EULA, and actually accused me of making fun of someone's sexuality (Something I would never do, it's abhorrent when people do that online. If you feel that way say it to someone in person, I bet it's the last time you do). Knowing I was now on the Marvel Heroes 'Black Hole', I once again emailed their appeals department and received only silence.

    As I also played it on steam, I was on the steam forums for the game giving away some of the extra marvel heroes cards I had earned and people needed when someone asked if it's worth playing and seperately, worth paying for.

    My response was: Fun to play for free, don't spend a penny on it though. My girlfriend had her forum account banned because we use the same computer, my forum account got warning for the same incident at the exact same time. I did what they said and sent an email to their appeals department and they didn't even deign to respond. I bought not only one, but two founders packs, and every character in the game as well as stash tabs. All said and done I've spent over $400 on this game, that's not to mention the characters I bought for my girlfriend. I don't regret spending the money, I just regret it was on a game with such a bleak looking future judging from their customer service skills.

    Half the roster is not even worth playing until they receive an 'update'. The game is six months old. On release they only had content up to level 30, while they have added more since then, most of the original characters remain bland and boring, or bugged. Characters I bought that they released post-launch are now starter characters new players can get for free, with zero thought to those who actually purchased them.

    Recently I discovered my posts were no longer being shown on the forum because I am critical of their development process and lack of testing pre-patching the game. Not obscene or anything violating their terms, so no ban. They just put me in their forum 'Black Hole'. Gazillion is a farce and a cash grab, save yourself the cash and try something else, IMHO.

    Came back the next day and low and behold, banned on there as well. By a 'Marvel Heroes Developer'
    citing 'Toxic Behavior, Banned from official forums'

    Since when is criticism of a game considered toxic behavior? I am well educated and far from belligerent, I type well enough as to be understood. I just have the ability to call a spade a spade.

    FYI, still not banned from the official forums, so using that as a reason to ban me on a different forum is questionable at best. Sorry for the long review, just want to let others be aware of the nightmare my girlfriend and I have gone through while trying to get them to fix more than they break. Not going to happen though so I cut my losses and moved on. Happy gaming all!

    TLDR: Fun for the free aspect, read about characters before you buy them with the free currencies. Don't drop a dime on it though. Don't expect your favorite hero to be a priority for fixes/tweaks unless they have a blockbuster coming out soon.
  39. Aug 3, 2013
    Obviously, game itself is not too bad, but just not yet completed as commercial level, especially for those who bought founders packages.

    Real problem of this game is its devs and testing teams. They look like never test before release, so every single big patch brings chaos to the existing game because of very simple, obvious bugs which can be prevented if they did test properly.

    you want to "Enjoy" the game, you'd better to wait a year to stabilize this incomplete game. Though, I think this game will be messed up before that. Expand
  40. Dec 18, 2013
    Oh dear. Where to start. Lets start with the gameplay. There is none. God is this some uninspired gameplay. Just trash mobs everywhere, absolute bottom of the barrel trash quests with empty, placeholder level design intersperesed with trash cartoon segues. A perfect storm of shyte hoping to capitalize on fanboi'ism. I felt like I was playing a flash browser game. Marvel Heroes utterly fails to pull you into it's world. The super powers are all also completely bogus because there's no real choices. You get a bunch of xp points and you just plug them into the few abilities you have that are unlocked. This is the most shallow money grab I've ever seen.

    In a nutshell the game has zero soul. A game full of art assets needs to display a little creativity for me to get interested. There is none on offer here. Maybe there is but I absolutely will not slog through this turd of a game to find out. If you are a fan of bland, one dimensional superhero cartoons you might be braindead enough to enjoy this. Have at it! It's all yours.
  41. Jan 20, 2014
    Don't trust a single review of this game that is giving any rates above 8. If you doubt me, just create an account at marvel heroes' forums and check out all the names giving this game a high rate. It's the same fanboybase that is left of that game doing what they are told to by the devs - being told to head to metacritic and give this game a high rate. Just check out gazillions over the internet and see the blatant lies they spew all around to try to get this game out of life support. Expand
  42. Jun 12, 2013
    This game was a total let down. I bought the supposed Premium pack with all the unlocked characters but got nothing. Response from support was the site is still in development. Would like my back at this point in time.
  43. Jun 17, 2013
    This game is just one big disappointment, making almost every character in the Marvel universe (especially the ranged ones) incredibly boring.Seriously how can someone make Iron Man so dull? The business model is god awful as well with a character costing you up to 20$ and skins costing you up to 15. They also exploit it allot by making the more popular heroes much more expensive. The game is just so painfully average in every one of its aspects, combine that with the awful end game and buisness model and you get a real train wreck of rushed fan exploiting shovel ware. Expand
  44. Jun 12, 2013
    Myself & us that are reviewing this right now find Gazillion to be a fraud & scams. We got links of videos that will describe all, So many players were told that there packs were not charged and gone through because they want to make money and get rich on G's, Must watch shocking truth:
  45. Jun 21, 2013
    This slightly lower than average ARPG is murdered by its roots in MMO and F2P. Characters are absurdly expensive or rare, so you'll be stuck with your starting hero which is just like everybody else's. The other MMO failure is that quests aren't done by you, they're done by other people. Fights are just a boring clickfest because damage is shared between the 40 odd Hawkeyes and Things next to you. And no, there is no single player remedy.
    I suppose the only upside is that it's free, so that when you figure out how boring and lifeless this game is, you won't have wasted anything other than the 11gb download.
  46. Jul 31, 2013
    I really wanted to love this game. I'm a huge fan of marvel comics (x-men in particular) though the game seems like 'Mavel Ultimate Alliance lite version'. It lacks any sort of individuality that one would desire from MMO's and lacks any sort of personalization that one enjoys from MMO's or ARPGS.

    Like diablo or other mmo's when you get gear, your character doesn't change appearence,
    and how could they? You are playing characters that you haven't created. I'd recommend playing it once if you're curious about the motion-comic story, but it seems like a weak version of a game that would have been good on console, but not much to keep you playing beyond just trying out new characters. Expand
  47. Oct 13, 2013
    MH had a lot of potential, but completely failed to deliver. It's kinda fun for a single play through, but there just isn't enough content or fun to be had to justify investing much time or money into it. Were it not for the extortionist monetization policy, I would probably have rated MH higher, but at its heart, MH is a shallow cash grab, backed by underwhelming gameplay. How this thing weighs in at 15gb is beyond me, save your bandwidth. Expand
  48. Jan 12, 2014
    Yet another mouse spamming game with too much effects, no trading and no challenge. They even added a PvP feature but that's also retarded. Also hero unlocks take weeks or you have to pay ridiculous amount of money. Stay away.
  49. Aug 4, 2013
    this game had huge potential but flopped when it decided to go 2D mouse clicking game. certainly doesnt compete with any other major MMO's out there right now. the pricing is also terrible and laughable also
  50. Jun 29, 2013
    Overprice cash shop, hero $6-$20, costume/skin $4.5 $20 (some costume even looks similar to default but different color costing $10++, EXP buff only last for 1 hour have to buy couple of stacks to get double exp buff $5-$6), Respec $3. Bank slot $5.50, Crafting bank $3 Purposely non stackable)
    Short story, up to lvl 25 then repeat same instance over and over again. And their idea of
    Sale is reduce the hero price by $1.
    Nothing feels superheroic the goon with baseball bat you meet at lvl 1 can kill you when you meet them again at higher lvl imagine ironman/hulk/capt america got beaten by 3 goon with a baseball bat)
    Character skill very balanced because pretty much got the same skill but different graphic, alot of skill is just reskinned of other skill.
    Gear/loot very very shallow. low lvl gear high lvl gear, no gear progression.
  51. Jul 2, 2013
    This video game is worst than the WarZ, evil businessman behind this game told player to waste their money to buy an expensive character and stuff (is it just because your video game using Marvel brand?), with only 5 character free and they said you can get the other in game i got the other free character. and control, it is hard to control movement attack. story is.. meh. graphic is good that's all value added for making this video game score. Expand
  52. Aug 2, 2013
    The game is bad. It's weak gameplay, characters, environments, and general feel is really weak. I've had more fun on my iPhone.
    I can see why people bash the game so hard. I feel sorry for anyone who spent money on it but there is a sucker born every minute.
  53. Jul 22, 2013
    It's a beta game, most of Heroes are broken, there are many bugs, no high end, the pvp is a joke.
    The shop prices are very expensive, and last but not least, the change without warning, because neither know what they have to charge, with the result that people pay different prices for the heroes.
    This game needs 1 more year to be completed, if not ruined before.
  54. Jul 25, 2013
    Is it a 10,or is it a 2? No one knows for sure it seems.
    Repetitive game play,cash shop that's greedy as hell,wew the storage is limited badly for a loot fest type game.That said though,it's easy to play with one hand and allow you a beer in the other.
    I would say it can only get better over time,but in the mean time DC Universe Online or even Champions Online are a better bet for right now. ;-D
  55. Jul 30, 2013
    At first when I say the trailer for this game, I thought it would be fun. Being a comic book fan my entire life, I've enjoyed games that have the heroes I grew up with. But in all honesty, this game was a big disappointment for me. The fact that there are large amounts of the same character you play in the same area is semi-hard to over look, put the game play leaves much to be desired. I do find the dialogue to be very well written, but sadly that's the only thing good I can say about this game. The fact that you either have to push through the terrible game play to get a new hero, or pay to get one, adds a sense of "pay-to-win" in this game. The characters you start out with are, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, the Thing, and Storm. This minimal choice leads to what I had brought up before, the fact that you end up in the same area with around another twenty versions of you. Which as you can imagine causes some confusion in the midst of battle. The overall game play was mediocre, and left you with a sense of depression. If you want a hero mmo, I suggest looking somewhere else, because this game wont even quench your thirst for as long as it takes to install. Expand
  56. Nov 2, 2013
    I advise any player who is serious about playing hack & slash action RPGs to not spend any money on Marvel Heroes and look for another game to spend their time, money and energy on. The reason for my warning is that no serious player would be able to stand what's going on in this game right now. I am going to elaborate below as to why is that.

    I've been playing the game since early 2013
    while it was still in the beta and I have followed closely the progression of the patches. While certain aspects of the game have greatly improved over time, others became gradually worse.

    The last couple of patches were full of nonsensical and detrimental design decisions made by the developers. When players confronted them in a civil manner and pointed out the flaws and the detrimental changes, the main developer who goes by the nickname of DoomSaw (Jeff Donais, an ex Blizzard employee) resorted to all manner of lies and deception. When he was proven to be wrong time and time again by multiple players (again in a civil manner) and it became abundantly clear he is a liar, he started resorting to silencing players by revoking their forum access, and in certain cases he resorted to outright banning players from both the forums and the game itself.

    Most of the banner players are premium users people who chose to support the game by spending real money on it by purchasing hero packs, forum avatars and so on. The reward for their dedication to Marvel Heroes (dedication they showed by both spending money and dedicating time and energy to write constructive criticism) is that they are now unable to use the things they payed for they can't play the characters from the hero packs they purchased, and they can't post on the forums with the forum avatars they purchased.

    This is not something which should be tolerated by any responsible player or consumer. Such behavior from lead developer should not be supported by players in any way, shape or form.

    The actions of DoomSaw throughout the last couple of months will run this game into the ground if they haven't already. I advise any and all serious players who have a bit of self respect to abandon ship right now.
    You've been warned.
  57. Feb 19, 2014
    This game is trash. Elderly people and others who have never played a video game may find it somewhat amusing. It's not fun, and it's a transparent cash grab. Case in point: cosmetic items cost an average of $15-20, and heroes cost $5-15. Gazillion are out of their gourd and have NO sense of how to price things.

    The game is also not fun. Just 1-click spamming, which is actually not
    typical of the ARPG genre, no matter how much people want to say it is. The amateur devs are immature, on top of not knowing how to actually code a game. There is to this day enormous lagging on boss fights. No matter if you have a monster system - the game is coded so badly that you are guaranteed to run 5FPS or worse.

    Does anyone remember the Asgard "event?" The one where they hyped it up for weeks and weeks where you had to grind and mindlessly donate items to Reed Richards? And when they finally opened it up, it was literally 5 minutes of content? Lol. [Side note - the content was bugged, as Sif stood on top of the waypoint to get out of Asgard]

    For some inexplicable reasons, this game has dozens of fanboys (see, e.g., the "10" ratings here). But actual gamers know to stay away from this heaping pile.
  58. Mar 5, 2014
    That game is dying, according to Steam Statistics. Do not ever try to play it, everything you'll see is a boring monotonous gameplay and Developers aimed only for your cash.
  59. Jun 25, 2013
    Marvel Heroes is billed as an MMOARPG, but is actually just an ARPG without lobbies. Developers at Gazilion have recently backpedaled and claimed that Marvel heroes is an ARPG and not an MMO.

    Conveniently for Gazilion, this announcement comes after the game has launched and they have collected peoples money. On top of that Gazilion has a no refund policy.

    As for the game itself,
    Marvel Heroes is a very basic and short ARPG. lacking the features of Diablio 3 and other modern ARPGs. The story mode can be finished at around level 23 and this can accomplished in a weekend of light playing.

    The game is free to play, but unlike most F2P games, the entire game is designed to force you into the VERY expensive cash shop. While most F2P games offer cosmetic options, the cash shop in marvel heroes is a necessity. You will start with a selection of bland uninteresting "C roster" heroes and very little storage.

    To sum up, Marvel Heroes is an ARPG with very little content and a Pay to Enjoy pricing structure. Expect to pay 12-20 bucks per Hero, and 12-20 dollars per costume.
  60. Jun 12, 2013
    This game resemble Diablo so much (except for the Superheroes lineup) that it is somewhat uninspiring to play.
    Graphics are average and control is very clumsy and not up to par with many current ARPGs.
    I wouldn't spend money on this game even though i love Marvel.
  61. Jun 21, 2013
    Marvel Heroes isn't interesting game. One of few good things are that it's free. And that heroes are interesting and have nicely done abilities. And story isn't always so boring. And those are the good things.

    Well bad things? Well for start, if you didn't buy any hero pack, you have to pay 10-20 for one hero. Plus another for the costume. So like 40 for Iron Man and 1 of his costume.
    And who want 's to pay 160 for free game before it's released?

    Loot isn't interesting. Level-up-ing abilities are boring. Starting heroes are boring and getting a hero for loot is extremely rare. I go Thing. And haven't got after that. And there's no way to get those in-game money. You have to pay for it or wait for ultra-rare loot. And you're not gonna play for that long. Story is almost always boring. It tries to have Marvel Ultimate Alliance's story but it don't have. Controls aren't so good.

    So it's worth trying if you're Marvel fan. It's free game.
  62. Jun 22, 2013
    This game begins really fun, but quickly turns into a grind fest. Playing through the 8 chapters of the game, you will feel like a hero and have a lot of fun, but around level 23-25 you finish the main story and enter grind fest. The level cap is 60, but the game ends before you are even halfway through the game.

    The rest of the game is spend running the same missions you've completed
    before over and over and over again for a lower rate of experience. By design, this game is slow and plodding.

    Now, if you want to get new heroes to play, you can forget about the hero drops that the game promises can drop from any mob. Even with special item find gear on, your chances of ever getting a hero are slim at best. If you go to the Gaz store, you will find the products there so ridiculously overpriced.

    Lastly, Gaz has proven that they do not listen to or care about their players. Every patch makes the game more grindy while they nerf (sometimes stealth nerfs) heroes and reduce the amount of expedience earned.

    PVP is a joke. Heroes who are level 60 will run over dozens and dozens of lower level heroes. Many of the current high level heroes got that way through early game exploits and bugs. To the johnny come late heroes, you will never be able to get to 60 much less compete with anyone higher level than you.

    Save yourself the time and avoid this game. If you must play, I hope you enjoy the first 25 levels; after that the game is punishing.
  63. Jul 20, 2013
    Dont waste money on this garbage. They are too greedy for a game that isn't even good. When I saw the prices of the characters I couldn't help but to laugh. This game might be worth 7.99 and thats if all of the characters came with it. They jacked up the prices of everything so they can have sales but all in all, you know kids will still buy the over priced crap. This game is a good example of how some people will buy anything, even if it is brown, smells bad, and has flies all over it. Expand
  64. Jul 21, 2013
    I can overlook all of the gameplay issues (constant crashing during loading, etc) if it weren't for the Cash Shop. I would give this review at least a 7 if I could pay $6-$8 for Iron Man (and other similar heroes). I know Gaz has already reduced some of the hero prices, but when you can buy whole games for less than the cost of one hero (Torchlight 2 was just recently ~$4 on Steam), it tells me the value isn't there. Also, paying for talent respecs is ridiculous. I will delete this and give the game at least a 7 (regardless of bugs and content) if they make the Cash Shop more reasonable. Expand
  65. Jul 31, 2013
    Unfinished, rushed, bugged to hell, lacking content these are just some of the words that sadly describe this game. The level cap is 60 yet they only made enough content for 20-25 levels and expect you to grind the same very limited number of instances over and over for the remaining levels calling them "daily quests".

    It feels like Zynga decided to make a marvel based game seriously
    it's that bad. They built this gigantic overpriced cash shop then decided to spend a weekend making the most basic arpg around it to fleece lifelong marvel fans. As a Marvel fan i would suggest your time be better spent playing anything else marvel related heck even the pen and paper Marvel Superheroes game from the late 80's is better. Expand
  66. Aug 1, 2013
    Whoever gives this game a 10 must be an employee of Gazillion. Very weak MMO.

    There's a huge cost dump just get a few characters to play. I'm very disappointed.
  67. Aug 1, 2013
    At launch the game was incomplete no missions for level 60 heroes and still continues to have lack of anything for a max level hero to do other then farm level 55 mobs. There are heros with powers that can not be leveled up till they reach level 61-63 when the game stops at level 60. Each patch has made great promises but so far the game has stayed about the same as when it launched.
  68. Aug 7, 2013
    Boring and bland. The game is just a rewarmed Diablo clone. The combat is flat out boring. The technology feels like it's 20 years old and pales in comparison to modern isometric action games. The nail in the coffin is that the game doesn't do justice to its intellectual property. It's not uncommon to be running around in a group with three Hulk's and two Wolverine's while you grind down super villains like The Hood or Taskmaster. Since when did it take a lynch mob of super clones to take down B-list villains? Expand
  69. Aug 7, 2013
    It's free so give it a try yourself, but i just coudn't get into it. I like ARPGs. The graphics look a bit dated, not as nice as Diablo or POE. I don't like that your gear doesn't change your characters look at all.

    Also it's annoying that the gear is so specific to each hero each item only works for a certain hero so if you don't have them unlocked your inventory fills with stuff for
    others. Just wasn't fun overall... didn't entertain me for very long

    Also most of the 10s on metacritic user reviews seem to be faked accounts, and barley in english... whats up with that?
  70. Sep 2, 2013
    This is all my opinion but to me the best way to describe Marvel Heroes (MH) is exceedingly average. MH is bland, very bland. It brings nothing new to the table, goes through patches that require complete character respec and then has the nerve to overprice everything. You either end up spending the cost of just buying a game to unlock only a few characters or spend forever grinding "Eternity Splinters (ES)". Seriously, 1 splinter drops about every 8 min average. Most heroes cost 400-600 splinters. 8 x 400 3,200 min 60 53.3 HOURS, 80 hours for the 600. When you figure most SP story driven games only last 20-30 hrs then you get the sense of how tedious this game is. Now you can gear up to grind ES but you need to be fairly high level to use the gear. So expect to grind a character you might not be interested in just for the chance to grind ES. The starting characters are pretty weaksauce too. Don't expect favorites to appear free. Daredevil (which I only know because of a terrible movie), Storm (probably the best known starter), Hawkeye (who looks FABULOUS! No, really, he wears all purple), Scarlet Witch (who I never heard of) and Thing (probably the 2nd most recognizable character). If you want to play as say Spider Man, Iron Man, or Wolverine then expect to either pay out the nose or edge of your seat grinding.

    Basically MH is nothing new. You'll see the same levels over and over again as well as the same enemies. The story needs way more voice acting as most of it is text boxes. It does have some cool cut scenes but they're kinda rare and don't help with the over abundance of text screens. Everything is way too much of a grind or way too expensive to justify the cost. For Marvel fans only, everyone else stick with Path of Exile.
  71. Sep 7, 2013
    Dull, repetitive gameplay, an intrusive pricing policy and not enough free content make Marvel Heroes one of the top disappointments of the year. A short story and little customization tools hinder even more deeply the player's enjoyment.
  72. Sep 14, 2013
    Don't let the talkative devs fool you into thinking that this game might be different, because it isn't.

    Find the best items at level 20, never find them again, that's fun according to the top designer.

    Make leveling a grind, and sell magic find potions (people that buy these are silly, they will not increase rolls on stats and Unique Cosmic chances are that low they will not affect
    them in a meaningful manner) Selling magic find potions are probably necessary, but also a form of gambling that will not pay off. If it does, it's a fluke, but hey you might buy more potions yeh?

    The game is free, but has little to no end content for level 60's, so if you get that far you might as well quit.

    X-Def coming out? Increased loot chance you say? No, the numbers of mobs are too small and timed which means that your killing rate per minute is going to be jack and all, which decreases your rate of actually finding something. I mean it might be fun, but it's exactly the same as playing whack a mole for tickets. We all know how often people are seen playing that game at the arcade...

    Terminals? Short runs, xp and loot increase is negligible but I guess the devs probably find that fun too.

    Bugs every patch? You bet ya. Break more things? You bet ya. Patch it in a week or two? You bet ya. Break more things? You bet ya. Slip in nerfs? You bet ya.

    Good luck. If you like the game cool, if you get a Unique at level 10 and never see it drop again? That's fun apparently.

    Lack of meaningful content, bad grind, poor itemisation and your hero will always look the same as the other one, no matter what you do means that this game is a 4.
  73. Sep 29, 2013
    Good concept with very bad execution. There are new bugs introduced with every patch and old bugs that are still lingering. The loot as well as the loot drop rate are very poor and even the newest "Unique" items can be tossed aside for "Epic" or "Cosmic" items. The grind from level 40 60 can be slow, dull, and frustrating. Add to that the nerfs(or "fixes" according to developers) that occur with almost every patch and it becomes very hard to sit back and enjoy the game. Expand
  74. Oct 8, 2013
    This game is one big letdown. It was founded by good people, who do excellent work interacting with the community. That said, the game simply is not fun at all. It is an item hunt game with the worst items and item drop rate of any arpg I've every played. If it didnt have the Marvel title and license, it would already be gone.

    On top of that, patches come out fast and furious, but
    without being tested...leading to stupid amounts of bugs, numerous small patches meant as fixes that really dont ever fix anything, and tons of download time. Half or more of the characters are completely broken and unplayable at any given time....soon as they fix 1 hero, they break 2 more. If you dont mind lots of bugs, boring gameplay, broken characters, and the worst loot system ever....then by all means play this game. Expand
  75. Oct 13, 2013
    The developers treat the players horribly. You will get banned from the game by simply asking questions like why is the loot so bad or why they keep censoring their forums. They will do this no matter how much money you have spent and you have no recourse at all.

    The debut kind of bombed so they had to shift from a many player F2P model to a few dedicated hardcore player model. this
    means they have to milk the small player base for every cent they are worth, including exp and item find boosts. So the game is pretty bad without them. What started out as a fun game has turned into a nickle and dime fest at every turn.

    Every patch it still a nightmare with little testing and days of downtime. And, as I said, if you even question this, you risk a ban and will lose every cent you put into the game.
  76. Oct 13, 2013
    The arrogance of the dev team knows no bounds. i have never been treated so poorly as a customer. Their "this is how it is and you love it we are awesome" attitude is pure hubris.

    This game will not last long. It only has like a few hundred regular players left. Hardly enough to keep the lights on.
  77. Oct 21, 2013
    The game offers you a wide variety of Marvel Heroes, mostly enough to please any fan, but you can only pick one as a starter, and you have to get the others though in-game currency wich is slow, really slow, or through money. In the beggining, heroes could drop from any mob, and that was ok (that was the main way besides paying to get a new hero), now, the drops were long ago removed and you're stucked with this system, that I don't really like, (at least on its own, I'd like it with old hero token drops). So now it feels boring and uninteresting,

    The graphics are ok, though messy sometimes when everybody is spamming hard every power they have.

    Heroes will always have the same aspect no matter what do you equip on them, besides from a few cosmetic upgrades and different costumes, wich doesn't really makes much sense, since costumes have a lot of buffs you want to keep. Well, you can always use the money-sink crafter for swapping those buffs and what-not, but whatever.

    Leveling up is a real pain, next step above slow, and since content gets repetitive too soon, it feels boring and boring as you keep playing.

    Drops rates are bad and strange, from patch to patch, you'll notice that determinate item drop more, or don't drop at all. Gearing your character the way you want is hard and time consuming, should it be different? well, I don't know, but I've seen many people claiming differences between Diablo 3 and MH, but this makes them pretty much the same. If you want to gear your Hero with decent items, you'll be stuck spending a ton of time farming/trading in both games.

    All in all, the feeling of the game is that it gets really boring, really fast.
  78. Nov 8, 2013
    Dear Valsh I know that it is tough for you to ask for your rights as a customer but for me it is not . What exactly did they changed properly since launch ? The defense system ? Yeah sure beginning of September they switched to percentage based damage reduction then in the subsequent patches they nullified this change by gradually upping the HP and Damage of the mobs ... And actually even today in 2.0 they doubled the HP of the mobs and like this effectively completely erasing the added 2 extra artifact slots and the ring slot since their bonus to the damage output is negligible at best ,,,,,

    Not to mention the EPIC and I MEAN epic ASGARD content .....WHICH TAKES 2 WEE(EEEE)EEEEKS to UNLOCK let alone finish DONATE TO REED RICHARDS ..............

    How it is sane to lock out content for a player depending on the progress of another player ?
    Or this was just another flop which was forced by the fact that the clueless Disney pushed to "release"
    Asgard coinciding with the USA premiere of Thor The Dark World .

    They advertise patch 2.0 as "Play ASGARD NOW or something like this on their site how is this NOW when the bloody Asgard wont be available for two bloody weeks .

    I guess that gullible players will continue to be sucked in by paid loudspeakers like you and paid fake reviews from totally obscure sites .

    Patch 2.0 Hero REGRESS instead of PROGRESS in spite of the 2 added artifact slots and the new ITEM RING .

    Advertised content actually unavailable at patch launch most likely due to the fact that it is not actually finished just as the game was at launch but the deadline and scam-line had got to be met yet one more time .

    This is the worst game patching history I have yet seen to date and come to think of it I completely regret shelling out that 110$ or so on this game while in hindsight I should have bought that RAM upgrade before that RAM factory burned and prices skyrocketed Hey extra 8 GIGS is extra 8 GIGS .

    What is funny is looking at them and how they will try to spin that fiasco surely some popcorn is on the way
  79. Jun 11, 2013
    This Diablo style game is Free to Play and you get what you pay for! Stolen from better games and made into a MMO, this game might have had some potential but critical missteps.

    The biggest issue for me is character customization. In an MMO, we don't want to all look the same. Outside paying extra bucks for a different outfit, everyone seems the same. Letting us use the superheroes
    as a powers template while letting us look different would have been idea. Add the ability to change colors and you have something better. I know there are those the WANT to play as Hulk or Hawkeye or whoever... that would be fine in a single player game... this is an MMO.

    Gameplay is the next big thing... yes it is similar to diablo... but been there, done that. The lack of depth of the level design and a poor storyline makes the gameplay a drag. If they were going to steal the diablo design, I wish they would have stolen some of the elegant levels and inventive stories.

    Greed... right... I get that it is free. But nickle and diming us to death is worse than a subscription. I am sure it is a tough time to balance between gameplay and making money, but here they went too far for the greed.

    Good news is that you can try this for free and all you are wasting is your time. That is the only thing I can say positive about the game. Frankly, even that is too expensive.
  80. Jun 19, 2013
    This game is very unimpressive for 2013. Its graphic are a little better than a PS2. This runs on the unreal engine and and doesn't bring anything new to the table. Style is similar DC universe; freeze frame animation, very unimpressive.
    The characters and power are on point, exciting moves & appropriate, although they really aren't that many. The issue with this game is that it was
    specifically made exploit F2P philosophy. It really forces you to buy marvel characters, because no one wants to play as daredevil(storm, hawkeye, thing) for 20+ while hulk and more popular smash on everything. They purposely chose to start you with the most unpopular characters to irritate the player. Drop rate for heroes is something like .00005%. I really don't mind forking up money for F2P games, but in this case it's really too contrived and the game isn't even original.

    The game is very big, recycles maps and sucks at giving you direction. The lack of style and attention to detail and love makes the gaming experience very hollow and suspicious. The developers didn't seem to have gamer's in mind. I understand profit is necessary, but come on. It feel like a bad Diablo slapped with marvel brand. It worked I played, but 12 hrs in I don't see myself see myself playing this in the future.

    I hope this game fails as hard as it can to shock developers like gazillion into doing more than cookie cutter games and relying branding to sell a game.
  81. Aug 9, 2013
    Quick Description? Ultimate Alliance melted and recast into Diablo 2's mold, unfortunately losing many of the features that make either of the two so enjoyable. If you're a huge Diablo fan and would like to play Diablo as one of your favorite marvel superheroes, bring your credit card, plan on spending some cash to unlock your hero of choice, and try it out.

    Long Description? A top-down
    third-person action game in the style of Diablo and Torchlight with no real character customization but a huge number of classes locked behind paygates, each based on a marvel hero. Not alot of content, and you'll spend 90%+ of any given character's career replaying the same repeatable missions. Many of the same balance and design issues that plague Diablo 3 exist here, especially in the form of 'kill 10,000 enemies in the hope of maybe dropping a new item you care about' loot systems and some characters being distinctly and seriously more capable than others, as well as a crafting system that seems mostly pointless.

    The only question that comes up in playing this game is "Why?" Its not a real MMO as you'd understand it, it isn't competition for DCU or Champions, it doesn't tell a new story, just a watered-down rehash of the far superior Ultimate Alliance game. I can only imagine what went through their heads when they were first making this game, but it was not a good idea at any point.
  82. Mar 18, 2014
    Not only one of the worst games I have ever played. Say someone hacked your account and acted like they were you from watching a stream you use. Then got on your account and acted like they were you. Then you get a 7 day suspension for something you were not even home to even do. This person did their job very well and fooled Marvel heroes support. Marvel heroes then bans your forum account forever even though they allow you to return to play. Note you had no prior offense of any kind just reporting bugs every now-and-then. You try to appeal and they spit in your face and do not allow an appeal no matter what. The forums absorb your accounts username and with it banned you no longer have a full account that is promised to you as a user and consumer. I will never suggest this game to anyone and have no worries about it being a success its going downhill and fast. Also if anyone of your friends play their account from your IP they will get the same ban....fair huh? yup its not. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME = horrible support! Expand
  83. Mar 19, 2014
    This game is not only lacking in things all games need like the ability to trade, an auction house, right-click to add to storage without needing 1 empty space to do so, loot stacking in inventory for same items, potions that actually scale to your level that make sense, multiple crafting instead of one at a time (spend hours making only a few things), independent character inventories to allow greater storage, auto-response queuing to fill in empty slots for quitters/early leavers for special team missions and many other reasons left unsaid = game not even half complete, but the most important is that their support team is the worst in the business = they do not back their products and lash out without remorse against victims of not only their bugs, but being hacked or impersonated. Even if you have proof from over 100 people when and where you were at the time they claimed you did something wrong on your account = they will not care and ban you and anyone one that has ever played on your IP address (This happened to a friend of mine and a friend of many live streamers not limited to just twitch). They do not care about the consumer/player and only care what you can do for them. DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking they actually care about live streamers. Many live streamers like myself really wanted to be apart of Marvel Heroes when it first came out and Gazillion turned their backs on us and ignored us and now they want to mask that with trying to help streamers now? Only due to their game and community are failing...too late = they lost the most successful streamers' attentions. To stream this game is to lose viewers now; any career streamers knows this. I will never suggest this game to anyone, but I won't have to worry about it due to this games failed release. Just a matter of time, but more and more know better everyday and more and more daily are quitting; which is leaving less and less opportunity for everyone. Don't get me wrong the game had great potential, but due to a horrible group of DEV/Support/Forum/Plan teams and their selfish and we know best and you no nothing mentality = FAIL! Do not play this game besides being outdated upon release already its nothing more than a pit of spikes that can only have one conclusion. Hopefully this game will be gone shortly to pave the way for a REAL Marvel Heroes Game MMO....but this will not come soon enough!

    I wish "Stan Lee" could end this mockery of a Marvel game, but the super powers that be will end this by draining their available money into bankruptcy......what an awesome day that will be for all of us true comic enthusiasts.
  84. Mar 19, 2014
    First of all I only gave a 1 due to it having a Marvel Heroes name, my love of everything comics and the potential this game could have had. This game on the other hand is the worst representation given its team of DEVs, Support and anyone else working with them. I started playing this game in full optimism and was originally fooled into thinking this might go somewhere or at least hoped. The game could have had some potential, but due to the ridiculously horrible team they have, this game is a complete failure! Have you ever heard of the saying "Never bite the hand that feeds you"? Well live streamers Worldwide (successful or unsuccessful) once the game was release pleaded for Gazillion's attentions and were ignored or just pushed away. Now that they are failing in a most humiliating way, (awesome! = +1 point for streamers everywhere that tried to help!) they now want to reach out to help small-time streamers with giveaways for a dying game. Notice that not even one really successful streamer considers this worth streaming = bad for business = it causes the loss of followers just by streaming it. Gazillion may eventually get one to stream if they fork out enough cash, but they will not stick with this horrible game once they see the lack of viewers/followers it causes and due to their treatment of many of us that have been streaming even before live streaming was really popular. They will never have us to help in free-promotion granted just by streaming = part of their fail among the very many other reasons. For every single post here a live streamer has the chance of thousands more. A live streamer could be a total dick and have quite a few thousand followers come in here just to sway this way into an impossible negative, but then they would be no better than Gazillion and how they are towards those that tried to help. Just think if this game had done things right from the beginning. This game is nothing more than that new Gamestop game you bought and then hated, but sadly you can't return it back for full credit feeling = one of the most horrible feeling experiences and grief. Besides all the above horrible things the game also lacks replay ability. They added prestige with reward, but they still lack any real end-game = what a waste of time. Compared to any ARPG I have ever played they are the slowest to level while gearing appropriately with a sense of any rewarding experience at all. You expect your favorite hero to be as awesome as the comics to find they are ridiculously weaker then expected and find yourself playing a super hero that is not so super either, but forced to play due to the unstoppable unbalance of the characters. Mind you don't play PvP as a melee you are at a ridiculous disadvantage. If you think Hulk is an unstoppable force...guess again he is one of the super Heroes that lack the most defense = squishier than you would ever think = Thing has more defense than him, but a little less damage. Even if with what they have now was its release for tomorrow, this game would still be lacking too much to not be considered a beta. End result is that I am not an advocate against this failing game, but if asked I will just suggest = go play any ARPG but this one.

    5 reasons not to play:

    1. Lack of real support Real = support that is actually there to help out the players
    2. Uncompleted game
    3. Horrible treatment of those who want to help them, until they started to fail epically = too late!
    4. The forum daily users are in control of how you are rated in more ways than one = which can be easily targeted by anyone who chooses they don't like you = TROLL HAVEN. Even though I still currently have a perfect record with not even one disagree or report, I chose to stay away from the streamer hating forum goers.
    5. Bugs happen and they do not back their product to fix any of them, even if it results in a permanent issue(s).
    6. Don't get hacked or impersonated = support will be fooled and you will have no chance to appeal your case even with proof and do not have friends play from your IP or they will get banned as well (Happened to a fellow live streamer).

    I refuse to play this game any longer and am just going to be found anticipating the next Marvel-related game... If I want to play a ARPG = any game is better than this one!
  85. Mar 21, 2014
    Terrible customer support and unreasonable enforcement of ToS. Be prepared to have your account held hostage for petty uses of slang and street language (Such as saying "wut up **** to your friend will be considered hate speech). Social environment is not for the 18+ year old range. The moderators will invade private and guild/supergroup chat logs to find ToS offenses at their discretion.

    Do not spend your money here if you fall under the vast majority of people that slip up, once in a while, and use inappropriate language; the hammer will fall down on you like you are a 5 year old in catholic school.
  86. Apr 21, 2014
    I normally don't bother writing reviews of games, but I had to especially open an exception for this one so there's a chance to warn others about what they are getting into here. Like most of the negative reviews already explain here, there's just too many bad things that outshines what this game does half-decently. The worst of them is their real money store and the way they use it to quickly get you fooled off your money. Sure, there's "free" stuff if you expect to play hundreds and hundreds of hours of it, which by the time you make into it, you'll already feel forced to buy into their overpriced storages. $20 for a costume? $5 for a single storage tab? $6 for a companion? $15 for a pet? Not in this life. Expand
  87. May 22, 2014
    While Marvel Heroes had the potential to be something great, sadly it is nothing more than a cash cow for Gazillion Entertainment. Essentially a very weak clone of Diablo 2 dressed up in Marvel Cosplay.

    The game has very little content and pads it out by expecting the player to repeat the content for extra rewards and then buy a new character to repeat the process. Additional zones
    suffer the same repetitiveness and quickly become dull. There are some positives to the game. The art design is quite good, and the game itself does flow well, when it doesn't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again. VA work is top notch and the writing of the story mode is well crafted. Unfortunately a lot of this must be juxtaposed against the fact that new content is rarely released and when it is released it is usually a level that is recycled in some way.

    This is a free to play game, although it should really be called free to pay. The game uses a carrot-on-a-stick approach, promising special content related items, such as costumes, pets and special in game items that drop with less frequency than a solar eclipse occurs. Many of these items, don't actually drop in game at all, despite Gazillion's claims to the contrary. 90% of the content that emerges from this game involves the Cash Shop in some way. Characters are often worked and re-worked, but only one is given for free. While it is possible to get new characters for free, it is a slow process made slower by using forcing players to use that currency to buy crafting tools, which can drop in the game but rarely do. F2P currency cannot be used to by costumes or pets either. Costumes can be obtained by crafting but it involves re-leveling characters and spending costumes and the aforementioned crafting tools. Producing a random result. In addition to this, Gazillion ties exclusive content to what essentially amounts to "scratch and win" cards, which must be purchased with real money and more often than not, will produce a low end cash shop item which supposedly increases drop rates but never seems to have a noticeable effect.

    While many of us are used to these kind of sins being committed by f2p developers, Gazillion takes it to the next level by selling permanent NPC followers that make the game easier. These too can be purchased with f2p currency, but with the same currency that one buys playable characters with. Again, slowing down progress in obtaining content unless money is spent. Unlike playable heroes, these Team-Up characters are never given out for free, but must be purchased, gambled with Fortune Cards or grinded at the expense of PC heroes.

    Another sad thing is that this game, being an MMO-type, lacks many of the basic functions one would come to expect from a game like this. There is no secure trading. Items are traded by dropping them on the ground and can't be verified until the trade is complete, and Gazillion of course takes an "At your own risk" policy with this. There is no quest sharing at all, making partying difficult and often not worth one's time. Players can create "Supergroups" which are essentially guilds, but guilds serve no real purpose and there is no benefit to making one beyond the cosmetic features and getting a private channel which is not all that private.

    The game also has a huge issue with bugs and glitches being passed down with every patch which are not addressed with any urgency, if at all. Gazillion never patches bug fixes alone and always insist that fixes, often game breaking fixes, will be addressed in the next patch. As of this writing, The Fisk Tower levels can be created with no mobs at all, something that was supposed to be fixed months ago but is still awaiting said fix.

    The sad reason that Gazillion gets away with this behavior, aside from slapping the "Marvel" name on to this garbage, is that there is a frothing group of players who are too eager to frivolously and incomprehensibly hand over their money. Those players often demand little from the game and are pleased as punch to spend hours upon hours doing nothing but running the same levels repeatedly for the sake of prestige.

    Making matters worse is that Gazillion not only fosters and coddles these players, but also actively silences criticisms of the game and their business model. The Agents who police the community will harass and punish anyone who points out problems with the game and have been known to ban accounts for players who speak their mind on these issues.

    In summary, the game is ultimately free to play and there are some good things about it, but they are far outweighed by the problems and by a greedy developer who's community relations can only be described as utterly disingenuous. I cannot at all recommend this game. It is repetitive, quickly becomes dull and everything is designed to trap you into buying stuff from the cash shop and would have failed if not for the "Marvel" name.

    Try it if you must, but don't spend any money.
  88. May 19, 2014
    Gets boring fast, new heroes are kinda OP to get money fast and so on. Developers who seem friendly if you praise them on the forums but turn against you no matter what if you slightly judge them. Keep away. Money trap
  89. May 23, 2014
    My previous review got deleted for reason I can only imagine, but I don't care. I'm still going to try to warn everyone to stay away from this waste of gaming potential.

    Marvel Heroes is a greedy cash grab that doesn't know if it wants to be a WoW-style MMORPG or a Diablo-style ARPG. The search for in-game currency used to buy free characters is mind-numbing, and now has to be split
    with team up "pets" that offer a microscopic boost to a character's damage, and are better set to a "passive" mode because they can't survive the harder content.

    There's many other problems with this game. Lousy optimization, lack of true "endgame content," rushed new character releases, bugs that last for months, character reworks that leave them in a worse place than before, and a loot system that ensures that you will never find good equipment unless you buy boosts that never seem to work right (and also add to the game's "cash grab" feel).

    The worst part is the smoke and mirrors created by both the developers and the community. There's an illusion of constant friendly communication from the developers, but that's only as long as you shower them with praise. They cannot handle any sort of criticism (whether it's constructive or not), and will "stealth censor" or outright ban non-believers. This is bolstered by a huge group of "white knight" players who jump down the throat of all critics, just so they can be rewarded with new overpriced costumes and useless "fortune card" gambles.

    Marvel needs to realize this game is a serious blow to their brand's reputation, and it needs to strip the license away from these people as soon as possible.
  90. May 8, 2014
    The love of all things Marvel kept me playing for over 1000+ hours, but eventually they just homogenized every hero into playing like the same cookie-cutter character to expedite pushing out a new character every month (conveniently timed with their respective Marvel movies of course). Because of that move, Hulk didn't feel like he was the strongest one "there is" anymore, and Daredevil couldn't dodge anything (they changed dodge from complete evasion to negating 50% of damage). Because of the loss of that individuality, it seems to me that it would alienate anyone who is a fan. But if you can overlook those things and a lack of content, you might have fun. It's free after all! Expand
  91. May 15, 2014
    Been spending time with this game and I am leaning towards to quit mode because Gazillion keeps on adding new content and leaving the old content with lots and lots of problems. You can play as a hero but you won't feel to be a hero because the mobs and bosses are a lot more stronger than you, dodge isn't the dodge we all know, and there are some heroes who are powerful in comics but very very weak in game. They have this level 52 rework for heroes however it will take ages or years of waiting before your favorite hero gets the rework needed, there is one hero though that they reworked but it came out of the frying pan into the fire. I honestly do not know where this game is heading and it is a big disappointment that they are carrying comic's heavy name into a laughing stock. Marvel Heroes has a great concept but lacks the TLC for its heroes and content. Expand
  92. Jun 18, 2014
    Gazillion continues to get shadier. The current tactic is to "re-release" the game in the attempt to get inflated scores. Players who did not like the game have already stopped playing.

    They then wiped the negative review scores on the "re-released" entry. It's getting pretty bad.
  93. Jun 10, 2014
    I download and play this game. Nothing special move and slow reaction from attack enemy. I feel this game more looks like diablo 3. Still use mouse to move characters and design graphic very low ,need to improve into 3D action move. I saw cartoon slide each episodes . Make its real than cartoon's picture..
  94. Jun 4, 2014
    A very sleazy, greedy, cynical cash grab based around the exploitation of popular fandoms of the various Marvel comics characters. Combat is shallow. Level design is uninspired and boring. The mmo aspects are more a hindrance than a benefit. Loot doesn't change appearance so each piece is simply a set of numbers, and part of the fun of loot hunting is lost. The cash shop is greedy, and cynical. Gazillion is sleazy and underhanded in their manipulation of their fanbase.

    Gazillion's developer Doomsaw even went so far as to request "honest reviews" from the fanbase to up their score. A fanbase that had been groomed to only the most sycophantic, and aggressively defensive players through stealth moderation, and selective enforcement of their own terms of service/forum rules. Which is why a game that previously had a 58 rating suddenly had an influx of perfect ten scores.

    If you are banned from the forums, they also ban your game account, preventing you from playing. Forum moderation is selective, ignoring behavior of the more staunch supporters and apologists (who are viciously antagonistic), while all but marking a critical user for death. When one is banned, all access is denied. and the user is ignored. There is no appealing, there isn't even an explanation or notification that you have been banned. If you defend yourself or others from fanboys, and attack them with the same level of vitriol in which they attack others, you WILL be banned.

    The game's campaign can be completed in a single day. All that is left is grinding.
  95. Jun 14, 2013
    Below average game with lots of annoyances unless you spend big A weak clone of Diablo and Torchlight with a free to play business model that will make you broke.

    The vast majority of this game is locked. In order to get more than one starter character you have to spend as much as $20 on a single character. Costumes? Those are even more. I'm not joking, if you want to look like
    the 1990s cartoon version of Cyclops, that is $15, and they go as high as $20.

    To unlock all the playable characters (more are coming, like DLC) you would spend well over $100. To get the costumes, it's hundreds easily.

    But that's not where the nickel and diming stop.

    Inventory is pathetically small, and costs to expand.
    Cosmic Keys necessary for dailies are over $1
    Respecs cost money
    Unstable Molecules for crafting require money.
    And there is even gambling (fortune cards) for $$$

    Combine that with the fact that the game isn't very good, and it's pass.

    The story is pathetically terrible. You actually get beaten by a lawyer at one point.

    And as far as a diablo clone goes. This one is below average at best. Mediocre boss fights that are mostly just wild spam events because of the number of players, and jumpy game play from the constant internet connection.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 38
  2. Negative: 9 out of 38
  1. Jul 28, 2013
    There's the hollow shell of a game. [Issue#137, p.116]
  2. Jul 25, 2013
    Under-delivers on the promise of the licence. A middling action-RPG that you’d have to be a Marvel fan to love.
  3. Jul 16, 2013
    At the end of the day, though, these few good points don’t make up for the flaws with what should be the most important elements of a game like this - the combat and the loot grind - and an overall lack of polish. Being free to play, you don’t lose out on anything but 15 odd gigabytes of your data cap if you want to give Marvel Heroes a go, but with that said, it’s hard to recommend this game over the other free to play lootfests that are around.